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When the Night Calls Your Name


I feel so naked! You may look at the pic and think huh? There is no nakie! This is the first time in probably 6 months that I haven’t worn a mesh head. IKR! I have like 8 different mesh heads…I am never meshheadless! But for all the benefits of mesh heads I realised today that there is a lot to be said for the versatility and options of a good skin (thank you AlterEgo!) and make up! I got to play with my make up bag again and loved how it came out.

There are some great events up and running at present and more starting in the next few days. Two of my favourites The Fantasy Collective and Shiny Shabby both feature new items from White Widow too which is an even bigger bonus! The tattoo above is called Invictus and will be available at The Fantasy Collective from the 22nd September.  Also coming up is Shiny Shabby AND a new round of My Attic which I will be blogging goodies from very soon!


It’s gonna be a hella busy week for me but I’m already excited at the thought of bringing you so much awesomeness and the MadPea Charity Auction!


Body – Maitreya Lara

Skin – AlterEgo – Mayumi Drow

Tattoo – White Widow – Invictus **NEW** at The Fantasy Collective from 22nd September

Hairbase – Just Magnetized – Tintable Hairbases

Lashes – DAMNED – Luscious Lashes

Make Up – AlterEgo **EXCLUSIVE** at Body Mod Expo

Eyes – Dead Apples – Phantom Eyes

Hair – Spellbound – Medusa

Dress – Baiastice – Bia **NEW** at C88

Umbrella – Tres Blah Umbrella  **NEW** at C88

Poses – Vibe

Mainstore Monday – Lamb & Tres Blah

Every Monday I blog a Mainstore Monday meme featuring two mainstores from around the grid. The purpose of this is to redress the balance a little between event shopping and mainstores shopping and show some examples of great mainstores, ideas, sims and places to blog and share with your friends. I love shopping events and will be the first trying to get my pixel butt into all of them but I also love a great mainstore.

This week I’ve visited two stores that share a beautiful sim, Lamb and Tres Blah.


I adore Lamb hair. When I gained early access to the Hair Fair this year Lamb was one of my first stops and I wasn’t disappointed. I am also loving their hairstyles at this round of the Arcade too. The Lamb hair store is a quaint store on a sim that has the air of a small French town square. The inside of the store is just as full of character as the outside too. Lamb hair ranges from the funky to the cute, often with a more than a dash of retro and vintage to them too. Certainly when I am putting together a vintage or classic style look it’s one of my first stops for hair to compliment the look.

It’s not a huge store but it packs the items in without looking over busy and the items are all well displayed and easily accessible which is no mean feat in a store that has a number of arches and alcoves.


There’s not a lot of fuss about this store, it very much does what it says on the tin. There’s no big reception area with details of events and giftcards and other sundry items, just a Hello and straight into the business at hand…trying on your hair.


Directly opposite Lamb is Tres Blah which is fast becoming one of my favourite event stores after recent rounds of awesomeness at events like C88. I haven’t taken too many internal pics of the store as there are a number of ‘Under Construction’ signs up and about…but to be honest they have been there for quite some time so I’m not actually sure if the store is under construction or it’s some kind of clever joke that has gone straight over my head.


The majority of items in the store are clothing but there is a very good selection of other fashion related items too and also a wall dedicated to the gorgeous gachas that Tres Blah has put together for events like The Arcade.

Snapshot_012 copy

The hair that I am wearing in the above pic is in fact that hair that I made total grabby hands for at the Hair Fair and is now available in the Lamb store. I’ll be back next week with another Mainstore Monday. Have a great week everyone!


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – TMP – Fierce

Appliers – Lara Hurley Midtone and Elea Head Applier

Tattoo – White Widow – Focus **NEW** at Anybody

Hair – Lamb – Crave You

Eyes – IKON – Hope Eyes – Storm

Top – Tres Blah – Kimono

Pants – Maitreya – Hipster **NEW**

Jewelry – Meva – Gipsy Set


Checkers for One Ain’t so much Fun


That said, at least I can’t lose if I play games on my own. After a few rounds of Greedy last night that left me wondering if my name had been put into some Greedy blacklist of players never to win a game!!!

