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Let’s go party girls ~~ ♡♡


Ellooo ~

The Chapter Four and Mes Brics a Bracs are coming the 4th and 5th this month ~~ Aren’t you excited? O(≧▽≦)O So far those 2 are my favorite events, I mostly get all my cute stuffs there ^▽^♡ Also I am in love with Lunaricon’s stockings, the colors are sooooo cute and guess what? It will come in gatcha at the Chapter Four with very cute puffy slippers too! (ノ´▽`)ノ♪ 21 slippers and 21 stockings for you to choose with 7 colors (black, pink, yellow, violet, blue, green, white) and 3 different really cute decorations.

Also if you come to The Dressing Room Fusion now you will find accessories, skin and clothes with great price (mostly from 40-70L$) before Mes brics a bracs start ♥♥

And last but not least, Maitreya is on sale until July 17, everything 50-70% off! Everything! Hair, clothes, shoes … (*≧▽≦)ノシ))  Go on and take your chance!! (⌒▽⌒)

Untitled-1 copy

Credits and thanks to:


.。Skin:::::: AMITOMO – bunny_skin NO.MAKEUP
.。Hair:::::::  [BURLEY]_Bella_LBlonde01
.。Hair accessories:::::: *BOOM* Tiare (left ear) (white/yellow) (Summerfest’13)
.。Top:::::: FLUORESCENT [Oversized Tank – Fluorescent] (The Box)
.。Shirt:::::: (CM) Bounty Jean Skirt (Light Blue) (Fameshed July)
.。Bracelet Right:::::: A&Ana Jewellery Laura Bracelet gold  (TDRF)
.。Bracelet Left:::::: *PEACH* my candy bracelet – leaf, cat, bosuck
.。Watch:::::: VCO – Leather Wristwatch02 (gold)
.。Stocking:::::: // LUNARICON // – Aliens (Blue) (COMING SOON @ TCF)
.。Shoes:::::: : ) BCC . Emma Apple flat shoes Navy
.。Ring:::::: A&Ana Jewellery Laura Ring gold (TDRF)


.。Skin::::: blair_skin NO.MAKEUP
.。Hair::::: [BURLEY]_Nelly_LBlonde01
.。Top:::::: Emery – Top Peace Black (Fameshed July)
.。Bottom:::::: *PEACH* Vintage Denim Overall – greycross
.。Earrings:::::: [ glow ] studio BOOM earrings (gold)  (TDRF)
.。Necklace:::::: [ glow ] studio BOOM necklace (gold) (TDRF)
.。Wallet:::::: *PEACH* Indie Print Clutch – skull
.。Stockings:::::: // LUNARICON // – Aliens (Black)  (COMING SOON @ TCF)
.。Shoes:::::: (fd) Bossy Boots – Wingtip Teal
.。Bracelet:::::: *MM* Rainbow Rave Bracelets


Pose 1: *coucou* Flower — Pose 2: ::KM:: Pose – Walk with me f

Location: ++HY’s PARK++


Lazy days Of Summer

Snapshot_002 copy

Hiiii ~

This will the the last post for June’s products. Yes in fact I am late *blushes* Been really busy recently, I had the photos but never seem to have chance to edit them but I promise to update the July’s product soon. In fact the Box and Fameshed is all ready, I’ve been impatiently waiting for TCF July with all the cute stuffs ~~ (★^O^★) So cuz it’s late I will make it quick: Magika is 50% off, take your chance (≧▽≦) And by Miel is having the beautiful 50L$ dress, you can change color for each part and it looks great for summer, the textures are just beautiful.



Credits and thanks to:


.。Skin:::::: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Skin of the Sunday20
.。Hair:::::::  Magika [Hair M] Please (50% off)
.。Hair accessories:::::: Magika [Rigged] Kitty Wire Headband
.。Top:::::: Tee*fy Basic Knot T-Shirt White
.。Bottom:::::: Frankie. Polkadot Shorts  Light (Limited)
.。Bag:::::: MG – Purse – Denim Daisy – Shoulder R (Limited)
.。Shoes:::::: *CASHMERE*Vintage Taylor Platform(jean) (Limited)
.。Necklace:::::: MG – Necklace – Jewelled Denim Heart (Limited)


.。Skin:::::: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Cat01(Salmon)
.。Hair::::: (Milana) Dunne [roots] – Light Browns
.。Face tattoo:::::: jari tattoo
.。Knee tattoo:::::: MAKAROONG ! :) Brain ZZIRIT tattoo SET – White
.。Hat:::::: {Sleepy Eddy} Adventure Hat (Indigo)
.。Dress:::::: ”{ RoA }” -(Gacha)”Charmant” Dress(Denim/DK)
.。Collar:::::: [LWL] Collar (Lemonade)
.。Ring:::::: Shakeup! Fabric-Flower Ring [Tiedye]
.。Shoes:::::: ::C’est la vie !:: studs flat shoes(denim light blue)/mesh (Limited)


