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Forty Six.

Happy Halloween guys!  I wanted to follow-up my previous Halloween inspired post with a less spooky, more girly alternative.  So here you have my take on Aphrodite, ascending the steps of Mount Olympus.  I’m a huge nerd for everything Greek Mythology so I thought this would be a fun idea to work into my blog.  It just so happened that this hair fromLiquence worked absolutely perfect for the divine Grecian look I was going for.  This look was inspired by the earrings from Remarkable Oblivion that definitely pulled this look together.

Hope everyone has a happy Halloween in all their lives today!  I’m be passing out candy to the kiddos using the one for you one for me method while my new kitty runs for her life every time the doorbell rings.  Should be an interesting night. 

Credits & Close Up below the jump!

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New Female shape @ Surrogates

Surrogates -  Nina shape


Surrogates have a new shape for you her name is NINA …promo price of 199L for limited time

Come try demo :

Forty Five.

So now that we’re less than five days away from Halloween I’m starting to let my freak flag fly and am digging through my inventory to come up with some inspired Halloween posts.  Halloween is probably my favorite holiday- it’s a day where you have an excuse to eat all the candy you want (even the candy you’re supposed to be giving to the kiddos- you deserve it too!) and doesn’t come with the stresses of other holidays.  Oh, and the dressing up part. My excitement for coming up with costume ideas and going all out apparently goes beyond RL.  I mean…I was decorating my SL house for Halloween when I’m way too lazy to be bothered to do that in RL. Kinda sad. But I guess moving pixels around beats organizing my basement.

I picked up this gown at the Fantasy Gacha event from *{Junbug}* because the vendor image totally took my breath away.  Unfortunately it happened to be a gacha machine that kinda hated me- I got every other dress color before I finally got it in this color (it must be said- the red color is gorgeous too).  But I know I had to get it in this color- it has such a striking silhouette I knew it would be a unique must-have.  Here I used it to inspire a “demon-queen” costume, equipped with some pretty fierce demon claws I found on the Marketplace for like $60L. Nice.

Credits & Close Up below the jump!

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Forty Four.

I seem to be making it to all the fun events that keep starting up, but I don’t seem to be blogging them with the same urgency as I am shopping them.  It’s been hard to keep up!  I hit the Wizarding Faire the minute it opened as I am a huge Harry Potter fan.  It felt like I was in Diagon Ally and I was certainly shopping the event with the excitement of a twelve year old.  I loved the unique items that were up for grabs and variety of magical must-haves that were available.  The creators were definitely racking their brains to come up with some truly inspired offerings for this event.  Of course if you missed the event you’re going to hate me, as it’s now over.  I’m just never going to be on time with anything, let’s just be real. But the Mischeif Managed sim is still worth a visit- event or no.  I ran over there the other day with my OOC title and perused around and it really is such a beautiful sim that evokes the feeling of everything Hogwarts and magical.

To stay true to the feeling of HP, I decked myself out in as “uniform-looking” attire as I possess, and shaved a couple years off my avatar.  I switched up my skin for this post; I’m wearing the Birdy Izzy skin that was offered at the event.  With a couple tweaks to my shape it is reminiscent of a younger avatar and I think it looks awesome.  I’m a fan of the prominent under-eye creases;  I figure if I was studying at Hogwarts I would barely sleep at all- too many spells to master!  (And hippogriffs to ride!)  I’m also having some fun here with the Schadenfreude wand I bought at the event.  There were so many wand options it was hard to choose, but I favored Schadenfreude's Magus wand because it looked more decorative and came with a spell hud and texturing options.  Looks like I can do some serious damage with it too! I have much love for the Slytherin house so I had to do some major gacha damage to score this Slytherin pendent from .Olive.  I love it!

Credits & Close Up below the jump!

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New Releases!

How about some bold bright colors to lighting up our fall wardrobe?!
*TuttiFrutti* Bold Brights Mesh Jeans came to do the job!

*TuttiFrutti* Bold Brights Mesh Jeans

And guest what?! One of them is marked 10L!
Only till november 1st! Come grab yours!
Happy Halloween! o/

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It's time for Gatcha at *TuttiFrutti* Mainstore!
Temperatures are dropping outside so nothing better than some
 colorful matching Scarves and Bonnets to keep you warm,
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Let's collect them all! o/

*TuttiFrutti* Giovanna Mesh Bonnets

*TuttiFrutti* Giovanna Mesh Scarves

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New Mesh Boots with HUD

Surrogates - Ankle Boots II with HUD


MESH Boots with HUD.
6 boots textures

5 heels textures

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AKERUKA – The Vampire Lovers Group Gift!

Vampire lovers


The Vampire Lovers!
Come to get your group gift (free join for few days!)
Incubus and Eretica skin to celebrate Halloween 2013!

AKERUKA Barbara skin

AKERUKA Barbara Vendor Final Barbara Makeups


Akeruka is Proud to announce that we released our latest Female Skin “Barbara”.

Barbara is a very gorgeous girl and she is available in 5 skin tones (Light, Natural, Medium, Chocolate and Tan) and
12 Amazing Makeups

as option with every skin you will get:

normal lips and lipstick version and as tattoo layer: Cleavage and Freckles

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AKERUKA Logan skin released!

Logan New vendor

Logan Faces


Logan skin 9 face options in 4 skin tones: Light, Natural, Tan and Dark

Available now in store!