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Soon to Blog ♥

ArisArisB&W  ForeverBlack  Dress (Sponsor ♥)
alterego. rosie skin - pale rose & shape SOON!! (Sponsor ♥)
-IC Poses- Single Pack 1 Exclusive @Pose Fair 

#Between seams …

Clothes and Accesory:
***Dress: ***ArisArisB&W~Gara91~Rockabilly Outfit~  (only 99L$!!)
***Hair:  Thruth hair Sadie
***Tattoo: [PU] Death Tattoo    

Mesh Body & Head:
***Head & Bodymesh appliers: [Avenge] Debrah skin applier for Catwa - dark    >>Tres chic venue
***Shape: *Elle et Lui* Alma Shape for Catwa Bento Head Catya
***Hands: Maitreya-Lara V4.0 bento
***Bodymesh: Maitreya-Lara v4.0 bento
***Head mesh: Catwa-Catya Bento
***Pose: K&S  ~Independent pose


***Serenity Style - The Atelier Couture Collection    >>Shiny shabby
*Pavilion rare
*Panel tools
*Closed boxes
*Tissus box


Soon to Blog! ♥

 ***Arisaris/B&W~Gara90~Rockabilly Outfit - New @ArisAris Mainstore
SuPerBia -Memento Tattoo New @SuPerBia Mainstore


+Kiss Me Poses+ ((Bento)) Friends #3+Kiss Me Poses+ ((Friends)) Slumber

BODY:  *!* EVE -Slim-V8.4  ♡ SPONSOR


HEAD: *!* EVE'olution-head-Beta 4b BENTO  (@Mainstore) ♡ SPONSOR

*!* ELLA skin *!* EVE'olution B3 (@Mainstore) ♡ SPONSOR

**!* Adaptive Middle Feet EVE Slim (adapts feet to slink) (@Mainstore) ♡ SPONSOR

*Besom~pleasures hair (NEW @the Epiphany) 

***ArisArisB&W~Gara93~Sunup Dress (NEW @Mainstore) ♡ SPONSOR

BUENO-Wedges-Slink (NEW @Kustom9) 

POSE 1: +Kiss Me Poses+ ((Bento)) Friends #3 (NEW @Mainstore) ♡ SPONSOR

POSE 2: +Kiss Me Poses+ ((Friends)) Slumber (NEW @Mainstore) ♡ SPONSOR


Summer Air

Summer winds stir my hair... 
ArisarisB&W~Latest Shorts & Belt NEW!! (Sponsor ♥)
Enertia I Candice Top (Sponsor ♥)
DOUX - Evie hairstyle 

Summer Air 2

ArisArisB&W~Nostalgia~Lita Style Shoe (Exclusive @SHOETOPIA)



 [RA] Delina Hair

e.marie // COFFIN NAIL APPLIER (vista prohand) 

KiB Designs - Lou Minidress (FOR THE DARKNESS EVENT) ♡ SPONSOR

***ArisArisB&W~Nostalgia~Lita Style Shoe (EXCLUSIVE FOR SHOETOPIA) ♡ SPONSOR

SuPerBia -Memento Tattoo (NEW) 


with a beer

 [RA] Delina Hair

e.marie // COFFIN NAIL APPLIER (vista prohand) 

***ArisAris/B6W~Gara73~HeartBeat Outfit~BRA ♡ SPONSOR

***ArisArisB&W~Gara97~Latest Shorts ♡ SPONSOR

*katat0nik* (blue / LT) Old Boots

BellePoses - Robyn (beer included)

Wall Decomeh. neon heart ♡ SPONSOR

❤ Lost Breath ❤ Thxxx Ariadna , Thxxx Enertia , Thxxx Jules & Thxxx New Sponsor , Selc !!!

Skin : DeeTalez (New!!)(Skin Fair) CATWA Head "Face Doutzen II BIG EYE" Nordic
Make Up : ::Modish:: (Powder Pack) Linda
Hair Base : SIIX Mullato
Hair : Rezology (New!!) Lush
Top : Enertia (New!!) Spicy Top
Pants : **ArisAris** (New!!) Latest Shorts & Belt~Hud textures change
Shoes : BREATHE Jaden Heels-Black
Tattoo : .Façade. (New!!) Gojun
Piercing : Cute Posion Zephyr Piercing
Earrings : RYCA Sterling Silve Huge-Hoop


Wanna play?

Do you wanna play...?

 ***ArisAris/B&W~Gara77~Fighter Boot (Sponsor ♥)
 ***ArisArisB&W~Gara95~Decisively~Outfit~mini and panties (MarketPlace only PROMO - Sponsor ♥
 DOUX - Anastasia Hairstyle

 Pose: FOXCITY. Dominance (Bento with whip)


Aris Aris for The Darkness EventAris Aris for The Darkness Event

DOUX - Kristi Hairstyle  (new)

MINIMAL - Esposa Bracelets  (new)

 .euphoric ~Hizma (Nose Pearcing)

***ArisArisB&W~Gara94~ForeverBlack Dress (for The Darkness Event) ♡ SPONSOR

[BREATHE]-Kendra Heels (at Shoetopia)

 MINIMAL - Esposa Bracelets