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Sometimes You Gotta Play It Dirty to Win

Sometimes You Gotta Play It Dirty to Win b

Today my mojo got killed for whatever reason. I am very guilty of looking at other photographers and bloggers and going “wow, I wish I could do something like that”. But, then I think back to why I started this. I wanted to express myself and get back into the art of photography and drawing in SL (and in RL as well). It wasn’t to be better than everyone else. So I took my time, and I love how this picture turned out. Thankfully I also have a smexy alt lying around for whenever I need him too ❤

Ariskea[Pow !Pow!] Comic Sofa [Single]
:BAMSE: Gear Lamp
.BananaN Pixel bug rug blue
Focus Poses Gamer Pillows
+Half-Deer+ Fast Food Clutter+Half-Deer+ Fast Food Clutter
Junk Food – Circle Pizza

Focus Poses Couple 113 (part of the Gamers Pack or sold individually)

hair: #taketomiWEST – Erika
glasses: [Cubic Cherry] {Nerd} glasses
tattoo: DAPPA Azure Tattoo @ Anybody June 2018

Game Over ❤

Game Over B

A lot of my friends are girl gamers, so I found my inspiration from them for this build. Pink can easily be overdone, but luckily everything you see that is pink (minus the game over sign) can be changed to a different color OR has a different colored item available. Regardless, this is one of my favorites. I love it and I hope you do too!

[Bad Unicorn] ‘Cube Chair (complete)’ Sleepover Set
[Bad Unicorn] ‘Retro-Brick Lamp’ Sleepover Set
[Bad Unicorn] ‘CTRL Table’ Sleep Over Set (5 Texture Options)
[Bad Unicorn] ‘Bunkbed (Black)’ Sleepover Set
[Bad Unicorn] ‘Retro Robot’ Sleepover Set (6 Texture Options)

building: [PM]Pixel Mode – The Heights Studio Apartment
BananaN ColorBlocks lamp 1
BananaN Pixel bug table blue
BananaN Pixel bug table purple
BananaN Pixel bug rug pink
BananaN Robo table green.
Foxes – Vixen – Crown exclusive @ The Epiphany
Foxes – Vixen – Fuck off @ The Epiphany
Foxes – Vixen – Moon @ The Epiphany
[ht:home] life force wall art[ht:home] life force wall art
[ht:home] voxel couch – leather
LAGOM – GAME OVER [Lightstring A] #10
LAGOM – GAME OVER [Lightstring B] #11
LAGOM – GAME OVER [Lightstring C] #12
LAGOM – GAME OVER [Lightstring C] #13
Vexiin – Elite Gamer Monitor – Pink
Vexiin – Elite Gamer-Keyboard Pink
Vexiin – Elite Gamer Headset /P
Vexiin – Elite Gamer-Mousepad-Pink
Vexiin – Elite Gamer- Mouse Pink
Vexiin – Elite Racer Chair *Rare