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Alien Couture 09 ◊ Sea Queen

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Alien Couture 09 ◊ Sea Queen


Treasure Island

Object Class: Keter

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Object Class: Keter

Keter-class SCPs are anomalies that are exceedingly difficult to contain consistently or reliably, with containment procedures often being extensive and complex. The Foundation often can't contain these SCPs well due to not having a solid understanding of the anomaly, or lacking the technology to properly contain or counter it. A Keter SCP does not mean the SCP is dangerous, just that it is simply very difficult or costly to contain.. ◊

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Out of Space

Icy Pisces .

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Icy Pisces .

New! From, Aii The Ugly & Beautiful!
This incredible outfit, the Astral Divinity Gacha Set,
is available now! At - The Arcade

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Mermaid Music

2017 SL Christmas Expo #8

You still have time to get this cute Koi fishes at the Xmas Expo.

These Relay For Life Purple colored Koi Fishes with Pink Eyes are only being sold at the Expo
The are available in 4 Starter Packages each containing one female fish egg and one male fish egg for $L949, 100% going to the Relay For Life.

Second Pets™ Fishes are the most life-like fishes in Second Life®. 
They swim randomly like real fishes.

There are other colors of Koi and Clownfish available at Second Pets™ in world store. 
Angelfish and Japanese Snapper are coming soon.

Second Pets™ Fishes currently live and swim in Fish Tanks. They will soon be released to swim in Linden Water and ponds. Second Pets™ Fish Tanks come with coral, rocks, and plants for decoration and are re-sizable.

The user manual and more details are on the Second Pets™ website.

Visit the Mainstore for more.

Flower and Fish



The title is weird but I can’t help myself (@^▽^@)ノ ♥♥ I didn’t edit the pictures much, still getting use with my new graphic tablet. I was been busy this week so my blog is not updated at all but I am back now ~~ (●´∀`●) Must have to hurry up catch up with all the new products, especially the ones in Collabor88 is just too cute (≧∇≦) This post is dedicated to clean my inventory before move on to Collabor88 for the next post and with the new magic powders from Emma. She is making a new store for magic funny stuffs and I just love her products!

I will attach the landmark to her temporary store also blog her new products in the next post. Also I intend to make a Locations list in my blog also :”3 I see lots of bloggers do to save amazing landscape sims so yup why not (´ω`) there are lots of locations I wanna share. For this post location, here is the landmark :)



Credits and thanks to:


.。Hair:::::: [Due] Fay 01 – two tone 2
.。Hat:::::::   :) BCC.sui hat knit dot pink
.。Top:::::: ::C’est la vie !:: Pocket tank(thermal peach)mesh
.。Skirt:::::: SOUP lace mini /white
.。Shoes:::::: :NuDoLu: Ballerine de couleur Ikat rose
.。Bracelet:::::: :NuDoLu: Bracelet elastique Tricolore
.。Knee tattoo:::::: NEO** knee tattoo – band – panda
.。Bag:::::: ::C’est la vie!:: Tea-pot-bag(denim+lace)mesh
.。Juice:::::: VCO – Cocktail Pack (Lemonade)


.。Hair::::::[Due] Anna – Light blond 2
.。Hat::::: VCO – sweety girl hat (blue check)
.。Head accessory:::::: .Olive. the Grandma’s Treasures – Billy the Fish Hat (Attach)
.。Knee tattoos:::::: NEO** knee tattoo – band – water melon
.。Top:::::: ::C’est la vie !:: Back ribbon tops(border marine)mesh
.。Short:::::: (Milk Motion) vintage denim shorts
.。Necklace:::::: [DAISO] my glasses fixed by grandpa – Toy 4
.。Shoes:::::: *Tentacio* Kawaii sneakers red
.。Gun:::::: *MishMish* Squirt Gun – Fish Orange
.。Knee tattoo:::::: NEO** Knee tattoo -Robot Feels – SICK