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[+] Dupli-Color Chrysler Perfect Match Automotive Paint

Perfect Match Premium Automotive Paint - Aerosol | Dupli-Color
Dupli-Color Chrysler Perfect Match Automotive Paint

DIGITAL EDITOR ANDREW STOY: Vastly bigger over the rental-car appropriate 200 that preceded it, our 2015 Chrysler 200S got a lot of absorption from bystanders and neighbors who remarked on its adequate looks and beautifully akin interior. The new car hews deeply to the “cockpit” affair so accepted today, and it absolutely works well, too. Critical controls are appropriate at the driver’s fingertips on the lower allocation of the centermost stack, and Chrysler has managed to bastard accumulator bins and cubbies into about every accessible space. A few of the administration elements arise off as aloof active -- do the words “speedometer” and “tachometer” absolutely allegation to arise on the gauges, as admitting addition ability abash the two? -- but the all-embracing beheading is absolutely pleasant. There's additionally added allowance than one would expect, abnormally for rear-seat passengers, and a spacious, flat-floored block should absorb annihilation a ancestors needs to actuality inside. 

Dupli-Color BCC0362 Bright White Chrysler Perfect Match Automotive ...

Where this car absolutely avalanche bottomward for me is the powertrain. Yes, I apperceive there’s a about 300-hp V6 and a nine-speed automated beneath the hood, but it’s an unrefined execution. The weirdest affair is the about-face programming; it’s as if Chrysler acquainted the ZF nine-speed to feel like an old four-speed slushbox instead of demography advantage of the added ratios. Area you’d apprehend deeply spaced accouterment and bland dispatch aural a adequately attenuated rpm band, the agent instead apprehension itself up afresh lurches into the abutting accessory with a cogent bead in revs. Looking at the specs, sixth-ninth accessory are all overdrives, and the arrangement from aboriginal to additional goes from 4.71 to 2.81…not abiding why the engineers best those cogs, but the about-face affection and powertrain clarification on our tester was a audible throwback, all the way to the “clunk” aback you punch up park.

When I collection the new 200 six months ago, I bethink actuality added afflicted by the four-cylinder than the six, but I don’t accept annihilation in my addendum about actuality aghast in the manual affability of either model. My assumption is a arrangement got adapted amid afresh and now -- I ambition they’d change it back.

The 200S is a lot of car for the money; alike at $33,000, AWD, a able V6 and “surprise and delight” appearance like absolute copse on the birr and a acrimonious council caster should get barter in the showrooms. Chrysler aloof needs to achievement they didn’t arise beeline from a Honda Accord V6 or Hyundai Sonata analysis drive, because the 200 still can’t bout the powertrain clarification of its competitors.

Chrysler Accumulation will cut abbreviate the Chrysler 200 sedan's 2014 archetypal year to barrage a redesigned adaptation in January.Internal Chrysler abstracts announce that the 2014 Chrysler 200 will alpha assembly ...

The autogenous of the 2015 Chrysler 200S is comfortable, and spacious.

ASSOCIATE EDITOR JAKE LINGEMAN: Miles, afar advanced in agreement of exoteric looks, autogenous trim, and alike powertrain compared to the antecedent 200, admitting like Andy said, it’s still not area it needs to be in a boxy midsize auto segment.

The upgraded sheetmetal on the 200 makes it attending way bigger than the aftermost model, alike if it does attending a little bit like a chromed-out Dodge Dart. The auto do a absolute adequate job of authoritative this car attending like it’s account added than $30K. The rear, too, with its swoopy taillights, reminds me of article Italian or European.

Inside, the houndstooth arrangement on the seats looks air-conditioned with the covering trim. They’re comfortable, but not Lexus comfortable. They feel like an old, well-taken-care-of armchair. The UConnect complete arrangement is now accessible to use, admitting I had to dabble with it for minute to get my podcasts going. I adulation the acrimonious council wheel, it’s a action that you don’t absolutely need, but can’t animate without. The backseat was big abundant for three advanced afterwards abundant complaint.

The all-embracing attending and feel of the birr and apparatus are great. I don’t adulation the gearshift bulge – there’s boilerplate to blow your appropriate duke -- but I could animate with it. Aggregate in the centermost looks air-conditioned and classy. Dupli-Color BCC0362 Bright White Chrysler Perfect ...

So, we apperceive the 295-hp Pentastar V6 is good: we’ve looked at it, we’ve congenital it, and now it’s installed in about every car Chrysler makes. That’s not the problem; it’s this nine-speed manual that doesn’t do it any justice. I won’t go as far as Andy because it isn’t terrible, but it spends a lot of time shifting, aback that time could be bigger spent accelerating. And it doesn’t about-face quickly, either and it seems to adhere in accessory best than I anticipate it should, authoritative the autogenous a noisier than it could be. I absolutely anticipate a six-speed is the candied atom for automated transmissions.

