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My Pal in Laziness

My Pal in Laziness

hair: Moon. Hair // – Blondes – Summer Breeze
top: Pseudo– A Guys Shirt IDC @ Uber
collar: Cae :: Connected :: Collar
decor: GOOSE – Snuggle up mattress


The Forgotten City

The Forgotten City
Late afternoon. 
The houses are shaded in the lightest of pencil strokes. 
Birds have flown, nests long abandoned. 
Wind flourishes its whips of cold, freezing the tongue; 
Echoes of footfalls; leaves falling; 
Rags and tatters of newsprint. 
Birds have flown, their nests long abandoned. 
You too, o errant sand dweller, 
Have left nothing but footprints, 
Having stared at the waves too late, and for too long. 
Once the sun burnt the wrist of the city. 
Now it has cooled to a silver bracelet, 
Worn once, now long gone, my forgotten lady. - Fawzi Karim

MOON{Hair}. Serenade - Greyscales
[Gauze] Elemental Eyes - Hybrid Aqua
.la petite morte. india fantasy 6 
Zibska ~ Toini Eyeshadow - Purple
:Diamante: Gluttony Facial Piercing
*LODE* Headwear - Winter Anemone [white violet] @ L’accessoires until January 14th! 
The Annex Snow Queen Gown M from The Fantasy Gacha Faire Oct./Nov. 2014
Hands and Feet
Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Elegant 1
Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid
Poses,Props and Backgrounds
..:LeRawr:..  Casandra 1  and Patricio  Pose 4
LumiPro3 on marketplace
Photoshoot Place