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LOOK 1586

♥SKIN: Lefort by Revoul.Ciara Catwa Applier in Tone 3
♥SHAPE:Lefort by Revoul Lefort by Revoul.Ciara Catwa Applier Shape!
♥APPLIERS: Lefort by Revoul. Lefort by Revoul.2.1 Body.HUD / Maitreya
♥MOLE: DeeTaleZ Mesh BEAUTY MOLE (resize script)     
♥HAIR :  Vanity Hair:Beat Box-Greedy
@ON9 Event from May 9th until June 1st
♥NAILS: . ::SG::  ::SG:: Alexis Stilleto MESH Nails for Maitreya@ONE9

♥COLLAR BOUTIQUE 187 #187# Eleck Collar Black@Fantasy Collective
Dates :   May 10 - June 10
SHOES   SLACKGIRL    ::SG:: AliePOP Maitreya@ Enchantment




[TLG]- The Looking Glass “The Beast’s Lair” set release for Enchantment Event 10th Feb 2018 “Beauty and the Beast”

  • The Beasts Lair Cage Seat RARE 12LI
  • 5 x texture change seat
  • 9 x female single animations
  • 9 x male single animations
  • 21 x couple cuddle animations


  • Left Water Screen – animated water
  • Center Water Screen – animated water
  • Right Water Screen – animated water
  • Twisted Tree – on/off lantern lighting
  • Potted Tree – animated twinkle lights
  • Pot Plant
  • Large Lantern – on/off lantern lighting
  • Round Planters
  • The Rose – animated sparkles
  • Fountain – animated water and koi fish
  • Water Garden – animated water
  • Small Lantern – on/off lantern lighting
  • Set Base

Secret Garden

Secret Garden1

🎧Secret Garden

[Titans] – Provincial Town Fountain @ Enchantment feb 2018


LOOK 1432 modish, iconic, meva, boutique 187,

LOOK 1432

♥SKIN: ::Modish:: Abby-D03 [Catwa] Face HUD
♥APPLIERS BODY:  ::Modish:: OMEGA MeshBodies(2016)Skin Applier
♥SHAPE:L'Etre L'Etre - Nina shape [CATYA] 
♥HEAD: CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
♥OUTFIT: Meva Belle Dress @
Box Enchantment February 2018 
BOOTS: Dafnis clothes boots fat pack eretria @hastagh event
♥ACCESORIES:BOUTIQUE 187 #187# CRYSTAL - Crown Black*@FANTASY GACHA CARNIVAL Dates :   Feb 7th - Mar 7th 
BOUTIQUE 187 #187# CRYSTAL - Necklace Black* @FANTASY GACHA CARNIVAL Dates :   Feb 7th - Mar 7th
LeP - Standing_Closet For Him - RARE 
LeP - Review Rack For Him - RARE
Apple Fall Conch Garden Chair (Midnight)
/PL$H/ Shopping Bag - H&M  
/PL$H/ Shopping Bag - Zara


Girl & The Sea

Hi girls! 
Only two days left for the end of this round of the Enchantment "The Little Mermaid" event! Check the awesome stuff available there, many itens at promotional prices. Enjoy!
Olá meninas!
Apenas dois dias pra o final desse round do evento Enchantment com a temática "A Pequena Sereia"! Aqui vai um post fofinho com alguns itens disponíveis no evento, lembrando que tem muita coisa a preço promocional! Espero que gostem da postagem :D
HEAD: VCO _ Fairy mesh Head _  [Chloe] _ RARE
CROWN: +Half-Deer+ Mermaid's Majesty - Sea Unicorn Headdress RARE
HEADFINS: +Half-Deer+ Mermaid's Majesty - Bejewelled Head Fins - Lilac
CORSET & PANTIES: FDD Stories *Little Mermaid* *NEW* @Enchantment
NECKLACE: Eternity Mother&Son necklace (Roxi Firanelli Donations) *NEW* @Enchantment
EARRINGS & TIKKA: ! SSD ~ Little Mermaid Jewelry Set *NEW* @Enchantment
CHEST TATTOO: The Wicked Peach - Les Poissons 1 *NEW* @Enchantment
LEGS TATTOO: antielle. The Inner Mermaid (Pastel Collection) *NEW* @Enchantment
POSE: Kirin "Sitting Pretty"

[ zerkalo ] Little Mermaid - Armchair - PG *NEW* @Enchantment
[ zerkalo ] Little Mermaid - Pillows *NEW* @Enchantment
Jian :: Canvas Paintings (Floor) - Mermaids *NEW* @Enchantment
:Moon Amore: Ursula (Sweet Look) *NEW* @Enchantment
*MishMish* Mermaid Companion - Emerald
{anc} I'm planet / fish circle [Pastel]
{anc} garden. macaron 2Li
HPMD* bubble chair 1

