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It Is Ice Tea Time! Take Your Firends!

Mesh-head bento Catya 3.2 by Catwa + applier Taliva by - INSOL - @ Collabor88 - NEW! 

Dress Elizabeth by ISON @ Collabor88 - NEW! 

Hair Siren by Little Bones @ Collabor 88 - NEW!

Necklace Zoya  Gacha Butterfly Pink by .::Nanika::. @ The Chapter Four - NEW! 

Ica Tea Dispenser To Hold Bento Posed Or To Rezz by .:::ChicChica:::. @ Collabor88 - NEW! 

Alien Couture 05 ◊ Amor

Venus Germanotta posted a photo:

Alien Couture 05 ◊ Amor

Happy Valentines Day!
xoxo ◊

New! From,Tamagosenbei!
Coming from the new,
Kewpie Cutie Gacha Set, these
adorable Cupid Angel Dolls &
Hearts are available now! At - Kurenai

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Need Ur Luv

Sweet Candies


Hair / Besom ~ Top knot babe - in Luxe Box January 2018
Makeup Appliers / okkbye - paloma
Sweater/top / ISON - royal cardigan - in Luxe Box January 2018
Pants / Vinyl - Stars Cargo Pants @ Uber
Shoes / Blueberry - Tinker
Necklace / PerveTTe - So Sweet @ The Chapter 4 event
Rings / EarthStones Hearts & Flowers Bento Rings @ Uber
Eyes / IKON Triumph Eyes - Glass

Backdrop / RAMA Sweet Studio RARE

Mother Dearest .

Venus Germanotta posted a photo:

Mother Dearest .

New! From, Aii The Ugly & Beautiful,
these adorable, Coal Pups,
are available now! Play the PocketGacha Here!

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Fall in fall

Fall in fall

Le LOOK #21

- DRESS & JACKET - ISON - Occult Dress & Jacket - Black (at Collabor88)
- BOOTIES - fri. - Samantha.Booties - Iron (at Collabor88)

- HAIR - Tableau Vivant - Jade - Browns (at Collabor88)
- SKIN - [theSkinnery] Candice 10 - champagne (at The Arcade
             - [theSkinnery]  Maitreya Body Applier - champagne

Photograph : Lainee baxton

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She’s a Black Magic Woman and She’s Trying to Make a Devil out of me

witchy woman

This is almost a part two to my earlier post there was just so much awesome stuff to tell you about that I had to share the love over 2 posts! I also had omitted to thank my friend Marc for his help in putting together the scenes in my last post so I wanted to rectify that.  I’ve known Marc for some time now and recently have gotten to know him a lot better, he’s been a total star helping with my pics, blogging and coming in super handy with a MadPea mini-crisis I had earlier today. I’ve had some awesome things happen to me this week and discovering the depth of his friendship has been one of them.

I am really enjoying using my TMP Classic head more often now and getting used to the using Stylemode to achieve different looks for my avatar. Today I am using the brand new eye tattoo appliers from White Widow available at ON9 and also from White Widow, the Altar tattoo which is new at We Love Roleplay…to be honest I’ve not taken this tattoo off for days…I love it!

Everyone loves to have a lil black dress they pull out for those occasions when you need to slip into something drop-dead sexy and fitted to perfection and if you have been to C88 already this month you may have seen the ISON Occult dress I’m wearing for this post. The dress is sold separately to the jacket but you can mix up elements of the two for the desired look. Fitted for Maitreya and Slink this is THE dress to shimmy into when you want to dress to impress.  Matched up with AlterEgo Leg Fade v2 and these absolutely gorgeous Samantha Booties from that can also be grabbed at C88.

Witchy Woman!


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – TMP – Classic

Appliers – Lara Hurley Midtone and Elea Head Applier

Hair – [e] elikatira – Estelle **NEW** at Fameshed

Eyes – IKON – Hope Eyes – Storm

Tattoo – White Widow – Altar – **NEW** at We Love Roleplay

Face Tattoo – White Widow – Mellow – **NEW** at ON9

Glasses – Izzie’s – Gentleman Glasses

Dress – Ison – Occult Dress **NEW** at C88

Shoes – – Samantha Booties – **NEW** at C88

Leg Fade V2 – AlterEgo

Horns – Zenith – Muted Coven Horns **NEW** at C88

Poses – Posesion

Those Who Don’t Believe in Magic Will Never Find it


All Hallows Eve is just a few weeks away and the stores and events are filling with more and more great decor items that fit the theme.