.。Skin:::::: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Pink Gem (70L$ TDRF)
.。Hair::::: tram  A811 hair (Free- Group gift)
.。Face tattoo:::::: ari tattoo
.。Shoes:::::: ::{u.f.o]::Margiella cutting sneakers  – skyblue
.。Knee tattoos:::::: NEO** Knee tattoo -Robot Feels – HAPPY
.。Hair accessories:::::: VCO – Bonny Bunny Band (RARE1) (MBAB gatcha)
.。Dress:::::: MIEL NAUTICA DRESS (50L$ Friday)
.。Necklace:::::: [DAISO] my glasses fixed by grandpa – Toy 2
.。Wallet:::::: Lark – Coin Purse Necklace (GALA#1 Gatcha)
.。Bracelet:::::: *MM* Rainbow Rave Band


Snapshot_032 copy

School’s out!

sgfgdfdh copy

Hiiii hiii~~!! ♥

Sorry for this super late post ~~~ m(_ _)m I will be pretty slow from now until the end of July  (×_×;)but I will try to keep 1 post per week so don’t forget meee ~ hehe :”3 Those outfits are really simple compare to the other posts though, I was in a hurry *blushes*

Small town of Green has a big change for summer! All those pictures are taken there ♥♥♥ the whole sim is soooo cutely decorated! Here is the Landmark. Check it out if you didn’t ~ (⌒▽⌒)Also from this post I will include for each product I’m wearing the slurl to the store inworld store or marketplace store so it can be more helpful to you(^v^) If you want to check them out quickly please click on the colored words before or after the products’ names, a taxi will be sent to you to ~ ♡

Have fun shopping and enjoy summerrr ~~~!! o(≧∇≦o) ♥♥♥


xhjdjdk_001 copy

Credits and thanks to:


.。Hair:::::: TRUTH HAIR Bobbie – Reds03Fade
.。Mesh hand:::::::  Slink Mesh Hand Casual
.。Bikini:::::: ::{u.f.o}::puripuri bikini -teal
.。Bracelet:::::::  *MM* Rainbow Rave Bracelets
.。Pose picture 1:::::: Avande – Clique


.。Hair:::::: TRUTH HAIR Candy – LightBlondes01Fade
.。Flower::::: *BOOM* Tiare Crown (white/yellow) (Summerfest’13)
.。Mesh hand:::::: Slink Mesh Hand Splayed
.。Necklace:::::: (fd) Caterpi Home Necklace
.。Bikini:::::: Baiastice_3D Flowers bikini-ghost (Summerfest’13)
.。Bottom:::::: (fd) Overalls – Faded (C88)
.。Pose picture 2:::::: ~The Secret Hideout~ -Lift Me! pose set


swgdfhah_001 copy

Summer party



As I promised :”3 a C88 post. However lots of other accessories come from arcade and the Chapter Four  (。・ω・。)ノ♡ I am still working on the post for the magic candies and powder, I am lazy today bahahah. I think a lot of my friends will join in also since they seems excited about the products so it will … maybe … a big works with lots of people  (´ε` )♡ *gettings lazy*  ehehe (#^.^#)

The new hair is gorgeous! I’m in love (*´▽`*♥) D!va hairs are always so cute :”3 Also! Just before the post we luckily get the big doll rare gatcha from U.F.O just with the 1st try! Uwaaa ♥♥♥♥ o(≧▽≦)o



Credits and thanks to:


.。Hair:::::: “”D!va”” Hair “Lili” (Type A)(Cat’s eye) (C88)
.。Glasses:::::::  { by emi } Triangulate Frames ~ Yellowish
.。Top:::::: [Aux] Truffle Top – xxS – Blue (C88)
.。Skirt:::::: ::{u.f.o}::wave cutting denim skirts – vintage blue(lip) (C88)
.。Shoes:::::: ::{u.f.o]::Margiella cutting sneakers – skyblue (C88)
.。Bracelet:::::: *MM* Rainbow Rave Band
.。Watch:::::: VCO – jelly Wristwatch04
.。Knee tattoos:::::: NEO** Knee tattoo -Robot Feels – HAPPY
.。Necklace:::::: [DAISO] my glasses fixed by grandpa – Toy 2
.。Doll small 1:::::: ::{u.f.o}::my grandma made for me – jiah2 1
.。Doll small 2:::::: ::{u.f.o}::my grandma made for me – rabito4
.。Big Doll:::::: ::{u.f.o}::my grandma made for me – take a 6 month RARE


.。Hair:::::: “”D!va”” Hair “Mimi” (Type A)(Amber) (C88)
.。Headphone::::: [sYs] DJTALL POP headphones – blue
.。Scarf:::::: (Milk Motion) Cotton scarf – skull – navy/coral RARE
.。Necklace:::::: (NO) Vintage Portrait Necklace – Abby
.。Knee tattoos:::::: NEO** knee tattoo – band – hurt1
.。Top:::::: -tb- Cropped Tee (XXS) – Cross (C88)
.。Skirt:::::: ::{u.f.o}::wave cutting denim skirts – skyblue(lip) (C88)
.。Shoes:::::: (fd) Bossy Boots – Wingtip Teal
.。Bag:::::: [HANDverk]Mermaid’s Purse.sea
.。Bracelet:::::: LaGyo_Aiko bangle (C88)
.。Earrings:::::: LaGyo_Aiko earring (C88)
.。Face tattoo:::::: NEO** Face tattoos – Heart to the Party – Girl3
.。Tongue:::::: Ohmai Emporium: Every Flavored Bean (Spearmint)