While the weekend is still with us be sure to head over to unKindness and pick up these fabulous Rustic Benches at only 150L$ each in PG and Adult versions which a super-duper colour and texture change menu to mix and match with your home style. *coughs* The animations are really rather good and yes, I tried all of them…in both items…with a little help *winks*

Also starting this weekend is the first round of Gen Neutral a totally new concept event on the grid and one that I can totally get behind. I’ll be featuring more items from that event over the coming days I’m sure.

Flux Sur Mer is one of my favourite sims and there new shopping area is a great place to visit and shop in absolutely stunning surroundings. It really does enhance the shopping experience when you have a whole sim to relax and enjoy. Serenity style has an exclusive item coming up at the next round of their shopping event starting on the 15th September. Games Time includes the checkers board and Bingo card deco which are totally cute and perfect for cluttering up any lived in home.

Maitreya in the meantime broke my bank with this new release of tank tops and hipster pants…I got fatpack mania but they are worth every single L$ and ladies, you know they are gonna fit your Lara bods to perfection!


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – TMP – Classic

Appliers – Lara Hurley Midtone and Elea Head Applier

Hair – Truth – Josette **NEW**

Eyes – IKON – Hope Eyes – Storm

Top – Maitreya – Tank Top **NEW**

Pants – Maitreya – Hipster **NEW**

Pose – Kirin


unKindness – Rustic Bench **SPECIAL** for the Neighbourhood this weekend only

Consignment – Clock **NEW** at Gen Neutral

Serenity Style- Old Checkers & Bingo Frame **NEW** at Flux Sur Mer from 15th September

Soy End Table and Dark Purple Berries Vase

Cheeky Pea –  Delilah Earth Solid Curtain


{anc} Lace Curtain – Bokeh


She’s a Black Magic Woman and She’s Trying to Make a Devil out of me

witchy woman

This is almost a part two to my earlier post there was just so much awesome stuff to tell you about that I had to share the love over 2 posts! I also had omitted to thank my friend Marc for his help in putting together the scenes in my last post so I wanted to rectify that.  I’ve known Marc for some time now and recently have gotten to know him a lot better, he’s been a total star helping with my pics, blogging and coming in super handy with a MadPea mini-crisis I had earlier today. I’ve had some awesome things happen to me this week and discovering the depth of his friendship has been one of them.

I am really enjoying using my TMP Classic head more often now and getting used to the using Stylemode to achieve different looks for my avatar. Today I am using the brand new eye tattoo appliers from White Widow available at ON9 and also from White Widow, the Altar tattoo which is new at We Love Roleplay…to be honest I’ve not taken this tattoo off for days…I love it!

Everyone loves to have a lil black dress they pull out for those occasions when you need to slip into something drop-dead sexy and fitted to perfection and if you have been to C88 already this month you may have seen the ISON Occult dress I’m wearing for this post. The dress is sold separately to the jacket but you can mix up elements of the two for the desired look. Fitted for Maitreya and Slink this is THE dress to shimmy into when you want to dress to impress.  Matched up with AlterEgo Leg Fade v2 and these absolutely gorgeous Samantha Booties from that can also be grabbed at C88.

Witchy Woman!


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – TMP – Classic

Appliers – Lara Hurley Midtone and Elea Head Applier

Hair – [e] elikatira – Estelle **NEW** at Fameshed

Eyes – IKON – Hope Eyes – Storm

Tattoo – White Widow – Altar – **NEW** at We Love Roleplay

Face Tattoo – White Widow – Mellow – **NEW** at ON9

Glasses – Izzie’s – Gentleman Glasses

Dress – Ison – Occult Dress **NEW** at C88

Shoes – – Samantha Booties – **NEW** at C88

Leg Fade V2 – AlterEgo

Horns – Zenith – Muted Coven Horns **NEW** at C88

Poses – Posesion

Mainstore Monday – AlterEgo & Spellbound

Every Monday I blog a Mainstore Monday meme featuring two mainstores from around the grid. The purpose of this is to redress the balance a little between event shopping and mainstores shopping and show some examples of great mainstores, ideas, sims and places to blog and share with your friends. I love shopping events and will be the first trying to get my pixel butt into all of them but I also love a great mainstore.