Dressed up sexy for myself, nobody else

Dressed up sexy for myself, nobody elsei dress up for myself- details

Skin-  -Glam Affair –  Luna Skin ( Collabor88 ) India (aida Ewing) @ C88
Hair-  CATWA HAIR Princess [ALL] (catwa.clip)
Body- Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara (Onyx LeShelle)
Eye sparkle-  [Sumii]  Animated Eye Depth Prim (setsumi.tamatzui)
Eyes- {D.A} Nebula Porcelain (Soleil Reid)
Eyeliner-  -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no.01  (Amberly Boccaccio)
Eyeshadow- ee. LJ Marine Sparkle Eyemakeup (Bubble Faintree)
Lashes- Mai Bilavio:. Clumpy Princess Lash Set (Mai Bilavio)
Mouth- .Loud Mouth. – Alli (Brias Stardust)
Nails- ~GD~ Lilim(Get Ya Tip On) – For Maitreya Mesh Hands (kea.amarula) <— love her nails!! Go check them out

Corset- FDD Stories *Little Mermaid* Fitted Corset UltraRARE (seller.xenno) @ Enchantment (Little mermaid theme)
Nose chain-The Annex – Turkish Delight – Nose Ring + Chain (TheAnnex) @ FGC
Necklace- Kibitz – Coin choker – gold  (kathya.szczepanski) @ n21
Body chain- Kibitz – Naty bodychain {xxs} gold  (kathya.szczepanski) @ n21
Bracelets- The Annex — Turkish Delight – Gold Bangles (TheAnnex) @ FGC
Anklets- The Annex – Turkish Delight – Sandals – Diamond (TheAnnex) @ FGC
Shoes? Feet things?-  *PROMAGIC * Slink High Bands (promagic)


Vanity-  .aisling.  Coquette (Damian Kleiner)
Mirror- :CP: Lanai Wicker MiniSet Cloud (PG) @ The Fantasy Collective
Potted sticks- :CP: Lanai Wicker MiniSet Cloud (PG) @ The Fantasy Collective
Candles hanging and floor- :CP: Lanai Wicker MiniSet Cloud (PG) @ The Fantasy Collective

Mermaid's Companion

Ok girls, another merfolk post... but I'm pretty excited with the Enchantment event, so... I promise I'll post cute classy girl look next post ;P The first pic was based on a lovely artwork I found by chance on the internet, I had lots of fun while doing the posing, editing, etc. I hope you like it :D
Olá pessoal!
Então meninas, outro look de sereia *risos*. Bem, eu ando um bocado entusiasmada nos últimos dias com as novidades do evento Enchantment e acho que tenho postado coisas de sereia demais até então, mas prometo que na próxima postagem trarei roupas e acessórios bonitinhos para as garotas ;P Mas espero que gostem desse post, a primeira foto foi inspirada numa arte que encontrei por acaso na internet e tentei reproduzir a minha maneira e com os recursos disponíneis :3. Espero que gostem :D
SKIN: Enfant---Blossom Secret2 RARE
LIPS: .Loud Mouth. - Alli
HAIR: :::Phoenix::: Fabienne Hair Bloggerpack *NEW* @Enchantment

BRA: :[Plastik]:- The Ursula Bralette *NEW* @Enchantment
CROWN: :[Plastik]:- The Ursula Headdress *NEW* @Enchantment
NECKLACE & FOREHEAD JEWEL: [Glitzz] Emerald Treasure - White *NEW* @Enchantment
TAIL: JOMO DS mermaid tail *NEW* @Enchantment
HIPPOCAMPUS: +Half-Deer+ Hippocampus