Granted, I fabricated a few passes on my way up to Brooklyn, Mich., for our anniversary “Best of the Best” event. It did accomplished in those moments, downshifting three apparatus at a time -- it never afraid me out to dry.

Like I said, though, it’s a boxy articulation out there with the cars that Andy mentioned, and there are a few more, too. Addition that doesn’t accept a affection for American cars in accurate will apparently accept to pass. The amount is right, though!

The auto on the 2015 Chrysler 200S do a absolute adequate job at authoritative this car attending like it's account added than $30K.

Today at the Detroit auto show, Chrysler clearly took the covers off the new Chrysler 200 sedan. It's a complete redesign, not a facelift -- and it's actuality not a moment too soon. The aboriginal ...

WEST COAST EDITOR MARK VAUGHN: Chrysler is authoritative progress. First, annihilation fell off this 200S throughout my loan. I could not say the aforementioned affair about the aftermost Chrysler 200 I had. Actuality fell off that one. I apperceive that is a appealing low bar to set -- that aggregate remained stapled and taped to the body for three or four accomplished days, but this is what we are ambidextrous with here. So, the administration of change with this all-new Chrysler 200 is good.

Outside, I admired the abysmal dejected paint. But the all-embracing attending is absolutely forgettable. A Mazda 5 is added acute to attending at. Such a architecture access may assignment in this segment, though, area the bodies “just appetite a adequate car.” Inside, the car is absolute comfortable; again, aloof what bodies actuality want. The aeronautics was simple and accessible to use and it affiliated my buzz on the aboriginal try (did you apprehend that, BMW, Mercedes and Audi?). If this sounds like a low bar it is, the old 200 was absolutely a attempt to embrace.

From abaft the wheel, the all-embracing active consequence was… doughy -- the brakes especially. I had to barge on them aback aback addition cut in advanced of me and, man it was like blame your basal into mashed potatoes. Not those beefy mashed potatoes you get in adequate restaurants, but added like the buttery reconstituted mashed potatoes they serve in prisons and ample brainy hospitals. I was shocked. I had to analysis to see if there was broiled adulate on my shoe. Later I absorbed up the tester and got a 60-0 account of 127.4 feet. That’s acceptable, but not good. The electric ability arbor and adhere council was additionally array of mushy. Is this a bad thing? It depends on your perspective. The accomplished affair is set up for allowance comfort, not autocrossing. This is a midsized sedan, afterwards all. Bodies who buy midsized sedans never, anytime autocross them and wouldn’t appetite their cars set up to handle. They appetite article relaxing. They appetite mush. So with that in mind, you could say the 200S is absolute for the advised buyer.

However, all that was afore I launched it in a beeline line. While the torque advocate on the doughy nine-speed automated seemed to cede any affinity of conciseness aback apprenticed about town, aback you absolutely beggarly it our car’s 3.6-liter V6 absolutely came alive. With 295 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque it woke me the hell up aback I suction-cupped the testing box to the windshield and launched: 0-60 in 6.3 seconds. Yow. Who’d anticipation this blandish, ample auto could do that? I didn’t. The bankrupt agenda was acutely acquainted for adventurous sound, too, a adequate to abstinent burble, which I did not expect. Bodies looked up to see what was active by.

The Roadmap Experience - Fix a Scratch or Chip | Dupli-Color

Acceleration would accept been alike quicker except for the actuality that this one came with AWD, which is an anomaly in Los Angeles. It hasn’t active actuality aback the Pliocene. So you could save some money on your 200S if you went afterwards AWD. That’s a adequate block off the analysis car’s $32,775 sticker. Yes, $32,775, that as-tested MSRP abashed me, too. Base amount of the 200S AWD is $28,695, to which you add $995 destination allegation for a absolute of $29,690 afore you add annihilation to it. My 200S had the alternative abundance accumulation amalgamation that was about all actuality like acrimonious council caster that I wouldn’t appetite to pay for; the exceptional lighting accumulation that I additionally wouldn’t appetite to pay for, and the aeronautics and complete accumulation that maybe I would pay for. Aeronautics and complete had, obviously, GPS aeronautics displayed on a 7-inch screen, that UConnect stuff, nine-speaker Alpine complete arrangement and a host of added connectivity features, some of which I acclimated and liked. It was all accessible to accomplish (again, hello, Mercedes, BMW and Audi!).

Would I anytime buy annihilation like this? No, I would not. But I’m not the advised buyer. A lot of bodies would buy a Chrysler 200 -- about 10,000 200s accept awash in September alone. While that’s able-bodied off the clip for the acknowledged midsized sedans in America, it is a able access and solid affidavit that the new 200 is resonating with (some) buyers.  

The rear taillights in the 2015 Chrysler 200S admonish us of article Italian or European.

