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LOTD10 – September Days

Walks in the park, coffee, even the occasional selfie... Doesn't get better than this.

Lana's :
Lashes~  .: Mai Bilavio :. Essential RESERVED  @Collabor88
Ears~  [MANDALA] Steking
Feet~  Slink AvEnhance High
Nails~  . PUKI . My Long Point . Maitreya (thx Toxxic & iluvpuki ♥)
Skin~  L'Etre  Sandra Skin
Mesh Body~  Maitreya - Lara

Hair~  ::Exile:: In The Shade Natural Fusion
EyeBrows~  .:Vein:. Bitchy Brows  (thx Vixen ♥)
Sweater Top~  .::Dead Dollz::. Autumn - Off White  @TresChicVenue
Skirt~  .::Dead Dollz::. Autumn Skit - Black  @TresChicVenue
Watch~  [MANDALA] HOKUSAI Bracelet set/BLUE
Bracelet~  [MANDALA] 7LUCK
^^Swallow^^ Ring HeartWings
LUXE. - Lady Ring Silver
Heels~  REIGN.- Autumn - Black  @TresChicVenue
Holding~  .Reckless. - Bean Juice  @TheAutumnEffect

Vic's :
Beard~ no.match_ ~ NO MISSION  GROUPGIFT
Mesh Body~  THESHOPS  #TheMeshProject Deluxe Body

Hair~ no.match ~ NO PAST B @MOM
Tattoo~ *Bolson / Tattoo Mesh Body Pack - Frahm @MOM
Jacket~ F.A.T Cardigan Knit Jacket White @ MOM
Bracelet~ MINIMAL - Barrow - LightBrownGold Gacha @MOM
Rings~ ^^Swallow^^  Skully & Fuckoff
Pants~ F.A.T Slim Fit Dark Blue @MOM

Poses by: 
*CS* Sweet Surprise
[DB]Poses - your arms around me 

♥My Platform♥
 Fall Look~  *CS*(Edit) 
Garden Wall~   The Domineaux Effect

LOTD7 – Light amongst the Dark

Just me & you on silver lining dreams

Lana's :
Eyes~  .random.Matter. Ascent - Abyss
Hands/Feet~  Slink AvEnhance High/Hand Casual
Nails~  . PUNCI . my square
Skin~  L'Etre  Sandra Skin
Mesh Body~  Maitreya - Lara 

Hair~  Doe: Deer Me - Monotone  @We<3RolePlay
Face Chain~  .PANIK. Wrapped Chains - Silver&Black
Lip Dermal~  -RYCA-  Lip-piercing Diamond/ Platinum   
Necklace/Ring~  MG -  My Dear Heart
Dress~  =Zenith= Double knot (Milk)  @Fameshed
Tattoo~  [White~Widow] Altar - Black  @We<3RolePlay
Bracelets/Arm Band~  Kibitz - Chara - silver 
Finger Claws~  .random.Matter. - Crowley Finger Claws - Platinum 
Leg Chain~  -RYCA-  Leg chain w/d Silver        
Garters~  *MUKA*  Socks (2for1)  @TheChapterFour

Vic's :
Beard~ +Spellbound+ Monster Beards 
Ears~   [MANDALA] Stretched EARS-OMIMI
Skin~  THESKINSHOP (23) (SKIN) 'Jaque' (Athletic)
Nipple Piercings~  PBM Genetics GOLD*
Mesh Body~  THESHOPS  #TheMeshProject Deluxe Body 

Hair~ [taketomi]_Shin Blacks 
Armour~ [The Forge] Banshee Armour (Black)  @TheBodyModExpo
Tattoo~  .Reckless. - Epoch  @TheBodyModExpo
Bracelet~  [MANDALA] OKAKI set/Black
Rings~  ^^Swallow^^ Safari/Silver & Skully/Silver
Pants~  GizzA - Salwar 

Poses by:
[DB]Poses - one love (Gift)
Focus Poses - Model Set 124/6

Decor by:
-Pixicat- Sphynx (Sprawl)
           Sphynx (Lazy)
       Sphynx (Sit)
                      Sphynx (LyingDown)
White Chai r~ -Pixicat- Bastet.Chair RARE
White Dogs ~  {anc} flottante puppy. milk . layA  
                        {anc}  flottante puppy. milk . layB 
Black Chair ~  +CONVAIR+ 
Swing ~  [ zerkalo ] Lovesong - Swing White  @TheChapterFour
Doberman ~  ZOOBY Relaxing Blk Doberman
Bear ~  [Manticore] Bear v3 
Deer ~  [Manticore] Deer v3 

Build & Scene by:  
Ruin ~  Mermaid Reef - Old Stone Ruin  
Tree ~  Lilith Heart - Riverbank Weeping Willow With Roots - 2
Dead Tree~  Black Karbon- 10 Dead Trees 
Grass ~   Lilith Heart - Harmony Buffalo Grass - Short - Flowering - 20m circle 2

LOTD 5 – What's that there?!?

