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Life’s a Beach

Life's a Beach b

I hate sand. Sure, you can call me Anakin Skywalker idgaf. If you ask me, Hayden Christensen got a raw fucking deal. ANYWAY, I really do hate sand. It ends up in literally every orifice and you will taste sand for days. Regardless of my hatred for the ground up shell-shit, Ionic has come out with the CUTEST set for PocketGacha, which opens June 15th. I love PocketGacha as it allows me to a) be lazy and b) not fight lag for items.

And lastly, it’s fantastic that you can go to the beach on SL and enjoy the lack of sand, awkward creeping bathing suits, and flesh-eating sharks.

ionic : Gazebo (Terracota) – RARE
ionic : Mango & coconut ice lollies
ionic : Vintage keys – gold –
ionic : Beach Flip – Flops (color)
ionic : Copper couch
ionic : Hanging candle lamp (gold)
ionic : Driftwood & Beach stone Mobile
ionic : White & Gold Table
ionic : A small candle
ionic : Exterior plant

Ariskea[Sunkiss] Cactus Doty Blue
Ariskea[Sunkiss] Aloe you vera much
Ariskea[Sunkiss] Aloe Cant touch this
Ariskea[Sunkiss] Cactus Doty
Ariskea[Sunkiss] Cactus Doty Yellow

::AT::Tw:: Drinks Tray
BackBone Life’s a Beach – Beach Ball
[-BLUE SKY-] Mohave Cactus – Chevron
[-BLUE SKY-] Mohave Cactus – Teal
dust bunny . costal vases
dust bunny . hanging plants . double planter
dust bunny . hanging plants . cheese plant
dust bunny . hanging plants . ivy planter
dust bunny . shell frame . blue
dust bunny . shell frame . mint
ionic : Jaboncitos de cactus
ionic : La plantita de AloeVera
ionic : Cactus lamp
ionic : El sol en el techo
ionic : To Beach Sign
Kalopsia – Charlize’s Cactus – Long
Loft & Aria – Brewer Rug 2 @ Uber
Loft & Aria – Shirvan Side Table Brass Deep @ Uber
Soy. Superlong potted cactus A w/stand
Soy. Superlong potted cactus B w/stand

Your secrets are safe with me.

Another new event opened recently – The Epiphany!
It’s a gacha event with an awesome alternative of turning in your extras for point to redeem exclusives.
No need for yard sales and 2839479234 extra items, which is a really great option to have.
For more specifics on the event you can click – here – .

Stockholm & Lima has a new bedroom set out in gacha form, you can see the official contact sheet here- on Surrealia’s flickr, which is what I used in today’s post. (Along with a vanity also from the event from Zerkalo).

Your secrets are safe with me.

You can see the rest of the bedroom set up below:


All the credits are below, if I forgot anything just let me know <3


→ Skin: Glam Affair – (Aida Ewing)  – Sia Skin ( Fairy Tales ) – Asia
→ Hair:  !Oleander ~ –  (BaileeOleander) – Honeydew. Brunette Tones @ Hair Fair
→ Lingerie: ::c.A.:: –  (YukaChoco Magic) – Romane *Pink* @ The Season’s Story
* using the Maitreya Mesh Body.

→ Pose: Part of the rug. @ The Epiphany


Skybox: [Buzz] & Tenshi – The Callia Skybox @ Kustom9

Stockholm&Lima: Princess Suite Bed [A] @ The Epiphany
Stockholm&Lima: Princess Suite Bench @ The Epiphany
Stockholm&Lima: Princess Suite Little Bear @ The Epiphany
Second Spaces – Cluttered House – unopened mail
Stockholm&Lima: Princess Suite Big Teddy Bear [A] @ The Epiphany
Stockholm&Lima: Princess Suite Fur Rug @ The Epiphany
Stockholm&Lima: Princess Suite Cushion #1 @ The Epiphany
17.erratic / lsm – house slippers – queen (slink)
Stockholm&Lima: Princess Suite Nightstand @ The Epiphany
Stockholm&Lima: Princess Suite Lamp @ The Epiphany
18.erratic / lsm – clothing clutter – woman
Stockholm&Lima: Pillow Pile
floorplan. notebook clutter
BALACLAVA!! Camden Rug WHITE (Flattened Solid)
~silentsparrow~ (Meadow) Pwnie Floppy
+Half-Deer+ Messy Rug/Blanket (All Colors)
+Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtain – Long (White – R)
Plethora – Scenescape Lights – Starry Moon
[ keke ] cluster of bulbs – chrome – mini
[ keke ] twinkling lights log – bare wood
::{u.f.o}:: Swan Lake, Act1 – haning ballet shoes skyblue
[ keke ] butterfly wreath – blush (wear)
Stockholm&Lima: Princess Suite Tall Mannequin (exclusive) C @ The Epiphany
[ keke ] potted magnolia – blush – 8 LI
Stockholm&Lima: Butterfly Capture Box
+Half-Deer+ Catface Rug (Texture Change)
(fd) Cat – 08 Stretching
+Half-Deer+ Pretty Things Shelf – White
*MishMish* Valentine’s Bunny – I Luv You
Fancy Decor: Frame 2
18.erratic  lsm – alarm clock – white
Plethora – Tissue Boxes – Princess Cottage (rare)
Stockholm&Lima: The Princess Cage
tarte. garden tree (L)
*ionic* Fading Away Poster
*ionic* everything in its right place
+Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter II – Cat Bed (Pink)
+Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter – Scratching Post – Pink
+Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter II – Kitty Treat Jar (Pink)
+Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter – Bowl of Kibble – Pink
+Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter – Toys Toys Toys – Pink
(fd) Cat – 12 Curious
[ keke ] the pea princess’ step ladder
*ionic* the longest journey
{af} Heart of Polaroids Advent No. 3
*ionic* Is it a dream?
[ zerkalo ] Precious Moments – Vanity – RARE @ The Epiphany
[ zerkalo ] Precious Moments – Jewelry Box – EXCLUSIVE @ The Epiphany
[ zerkalo ] Precious Moments – Gloves @ The Epiphany
Stockholm&Lima: Princess Suite Room Divider @ The Epiphany
Stockholm&Lima: Princess Suite Little Mannequin (exclusive) C @ The Epiphany
[ zerkalo ] Precious Moments – Stool @ The Epiphany
floorplan. gumball machine / blue
[ keke ] potted magnolia – blush – 8 LI
+Half-Deer+ Flutterby Deer Fauxidermy – Milk
tarte draped wall lights
[ keke ] butterfly wall decor – blush
[ keke ] peons – blush
+Half-Deer+ Deer Planter – White
Stockholm&Lima: Princess Suite Bookcase @ The Epiphany
Second Spaces – Cluttered House – living room catch-all
Willow Home– Milk Glass Jars – White @ Kustom9
Willow Home– Milk Glass Jars – Pink @ Kustom9
(fd) Nightmare Fuel – White
Second Spaces – Cluttered House – by-the-door catch-all
[ keke ] the pea princess’s DIY book stable
[ keke ] the pea princess’s floor pillows
floorplan. book clutter
Stockholm&Lima: Princess Suite Deer Statue @ The Epiphany
[ keke ] memory branch
:CP: Bureau de Brioude Hanging Heart Planter
[ keke ] cluster of bulbs – chrome – mini
*ionic* Oh deer I miss you
Willow Home– Geometric Hang
[-BLUE SKY-] “Victoria Chair – White Fabric” (Adult)
[ zerkalo ] Picnic at the Neva River – Pillow2 @ The Season’s Story

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?