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Fisherman’s Blues

Fisherman's Blues

🎧Fisherman’s Blues




[TLG]- The Looking Glass- Erstwhile Reef @ The Secret Affair – June 5th – July 5th 2018

  • Water Beacon
  • Kelp Green, Orange, Gold
  • Sea Grass
  • Erstwhile Reef Pieces
  • Reef piece 1
  • Reef piece 2 w/ animated particles and kelp
  • Reef piece 3 w/ animated kelp
  • Reef piece 4 w/additional separate fish

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TLG – The Tower@ Enchantment-Alice in Wonderland  May 12-31 2018

  • Main Section
  • Tower Section

TLG – Antique Necklaces Gacha @ Enchantment-Alice in Wonderland  May 12-31 2018

  • Gothic Antlers RARE
  • Gypsy Veil RARE
  • Gypsy Head Jewel RARE
  • Dreamcatcher Necklace RARE
  • Dreamcatcher Earring Left RARE

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In My Place

In My Place

🎧In My Place


TLG – The Looking Glass-  Our Place to Dream @ Swank May 2018

  • Ruined Arch
  • Dream Bee Waterer
  • Garden Spinner 1,2 & 3.
  • Daisies and Ladybirds

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City of Angels

City of Angels

🎧: City of Angels


Rendez vous


🎧: Rendezvous

[TLG]- The Encounter Chairs –  PG and ADULT  3 colours.

PG and ADULT – 20 x single female sit – 20 x single male sits – 15 x standing couple kisses – 18 x couple cuddles.

[TLG]- Glam Poppy, includes: coffee table, hall table, wall art, shimmering curtains, round rugs, wall clock, floral bust planter and new plants.

The Looking Glass releases for Swank Event March 2018

Location: TLG sim




[TLG]- The Looking Glass “The Beast’s Lair” set release for Enchantment Event 10th Feb 2018 “Beauty and the Beast”

  • The Beasts Lair Cage Seat RARE 12LI
  • 5 x texture change seat
  • 9 x female single animations
  • 9 x male single animations
  • 21 x couple cuddle animations


  • Left Water Screen – animated water
  • Center Water Screen – animated water
  • Right Water Screen – animated water
  • Twisted Tree – on/off lantern lighting
  • Potted Tree – animated twinkle lights
  • Pot Plant
  • Large Lantern – on/off lantern lighting
  • Round Planters
  • The Rose – animated sparkles
  • Fountain – animated water and koi fish
  • Water Garden – animated water
  • Small Lantern – on/off lantern lighting
  • Set Base

Love is Pain

Love is Pain

🎧Love is Pain

  • [TLG] The Looking Glass “Love is Pain” Accessories Gacha set release for The Secret Affair Feb 5th 2018
  • Blinfold; Bracelet; Choker (common, rare and ultra rare)

And I love her

And I love her

🎧And I love her

TLG – Our Place to Dream @ 68 Main event 6th jan. Exclusive Seat; Rug; Potted Fence and Ruined Wall

Titans – The Grace Cottage

[Gild] Easy suits set_pink

[Erratic] Caroline – maxi dress / floral white

All I Want for Christmas

All i want for Christmas

🎧All I want for Christmas – Mariah Carey

TLG The Looking Glass – Our Festive Joy Gacha @ The Secret Affair S5th December – 5th January:

Our Festive Joy furniture: Cuddle Rug; Decorating Stool; Short Garland; Mistletoe Kisses; Twinkle Garland; Mantle Décor; Joy Ladder Shelf; Joy Gifts; Joy Fireplace; Joy Music Box and Christmas Tree