Be crazy, be stupid, be silly, be whatever. 
Because life is too short to be anything but HAPPY!! XoXo

Lana's :
Ears~   [MANDALA] Simple
Hands/Feet~  Slink AvEnhance High/Hand Casual
Nails~  SuPerBia > AddOn Black Clown Tip-CASUAL (Thx Ojeras)
Skin~  [hush] Willow - Toffee (Thx Hush)
Mesh Body~  Maitreya - Lara

Hair~  [RA] Silva - Ombres & Roots  @We<3RolePlay
BodyChain~  Kibitz - Aelav- silver
Top~  .miss chelsea. Chain Bikini Aqua
Bracelet~   -RYCA-  vFL-I SILVER  
Shorts & Bikini~  Blueberry - Lana - Rolled - Midnight

Vic's :
Beard~  [IC] Mesh Full Heavy  Hipster (Black)
Ears~   [MANDALA] Steking
Skin~  THESKINSHOP (23) (SKIN) 'Jaque' (Athletic)
Nipple Piercings~  PBM Genetics GOLD*
Mesh Body~  THESHOPS  #TheMeshProject Deluxe Body

Hair~  >> Aeros Julius << Naturals :: basic five
HairBase~  Unorthodox Comeback - Coffees
Necklace~  [Pumpkin] Composite : Gold
Tattoo~  .Reckless. -  2-4-1  @TheChapterFour
Bracelet & Rings~ [MANDALA] LUSTFUL unisex
Ring~  ::GB:: fb Limited GIFT Curb chain
Shorts~  [Pumpkin] TMP- Denim - Blue

Poses by:
//elephante poses// We'll Be Coming Back
Scene Decor @ Location 

I feel so unsure of myself……


HAIR:[monso] My Hair – Chen (at THe mens Dept September)
NECKLACE:Meva Big Leather Necklace Silver (at On9 September 2015)
TATOOO: Reckless – Fortitute (at THe mens Dept September)

LOTD 2 -Amateur Hoarders

We're just a bunch of amateur hoarders. Haha... I'm not one personally to go as crazy as before at the Arcade.... but I still enjoy the hunt for the items I want. Actually shocked I was able to kick that addiction. Another photo we recently took that my other half really likes. So we're posting it.. Enjoy XoXo :3

Lana's :
Ears~   [MANDALA]  Stretched
Hands/Feet~  Slink AvEnhance High/Hand Casual
Nails~  . PUNCI . my square
Skin~  L'Etre  Sandra Skin
Mesh Body~  Maitreya - Lara

Hair~  Lamb. Wake Up - Ombre Pk @Arcade
Nose Chain~  MONS/MESH - (style-2) silver RARE @Arcade
Necklace~   **RE** ReVoX Sinful
Top~  Blueberry - Mina - Maitreya/Belleza/Slink - Essentials @Uber
Tattoo~  .Reckless. - Consciousness
Shorts~  [Cynful] Denim Short - Black

Vic's :
Beard~  [IC] Mesh Full Heavy  Hipster (Black) 
Ears~  [MANDALA] Stretched 
Skin~  THESKINSHOP (23) (SKIN) 'Jaque' (Athletic)
Mesh Body~  THESHOPS  #TheMeshProject Deluxe Body 

Hair: Action Inkubator -  Jesse / 1.0
Shirt~  RONSEM -  Print/ x_white**
Rings~  INVICTUS - Mesh-Boss - Gold
Shorts ~  [ ExcellencE ] BMX_Blue4
Socks~  [VALE KOER] THERMAL Plain Pk
Flips: Flite. -Court Slides - Blk Metallic 

@Arcade :
Holding~  Cats: -Pixicat- Bastet.Sphynx -RARE - 
Casa del *Shai* Posh Puppy - Black Lace Tutu
Casa del*Shai* The Dapper Dog  -  Sailor Beanie Red
Casa del*Shai* The Dapper Dog - Out in the City
Casa del*Shai* The Dapper Dog  - Sailor Beanie Navy
Casa del*Shai* The Dapper Dog - Onesie Camo White

Decor & Pose  by:   junk. lockers. clean. adult.
Build by:  The Domineaux Effect - Industrial Loft Skybox 

You know that I’m waiting for you…..


HAIR: INK Hair – MenB – Mocha (at The Mens Dept September)
CIGGY: Kunst Ciggy and Holder
TATTOO: Reckless Genesis (at N21 Event)
RING: (right hand) cinphul // kabel (at Shiny Shabby event)

TOP:[Noche] ShortSleevedShirts (at The Fameshed)
PANTS: .Shi : Luca Meggings [Homme]
SHOES:J’s – [Men’s] Studded Long boots

Men Only Hunt 6

It’s this time of the month again, another hunt for exclusively men goodies in sl. Aside of The Mens Dept and Men Only Monthly events this month, men in SL are having another feast of more fun things to look at, and possibly have. I always find it hard to find good quality of men […]

Nobody feels like I always do……


HAIR:.:CHEVEUX:.F067 Browns01
CIGGY: Kunst Ciccy and Holder
TATTOO: Reckless Genesis (at N21 Event)

TOP: Ignition Art – The Thieves Armor Black (at Fantasy Collective)
PANTS: Shi Luca Meggings (Homme) & Unisex Suspenders

Tell me how you want it to be……..


HAIR: Exile::Alternate Ideas (Men only monthly)
SUNGLASSES:HAYSURIZA_Glasses_Michel2(Urban night_for Men)
TATTOO: Reckless Genesis (at N21 Event)
CHOKER: Gabriel Maria
NECK STRAP: Gabriel – Neck Strap (at Creators Collection box)
JOINT: Kunst Joint

TOP: [Pumpkin] TMP. – Tank top- White- Sheer (Men only monthly)
JEANS: E-Clipse Caesar Jean


RecklessWell, maybe I’m reckless, maybe bad luck,
Hell maybe I’m way too much about having fun
I’ll send you a postcard, send me your love,
Just don’t give up on me yet, I’m still growing up