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301. Romantic Eve

Featured Events:
Collabora88 (Jan. 8th - Feb. 6th)
The Epiphany (Jan. 15th - Feb. 12th)

Hair: Slow Dancing by Exile @ Collabora88
Outfit: "Allure" by Pixicat @ The Epiphany
Dress Black
Kimono Red


Fairylight Rose Vines by Half-Deer @ Collabora88

"Romance & Roses" Gacha by Sayo @ The Epiphany
Dining Table
Love Chair
Heart Balloons Red
Box of Roses Pink

"Gold & Roses" Set by Kalopsia @ Collabora88
Rose & Berries Decoration

299. Lavish

Feature Events:
Collabora88 (Jan. 8 - Feb. 6)
Uber (Dec. 25 - Jan. 23)

Hair: G1204 by Tram @ Uber
Top: Lavish Blazer by Pixicat @ Collabora88
Necklace: Kahukuihuku by Mandala @ Uber
Pants: Soiree by Pixicat

Celebration Balloons by Hive @ Uber

294. Havana

Featured Event:
Uber (November 25 - December 23, 2017)

Hair: May by Wasabi @ Uber
Sunglass: Blush Glasses by Minimal
Piercings & Necklace: Flower Set by Kunst @ Uber
Top: Blush Mini Top by Pixicat (New! @ mainstore)
Bottom: Tova by Pixicat

Hell hath no fury…

Venus Germanotta posted a photo:

Hell hath no fury...

◊ In the most biblical sense
I am beyond repentance,
fame hooker prostitute wench,
vomits her mind ◊

This amazing mask,
the, Profane Ribbon Mask (Bento Animated),
brought to you by, Aii The Ugly & Beautiful,
is available now!
As a 25x Play exclusive at - The Arcade

My Haus

Bloody Mary

Spirit World .

Venus Germanotta posted a photo:

Spirit World .

New! From, Aii The Ugly & Beautiful!
These wondrous bento beasts,
the Profane Guardians,
are available now! At - The Arcade

My Haus

Dragon Nostalgia

If Love Is Associated With Goodness… happen miracles

Fur Jacket  Vivien by ~Nerido~ @ Shiny Shabby - NEW! 

Tattoo Esenia by .::Nanika::. @ SaNaRae - NEW!

 Rogue Stompe Plats by REIGN 

Top & Bottom Siren Set Nr. 2 by - Pixicat -

  Dress is a part of M9 Gacha All Mine by Dami

Hair Nora by [RunAway]

273. Girl Next Door

Featured Event:
The Epiphany (October 15 -  November 15, 2017)

Pants: Sporty Pants by Pixicat
Vehicle: "Attachable Motorcycle" Red by Consignment @ The Epiphany

"The Killswitch" by Stealthic x Toksik @ The Epiphany
Switchblade (Exclusive @ the event)
1 Transit Hair (rare)
2 Jacket with Crop Top (rare)
10 Sunglasses GoldxRed

"Vibe Backdrops" by Minimal @ The Epiphany
VIBE Backdrop 2
VIBE Backdrop 5

Gacha Keys: 
Attachable Motocycles
The Killswitch
Vibe Backdrops

271. Royal

Feature Event:
The Epiphany (October 15 -  November 15, 2017)

Hair: "Braidy" Updo by Tableau Vivant @ The Epiphany
Headdress: Yeri White (rare) by Lode
Outfit: "Soiree" by Pixicat @ The Epiphany
  Gown Light w/ Butterflies (rare)
  Necklace Gold

Background Scene:
Palm Palace Backdrop (rare) by Seul @ The Epiphany

266. Heartily Autumn Breakfast

Featured Events:
Collabora88 (October 8 - November 5, 2017)
Season's Story (October 10 -31, 2017)
Project Se7en (September 30 - October 30, 2017)

Hair: Daphne by Doux
Hair Bangs: Bangs A by Barberyumyum
Scarf: Harvest Scarves by Disorderly @ Project Se7en
Dress: Warm Sweater by Pixicat @ Collabora88
Socks & Shoes: Sunset by Moon Amore @ Collabora88

"Harvest" Jug of Sunflowers by Dust Bunny @ Collabora88
Nightglow Birds by Half-Deer @ Collabora88

"Autumn Breakfast" by Disorderly @ Season's Story
Tables & Chairs (rare)
Breakfast Tray (rare)
French Toast Plain
Waffles Apple
Waffles Plain
Pancakes Apple
Muffin Plate
Muffin Stand
Donut Plate
Donut Stand
Danish Apple

262. Plastic Lovers

Feature Event:
Collabora88 (August 8 - September 5, 2017) 

Hair: Top of the Claes Wig by Lost Junction @ Collabora88
Top & Skirt: Vixen by Pixicat @ Collabora88
Shoes: Claire Boots by Pure Poison @ Collabora88
Eyeglasses: Techno Shades by Nomad @ Collabora88

"Plastic Boyrfriends" by Cureless
 @ Collabora88

Plastic Plaster Scene by Sayo @ Collabora88