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Style Blog 019

Jesylilo has a new skin out name Kitty with options. The skin has two faces with teeth or without plus it has different colors of eye shadow and lipstick. Zeery also released her much awaited colorful Animus Silver Enamel Bangles. Tokidoki has a new group gift in mesh. 'Till next time...

Skin: Jesylilo - Kitty (lightskin, J3) (NEW)
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye (monet dust, w4) (NEW)
Eyeshadow: Jesylilo Shadow (suger) (for Kitty Skin)
Blush: [a.e meth] - Applecheck Blush (pink L)
Lipstick: Jesylilo LittyLips (hotpink) (for Kitty Skin)
Hair: Wildo - K3 (03) (store closed)
Earrings: Graffitiwear - Aztec Feather Earrings (NEW)
Top: Tokidoki - Spring Top (flowers, mesh) (group gift)
Bracelet Left: Zeery - Animus Silver Enamel Tri Bangles (split V2) (NEW)
Bracelet Right: Zeery - Animus Silver Enamel Tri Bangles (vernus) (NEW)

Skin: Jesylilo - Kitty (lightskin, from J1 to J6) (NEW) 
 Hair: Pomme d' Amour - Sunday Delight (sunset) (NEW)

Style Blog 003

Wildo is unfortunately closing and is having a sale right now until the 26th of this month. All items are priced at 39L. I got this cute dress fro {ufo} for only 20L, a very great deal. I also have this great bag from ~the plank~ for free and my sister got her bag from Priss as a FTLO Millennium hunt item. Sieze the day!!!

On Me

Hair: Wildo - M2 (06) (on sale, 39L)
Skin: GP - Moonbeam (light)Angel (x-mas gift)
Dress: UFO - Wish For You (leaf) (20L)
Necklace: Suzy - Antique Ribbon Necklace (past LB item)
Bag: The Plank - LePelt Maleya (free)
Socks: Y&R - Wollen Socks (group gift)
Shoes: Ison - Topsider Pump (moss)

On Kittie

Hair: Wildo - K3 (09) (on sale, 39L)
Headband: Elate - Silk Bow Headband (old gift)
Skin: Tres Blah - C88 Dewy Skin (pale) (past C88 item)
Earrings: Pididdle - Oh So Gawdy Earrings (past hunt item)
Nail Polish: Pulcino- Glove Nail (vanilla tea green)
Dress: Priss - Vaudeville Girl Dress (mustard) (FTLO Hunt item)
Bag: Priss - Lang Suede Stachel (light brown) (FTLO hunt item)
Socks: Mico - Lace Socks
Shoes: [m] -  Le Plateau Heel Black