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Who’s the boss? Me.

The Boss b

_CandyDoll_ Doll Outfit – Kinky
[Kres] Blush Screen @ Blush
[PUMEC] – #10 -April – CATWA SKIN App. @ Equal10

body: maitreya lara
makeup: -SU!- Alice Lipstick
eyes: {S0NG} :: Sari Eyes // Black
ears: ^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears (
hair: *booN Lab.009 hair black pack
collar: 1. :BAMSE: Tagged Choker – The Boss RARE
piercing: -SU!- Piercing Set 05

pose: FOXCITY. Dominance (Bento with prop)


Daddy’s Den

Daddy's Den b

So I learned a valuable lesson in doing this blog post. When blogging your naughty sponsors (and I mean that in a sexual way), disable your RLV unless you want to get stuck in a cage and unable to do much of anything haha

Fapple- Pillory Drawers RARE
Fapple- The dream of the mare
Fapple- The Rodion Mask
Fapple- Rodion Lamp
Fapple- The Spanking Guide
Fapple- The Rodion Cage RARE
Fapple- Letter Cubes SAFE WORD
Fapple- The Rodion BDSM Pommel RARE
Fapple- Silky Lube and Tissue
Fapple- Rodion Wall Table
Fapple- Rodion Punishment Rack
Fapple- Rodion Spanking Chair RARE

Fapple- Angel Oak Rectangle Rug
Fapple- Angel Oak BDSM Throne

Apple Fall Argentinian Malbec
Apple Fall Whisky Decanter
:BAMSE: The Poet – Desk RARE
:BAMSE: The Poet – Pipe
:BAMSE: The Poet – Whisky Glass
:BAMSE: The Poet – Magnifying Glass
:BAMSE: The Poet – Typewriter
:BAMSE: The Poet – Book Stack
:BAMSE: The Poet – Gun
:BAMSE: The Poet – Lamp
:BAMSE: The Poet – Ashtray
:BAMSE: The Poet – Documents
:BAMSE: The Poet – Steel Vault


Sometimes You Gotta Play It Dirty to Win

Sometimes You Gotta Play It Dirty to Win b

Today my mojo got killed for whatever reason. I am very guilty of looking at other photographers and bloggers and going “wow, I wish I could do something like that”. But, then I think back to why I started this. I wanted to express myself and get back into the art of photography and drawing in SL (and in RL as well). It wasn’t to be better than everyone else. So I took my time, and I love how this picture turned out. Thankfully I also have a smexy alt lying around for whenever I need him too ❤

Ariskea[Pow !Pow!] Comic Sofa [Single]
:BAMSE: Gear Lamp
.BananaN Pixel bug rug blue
Focus Poses Gamer Pillows
+Half-Deer+ Fast Food Clutter+Half-Deer+ Fast Food Clutter
Junk Food – Circle Pizza

Focus Poses Couple 113 (part of the Gamers Pack or sold individually)

hair: #taketomiWEST – Erika
glasses: [Cubic Cherry] {Nerd} glasses
tattoo: DAPPA Azure Tattoo @ Anybody June 2018

The Messy Loft

The Messy Loft b

Dynamic Evolution: Attic Living Space – Skybox (Builder’s Box Exclusive – May 2018)
[Bad Unicorn] Messy Mondays Bed (PG) @ TMD
[Bad Unicorn] Railed Grail ‘Messy Mondays’ @ TMD
[Bad Unicorn] Smokers Stool ‘Messy Mondays’ @ TMD
[Bad Unicorn] Piano Keys Rug
[Bad Unicorn] On Air Sign
[Bad Unicorn] Leaning Lamp ‘Messy Mondays’ @ TMD
[Bad Unicorn] Mates Pizza
[Bad Unicorn] Retro TV Stand
[Bad Unicorn] Portable Studio Speaker
Nutmeg. Pile of Vinage books Group Gift
Quasi – Grind City Poster @ 6 Republic
Quasi – Downtown Gacha 20 @ 6 Republic
Quasi – Grind City Guitar @ 6 Republic
Quasi – Grind City Rug @ 6 Republic
Quasi – Downtown Gacha – 07 @ 6 Republic
Quasi – Downtown Gacha – 12 @ 6 Republic

.aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -Paper Trash-
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 2
APT B // Hillbilly Livin’ – Breast Inspection Sign
:BAMSE: The Poet – Book Stack
:BAMSE: The Poet – Steel Vault
Bang! Figures – Galaxy Wars #12 – Desert Girl * UNCOMMON
Bang! Figures – Galaxy Wars #17 – Space Pilot
Bang! Figures – Galaxy Wars #9 – Princess General
Bang! Figures – Galaxy Wars #19 – Protocol * UNCOMMON
Bang! Figures – Galaxy Wars #3 – Bacca * UNCOMMON
[Commoner] Binge Watcher’s Survival Kit / Bowl of Popcorn
[Commoner] 2018 Wall Calendar / SSDD
[Commoner] Binge Watcher’s Survival Kit / Couch Potato Chips
[Commoner] Binge Watcher’s Survival Kit / Energy Drinks
-David Heather-Overnight Bag/Mud
.04 [ kunst ] – Absolutely bottles x2
.06 [ kunst ] – Balleys Original x2
The Prop Shoppe :: Porn Stash Box “DVD”
Second Spaces – Cluttered House – charging station
Second Spaces – Cluttered House – living room catch-all
Second Spaces – Cluttered House – pile of board games
Second Spaces – Cluttered House – unopened mail


Music & Lyrics

Music and Lyrics B

After nearly 9 years in SL, it isn’t often I find myself in total awe. Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of releases – but this Angel Oak set from Fapple has me IN LOVE. Depending on your needs, you can buy it as a complete set or pieces. Every piece of this set is beautifully meshed and textured. I could spend hours just taking photos in this skybox ❤ For more information on this set, check out Fapple’s blog or hit up 6 Republic!

