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Serene b

gloves: [[Masoom]] Sabina gloves @ Blush
harness: * Vanilla Bae * Elena Outfit
panties: * Vanilla Bae * Elena Outfit
pose: FOXCITY Sits VOL3-7M

skin: okkbye Paloma tone 4
eyes: L’Etre – Natural mesh eyelids
head: CATWA Lona
body: Belleza Freya
nails: Astralia Coffin Nails
accessory: *LODE* Head Accessory – Wild Sakura Wreath [apple]
bed: +Half-Deer+ Boho Platform Bed – Pink Romance (Adult) @ c88
building: Scarlet Creative Serendipity Retreat @ c88

Together Again

Together At Last Blog Vs

Sometimes inspiration for photos comes purely from my wonderful sponsors. I got my hands on this new decor from Backbone (the luggage, seats, clock, and lamps) and new immediately what I wanted to do. This picture was a labor of love, as finding clothing to match the time period was a chore. There is some out there, but a lot of it is not made for the mesh bodies of today. Here’s to hoping for some more vintage events soon!

[[ Masoom ]] Amy Bento Gloves- White @ Uber | Belle Epoque { Claudia Hair } Blonds (hair is edited) | The Secret Store – Lulu Vintage Dress – Rose (only in standard mesh sizes but I’m wearing it with maitreya Lara) | fri. – Bobbie.Pumps (Pearl)

CATWA HEAD Skell @ Skin Fair 2018 | STRAY DOG – GABE BUTTERMILK | L’Etre – Basic mesh ears 2017 | [SIGNATURE] Gianni – Mesh Body | [Deadwool] The Dandy – trousers – blue (not for signature body but it works)| [Deadwool] The Dandy – formal jacket – blue (not for signature body but it works) | [Deadwool] Penny loafers – dark brown | [Deadwool] Flat cap – brown

PCP – Lift Me Up

BackboneStation Lamp @ Mancave
BackboneDark Station Bench PG @ Mancave
BackboneLuggage @ Mancave
BackboneStation Clock @ Mancave
[Schultz Bros.] Complete – Old NY Subway Station
[Schultz Bros.] 1920’s NY Subway Car (No Sits)


The End is Near

The End is Near

I cannot figure out if I don’t believe in post-apocalyptic shit actually happening because I think it’s nonsense, or I don’t want to think about the reality of such things occurring. Anyway, I guess if it were, my sister Sorcha would be an excellent addition to my survival team. She may be tiny, but she’s a feisty bitch. Honestly, most of my SL family are feisty as fuck. Anyway, I want to thank her for agreeing to pose with me ♥

I’m also including another photo so you can see the awesomeness from Krescendo better.

end is near 2

ALLIE (left)
Maitreya Lara | CATWA HEAD Lona | DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head “Face Michelle” European | {S0NG} :: Sari Eyes // Hazel | -[TWC]- Survivor. | L’Etre – Basic mesh ears 2017

BUENO-Grace Top-Fatpack @ Uber | [Cubic Cherry] {After} gasmask | [[ Masoom ]] Julia Bento Gloves Black | Astralia – Compatible mesh nails system | .:villena:. – Split Denim Shorts – Blue | REIGN.- ROGUE STOMPER PLATS | #Foxy – Kels Hair (Pastels)

SORCHA (right)
Slink Hourglass | CATWA HEAD Lona | ENFER SOMBRE MIZU | {S0NG} :: Nash Eyes | Roseberry. Cajsa Brows | -[TWC]- Sweet Heart Tattoo | -SU!- Red Touch Makeup /Scratches/

:BAMSE: Tagged Choker – Pure | .:villena:. – Tube Top – Black | [[ Masoom ]] Raven Bento Gloves | .:villena:. – Laced Up Ripped Shorts | WrH [Trashed Leggings] | Momento . Shaker Platform Boots | #EMPIRE – Coffin Nails – Long | Sintiklia – Hair Xia @ Blush | .Olive. the Spooky Horns | ~MR~ Cutesick Surgical Mask

FOXCITY. Solitude Bento Pose Set

![YN] Weapon Box, Ammo Box Crates NoScript Closed(Small)
Tentacio & .{PSYCHO:Byts}. -hopeless future- Companion Cat RARE
AS Parked Car
Desert Rocks & Road (Rezzer)
[Kres] Y2K The End Sign @ Rewind
[Kres] Y2K Apocalypse Sign @ Rewind
[Kres] Salvaged Stronghold @ Remnant Event
Soy. Desert Weed [S size] & [L size]
Soy. Desert Cuctas A, B & C
Soy. Barbwired fence (Connect sample-straight)
[we’re CLOSED] boulders 1 light