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300. Gold’s Touch

Featured Event:
The Epiphany (Jan. 15th - Feb. 12th 2018)
Uber (Dec. 25th - Jan. 23rd 2018)

Hair: Plum by Navy & Copper @ Uber
Outfit: "Midas Touch" by Cubic Cherry @ The Epiphany
01 Dress Whiye (rare)
03 Gloves White bento
05 Eyepatch White
07 Halo White
09 Leg Swirls White
11 Shoes White

Somnium by Air

Visit The Epiphany's website to learn How to play.

I don’t want to give you the wrong impression…….


HAIR:.:CHEVEUX:.F066Hair Browns04(at creators Collection Box Opening on the 22 August)
TATTOO:.Reckless. – Soze (at N21 event)
FLYING BRACELET:Air_Shizuka RB_Black (at creators Collection Box Opening on the 22
PANTS:::GaBriel::Tight harem pants (at Men Only Monthly)

Style Blog 008

You still have a couple of days left to finish The Cafe Hunt. Most of the items in photo are prizes from the hunt. Happy hunting....

On Me

Hair: Hair Shop Nodoka (olive darkbrown) (TCH#24 item)
Leaf: Croire - Leafy Ear Adornment (TCH#15 item)
Skin: Shiva - Maria1 Skin (TCH#57 item)
Eyes: Mariko - Cafe Coffee Eyes (TCH#31 item)
Spoon: Naminoke - Spoon Bunny (TCH#36 item)
Inner Top: Aso - Cafe Hunt Sweater (TCH#07 item)
Dress: Pesca - Denim Long Onepiece (dirty) (TCH#47 item)
Necktie: Lassitude & Ennui - Ophelia Necktie (TCH#27 item)
Necklace: Sweet Leonard - Let Me Love You (TCH#61 item)
Nails: Croire - Vixen Nails (fire) (TCH#15 item)
Coffee: Naminoke - Coffee Red Bunny (TCH#36)
Tights: Slow Kitchen - Flower Printed Tights (blue) (special 1L gift)
Shoes: [.XIV] - Anna's Flats In Maroon (TCH#00 item)

On Arnsting

Hair: Dura - Wood Bark (group gift)
Skin: Shiva - S-CK Skin (TCH#57)
Glasses: Air - Cresta L CM (TCH#02 item)
Spoon: Naminoke - Spoon Panda (TCH#36 item)
Top: Amato - Coffee Sweater (TCH#03 item)
Pants: Amato - Coffee Dipped Denim (TCH#03 item)
Coffee: Naminoke - Coffee Blue Panda (TCH#36 item)
Shoes: Kookie - Snugs (forest green) (subscriber's gift)