A Mermaid Tale

The Little Mermaid by Hanz C. Andersen has always been one of my favorite tales. So is the Disney version as well. But let's face some facts from the original Andersen story:
-Yes, the Mermaid has 6 sisters, she is daughter of Poseidon and when she is 15, she is allowed to swim to the surface. The mermaids can live 300 years. They don't have an inmortal soul, instead, when they die, they become seafoam. The humans would have a shorter lifespam, but when their body die, they would live as an eternal soul.
-When the little mermaid goes to the surface, she sees the Prince and fells in love with him. After a storm, the boat sinks and the mermaid saves the prince. Before the prince wakes up, the mermaid goes away. When the prince opens his eyes, he sees other girl (a Princess) next to him and thinks that she was the one that saved him!
-The mermaid does a pact with the Sea Witch to become human. In exchange, she gives her tongue and beautiful hair to the Sea Witch. Also, everytime she walked with her human feet, she would feel extreme pain, and if thousands of knifes where piercing her feet! Also, the Witch tells if the prince didn't fell in love with the mermaid and marry her, she would die!
-The mermaid goes to the surface, meets the prince, but he is in love with that other girl :( He marries the girl.
-To save their little sister, the other mermaids trade their pretty hair to the sea witch in for a magic dagger. The little mermaid would have to kill the prince, and his blood would turn her feet into tail and she could live her long mermaid life with her sisters again.
-When the mermaid is going to kill the sleeping prince, she changes her mind. She runs to outside of the castle and throws herself into the ocean. Her body becomes seafoam, but a miracle she was an ethereal soul and several other ethereal beings were flying arround her. Because of her struggle to achieve a soul, she became a Daughter of the Air. She would earn her own soul by doing good deeds, and she would eventually rise up into the kingdom of God!
*Sorry for the grammar xD
SKIN: Curio
SHAPE: .::HipS'Inc::. SHAPE Loli
HAIR (& accessories): +Spellbound+ Sirena // Grimoire : Complete*NEW* @Enchantment
TAIL & TOP: :[Plastik]:- Ursulae (Female) Mermaid Fin:// Steele *NEW* @Enchantment
BODY SCALES: The Wicked Peach *NEW* @Enchantment
PET: :Moon Amore: Ursula (Sweet Look) *NEW* @Enchantment
NECKLACE: ^^Swallow^^ Elizabeth Necklace @Vintage & Cool Fair SOON! (Aug/21st)

BED: Trompe Loeil - Nerissa Seashell Bath PG
SHELL DECOR: :[Plastik]:- The Ursula Sea Decor *NEW* @Enchantment
POSE: ).Mysterika.( Mermaid Laying

Ursulae Mermaid

Tail: :[Plastik]:- Ursulae (Female) Mermaid Fin:// Neapoli
Bra: :[Plastik]:- The Ursula Bralette (color hud)
Headdress:[Plastik]:- The Ursula Headdress (color hud)

-August 14th Throught September 4 th "The Litlle Marmaid"

The Little Mermaid | Enchantment

Hello girls!
This round of Enchantment (Aug 14th - Sept 5th) is all about The Little Mermaid! I'm very happy and excited for being one of the bloggers covering this event, since I LOVE mermaids and Ariel has always been my fav Disney princess *does the happy dance*
The event brings lots of cool merfolk inspired itens. For my first post, I tried to make a complete cosplay of Ariel. I had lots of fun while putting things together for this photo, I even made the pose I'm showing - although the rock already comes with several mermaid poses! (tbh, I didn't had patience to look for a clean and basic sit pose to use with the mesh tail, so I decided to make one by myself xD). I hope you enjoy the post!
Olá meninas!
A temática do evento Enchantment desse round (14/8 a 5/9) é "A Pequena Sereia"!. Eu estou super feliz por ser uma das blogueiras cobrindo o evento, especialmente porquê eu AMO sereias e de cara o tema foi justamente a minha princesa favorita da Disney *--*
Pra abrir essa leva de postagens sobre o evento, escolhi, é claro, um cosplay "cartunístico" da Ariel, é claro! Apesar do evento estar voltado a essa temática, os diversos itens disponíveis lá englobam sereias de um modo geral. Diverti-me bastante para criar o post, inclusive fiz a pose que estou usando, embora essa pedra ai traga com um montão de pose de sereia (na verdade eu estava com preguiça de procurar uma pose sentada simples que valorizasse melhor o avatar) *w* Espero que gostem do post! :D
SKIN:[ MUDSKIN ]_Rock U(System Skin)_Sunny RARE1 *NEW* @The Chapter Four gacha
SHAPE: ).MYSTERIKA.( Juicy Shape
HAIR: Exile::Fire To The Rain
BRA: *M.C.* Princess Bra - Magenta *NEW* @Enchantment
TAIL: *M.C.* Princess Tail - Green *NEW* @Enchantment
NECKLACE: Sweet Thing. Mermaid Song Necklace *NEW* @Enchantment
Pose: ).MYSTERIKA.( Mermaid Basic Sit

DRD- andolys Ariel's cozy spot *NEW* @Enchantment
<:*BoOgErS*:> Clam Ursula RARE (Wear) VIB *NEW* @Enchantment
[SWaGGa] Happy Fish Ylw/Blu RARE *NEW* @Enchantment
[SWaGGa] Happy Crab #2 *NEW* @Enchantment
Fawny - Mermaid's Delight.Seahorse Companion *NEW* @The Gacha Garden