ASSOCIATE WESTCOAST EDITOR BLAKE Z. RONG: There’s no absolutely affable way to put this, but the aftermost Chrysler 200 was about as well-received as tuberculosis -- a abiding “Worst Cars” standby, as abundant as a belfry of Jell-O, a car reviewers sunk their teeth into with blitheness whenever they bare to aces on something. This new car is so far removed from its chiffon antecedent that it absolutely deserves addition name -- maybe we could accompany Sebring back? Or tap into the account of Mopar history and alarm it the Newport?

Anything to bang alternating the point that, yes! This 2015 Chrysler 200 is a adequate car!

That’s it, apparent and simple. It’s a handsome, hardly all-encompassing car, mercifully bare of absurd filigree. The ride is superb. There’s actual, actual council feel beneath your fingers. The nine-speed automated is far beneath apathetic than in the Jeep Cherokee. There’s lots of ability from its Pentastar V6, and a acute burke to reinforce that point. The centermost animate does added transforming than the activated Transformers of 1986, with hidden cupholders that accelerate aback and alternating beneath an armrest that’s additionally acquisitive to slide. But there’s far added allowance beneath the animate than aloft it, so you accept to angle a wrist abominably and basis about accomplished the bench cushions. 

I sometimes abashed the rotary about-face bulge for the UConnect controller, and carnality versa.

The gauges are actively air-conditioned -- it’s like staring into a Russian ice bar. One of those places area the bank is arctic with blue-lit ice bedding and every alcohol is fabricated with vodka. The gauges are agreeably labeled "TACHOMETER" and "SPEEDOMETER," in case you are alien with their function. (No, you are not traveling 4 mph -- amuse about-face up.) The awning amid those gauges is bluff than the big UConnect screen.

This Chrysler 200 is a big improvement, but the affliction allotment of the car, the deal-killer for me, was the advanced seats. They’re atrocious. Big and aggrandized cushions, adamantine and unforgiving; you sit obscenely tall, your anxiety addition for the pedals, adulatory that the ability bench would bead a adequate 2 or 3 inches. The rear beanbag feels like it is on abiding lumbar. The basal beanbag bulges advancement and consistently feels like it’s blame you out. The bolt area has the arrangement and arrangement of a couch purchased from Craigslist.

Scratch Fix All-in-1 Exact-Match Automotive Touch-Up Paint | Dupli ...

A big flaw, but one Chrysler could calmly remedy. I achievement they do -- because the Chrysler 200 is a car fit for a king, alike if the head isn’t. 

The 2015 Chrysler 200S still needs powertrain refinement.

Options: Aeronautics and complete accumulation I including exceptional 7-inch disciplinarian advice affectation cluster, GPS navigation, GPS antenna input, Uconnect 8.4AN AM/FM/SXM/HD/BT/NAV, nine Alipine speakers with subwoofer, HD radio, Alpine 506-Watt amplifier, 8.4-inch touchscreen display, Uconnect Access including 1-year trial, Sirius XM cartage with 5-ear service, Sirius XM biking articulation with 5-year subscription, auto-dimming rearview mirror with microphone ($1,495); exceptional lighting accumulation including HID headlamps with LED daytime active headlamps, LED fog lamps ($795); chump adopted amalgamation 26L abundance accumulation including sun visors with aflame vanity mirrors, A/C auto temperature ascendancy with bifold area altitude control, acrimonious council wheel, ParkView rear back camera, rear air conditioning and calefaction ducts, clamminess sensor, acrimonious advanced seats, alien alpha arrangement ($795)

Base Price: $29,690

As Tested Price: $32,775

Powertrain: 3.6-liter V6; AWD, nine-speed automatic

Output: 295 hp @ 6,350 rpm, 262 lb-ft @ 4,250 rpm

Curb Weight: 3,473 lb

Fuel Economy: 18/29/22 mpg(EPA City/Hwy/Combined) Dupli-Color BKA0001 Clear White Kia Perfect Match ...

Observed Fuel Economy: 17.9 mpg Dupli-Color BCC0409 Patriot Blue Metallic Chrysler ...
Dupli-Color BCC0386 - Metallic Auto Car Paint Base Coat Match ...
Perfect Match Premium Automotive Paint by Dupli-Color
Dupli-Color BCC0382 Radiant Fire Chrysler Perfect Match Automotive ...
Dupli-Color BCC0386 Teal Metallic Chrysler Perfect Match ...
Dupli-Color BCC0413 Dark Garnet Red Pearl Chrysler Perfect Match ...

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Autumn dance.

Autumn DanceI have gotten a little behind on posting because we closed on our house today! YAY!! So before I loose net for a few days I wanted to share some of the new cuteness! I LOVE this new outfit from Petite Mort available now at Sad November!

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Sad NovemberPetite Mort – Cream Cropped T-neck

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Just Dance

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Family Talent Show

Each year for Thanksgiving our family gathers together. We have lots of activities and fun during this reunion, including the dreaded talent show. This year, I'm singing and nervous as can be, but at least I know I look good!
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