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/me traces the smooth, cool steel while locking eyes on the nearest 6ft, blue eyed, chiseled chin of *enter name here* and enjoys the explosive tingle from her lip as she takes them between her teeth and bites down, the heat reaching her toes in less than a second ...
Okay so my emoting days are far behind me LOL, but it was fun to be creative here in my blog with the new 3 piece "Showgirl" set for BURLESQUE by Flair For Events by 
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Amigas Rosas

Hey all. I had a few days off to do some RL homework (student) so forgive for anything that may be late!
I'll not waste time, let's go!
I'll start off with the new, original mesh "Crop Bustier" and "Breezy Mini" from the talented folks over at 
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I'm starting to feel like I don't blog anymore, but just exercise PS practice to be more skilled.
But I get to make people's stuff look nice while doing it!
Well, I am showing more original mesh (my favorite!), in the form of heels named "Odette" from
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Los Mundos

Hey people!
I have some new sponsors that I am excited about so I'll just dive right in!
I'll start with the dangerously prickly "Freyja" heels by 
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