Being a Brit I was intrigued by the way Halloween is celebrated in other countries and certainly the popularity of it in Second Life, where it has got to be the second biggest celebration after Christmas holidays, is a reflection of the fact that the largest population represented in SL are Americans where Halloween is a widely celebrated holiday.


My parents were aghast when I asked once as a child if I could go ‘Trick or Treating’ as some of my other friends were going. “NO you can’t go house to house begging! Whatever next!” was my mother’s horrified response. It’s funny that you quite often find yourself saying the same things to your kids that were said to you when you have your own children. Except in this case. When my children were old enough to want to go Trick or Treating I enjoyed dressing them up and taking them out. We didn’t go to houses where we weren’t expected. There were several children of around the same age in the small area where we lived and the parents had all agreed to visit each other for the kids to experience the fun.


Both the current round of the Arcade and Collabor88 have great items for decorating your home, store, club or special halloween areas this year. I adore the set pictured above from unKindness. The Charmed Parlor set comprises of Thrones, Fireplace and mirrors that all come with 6 colour change options. The throne comes with over 20 unisex sit animations and then the decor items can be added in around you with the Rug, Table and a selection of candles in complimentary colours. The set is a great focal point to build your perfect witches parlor around.



Pandemonium Dungeon

cinphul // moon curtains **NEW** at Cosmopolitan til 13th September

unKindess – Charmed Parlor Throne **NEW** at C88

unKindess – Charmed Parlor Mirror **NEW** at C88

unKindess – Charmed Parlor Fireplace **NEW** at C88

unKindess – Charmed Parlor Planchette Burner **NEW** at C88

unKindess – Charmed Parlor Planchette Boxes **NEW** at C88

{vespertine} – Ouija Board.

NOMAD // Brocante // Candelabra **NEW** at Arcade Gacha

Soy Essentials of Witchcraft – **NEW** at C88

unKindess– Potions Gacha Potions Set

-Pixicat- Bastet.Sphynx **NEW** at Arcade Gacha

NOMAD // Brocante // Flower Urn **NEW** at Arcade Gacha

Heart – Witch Forest – Hanging Skull

MadPea Cursed Collection – Violin **NEW** at Arcade Gacha

MadPea Cursed Collection – Lyra **NEW** at Arcade Gacha

DRD phantom small chandelabra

DRD phantom trunks

ISON – books and skulls

ISON – wine light

DRD phantom phantoms rose

:Moon Amore: The Sacred Sabana (Geometria)

unKindess – Charmed Parlor Rug **NEW** at C88

ISON – light of life

ISON – elixirs

ISON – iron cast bowl

MadPea Cursed Collection – Glockenspiel **NEW** at Arcade Gacha

[ContraptioN] – Dulci’matic: Tenuous Collaboration

Scarlet Creative Greenwich Trunk Dark **NEW** at Arcade Gacha

[PM}Pixel Mode  –  Bird Cage


Feelin Myself

Feelin Myself

Hexxed (Little bones)@Collabor88

Gold Septum Nose Ring *Rare* (Yummy)@Arcade Gacha

Yezzy Iphone 6 *Rare* (Urbano)

Simple Pleasure Almond Nails (Gorgeous Dolls)

Take Me There Double Jumpsuit (Project Reject)@Lyfe of Style

Arabella Boots (Candydoll)@Collabor88

Occult Jacket (Ison)@Collabor88

Frang Bag (David Heather)

Wild Pose Pack, Profile Photo Pose Pack and Purse Pose Pack (Glitterati)

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#11 Crazy In Love

"Crazy In Love"

Shape: AlterEgo // Victoria
Body: Maitreya // Lara
Skin: AlterEgo // Kensi - Almond
Hair: Little Bones // Hexxed // C88
Nails: Puki // My Long Point Nails
Head Jewelry: Noodles // Hex Circlet - Black // C88
Bra & Panties: Erratic // Scarlett // C88
Body Harness & Cuffs: Erratic // Scarlett // C88
Jacket: Ison // Occult // C88
Shoes: // Samantha Booties - Crimson // C88