Flower and Fish



The title is weird but I can’t help myself (@^▽^@)ノ ♥♥ I didn’t edit the pictures much, still getting use with my new graphic tablet. I was been busy this week so my blog is not updated at all but I am back now ~~ (●´∀`●) Must have to hurry up catch up with all the new products, especially the ones in Collabor88 is just too cute (≧∇≦) This post is dedicated to clean my inventory before move on to Collabor88 for the next post and with the new magic powders from Emma. She is making a new store for magic funny stuffs and I just love her products!

I will attach the landmark to her temporary store also blog her new products in the next post. Also I intend to make a Locations list in my blog also :”3 I see lots of bloggers do to save amazing landscape sims so yup why not (´ω`) there are lots of locations I wanna share. For this post location, here is the landmark :)



Credits and thanks to:


.。Hair:::::: [Due] Fay 01 – two tone 2
.。Hat:::::::   :) BCC.sui hat knit dot pink
.。Top:::::: ::C’est la vie !:: Pocket tank(thermal peach)mesh
.。Skirt:::::: SOUP lace mini /white
.。Shoes:::::: :NuDoLu: Ballerine de couleur Ikat rose
.。Bracelet:::::: :NuDoLu: Bracelet elastique Tricolore
.。Knee tattoo:::::: NEO** knee tattoo – band – panda
.。Bag:::::: ::C’est la vie!:: Tea-pot-bag(denim+lace)mesh
.。Juice:::::: VCO – Cocktail Pack (Lemonade)


.。Hair::::::[Due] Anna – Light blond 2
.。Hat::::: VCO – sweety girl hat (blue check)
.。Head accessory:::::: .Olive. the Grandma’s Treasures – Billy the Fish Hat (Attach)
.。Knee tattoos:::::: NEO** knee tattoo – band – water melon
.。Top:::::: ::C’est la vie !:: Back ribbon tops(border marine)mesh
.。Short:::::: (Milk Motion) vintage denim shorts
.。Necklace:::::: [DAISO] my glasses fixed by grandpa – Toy 4
.。Shoes:::::: *Tentacio* Kawaii sneakers red
.。Gun:::::: *MishMish* Squirt Gun – Fish Orange
.。Knee tattoo:::::: NEO** Knee tattoo -Robot Feels – SICK



Finished with shopping – Time to clean!


Cleaning time … Nah, definitely not XD

Just by looking at my inventory after arcade, TCF, Puppet Fair, Fameshed, … etc etc I feel weak to clean ⁀(๑˚ღ˚๑)⁀ I told myself to make each post for one event before going to the next event but then … shopping mood always wins hehe (´◕ω◕`). The 2nd picture with lots of arcade gatcha items, I will update the credits later, once I found them again in my messy inventory *sobs*. Because I took the picture at a sandbox and got all of them return to me in a bunch (*≧m≦*) so I won’t be able to update them until I clean my inventory first. Hopefully soon  (╥_╥)

The second picture is taken in alirium ♥♥ the Spring part. Here is the LM :”3



Credits and thanks to:


.。Hair:::::: Clawtooth: That Pretty Lady – Strawberry cream (Arcade June)
.。Hat::::: :pesca:boater straw hat/plane dot { Mes Brics a Bracs }
.。Dress:::::: *ionic* cherry blossom girl XXS – faded pink  (The Chapter Four June)
.。Glass:::::: PIDIDDLE – Bottle Cap Shades – Natural Tortoise Shell (Arcade June)
.。Bracelet 1:::::: Baiastice_Round Studs Leather Cuff-green- Right (Arcade June)
.。Bracelet 2:::::: *BOOM* Friendship Bracelet (Orange) LFT (Arcade June)
.。Necklace 1:::::: (NO) Vintage Portrait Necklace – Abby (Arcade June)
.。Necklace 2::::: ASO! Cross Antique Necklace Gold(turquoise) (The Chapter Four June)
.。Shoes:::::: (fd) Bossy Boots – Wingtip Teal (Arcade June)
.。Shoes accessories:::::: (fd) Bossy Boots – Wingtip Teal (Arcade June)
.。Knee tattoo :::::: NEO** knee tattoo – band – panda
.。Bag:::::: Tee*fy  Leather-Made Goat Head  Backpack Beige (Arcade June)
.。Guitar::::::::{u.f.o}::reform my accoustic guitar  – dark classic 2 (GALA  #1)
.。Pose in picture 2 :::::: aDORKable Poses: Pinwheel Pose