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302. Revival

Featured Event:
The Epiphany (Jan. 15th - Feb. 12th)

Hair: Siren by Mello
Oufit: "Synthetic Angels" Gacha by Cureless
Tattoo Transangelism Rare
Virtue Outfit Dark
Dominion Mask Dark
Seraph Halo Dark
Gevurah Hands Rare
Ophanim Boots Dark


"Experimental" Gacha by Disorderly @ The Epiphany
Emergency Medical Box (Exclusive)
Body Monitor (rare)
Sample Spinner
Fluid Display
Medical Crates
Standing Light

"Experimental" Gacha Key

Great Fairy Fountain .

Venus Germanotta posted a photo:

Great Fairy Fountain .

◊ Young waker of the winds...
Allow me to aid you in your quest.. ◊

New! From, Azoury!
These magical platforms,
Rosebud Heels, are out
now! At - Cosmopolitan

My Haus


276. Last Stop

Featured Events:
Remnant: Dark Days (Nov. 17 - Dec. 8, 2017)
Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Nov. 7 - Dec. 7, 2017)

Mask: Arkanoid Gasmask by The Forge @ remnant
Gloves: Junker's Hand (bento) by Contraption @ Remnant: Dark Days
Shoes: Higher Combat Boots by DeeR
Bag: Wasteland Backpack by Death Row Designs
Outfit: "Aftermath" by The Forge @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
    Apoc Belt Black (ultra rare)
    Bra Dark Red
    Shrawl Camo
    Pants Camo

"Decayed Bus Stop" by Disorderly @ Remnant: Dark Days

268. Making Companions

Featured Event:
The Epiphany (October 15 -  November 15, 2017)

Outfit: "Anatomic Doll" by Cureless @ The Epiphany 
Skeletal System (rare)
Bunny Mask Beige
Dolly Hands Beige
Dolly Tights Beige
Dolly Feet Beige

Anatomic Doll Gacha Key

Decors: "Abandonment" by Disorderly @ The Epiphany 
Worktable (rare)
Conveyor (rare)
Small Crate Heads
Big Crate Torso
Pile Head
Pile Hands
Pile Torso

Abandonment Gacha Key

266. Heartily Autumn Breakfast

Featured Events:
Collabora88 (October 8 - November 5, 2017)
Season's Story (October 10 -31, 2017)
Project Se7en (September 30 - October 30, 2017)

Hair: Daphne by Doux
Hair Bangs: Bangs A by Barberyumyum
Scarf: Harvest Scarves by Disorderly @ Project Se7en
Dress: Warm Sweater by Pixicat @ Collabora88
Socks & Shoes: Sunset by Moon Amore @ Collabora88

"Harvest" Jug of Sunflowers by Dust Bunny @ Collabora88
Nightglow Birds by Half-Deer @ Collabora88

"Autumn Breakfast" by Disorderly @ Season's Story
Tables & Chairs (rare)
Breakfast Tray (rare)
French Toast Plain
Waffles Apple
Waffles Plain
Pancakes Apple
Muffin Plate
Muffin Stand
Donut Plate
Donut Stand
Danish Apple

265. Good Night

Feature Events:
Shadow Box (October 2017)
The Dark Style Fair (October 14 - November 4, 2017)

Hair: Selma by Emo-tions
Face Tattoo: Shattered Existence by Cureless & Disorderly
Blood Tatttoo: Blood & Wounds by Izzie's
Arms: Sliced Torso (bento hands) by Cureless
Outfit: Good Night by Scandalize @ The Dark Style Fair

"Shadow Box October Dark"  by Death Row DesignsShadow Box 
Bathroom Mirror 
Bathroom Sink
Toilet Paper 
Dirty Laundry

Wild Thoughts

Tank /  CMYK// oxygen tank 
Bubble / [DDD] Wearable Sitting Bubble
Lights / [-AS-] Underwater Essence 
Cubes / DISORDERLY. / Glow Stacks 

Everything in this photo is at the event India Teepee!