I originally started the meme a few months ago after having several conversations with Toxxic Rhiannyr of AlterEgo about the balance between events and mainstores so this week I am featuring her store and also Spellbound Hair and Accessories.

Mainstore Monday

AlterEgo is a long established and well known name to the majority of Second Life shopping addicts. Toxxic is always tinkering with the look of the store and sim to constantly improve it and keep things fresh. AlterEgo sells skins and shapes, accessories and edgy, urban fashion.

Mainstore MondayAlterEgo has a range of skins in regular skin shades and drow versions which also have a number of different skin appliers available for various mesh bodies and also head appliers for TMP, Genesis Lab and Logo. In an age when we there is a lot of discussion about us all starting to ‘look’ the same because of mesh heads and bodies AlterEgo is often offering limited edition skins so you can be sure of being limitedly unique!

A few years ago a number of stores used to offer newbie packs for new avatars. AlterEgo is one of the creators that still generously offers a number of items to avatars under 30 days old including clothing and a skin pack. I meet a lot of new residents through my club and through my work at MadPea and always recommend a visit to AlterEgo is they are below the age threshold. It’s a great start for a new avatar. For older avatars there are a number of fabulous group gifts and often events like vip raffles. Mainstore Monday

You can find out more about AlterEgo by visiting their mainstore or by checking out the AlterEgo blog.

Mainstore Monday

My second stop of the day was at Spellbound. I love this sim and with the upcoming Halloween season this sim is perfect for photoshoots and blog posts too. The picture above is the view of the store as you arrive at the landing point.

Spellbound is a store specialising in hair and accessories with more than a touch of the bizarre and spooky about them…as the name would imply.  Spellbound puts a lot of thought into just about every aspect of the shopping experience from the outside sim, to the layout of the store to the ‘spellbook’ packages and animation that your purchases are delivered in.

Mainstore Monday

The styles, the quality and the options for colours and colour mixes are superb and you get great value for your L$. The styles range from cutesy to demonic but always with a twist that makes Spellbound unique.

Mainstore Monday

As you enter the store there’s a wonderful reception area with lots of quirky niknaks and information about events, group information and a subscriber for those with limited group space. I recommend joining the group and collecting your group gift hair. The group does have a small charge to join but the hair group gift is a fatpack with numerous colour options for both the hair and the accessories.

Finally, here’s my look du jour! And I have to thank Ingrid Von Paine for the giftie of the RARE Cloak and Hat from the Livid Witchy Gacha for inspiring my look!

Mainstore Monday


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – TMP – Classic

Appliers – AlterEgo – Ash Tan Skin and Lydia Mesh Head Applier 

Hair – Spellbound – Astarte *GROUP GIFT*

Eyes – IKON – Hope Eyes – Storm

Tattoo – White Widow – Altar **NEW** at We Love Roleplay

Witches Hat – LiViD  Coven Hat Vintage RARE Gacha in store

Corset – Pixicat – Temptation Corset RARE previous Arcade Gacha

Pose and Props – F*CKING NINJAS – Bring the Light


A Sunday Well Spent Brings A Week of Content

serenity style_001

Sunday is really the start of the week. I remember being told that as a child and thinking the person telling me was bat-shit crazy. Monday was the first day of the school week, the first day of the work week why would Sunday be the first day of the week? It made no sense whatsoever. Now…many, many years later it still makes no sense whatsoever. What does make sense, and even more so the older I get, is making sure that Sunday is relaxing, chilled out and happy. It’s got to revive you and ready you for the week ahead. This Sunday is only halfway through for me at the moment but it’s certainly already working out to be one of the most restful I’ve had for some time.

serenity style_002

Having a bit more time today gave me the opportunity to look through some items and put together some looks and sets that I had been planning on for a while and adding in some new items too. Those of you who read my blog regularly will know what a fangirl I am of White Widow Tattoos and they’re back with some awesome new releases including the one I am wearing today which is from We Love Roleplay event. It comes in black, henna and white ink versions and in just about every body applier known to man! White Widow put a lot of work into making sure that they cover as many appliers as possible so that as many people as possible can enjoy their work.

