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.euphoric ~Animal Eyes Applier @ Skin Fair 2018 | CATWA Lona | Maitreya Lara | CURELESS[+] Morphine | *Bolson / Tattoo Mesh Body Pack – Mikhail | ^^Swallow^^ Pixie Ears 0.1

K{<3}P – Fishnet Tube Top | {l.s} Lilly Glasses {BLACK} | Astralia – Compatible mesh nails system | _CandyDoll_ Mala Boots High RARE – Maitreya | [R3] – Sinshe Shorts [V2] | TRUTH Lady – Multitone 1 | vibes. Baddie Choker – Black

FOXCITY. K-POP Star 2. (5) Hush – Black (Common) @ The Arcade

Icy Pisces .

Venus Germanotta posted a photo:

Icy Pisces .

New! From, Aii The Ugly & Beautiful!
This incredible outfit, the Astral Divinity Gacha Set,
is available now! At - The Arcade

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Soak Up the Sun

Soak Up the Sun blog vs

Now I’ve got that fucking Sheryl Crow song in my head. Regardless, I love love love these flower crowns from Ariskea at the Arcade. Thank you for making the pretties! ♥

Ariskea[FlowerChild] Rosey Crown @ the Arcade | L’Etre Skin Shop – Rose Skin [Pearl Tone] CATWA | L’Etre – Natural mesh eyelids | CATWA Lona | Sintiklia – Hair Xia – Colors&pastels roots

Find Beauty in Simple Things

Find Beauty in Simple Things

Have you ever joined a VIP group only to find out that nothing is ever sent out as a gift? Well, the FOXCITY VIP Group is not one of those. This pose is 1 of 2 free couple poses that FOXCITY is currently offering. Sooooooooo cute!

FOXCITY. Couple Duo Bento Pose Set (VIP Gift 03-18)

.Atomic. Gacha // Catwa Skin_Blossom – Honey RARE @ The Arcade
Birdy – Backstage – Lingerie – Black @ The Arcade
Sintiklia – Hair Xia – Colors&pastels roots @ Blush

Also, if you’re interested in the decor, check out my earlier post.

Be Prepared.

Be Prepared

So, two post-apocalytpic style posts in a day…do I see a theme forming? Regardless, it’s a different way of decorating for me and I’m enjoying finding new pieces to add to my collection. Now I get to share them with you! Some new, some old, and some in-between.

11th Hour: The Roderick Sofa
11th Hour: The Hobby Table
11th Hour: The Roderick Arm Chair
E-mesh: Industrial Rustic Lamp
HeadHunter’s Island – Decor – pile of boxes and barrels – MESH
floorplan. safety notice
floorplan. world map chart
floorplan. route 66 wall sign
floorplan. wall tapestry / floral jack
floorplan. beware sign
KK sacks of supplies V2
[Kres] Wicked Wall Hangings – 10
NOMAD // Rusty Shed RARE @ The Arcade
!:P:! * Pile o’ Cans * Mixed * [A]
!:P:! * Pile o’ Cans * Mixed * [B]
RE Zombie Outbreak Quarantine Sign
RE Old Grungy Wall Clock
Refuge – Nautica Military Crate Table @ Remnant: Dark Days
Refuge – Nautica Chair @ Remnant: Dark Days
RO – The Salty Sailor – Traffic Lamp
Urban Spirit – Messy Rugs
[we’re CLOSED] kerosine lantern 2 rust

Against the Rules

Against the Rules

And more newness! Here is yet another awesome photo backdrop from FOXCITY that will be available at the Arcade. Narcisse also released this super sexy dress which debuts at Kinky Monthly! And last but certainly not least…K&S released some super sexy poses at the Whore Couture Fair♥

CATWA Lona | CURELESS[+] Morphine / For Catwa Catya (v.1) | M.Crimson -Lori Eyebrows- for Catwa | ^^Swallow^^ Pixie Ears 0.1

