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Loopy La La! Adorbs hair for 50L & traveller themed event full of free gifts!

Loose hair loops by Wasabi Pills

Hi hi hair lovers! There are a few things are happening right now, including this gorge hair for only 50L by Wasabi Pills! This is part of the 50L Friday deals, and is one you really don’t want to miss! It comes with a selection of colours including a natural brown, blonde and black, as well as some colourful ombre tones. Be sure to grab this as soon as possible as I’m not sure when this deal will end.

I teamed my new hair with a lovely playsuit by The Annex, which is an exclusive for the new round of Tres Chic. The print is lovely and very Spring glam, you can see it in full below.

A picnic at Dawn

My beautiful jewellery set is called ‘Esmeralda’ by Petit Chat. This is an original mesh set, and it comes with a HUD so that you can change the colour of the metal. This is an exclusive item for Inspiration, the new round opened on Sunday and the theme is travellers and free spirits, in the style of Gypsy Esmeralda. There are some lovely pieces to pick up, and each designer is offering a free gift this round! I have also designed an exclusive outfit for the event, here it is below:

Traveller glam: Esmeralda outfit for Inspiration, March round

So there you have it, so much shopping, so little time! Make sure to visit Wasabi Pills, Tres Chic and Inspiration soon!

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Credits (click the pink links to teleport!)

Hair, Wasabi Pills, Viola (complexity: 2373)
Eyes: Avi-Glam, Elysian Eyes
Outfit (pics 1&2): The Annex, Daisy @Tres Chic
Jewellery: Petit Chat, Esmeralda Jewellery Set @Inspiration
Outfit in ad pic: PinkRayne, Esmeralda @Inspiration

Hair: Action, Overdose (complexity 65,836)
Top: Orion, Flannal with Undershirt
Shorts: LikeA, Wing Cargo shorts, MP only

Other things:
Couple’s Pose: Luane’s World, The Best Gift (inc. basket & flowers props)
Sim: It’s A New Dawn


In the shadows of light.

Decor post today!
I moved in SL, so these were the last pictures I managed to take before I had to pick everything up x_x.

In the shadows of light.

I took a few pictures to try to show all the smaller details, but the pumpkin “people” are out TODAY for 50L Friday, so make sure you go grab those quickly. ( I am actually on time posting something for FLF! ).

In the shadows of light. (2)

Credits are all below <3

Gazebo: Amala – (Crystalny) – Wooden Gazebo – Distressed Brown – RARE @ The Epiphany
Path: Sari-Sari – (Stupidmonkey) – Wood Slab Path (Autumn) @ The Season’s Story
Leaves Garland: {what next} – (Winter Thorn) – Autumn Leaves Garland
Ghosts: A.D.D.Andel! – (Andel Rhiadra) – Ghost Friends – With String @ The Season’s Story
Acorn Hanging Lights: A.D.D.Andel! – (Andel Rhiadra) – Acorn Lights @ The Season’s Story
Pumpkin Tree: {what next} – (Winter Thorn) – Jack O Lantern Tree 2 – Fifty Linden Friday (10.16.15)
Pumpkin Tree: {what next} – (Winter Thorn) – Jack O Lantern Tree 1 – Fifty Linden Friday (10.16.15)
Pumpkin (large): {what next} – (Winter Thorn) – Jack O Lantern – Fifty Linden Friday (10.16.15)
Random Logs: Sari-Sari – (Stupidmonkey) – Extra Logs @ The Season’s Story
Small Pumpkins: Amala – (Crystalny) – Two Pumpkins – Orange @ The Epiphany
Small Pumpkins: Amala – (Crystalny) – Two Carved Pumpkins – Orange @ The Epiphany
Small Pumpkins: Amala – (Crystalny) – Two Carved Pumpkins – White @ The Epiphany
Squirrel: Pewpew! – (Ramadiez Carter) – Boxer Gray Squirrel @ The Season’s Story
Squirrel: Pewpew! – (Ramadiez Carter) – Eating Brown Squirrel @ The Season’s Story
Acorns: +Half-Deer+ – (Halogen Magic) – Scattered Acorns – Dark – Big Group
Acrons: +Half-Deer+ – (Halogen Magic) -Scattered Acorns – Dark – Small Group
Scattered Leaves: {what next} – (Winter Thorn) – Lisbeth Fall Leaves Decor
Weasel: {Reverie} – (Paolla Flux) – ‘A Weasels Story’ Perched – Rose @ The Season’s Story
Weasel: {Reverie} – (Paolla Flux) – ‘A Weasels Story’ Curious – Rose @ The Season’s Story
Weasel: {Reverie} – (Paolla Flux) – ‘A Weasels Story’ Explorer – Rose @ The Season’s Story
Weasel: {Reverie} – (Paolla Flux) – ‘A Weasels Story’ Watcher – Rose @ The Season’s Story
Scarecrow: {what next} – (Winter Thorn) – Scarecrow – VIP Group Gift
Blanket: {what next} – (Winter Thorn) – Lisbeth Blanket (Fall)
Barrel of Apples: {RW} – (Roawenwood) – Seasons Harvest Apple Barrel Deco – Mixed @ The Season’s Story
Smaller Barrel: {RW} – (Roawenwood) – Apple Bobbing Barrel @ The Season’s Story
Random Apples: {RW} – (Roawenwood) – Apple Scatter – Mix @ The Season’s Story
Random Apples {RW} – (Roawenwood) – Apple Scatter – Mix @ The Season’s Story
Harvest Sign: {what next}  – (Winter Thorn) – Harvest Sign
Hay Table: {RW} – (Roawenwood) – Seasons Harvest Bale Table @ The Season’s Story
Pumpkin Holder: {what next} – (Winter Thorn) – Harvest Pumpkin Basket
Light Jar: {what next} – (Winter Thorn) – Floor Jar Lantern (plain)
Hay Seat: {RW} – (Roawenwood) – Seasons Harvest Draped Bale Seat – Yellow @ The Season’s Story
Books: {what next} – (Winter Thorn) – Lisbeth Book Pile (Fall)
Hay Seat: {RW} – (Roawenwood) – Seasons Harvest Draped Bale Seat – Green @ The Season’s Story
Apple Cider: {what next} – (Winter Thorn) – Apple Cider Tray