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☆ Our Vacation Home ☆


☆ Post 11 ☆

Alpine Living Room by: CHEZ MOI FURNITURES
 Great set, it is perfect for any Livingroom.
I fit well in my cabin.  There are so many poses 
for both male & female as well as couples.
the littles stools are single poses and
as you may already noticed in ics,
the pillow texture changes (On larger bench as well).
I adore this set. 
I will post everything else that is in or livingroom below.
Ace's Spaces Park Life prefab homes -

Cheeky Pea - Bennet Mirror Dark
Cheeky Pea - Dawson's Light
Cheeky Pea - Nile String Light Hangers

Ariskea - [Porcelain] Hanging Seat @ June 
2015 Arcade.

[Commoner] - Monogram Marquee Light V2 / B @ Arcade.

Dust Bunny . porcelain deer - coal
Petite Mort - Pile of vintage distressed frames

ROOST - New Port Fireplace 

☆ Dining With A View ☆


☆ Post 8 ☆

Is very nice and serves four. 
Each Seat has poses that include props.
Table rezzes 2 choice meals, desert or decor.
Includes four chairs in spring textures, table rezzer & lamp.

Purchased separately:

CHEZ MOI FURNITURES Storage Charming, 2 Velas (Candles), Tapete Meridian, 
& Ornamento Parede Relax 

Other Decor:

Lin's Art Gallery
Suspended Wine Tiles .. CUTOUT

FOOD by Sami Wine and Cheese Serving Tray with Grapes 

ROOST - Lake Side Boathouse (Bathroom)