-Narcisse- Nelly Lace up Dress @ Kinky Monthly | AZOURY – Jethro High Heel Shoe [Onyx] @ Cosmopolitan | .:Avanti:. Mina Garters


<K&S> Mari. poses @ Whore Couture Fair
FOXCITY. K-POP Star 2. (1) You Think (Common) @ The Arcade


Your First Mistake was Trusting Me

Your First Mistake was Trusting Me

Merry Arcade Eve everyone! Just like most of you, I’ve been looking forward to the Arcade for weeks. I mean…personally I strongly dislike gachas because they hate me – BUT – I love what comes out at the Arcade. One of my sponsors, FOXCITY, is releasing a set of photobox gachas that are super unique and fun to play with as a photographer. I’ll be releasing another photo of one, but this one is 1 of 3 rares. Enjoy! ♥

CATWA Lona | CURELESS[+] Morphine / For Catwa Catya (v.1) | | [okkbye] Dramatic Falsies – CATWA Lashes / Appliers | M.Crimson -Lori Eyebrows- for Catwa | TRUTH Polly – Rainbow | [PF] CATWA LIPSTICK – Essential (Blacks) | ^^Swallow^^ Pixie Ears 0.1 | Az… Demon Black Dead Eyes (APPLIERS) | Nightmare :: Draconian Scales V2

Astralia – Vertebra heels with HUD (maitreya) | Astralia – Private Property set with HUD (mask) | #187# Horns Dragon Pentacle Lace @ Suicide Dollz | Astralia – Skeleton Hand + Add-on + nails (maitreya) | !~GD~Deviant Dolly Vol. I(Claw/PEDI) – Maitreya Mesh Feet | Moon Elixir – Love – Bra – Onyx | Moon Elixir – Love – Garter Belt and Thong – Onyx | Happy Undead – Charming Collar [vinyl greys and reds]

<K&S> You’re mine. pose @ Whore Couture Fair
FOXCITY. K-POP Star 2 – Ringa Linga (Rez) (3) RARE @ The Arcade


Love Never Changes

Love Never Changes

Ahhh, the Arcade is upon us. I always think, “I won’t spend much this time”. But I also lie to myself frequently. I suck at gachas…like I think my account is marked for some serious gacha bad luck. Regardless, I’m sure you’ll see me there…spending away. So feel free to spare me some rares because god knows I’ll never get them. This post is featuring the adorably romantic Ariskea Versailles Gacha set that will be at the upcoming Arcade. It isn’t available yet, but it will be soon! March 1st is right around the corner!

Ariskea[Versaille] Antique Bed RARE
Ariskea[Versailles] Antique Mirror RARE
Ariskea[Versailles] Bed Seat
Ariskea[Versaille] Chandelier
Ariskea[Versailles] Les demoizelles Portraits
Ariskea[Versailles] Red Roses Vase
Ariskea[Versailles] Pink Roses Vase
Ariskea[Versaille] Letters
Ariskea[Versailles] Candle Holder [L]
Ariskea[Versailles] Candle Holder [s]

cinphul // animated curtains [fat pack]

dust bunny . storybook living . fresh bouquet

JIAN Splendid Spaniels 19. Floor Snoozer

KITE – Addington Manor – Builder’s Box February 2018 Edition

Spargel & Shine – Victoria’s Vanity Box

~ xantes ~ Pink Rendezvous – Champagne Set Tray

296. Happy Holidays

Featured Events:
The Arcade (Dec. 1 - 31, 2017)
Sanarae (Nov. 26 - Dec. 18, 2017)

Hair: "Winter" Vanilla by Besom @ The Arcade
Earmuffs: "Winter" Luxe Fur Ear Warmers Black by Besom @ The Arcade
Muffler: Zephyr by Cerberus Xing @ Sanarae
Gift: "Unicorns Christmas" Red Gift Box by Astralia @ The Arcade

Ancient Ones .

Venus Germanotta posted a photo:

Ancient Ones .

New! From Azoury!
This extraordinary mask, Azrael,
is available now!
At - We <3 Role Play

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