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Work Hard, Play Hard but Remember Your Value


There’s lots of good stuff happening right now in both of my lives. We’re fast approaching the MadPea Celebrity Auction at !Exodus! which brings both of my SL working lives together for a great cause.  A week later we will be launching The Peatonville Asylum adventure game that we have been working on non-stop for over 2 months.

Yesterday I wrote the blog post on the MadPea blog where I announced the hud packages for the game and while the vast majority of feedback there were of course the dissenters who complained about having to pay to play.  The minimum cost to play is L$100. What you get for that L$100 is hours of gameplay, a rich layered storyline, a fun group of people and community to join and play alongside and a goodie bag. The silver and Gold hud packages are loaded with extras and rewards.

What has it cost to develop the game…well I don’t track the exact costs, or know what my colleagues are paid but a team of 15 people working flat out for 2 months, building, scripting, designing, blogging, marketing, graphic designing, texturing, writing, animating, making poses, liaising and organising collaborators. 2 sims, built and decorated as well as the associated costs of those sims. Plus freelancers to fill skill gaps such as making clothing items for the Gold Hud Costumes.  I think most rational people are reading this and thinking “Wow! People really complain about spending 100L$ after all that work” Yes, they do and it’s heartbreaking because no matter how much positive feedback you get the fact that someone can sit in your group and accuse you of being greedy is hurtful. The irony is that if they really stopped to think about it, it’s them that are greedy expecting everything for free.

I believe that are two main reasons for this expectation and I spoke about one of them when I, along with Kiana Writer, was interviewed by Saffia Widdershins at SL12B earlier this year. People are not used to being asked to pay for experiences in SL and therefore they often don’t place a value on them. They go to clubs and don’t expect to tip the venue and sometimes don’t tip the staff because it’s someone else’s responsibility to pay for their entertainment. If everyone thought like that there would be a lot less clubs and venues in SL that’s for sure. But as long as someone else is subsidising their time why should they be bothered. They would however be the first to kick-off if they turned up at their favourite venue and found it ‘pay for entry’ or group only with a group charge. There are free games on the grid…go play one and then try a MadPea game and tell me you don’t notice a difference in quality level.

The second reason I believe is the misbelief that MadPea Games are hunts (in the traditional sense of a hunt). Yes there is a hunting element – you have to find items to complete your passage through the gameplay but you are not hunting prizes. Most standard hunts in SL don’t have full sims themed to the storyline, mini adventures, a storyline, themed outfits to wear to immerse yourself. We make interactive grid-wide adventure games not hunts and our rewards for completing the game are far superior to any ‘hunt’ I’ve ever done in SL. When you play Peatonville at the Gold Level you will get 50 Rewards – 2 from each of the collaborating creators who include Zerkalo, AF, Serenity Style, Botanical, Exile Hair, Noodles, Reckless Tattoos and Junk to name just the first few that came to my mind.

I buy my homes, my clothes, my mesh bodies, heads, hands and feet, my decor, my hair, my accessories… I work hard, all the team do, most of us alongside real life jobs because we love what we do but yes, we value our time and our work and that means it has a price tag. It’s about time other game and experience creators put value on their work and charged accordingly and more than about time that all SL residents understood that you get what you pay for.


These pics are taken at the starting zone for Peatonville Asylum, Peatonville Bay. The game opens on 2nd October to everyone and on the 1st October to players who win or purchase an early access Gold Key.


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – TMP – Classic

Appliers – Lara Hurley Midtone and Elea Head Applier

Hair – Argrace – Nao

Eyes – IKON – Hope Eyes – Storm

Tattoo – White Widow – Focus **NEW** at ANYbody

Jacket and Top – Coco – Cropped Bomber Jacket **NEW** at Shiny Shabby from 21st September

Shorts – Pixicat – Tilde Shorts – **NEW** at Kustom9

Shoes – REIGN – Thigh High Sneakers

Earrings – Kunglers – Blanche – **NEW** at ON9

Poses – Kalopsia Scooter with Poses


Mainstore Monday – Lamb & Tres Blah

Every Monday I blog a Mainstore Monday meme featuring two mainstores from around the grid. The purpose of this is to redress the balance a little between event shopping and mainstores shopping and show some examples of great mainstores, ideas, sims and places to blog and share with your friends. I love shopping events and will be the first trying to get my pixel butt into all of them but I also love a great mainstore.

This week I’ve visited two stores that share a beautiful sim, Lamb and Tres Blah.


I adore Lamb hair. When I gained early access to the Hair Fair this year Lamb was one of my first stops and I wasn’t disappointed. I am also loving their hairstyles at this round of the Arcade too. The Lamb hair store is a quaint store on a sim that has the air of a small French town square. The inside of the store is just as full of character as the outside too. Lamb hair ranges from the funky to the cute, often with a more than a dash of retro and vintage to them too. Certainly when I am putting together a vintage or classic style look it’s one of my first stops for hair to compliment the look.

