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318. Life is Priceless

Featured Events:
Remnant: Dark Days (Feb. 24th - Mar. 17th 2018)
The Men’s Department (March 5th - 31st, 2018)

Mask: Dirty Mask by Maru Kado @ Remnant: Dark Days
Hoodie: Dirty Hoodie by Maru Kado @ Remnant: Dark Days
Shoes: Caleb Unisex Boots by .Shi
The Men’s Department

"Faith" by Dahlia @ Remnant: Dark Days
Steppe Mouse
Bulb Ivy Plant
Bulb Daisies
Bulb Black Eyed Susans

Suicide Booth by Death Row Designs @ The Men’s Department

316. Virtual High

Feature Events:
Remnant: Dark Days (Feb. 24th - Mar. 17th 2018)
Whore Couture Fair 8 (Mar. 3rd - 31st 2018)

Hair: Gavri'ela by .Shi
Face Tattoo: Insurgent Scars by Cureless
Body Tattoo: Replicant Joints by Cureless@ Remnant: Dark Days 
Nails: Angy Devil Nails by Merlific @ Whore Couture Fair 8
Dress: Roxbury by Vague @ Whore Couture Fair 8
Pose: In My Bed #6  by .Mila. Poses @ Whore Couture Fair 8

Fill Your Heart Without Trying!

Mesh-head bento Catya 3.0 by Catwa + applier Kiki by - INSOL - @ Uber - NEW! 

Anita Outfit: Jeans & Sweater by EVANI @ Kustom9 - NEW! 

Chill Gacha: #12 by .:::ChicChica:::. @ The Arcade - NEW! 

Platform Sneakers & Warmers by .REIGN (Past Sale Saturday)

Hair Tucked by .Shi

309. Solitude

Featured Event:
The Men’s Department (February 5th - February 28th)

Hair: F1124 by Tram
Top & Scarf: ScoopT by .Shi @ The Men’s Department
Pants: Harem by .Shi @ The Men’s Department

Style Is The Way To Say Who You Are

Mesh-head bento Catya 3.0 by Catwa + appliers Mara by - INSOL -

Hanna Gacha: Shorts, Top & High Socks by EVANI @ The Epiphany - NEW!

Hair Bled`sian by Shi. 


Ghee DOMINA Bento Gloves, Corset and Thong
for the Darkness
For 68Main:
Zibska ~ Ceri Lispstick
Zibska ~ Cili Eyeshadow
Zibska ~ Sian Colar and Orbit

Styling Card:
Pose by DM - Wallover
Maitreya Mesh Body
Shi Hair - Messy Fringe
Tableau Vivant \\ Aeolian hair

293. Lazo

Featured Event:
Kurenai (Nov. 30, 2017 - Jan. 8, 2018) 

Hair Accessory: Uzu Tama Kanzashi by Cerberus Xing @ Kurenai
Hair: Gavri'ela by .Shi
Sword: Ten Katana by Gabriel (limited item from past event)
Tattoo: Disclosure by White~Widow
Collar: "Aarya" Ribbons (rare) by Cubic Cherry
Top: Koshikimono by Gabriel

277. Poison

Featured Event:
Remnant: Dark Days (Nov. 17 - Dec. 8, 2017)

Hair: Sofia by Doux
Thorns: Lilitu by Zibska
Make-up & Threads: Ayin by .Shi @ Remnant
Gloves: Anointed Hands by Cureless @ Remnant

274. Bad Girl, But a Damn Good Woman!

Featured Event: 
The Epiphany (October 15 -  November 15, 2017)
Uber (October 25 -  November 23, 2017)

Hair: Tucked by .Shi @ Uber
Top: Handy Sweater by Vale Koer @ Uber
Bottom: Aqua Leggings by Spirit @ Uber

"Vibe Backdrops" by Minimal @ The Epiphany
VIBE Backdrop 6

272. Obsession

Featured Event: 
The Epiphany (October 15 -  November 15, 2017)

Hair: Raven Hair by .Shi
Mask: Fuck Reality by Astralia
Tattoo: Jilted by Facade
Outfit: "Dark Crow" by Gabriel @ The Epiphany
Bento Leather Gloves
Cummerbund Belt Gray
Cross Strap Boots & Pants Gray

Dark Crow Gacha Key

"Apt830" by Anxiety @ The Epiphany
Murder Table
scalpel tray
syringe tray
case files
torture chair

Apt830 Gacha Key