I put together the scene with these awesome items from Serenity Style for Mesh Avenue September Round. The set comes with mannequins and a room divider and wheel (not shown). I’ve featured Serenity Style a few times, including a Mainstore Monday post. I urge you to visit Mesh Avenue to pick up this beautiful set but also to check out the mainstore of this creator of beautiful mesh home decor… she really is going places.

serenity style_004

I wanted to add a quick note about the poses I am using today from addme. Not only are the poses great and working very well with a mesh body but I was so happy when I unpacked these and found that only do the poses come individually with mirrors but there is also a pose stand with the poses in them and a hud with them in. Now, I use a pose hud, as I am sure a lot of photographers and bloggers do, but I am always buying new poses and every few weeks have to sit down and update my hud. The fact that addme have supplied the hud and posestand is an indication of the thoughtfulness and the desire to go above and beyond what a lot of other stores do. They are helping to make their products even more usable and making themselves stand out from their competitors. They’ve done a great job.

I am going to wrap up my chilled out Sunday with a 2 hour dj set at !Exodus! Rock Club. Feel Good Sunday tuneage from the 90’s 00’s and today with a playlist including Oasis, Cardigans, Suede, Placebo, Elastica, The Kooks, Razorlight, Catatonia, Jake Bugg, Modest Mouse, Weezer, Pepper, James, Catfish & The Bottlemen, Tame Impala, Garbage, The Cure, Beck and Our Lady Peace…and quite a bit more too! Come along and chill out with me and feel good this Sunday.


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – TMP – Classic

Appliers – Lara Hurley Midtone and Elea Head Applier

Hair – Argrace – Azami

Eyes – IKON – Hope Eyes – Storm

Tattoo – White Widow – Altar – **NEW** at We Love Roleplay

Outfit – Junbug – Rose’s Boudoir

Shoes – – Opal Heels – Vintage

Earrings – League Sideshow

Serenity Style- Dizzie Mannequin **NEW** at Mesh Avenue

Serenity Style- Dizzie Room Divider **NEW** at Mesh Avenue

Botanical  – Decorative Lights

Poses – addme Poses

The Show Must Go On

Life's a Circus

Ah, this is the life. I’m writing this with a very nice glass of chilled French wine in one hand while listening to the sultry sound of the super talented Saintess Larnia at The Sable Club in Second Life.  I enjoy live music in both lives and believe it’s one of the best things about SL that we can teleport from one amazing vocalist to the next in a matter of seconds.  Of course, the big advantage and difference in SL than in real life is that there is usually absolutely no cost to us as the end user. But someone is paying…SL Artists rarely play for free or tips only…well the extremely good ones don’t, nor should they. Usually it’s the club owner that is heavily subsidising our hour of entertainment and their motives for doing so can be varied.  I always try to remember to tip the venue alongside the singer and host or hosts. Trust me, the management will appreciate it no matter how big or small the donation.

So much good stuff to be sharing with you of late. My look of the day is brought to you by, AlterEgo and a new-to-me store, Chocolate Atelier.  I found the latter while checking out stores that had applied to take part in the next MadPea adventure which starts on 1st October…Peatonville Asylum. Whenever I find a store of this level of quality that I haven’t been to before I’m always at shocked at first…I mean…I shop a lot! How did this store escape me? My shock usually turns very quickly to happiness at having found the store and optimism that there are still new stores with great quality items that I have yet to find and I always look forward to discovering these little gems.

Life's a Circus

I’m wearing a bodysuit from Chocolate Atelier which comes in a range of colours and with appliers for TMP, Maitreya, Wowmeh, SLink, Lola’s and Cute/Phat Azz as well as tattoo and system layers. The bodysuit gave me a great excuse to try out the brand new AlterEgo Leg Fade appliers which also come in a huge range of colour options, regular tattoo layers or TMP, SLink and Omega appliers. All this set off perfectly, in my humble fashion opinion by the Aisling wraps which you can still pick up, if you’re quick, from C88 for the next couple of days.

Life is a circus at the moment but it’s a good circus with lots of fun and laughter. I hope you’re own circus is making you smile as much as mine is.