It’s not a huge store but it packs the items in without looking over busy and the items are all well displayed and easily accessible which is no mean feat in a store that has a number of arches and alcoves.


There’s not a lot of fuss about this store, it very much does what it says on the tin. There’s no big reception area with details of events and giftcards and other sundry items, just a Hello and straight into the business at hand…trying on your hair.


Directly opposite Lamb is Tres Blah which is fast becoming one of my favourite event stores after recent rounds of awesomeness at events like C88. I haven’t taken too many internal pics of the store as there are a number of ‘Under Construction’ signs up and about…but to be honest they have been there for quite some time so I’m not actually sure if the store is under construction or it’s some kind of clever joke that has gone straight over my head.


The majority of items in the store are clothing but there is a very good selection of other fashion related items too and also a wall dedicated to the gorgeous gachas that Tres Blah has put together for events like The Arcade.

Snapshot_012 copy

The hair that I am wearing in the above pic is in fact that hair that I made total grabby hands for at the Hair Fair and is now available in the Lamb store. I’ll be back next week with another Mainstore Monday. Have a great week everyone!


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – TMP – Fierce

Appliers – Lara Hurley Midtone and Elea Head Applier

Tattoo – White Widow – Focus **NEW** at Anybody

Hair – Lamb – Crave You

Eyes – IKON – Hope Eyes – Storm

Top – Tres Blah – Kimono

Pants – Maitreya – Hipster **NEW**

Jewelry – Meva – Gipsy Set


Meditation Time | ORIGAMI Goodies

Girl 1 (front)
LIPS: VCO Vampire Heart

HAIR (both girls): Blues. Luna *NEW* @Wizarding Faire
MESH BODY: *COCO*_FashionDoll_Body_Peach
EARS:*~*Illusions*~* Sprite Ears
HAIRSTICKS: {aii} + Summer Festival Hair Sticks FREE @ORIGAMI RIN-NE Hunt
NECKLACE: ^^Swallow^^ Rosary Necklace Female
COMPANION LAMP: [ContraptioN] Chochin-obake II FREE @ORIGAMI RIN-NE Hunt
WINGS (both girls): antielle. Gashadokuro Wings *NEW* @ORIGAMI

Girl 2 (back):
TATTOO: antielle. Honnari Hannya Tattoo *NEW* @ORIGAMI
BRACELET: *katat0nik* Maiu Bracelet FREE @ORIGAMI RIN-NE Hunt
HEADBAND:Birdy (Foxes) - Melancholy Beaded Rose - Gold [box] 3 gacha item

LANTERNS: Alchemist lantern Yellow FREE @ORIGAMI RIN-NE Hunt
RUG: CHEZ MOI Rug Big Boss
PILE OF BOOKS: {anc} garden. oldbook. gacha item

Poses by Oracul / Kuso

*About Origami RIN-NE Hunt: Teleport to the place, follow the way (read the signs!). You'll need to attach the hunt's HUD (just follow the way). Hunt consists in finding ancient gold coins and exchange them for prizes. I love it! I was confused at the beggining, but just follow the signs and you'll be fine. Thank you Cherie for the tips <3

*Sobre a caçada RIN-NE: teleporte-se para o local indicado, siga o caminho (leia as placas/avisos). A hunt tem uma história. Durante a caçada é necessário anexar uma HUD (siga o caminho pra encontrar a placa que lhe dará a HUD). Os itens da caçada são moedas antigas douradas, cada uma é correspondente a um presente de uma loja especifica (os premios nao são enviados de imediato, é preciso ir para as barracas de cada uma das lojas participantes do evento para pegar os brindes. Não se preocupe porque as barracas estão todas juntas no sim onde ocorre a feira).


Details at:

Sour Girl…


Hey! I'm must confess something...*blushes*
I'm totally in love with mesh clothes...eeer, yeah me.. I used to hate mesh stuff and then..
I blame all the amazing designers and their kickass products that's it!!!
Damn you!:p~~~~
Ok, enough of blah blah blah, SAKIDE is one of my favorite stores you can tell so, there we go..x)
Sour Girl - Vicio SL Blog pic

Skin: cStar Limited - Lilith Skin
Hair: .ploom. Mile High Pony - A Little of Everything
Eyes: .ID. COTNv2 - Colorless
Makeup: Nuuna's tatto layer makeups v3
Freckles: -Glam Affair - Leah Freckles
Tattoo: :Hebenon Vial: Indie [Full Body Tattoo] v1.0
Outfit: [ SAKIDE ] Smoking Suit MESH Pants Black for FTLO
( THE BLACK MARKET April 1st to 30th)
Nails: Mstyle Perfect Longest Nails - Domina
Rings: [EY:NO] Dressed Stone Rings ( Stuff in Stock)
Shoes: N-core EMPORIUM "Pure Black" BOXED

[SAKIDE] taxi...