Fapple Angel Oak Skybox
Fapple- Angel Oak Cage
Fapple- Angel Oak Chandelier
Fapple- Angel Oak Hanging Cage
Fapple- Angel Oak Rectangle Rug
Fapple- Angel Oak BDSM Throne
Fapple- Angeli Oak Stock
Fapple- Angel Oak Side TableFapple- Angel Oak Side Table
Fapple- Angel Oak Frame 1
Fapple- Angel Oak Frame 2
Fapple- Angel Oak Frame 3
Fapple- Angel Oak Frame 4

:BAMSE: The Poet – Book Stack:BAMSE: The Poet – Book Stack
:BAMSE: The Poet – Pipe
Botanical – Decorative Light Set – Sphere Scattered 8x8m
Kalopsia – Poppy’s Music Sheets
NOMAD // Cello // .03
ROIRO – Potted tree with Ivy Bow
{what next} Provence Bowl of Strawberries

The End is Near

The End is Near

I cannot figure out if I don’t believe in post-apocalyptic shit actually happening because I think it’s nonsense, or I don’t want to think about the reality of such things occurring. Anyway, I guess if it were, my sister Sorcha would be an excellent addition to my survival team. She may be tiny, but she’s a feisty bitch. Honestly, most of my SL family are feisty as fuck. Anyway, I want to thank her for agreeing to pose with me ♥

I’m also including another photo so you can see the awesomeness from Krescendo better.

end is near 2

ALLIE (left)
Maitreya Lara | CATWA HEAD Lona | DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head “Face Michelle” European | {S0NG} :: Sari Eyes // Hazel | -[TWC]- Survivor. | L’Etre – Basic mesh ears 2017

BUENO-Grace Top-Fatpack @ Uber | [Cubic Cherry] {After} gasmask | [[ Masoom ]] Julia Bento Gloves Black | Astralia – Compatible mesh nails system | .:villena:. – Split Denim Shorts – Blue | REIGN.- ROGUE STOMPER PLATS | #Foxy – Kels Hair (Pastels)

SORCHA (right)
Slink Hourglass | CATWA HEAD Lona | ENFER SOMBRE MIZU | {S0NG} :: Nash Eyes | Roseberry. Cajsa Brows | -[TWC]- Sweet Heart Tattoo | -SU!- Red Touch Makeup /Scratches/

:BAMSE: Tagged Choker – Pure | .:villena:. – Tube Top – Black | [[ Masoom ]] Raven Bento Gloves | .:villena:. – Laced Up Ripped Shorts | WrH [Trashed Leggings] | Momento . Shaker Platform Boots | #EMPIRE – Coffin Nails – Long | Sintiklia – Hair Xia @ Blush | .Olive. the Spooky Horns | ~MR~ Cutesick Surgical Mask

FOXCITY. Solitude Bento Pose Set

![YN] Weapon Box, Ammo Box Crates NoScript Closed(Small)
Tentacio & .{PSYCHO:Byts}. -hopeless future- Companion Cat RARE
AS Parked Car
Desert Rocks & Road (Rezzer)
[Kres] Y2K The End Sign @ Rewind
[Kres] Y2K Apocalypse Sign @ Rewind
[Kres] Salvaged Stronghold @ Remnant Event
Soy. Desert Weed [S size] & [L size]
Soy. Desert Cuctas A, B & C
Soy. Barbwired fence (Connect sample-straight)
[we’re CLOSED] boulders 1 light

Welcome to the Jungle Baby

Urban Jungle

CATWA Lona | CURELESS[+] Morphine / For Catwa Catya (v.1) | | [okkbye] Dramatic Falsies – CATWA Lashes / Appliers | M.Crimson -Lori Eyebrows- for Catwa | ^^Swallow^^ Shiny Elf Ears | {S0NG}  :: Sari Eyes // Black | TRUTH VIP February – Carla

ERSCH – Absolution Gacha MAITREYA Top Black @ RemnantDays | ERSCH – Absolution Gacha RARE Pants @ RemnantDays | ERSCH – Absolution Gacha RARE Pants Addon @ RemnantDays | REIGN.- VIXEN HEELS @ Hentai Fair | 5. :BAMSE: Tagged Choker – Basic Bitch

FOXCITY. Breather VOL1 Animated Pose Set @ N21 | FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Urban Jungle @ N21

A summer to remember

Skin: ..:: AYA ::.. Iris - Glazed Pears - 05 Eyebrow A NEW !
Lipstick: ..:: AYA ::..  Iris Glazed Pears 05 Nyam Nyam Hud NEW !
Mouth: [[ CR ]] Nyam Nyam
Hair: [Entwined] Aspen @ IDK NEW !
Necklace: :BAMSE: Solar Necklace COPPER-JUPITER @ IDK NEW !
Bracelet: Ninety- shooting star bracelet Bright Mesh @ IDK NEW !
Bag: uc_Eclipse_studs_tan_bag_ @ IDK NEW !
Shoes: [BREATHE]-Occults Heels-Maitreya-Pink Rose @ IDK NEW !
Pets: +Half-Deer+ Fennec Fox - @ Kustom9 NEW !

IDK: June 16th to July 10th - LM - Flickr
Kustom9: June 15th to July 10th - LM - Flickr