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – TMP – Classic

Appliers – Lara Hurley Midtone and Elea Head Applier

Hair – Argrace – Azami

Eyes – IKON – Hope Eyes – Storm

Bodysuit – Chocolate Atelier – Lolotte

Legs Fade – AlterEgo – Black

Feet – – Aisling Wraps – **NEW** at C88

Necklace – Pure Poison – Ribbon Necklace

Poses and Prop – RACK Poses and Consignment – Aerial Hoop

Stockholm and Lima  – Party Candles and Streamers

Stockholm and Lima Party Lights


My Girl Likes to Party All the Time, Party All the Time, Party All the Time!

Party girl

It’s champagne time…well actually it’s red wine time in my house. Today was my first day at my new job and there was so much to take in and learn…including a whole new medical language! I have always enjoyed learning new things but as you get older it’s not as easy as it once was. I find myself writing a lot more things down whereas I used to be able to rely on hearing or seeing them once for them to stick in my brain. Maybe my brain is full *nods*

When I think back to how I used to burn the candle at both ends, partying nearly every night and then still making it to work reasonably bright eyed and bushy tailed the next morning I have to laugh. As much as I would like to think I could still function like that I know the reality is much, much different.

Party Girl

This week is going to be super busy and I am looking forward to the challenge of juggling rl work and my sl commitments. They say when you want something done ask a busy person. Being busy does help to keep me focussed and when I have too much time on my hands I can be prone to procrastination so knowing this about myself I am confident that I will still be able to achieve my SL goals in tandem with my rl ones. As another saying goes ‘work smarter, not harder’.

I have recently joined the blogging team at AlterEgo which I am so excited about. I’ve blogged items from AlterEgo before and have so much respect for Toxxic Rhiannyr and her work ethic and sassy attitude. Seeing the works she did for The Lexi Project left me in total awe…I don’t think she slept for weeks alongside Heather and Kehl Razor to pull off that event. So I am honoured and delighted to join her blogging team. Plus…she has pandas…that’s a huge selling point right there!

Party Girl


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – TMP – Classic

Appliers – AlterEgo – Ash Tan Skin and Lydia Mesh Head Applier 

Hair – !Lamb – Afternoon **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha

Eyes – IKON – Hope Eyes – Storm

Dress – Pixicat – Bastet Dress Pink – **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha

Shoes – – Cora Heels – Nude

Poses and Props – NanTra

cinphul // moon curtains

{anc} MoonLight Lounge. Glitter balloon **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha

{anc} MoonLight Lounge. Champagne **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha

Mainstore Monday – Foxes

mainstore monday anc_006

Every Monday I visit two mainstores for the Mainstore Monday feature. The purpose of the meme is to showcase two mainstores and redress the balance a little from all the event shopping we love. Most stores featured also take part in events but many of them have exciting and interesting mainstores, with a wealth of mainstore releases, group gifts and many more features that you will never find if you only shop events. This week I visited Foxes and {anc}.

mainstore monday anc_001

{anc} and their product range will be familiar to a lot of people who follow fashion or art blogs or Flickr. Their items are used in countless pictures and I use a lot of their items in my photos and in my home too.  The reason I decided to feature them as a Mainstore Monday store is because a few friends have a) had difficulty finding their store and have asked me for a landmark or b) been under the misconception that {anc} only do gacha items. Although most renowned for their high quality, unique and whimsical gacha sets there are a lot of items they sell individually too. The puppies and the lights in the above picture are both available to outright purchase.

mainstore monday anc_002

The items for sale are laid out in sets in large display areas so it’s easy to cam around and see which ones you want to purchase but I have to agree with my friends who say it’s hard to find the store due to the way SL search works with naming. Also, when I looked at the about land section when I was at the store it is not marked as ‘show in places search’ so if you, like me, normally go to the places tab and search the name you won’t be able to find it. Unfortunately because so many gacha yard sales and markets use {anc} as a search term you still get lots of results. The easy answer is use the ‘websearch’ tab…but I’ll be honest I don’t know of a single person that does. I certainly don’t. It is easy to find in websearch and maybe newer players who are on the Linden Lab viewer and not Firestorm do find it easier to hunt down places but I’m old skool…I love my ‘Places’ search.

