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2017 1121 [The Forge]@N21 | Remnant – Cubic Cherry

--- [The Forge]@N21

[The Forge] Dita Collar

--- Remnant Dark Days

[Cubic Cherry] {.Hacked//} gloves

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2017 1120 Remnant – The Forge, DRD and Contraption | The Forge@Whimsical

One Punch

--- [The Forge]

[The Forge] Arkanoid Gasmask@Remnant Dark Days
The Forge] Jessica@Whimsical

--- Remnant Dark Days

DRD - Abandoned Truck
[ContraptioN] Junker's Hand *???*

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Goose New @ Cosmopolitan

GOOSE - pipe dudes Spiderman RARE
GOOSE - pipe dudes pet dog RARE
GOOSE - Pipe dudes Quatropots
GOOSE - Pipe dudes Alien invaders
GOOSE - Pipe dudes On skis
GOOSE - Pipe dudes I Stand
GOOSE - Pipe dudes Twins
GOOSE - Pipe dudes the lazy one
GOOSE - Pipe dudes The wizard
GOOSE - Pipe dudes The lifter

Kensington Gazebo by Ex Machina for Deco(c)rate
-Garden- by anc "wild garden"lawn {old orange} 1prim
hive // crate bar [dark]

It Can’t Rain All The Time

Oh it can't rain all the time. 
The sky won't fall forever. 
And though the night seems long, 
Your tears won't fall forever.

It Can't Rain All The Time


On Me:
Skin: Zoe v2 (Catwa Tala) by Amara Beauty
Billy Outfit by Addams *New*
Joan Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills @ Rewind *New*
Gina Choker RARE & Earrings by Nanika @ The Chapter Four *New*
Crystal Necklace by .Oppa @ Enchantment *New*
Pose w/ Umbrella: Tracy by BellePoses @ Sad November *New*

Yatai Gacha Set: Yatai stall RARE, banners (blue), kyusu kocha, benchs, Teppanyaki steak, lantern (red), yakitori tray, sauce bottles, ramen Shi, zensai & Kondate by Tableau Vivant @ 6 Republic *New*

Tower 6 Mini Version by Bad Unicorn @ 6 Republic *New*

forget. Swallow [skyblue] by Anc

Quiet afternoon backdrop by Taikou



GOOSE - Couples lantern - NEW
N4RS Valkenberg Park Set - New @ Fameshed
-Garden- by anc "in peace" Lily {dream}mesh 1Li
:Fanatik Architecture: GRASS
"Moon_Sha" Dirt Road Nature

CandyDoll _ Zaida Heels -  New @ Fameshed 
CandyDoll - Zaida Jumper - New @ Fameshed 
*PerveTTe* Poem [Set]
TRUTH / Athena Sept. VIP

2017 1114 NAMINOKE Rainy-Day Aquarium@Sad November | [Canimal] Chill Dress@The Liaison Collaborative

November Rain

--- NAMINOKE@Sad Novemver

*NAMINOKE*Rainy-Day Aquarium Gacha

*N*Betta static #01-12
*N*Betta Swim #01-12
*N*Rainy-Day Aquarium #1-7

--- [Canimal]@The Liaison Collaborative 

[Canimal] Chill - Maitreya

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2017 1113 The Fantasy Gacha Carnival – CUREMORE, Velvet Whip & Static


--- The Fantasy Gacha Carnival 

CUREMORE Lost Paradise

CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / Wreath (Red)
CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / Eden Diorama / RARE
CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / Paradise Tree (Beige)(Brown)(Burning Tree)
CUREMORE / Lost Paradise /Crawling Snake (Fire)(Beige)(Ash)(Coal)
CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / TreeHanging Snake (Fire)(Beige)(Ash)(Coal)
CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / Crawling HeadUp Snake (Fire)(Beige)(Ash)(Coal)
CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / Rolled Snake (Fire)(Beige)(Ash)(Coal)
CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / Forbidden fruits (Coal)(Fire)(Green)(Red)

- Velvet Whip [V/W] Wasteland Garden Gacha

[V/W] Soap Jug Calla
[V/W] Canned Flowers "Soup"
[V/W] Cyber Orchid
[V/W] Teapot Aloe
[V/W] Old Crate Plant
[V/W] Tyre Tree
[V/W] Canned Flowers "Pummaro"

::Static:: Wasteland Warhead

::Static:: Wasteland Warhead - 01
::Static:: Wasteland Warhead - 07
::Static:: Wasteland Warhead - 16 RARE

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2017 1112 NAMINOKE Snow White Japanese Gown & Tenkan Crown@Enchantment

Snow White and the Ninjaman

--- NAMINOKE@Enchantment

*N*Snow White Japanese Gown Snow White

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The sun goes down
Hides her face beneath that hill 
But she will rise again 
As she did
so she will 
Mighty fires light up the sky



On Me:
Skin: Pris VAMP Skin Applier LELUTKA (On May) by YS&YS @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Dress: Lilly by UnaWe <3 Role-Play *New*
Hair: Wispers in the wind by Tableau Vivant @ Collabor88 *New*
Filigren Horns [Small Fili] by PlastikWe <3 Role-Play *New*
Wulf Hammer by The ForgeWe <3 Role-Play *New*
Hamelin - Collar - Light Gold - .15 by Dahlia @ The Fantasy Gacha *New*
Galina tattoo by Nanika @ On9 *New*
Pose: Vorpal 2 by Poseidon

Niflheim Ruins by Mushilu @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Wildfell Spring - PG by Kres @ We <3 Role-Play *New

Forget Gacha Set: wing leaf B [blue], Swallow [naturalblack], Swallow [nightblue] & Swallow [skyblue] by Anc

2017 1006 We Love Role-Play – [The Forge], LYBRA & Mushilu


--- We<3RP

[The Forge] [EZ] Wulf Hammer
- LYBRA . Corintia Dress White (maitreya)
- Mushilu Niflheim Ruins

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