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306. Forgotten Souls

Feature Event:
Shadow Box (February 2018)

"Shadow Box Series 1 February 2018" Dark by Death Row Designs @ the mainstore!
Smoking Table
Smoking Chair One
Smoking Chair Two
Bookcase Mess
Dining Chandelier
Dining Table

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298. Gloomy Morning

Feature Event:
DRD Shadow Box (January 2018)

Decors: "Shadow Box Dark" January Round by Death Row Designs
Kitchen Pantry
Kitchen Stove
Kitchen Table
Kitchen Chair
Kitchen Wood Basket
Kitchen Cupboard
Kitchen Counter 
Kitchen Sink
Kitchen Side Table

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295. Just Miserably Fine

Featured Event:
Tannenbaum (Nov. 25 - Dec. 25, 2017)


Tissue Box by Soy.
Pool Toy Kitty Guy by Katat0nik
"My Miserable Holiday" by Death Row Designs @ Tannenbaum
Table (with decors)

276. Last Stop

Featured Events:
Remnant: Dark Days (Nov. 17 - Dec. 8, 2017)
Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Nov. 7 - Dec. 7, 2017)

Mask: Arkanoid Gasmask by The Forge @ remnant
Gloves: Junker's Hand (bento) by Contraption @ Remnant: Dark Days
Shoes: Higher Combat Boots by DeeR
Bag: Wasteland Backpack by Death Row Designs
Outfit: "Aftermath" by The Forge @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
    Apoc Belt Black (ultra rare)
    Bra Dark Red
    Shrawl Camo
    Pants Camo

"Decayed Bus Stop" by Disorderly @ Remnant: Dark Days

269. Bloodcroft Castle

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Featuring a NEW release "Bloodcroft" gacha only at the Death Row Designs' mainstore ! 

Here is the link for the full Gacha Key

265. Good Night

Feature Events:
Shadow Box (October 2017)
The Dark Style Fair (October 14 - November 4, 2017)

Hair: Selma by Emo-tions
Face Tattoo: Shattered Existence by Cureless & Disorderly
Blood Tatttoo: Blood & Wounds by Izzie's
Arms: Sliced Torso (bento hands) by Cureless
Outfit: Good Night by Scandalize @ The Dark Style Fair

"Shadow Box October Dark"  by Death Row DesignsShadow Box 
Bathroom Mirror 
Bathroom Sink
Toilet Paper 
Dirty Laundry

News From Beyond…


Pose: Munereia – Orbs News (Group Gift, Group Free to join)
Skin: Samurai HQ – L’Homme Group Gift Samurai HQ Austin Nude a _ Facial Hair  (mainstore gift when you Join L’Homme Group, Free)
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – CandyApple (previous Hunt gift)
Tattoo: [White~Widow – HIGH] Steppin’ (Hunt gift for The Collection, Mad Pea Hunts)
Hair: Tableau Vivant \ LeeJae hair (The Men’s Dept, September)
Pauldron: *May’s Soul* Ignea armor pauldrons silver (the Jackpot Gacha Fair, September)
Chestpiece: [Ascent] Theron Chest – Silver Common
Pants: ::GB:: Heavenly warrior pants / White
Wings: DRD-Devine wings – light
Owl: RO – The Illusionist – Hoodini the Owl – RARE (The Arcade Gacha Events, September 1-30)
Staff: RO – The Illusionist – Mancers Staff R – RARE (The Arcade Gacha Events, September 1-30)
Orb: RO – The Illusionist – Mancers Orb L – RARE (The Arcade Gacha Events, September 1-30)

Darkness Encroaching…


Darkness Encroaching…

SKin Glam Affair Mila Applier (Gacha, Kustom 9 September)
Head: .LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA
Body: *Tentacio* Galatea Doll. Body Skeleton RARE (The Arcade Gacha Events, September 1-30)
Hair: Tableau Vivant \ Boue hair (We <3 Role Play , September)
Eyes: IKON Witch Eyes – Hate
Horn: :[P]:– Rvah Jeweled Horns:// Epic
Props: Items Available at (The Arcade Gacha Events, September 1-30)
Music Box: DRD musicbox
Pentagram: DRD MM wiccan pentagram
Candles: 10/.a. DIY Love Potion – Candles and Hourglass 2
Book Pile: 38 – 8f8 – Storyseller’s Burrow – Study Set
Spell Book: Birdy – Hocus Pocus – Spellbook – Gold RARE
Owl: Birdy – Hocus Pocus – Owlie – Brown
Clock: [ContraptioN] Musical Clock: Perpetuum Mobile
Candelabra: NOMAD // Brocante // Candelabra
Painting: Pixel Mode – Fall Harvest – Lost Art
Trunk: Scarlet Creative The Arcade Sep 15 – Greenwich Trunk Mid

Flying between nuts

Top: LEGAL INSANITY - Scarlett steampunk corset brown 
exclusives for the Mesh Avenue Event
event starts on 10 sept 2015

Pants: Yasum*MESH*Space Steam Leggings*COMMON*Size 3*Cocoa*(Gacha)

Belt: DRD- steampunk woman Belt

Wings: Astralia - steam heart wings UNISEX

Mark: Eudora 3D Eyes of the TechnoMancer Mask Brown

Jewellery: Eudora 3D Dreams Machinery Jewels Set 

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Heloisa

The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls…

The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls.

Quote by Edgar Allan Poe


DRD MM childs bed @ The Arcade Gacha event September 2015 round

DRD MM library bookshelf @ The Arcade Gacha event September 2015 round

DRD MM creepy doll @ The Arcade Gacha event September 2015 round

DRD MM CHandelier 1 dark @ The Arcade Gacha event September 2015 round

MudHoney Nola Plant @ The Arcade Gacha event September 2015 round

DRD MM haunted dresser @ The Arcade Gacha event September 2015 round

DRD MM baby carriage @ The Arcade Gacha event September 2015 round

DRD MM frames1 @ The Arcade Gacha event September 2015 round

DRD MM couch  (sits) @ The Arcade Gacha event September 2015 round

DRD MM library  steps @ The Arcade Gacha event September 2015 round

02 – 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Garden House RARE @ The Arcade Gacha event September 2015 round

20 – 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Curtain @ The Arcade Gacha event September 2015 round

28 – 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Table Lamp @ The Arcade Gacha event September 2015 round

Serenity Style- Old Checkers @ for the Flux Sur Mer Stores Event

Apple Fall ‘Still Life Observation’ w/ Dust Sheet @GEN Neutral

.:revival:. old ladder @ The mens Dept