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318. Life is Priceless

Featured Events:
Remnant: Dark Days (Feb. 24th - Mar. 17th 2018)
The Men’s Department (March 5th - 31st, 2018)

Mask: Dirty Mask by Maru Kado @ Remnant: Dark Days
Hoodie: Dirty Hoodie by Maru Kado @ Remnant: Dark Days
Shoes: Caleb Unisex Boots by .Shi
The Men’s Department

"Faith" by Dahlia @ Remnant: Dark Days
Steppe Mouse
Bulb Ivy Plant
Bulb Daisies
Bulb Black Eyed Susans

Suicide Booth by Death Row Designs @ The Men’s Department

313. Musician’s Predicament

Featured Events:
Uber (Feb. 25th - Mar. 23rd 2018)
Remnant: Dark Days (Feb. 24th - Mar. 17th 2018)

Hair: H0210 by Tram @ Uber
Helmet: Red Stripe Loaded by Death Row Designs @ Uber
Top: LeNoir Leather Jacket (rare) by Semller
Bottom: Winehouse Tartan Skinnys by Vinyl @ Uber
Shoes: Dirty Combats by Death Row Designs

"Wasteland Hobo" by Death Row Designs @ Remnant: Dark Days
Folding Chair
Guitar Case
Shopping Cart
Resting Place

Scrappy Scooter by Death Row Designs @ Uber

306. Forgotten Souls

Feature Event:
Shadow Box (February 2018)

"Shadow Box Series 1 February 2018" Dark by Death Row Designs @ the mainstore!
Smoking Table
Smoking Chair One
Smoking Chair Two
Bookcase Mess
Dining Chandelier
Dining Table

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298. Gloomy Morning

Feature Event:
DRD Shadow Box (January 2018)

Decors: "Shadow Box Dark" January Round by Death Row Designs
Kitchen Pantry
Kitchen Stove
Kitchen Table
Kitchen Chair
Kitchen Wood Basket
Kitchen Cupboard
Kitchen Counter 
Kitchen Sink
Kitchen Side Table

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295. Just Miserably Fine

Featured Event:
Tannenbaum (Nov. 25 - Dec. 25, 2017)


Tissue Box by Soy.
Pool Toy Kitty Guy by Katat0nik
"My Miserable Holiday" by Death Row Designs @ Tannenbaum
Table (with decors)

288. Abandoned

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Featured Event:
Remnant: Dark Days (Nov. 17 - Dec. 8, 2017)

Outfit: "Hopeless Future" by Tentacio x Psycho Byts @ Remnant: Dark Days
Companion Cat (rare)
Mask (rare)
Bullet Belt Brown
Body Suit Black
Bionic Hands Black
Boots Black
Sleepbag Lluna
Lluna Common Cat

Abandoned Truck Shelter by Death Row Designs @ Remnant: Dark Days

276. Last Stop

Featured Events:
Remnant: Dark Days (Nov. 17 - Dec. 8, 2017)
Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Nov. 7 - Dec. 7, 2017)

Mask: Arkanoid Gasmask by The Forge @ remnant
Gloves: Junker's Hand (bento) by Contraption @ Remnant: Dark Days
Shoes: Higher Combat Boots by DeeR
Bag: Wasteland Backpack by Death Row Designs
Outfit: "Aftermath" by The Forge @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
    Apoc Belt Black (ultra rare)
    Bra Dark Red
    Shrawl Camo
    Pants Camo

"Decayed Bus Stop" by Disorderly @ Remnant: Dark Days

269. Bloodcroft Castle

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Featuring a NEW release "Bloodcroft" gacha only at the Death Row Designs' mainstore ! 

Here is the link for the full Gacha Key

265. Good Night

Feature Events:
Shadow Box (October 2017)
The Dark Style Fair (October 14 - November 4, 2017)

Hair: Selma by Emo-tions
Face Tattoo: Shattered Existence by Cureless & Disorderly
Blood Tatttoo: Blood & Wounds by Izzie's
Arms: Sliced Torso (bento hands) by Cureless
Outfit: Good Night by Scandalize @ The Dark Style Fair

"Shadow Box October Dark"  by Death Row DesignsShadow Box 
Bathroom Mirror 
Bathroom Sink
Toilet Paper 
Dirty Laundry

#43 Who Will Prevail?

Hey Pretty Girls!

I took this photo for a homework assignment for my SL Vogue Photography Class. We had to tell a story about any legend/myth/mythical creature/mythical monster though our photography. I do believe that demons and angels are real, but I think the story I created is pretty cool! Check it out below!

The Looks

The Demon

Skin | Glam Affair – Dark Side Roza

Hair | Argrace – Urei (Noir)

Outfit | Deviance – Necromaner

Hands | Death Row Designs – Demonhand

Hooves | Epic – Black Demon Legs (Black)

Horns | Remarkable Oblivion – Baphomet Horns (Infernal)

Wings | Death Row Designs – Wings (bloodred)

The Angel

Skin | Glam Affair – Katra

Hair | Truth – Heloisa

Outfit | Champagne Sparkling Couture – Gilded Gold

Sandals | Pure Poison – Gold Goddess Sandals

Dagger | Velde’s Magical Arms & Armor – Dagger of Freya

I think this assignment was the hardest for me yet. I normally use my photography to blog an outfit I’m wearing for a show, casting, etc so I usually don’t tell a story with my images. I definitely had to stretch my brain a bit for this one. Fun fact: Both of the avatars pictured in this photo are me thanks to my photoshop skills! (lol). I hope you enjoyed my art and creativity! Who do YOU think will prevail? Till next time…