mainstore monday anc_003

My second store of the day is the gorgeous Foxes mainstore. The Foxes store is part of a sim full of awesome mainstores that have really gone all out on making a wonderful shopping experience and beautiful landscape for it’s visitors. I won’t go into too much detail because I plan on doing a post in the future on this type of sim and will definitely be featuring the Sleepy sim as part of that. As you enter the Foxes store through the main entrance you will see the main reception area, if you turn your avatar around to be facing toward the entrance you will see on the right hand side the group gift wall, and to the left, the information wall with redelivery terminal, group information and more.

mainstore monday anc_004

Foxes doesn’t skimp on it’s group gifts either with some fabulous clothing, accessories and fun plushies to pick up.  The Group is L$150 to join and is worth that several times over just for the current group gifts let alone any future ones. Also, the group covers Foxes, Birdy Skins and Alchemy, all of which have their home on the Sleepy sim.

mainstore monday anc_005

The store itself is spacious and uses great display to show product colours and textures and of course there’s also demos so you can, and should try before you buy.  I know that the store creators are starting to work on fitmesh that works with specific mesh bodies, such as the Maitreya Lara and Belleza range too and the items I have so far have fitted very well so I’m really extremely hopeful that this will be another great go-to store for fitted mesh for my lara than I can just throw on and not worry about alpharing too many bits.

Tomorrow, 1st September is a biggie…FaMESHed and The Arcade opening. I love the new hair from Exile that is at The Arcade. Coming in two types, Sugar and Spice, I am wearing ‘Spice’ in the top picture and I’ll certainly be heading back to The Arcade for a few more colour backs of this classic, pixie-style cut.

Now, I thought I would try something a little different this week with a bit of a quiz. I have a L$250 giftcard from Foxes/Birdy to give away. To enter simply comment with the answer to this question and I will choose one winner on Friday to win the giftcard. What does the abbreviation of the store name {anc} stand for? 

So happy shopping everyone,  check out the stores above and have fun at this weeks great shopping events!


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – TMP – Classic

Appliers – Lara Hurley Midtone and Elea Head Applier

Hair – Exile – Sugar and Spice – Spice **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha from 1st September

Eyes – IKON – Hope Eyes – Storm

Outfit – Foxes – City Lights – Dress –

Pose – Amacci

{anc} Hatsuyume Pink Peacock

{anc}  Mannequin Vintage

{anc} Fairy Tale Book

The Music of Cursed Love

cursed blog_001

Loving deeply is a blessing and a curse. The elation and joy of feeling a person in every pore of your skin and every fibre of your being can so quickly become despondency and pain of unrequited love. During our lifetime we usually experience more than one of both ends of the spectrum…if we’re lucky. That sounds a little crazy but I believe that you can never fully appreciate the amazing highs of being in love unless you have experienced the depths of the lows.

The Cursed Collection from MadPea at this round of The Arcade is an example of love and evil meeting in a whirlwind. I won’t give away too much of the back story because I don’t want to spoil the mystery and surprise. The Cursed Collection comprises of 13 animated, wearable instruments. The instruments first featured in the MadPea adventure The Collection (which continues until the end of September). The RARE is the conductor’s baton and stage and when you rez your instruments on the stage…magic happens…but is it good magic or evil magic?

cursed blog_002

MadPea has added a little extra spice to the gacha set too! Inside each package is a piece of a letter. Collect all the pieces and see where the mystery takes you….it will be worth your while I assure you. The Arcade opens on 1st September and the MadPea Gacha is  only 50L$ per play. Most importantly this is your ONLY chance to get these instruments as the set will be retired when The Arcade closes at the end of September. 

It’s difficult to show in static pictures the beauty of the full orchestra in action so hopefully this animated gif will give more detail.


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – TMP – Classic

Appliers – Lara Hurley Midtone and Elea Head Applier

Eyes – DS’ELLES  Apocalypse – Marron

Tattoo – Things – Indrani Tattoo

Hair – Argrace – Azami

Dress – *{Junbug}* Lady Crawley – **GROUP GIFT**

Hair Accessory – *{Junbug}* Royaly Only Pearl Flower Crown – Antique

Instruments and Stage – MadPea – The Cursed Collection **NEW** The Arcade from 1st September

{anc} cirque de reverie ball

{anc} mist cloud [sungold]

Botanical – Sun/Moon Beam

~*GOD*~ DreamScene – Ballroom

Cursed Collection Poster send (1)