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Minnie Mouse Sister

Lot of news! And among them, a new awesome Filthy skin: Jenny. I love this skin because it gives my avatar a special expression that I never see anywhere else before :D As always, 8 tones and 8 makes up available. You won’t regret it :)

A new Bad Romance top too ^^ Vintage colors and patterns, in mesh version, a beautiful item as we like to see at Bad Romance :)  For the rest, you know where you have to look ;)

  • Skin: Filthy ~Jenny (New)
  • Hair: Pelle ~Nadia (New)
  • Headband: Poptart ~Mousie feather headband <3 (@ XY room)
  • Top: Bad romance ~My vintage Mesh top (New)
  • Belt : hmaem~Chewingum belt (easter gift)
  • Pant: id. ~Lua mesh jeans dark
  • Bangle: Splash ~ Rover bracelets
  • Shoes: Forever young ~Mesh comfy flats (New)

Zombie girls love Events

3 Dark looks made from news and thanks to discounted items in some famous events such as Perfect Wardrobe :D  I let you check the Shopping list ;)

Look 1:

Look 2:

Look 3:

Psycho Cat

YES week end =)  Looot of work to do on Secondlife xD I’m in charge of the conception of 20 Vendors, i hope i’ll rock xD

I wanna welcome a new sponsor in my blog, i’m really happy she accepted my request because i totally love her creations, they fits perfectly my style :D So in this post you’ll see several items from the store : Psycho.byts !!

Check the shopping list ! I’ve combine them with items you can find discounted at different events :)

Paradisis Tattoo

I never did that before, but sometimes it’s quite fun to break the habits :) I’ve make picture to enhance tattoo and make a review of only one brand : Paradisis Tattoo.  It’s a French brand created by a addict to work ^^ She’s always working on news, and i particularly love that kind of designers ^^  I just fell in love in front of her Native tattoo collection !!  I choosed two tattoos of this collection to show them to you today : Native Huhuwanapi (on top) and Native Yamni for the belly :)

If you need other credits, just drop me a comment, i’ll tell you all you want to know ^^

>> Tp to Paradisis Tattoo <<

A lil Bit of Italian Fashion

Before i begin this post, just wanna thank you again, all. Never thought I could have so many followers on my blog (for you it’s just 27, but for me 27 it’s like 1 million !!). Your likes, your comments, your silent favs on Flickr give me the strengh to continue and give my best !! So thank you all <3

Ok, now it’s time for Fashion. Italian Fashion. As you know i love the brand Les petits details. For me, Nevery, the owner, is one of the sweetest person in SL. She really support their bloggers, and she’s so kind with us, always writing a “thank you” or a cute heart somewhere. I wish all the SL designers can be like you ;)   This post is a thank you for her, and for another talented designer Aliza Karu :D I love her creations and love combining their two styles (LPD + AD creations)

Moreover, you have to know that this fantastic white dress is the fruit of a collaboration between Les petits détails and Hate me and eat me (H.M.A.E.M), a store that i didn’t know before, but seems to be on the same line than Lpd and AD creation. The occasion for me to say welcome to this store in my sponsors too :D  Stop talking, lets check the pics !!

Sex And The City

I’m sooo happy to show you this post i’ve made with my SL mommy , Maddigan. We choose the theme of Sex and the city to make our first collaboration and i think it won’t be the last !

She is also a fashion blogger, and she is talented ! If you want, have a look at her blog she makes with her husband DjWax :

On Loute

  • Skin: It girl ~Daph
  • Make up: Shakeup ~Loute Makeup
  • Hair: Lamb ~Sweet pea
  • Glasses: Izzie’s ~70s sunglasses
  • Nails: Jamman jewels ~Deluxe fingernails – Tattoo & Nails art edition
  • Top: Nyu ~ Vintage blouse
  • Skirt: PiChi ~Giny skirt (@Kawaii Fair)
  • Shoes: PiChi ~Ava Wedges (@ Kawaii Fair)

On Maddigan

  • Hair: Miss C ~bahar euphoria (Spring Sale)
  • Glasses: DDL ~ Just because… sunglasses
  • Necklace: DDL ~Hypnotize
  • Dress: Redemption ~BS Dress black (New)
  • Bangles: BenS beauty ~My way bangles (New)
  • Ring: BenS beauty ~Sultan ring
  • Belt: h.m.a.e.m~Chewingum belt (New)
  • Belt: Houseoffox ~Onyx clutch Mesh (@TDR blue)
  • Shoes: PM ~Baby t’s plain

Kawaii Sisterz (Kawaii Fair 2012)

Hey little bees ^^ Kawaii Fair Again ! Oh, yes, if you don’t like Kawaii style, i’m sorry but i think you won’t like my blog for the entire month which is coming XD There are SO MUCH beautiful items at the fair so I want to show them all !!! (Quite impossible i know, but i do my best ^^)

>> Tp to the Kawaii Fair << 

Poses are from ABS – Adorable Gurl (@ Kawaii Fair)

Look 1:

Look 2:

The Kawaii Fair

Hey lil cupcakes ! The Kawai Fair is now OPEN o/ You can grab thousands of lovely items in lot of cute lil shops at this LM : The Kawai Fair.  Here is another post to show you what you can find there (and there will be many more post to come, stay tuned! )

Do you know Moushous ? These cute little balls of fur ? Nothing can be more Kawaii than a Moushou !! Just choose your favorite one, grab it on the floor, it will open its eggs :D Then you can put it on your shoulder and do some little actions such as : Give it a nickname, make it speak on the local tchat, send particles to a french, make it play lil sounds…  Soooo, which one is your favourite ??  >> Grab Yours HERE <<

Parenthèse Asiatique

Hi girls =)

Good news Jamman Jewels has released a new collection of his famous Deluxe Fingernails Hud !! This collection is called Tattoo & Nail Art design edition ! In this Hud you’ll find, as always, 100 exclusive, original and detailed textures :D (See the pic at the end of the article) If you buy them inworld while wearing the group tag, you’ll get a 20% discount ! 

In this post, I wanna show you the amazing Les petits détails Make up !! The skin also is new, but i’ll show you better in next posts ;)

The Wave 3 of Zombiepop corn Brand has begun yesterday :D

>> TP to Zombiepopcorn Brand !<<

Kawaii Fair preview !

Hey little fashion cupcakes !! :D  The Kawaii Fair begins tomorrow !! And it will last till April 28th.

For more informations about participating stores, check their Website !!

Here is the LM : The Kawaii Fair      Enjoy !    (Poses By GOLA @ Kawaii Fair)