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Gallant Productions – Bad Unicorn Gacha

Gallant Productions - Bad Unicorn

Gallant Productions releases its latest video featuring the Bad Unicorn gacha.

Want to see more of Gallant Productions?  Check out the Youtube! 

OUT NOW!! Fight Night Gacha.

Only @ Bad Unicorn!  

The following items are animated:
- Bench Press
- Dumbbells
- Lockers
- Speed Bag
- Treadmill

Look # 391


Hair: TRUTH Lady - Fatpack New!
Complete outfit: Blueberry - Tinkerset New!


T-Shirt: <kalback> Basic T-Shirt FULLPACK#1
Short: <kalback>   Cargo Shorts_Fullpack  @ TMD


[Z O O M]  Ripty Glasses @ MOM New!
[Bad Unicorn]  Fight Night [Bad Unicorn] Punching Bag 'Fight Night'
[Bad Unicorn] Treadmill 'Fight Night'
[Bad Unicorn] Bench Press 'Fight Night'
[Bad Unicorn] Blue 'Fight Night' Dumbbell
[Bad Unicorn] Iron 'Fight Night' Dumbbell
[Bad Unicorn] Pink 'Fight Night' Dumbbell
[Bad Unicorn] Red 'Fight Night' Boxing Gloves
[Bad Unicorn] Drinks Bottle 'Fight Night'

MadPea GongFu Tea Set - Dark 2 @ DecoCrate

220ML - Richie vintage Bar [Condiment Set] @ Man Cave New!


#304 copy


Skin: .:[PUMEC] :. – .:Lilith:. – / FATPACK – SKIN (Catwa)



Hair: [taketomi]_Liv_Bento


Bra: #EMPIRE – Pop – Kylie Top – Black  **SOON!!** ❥ Arcade 1Sept.

Pantie: #EMPIRE – Pop – Kylie Panties – Black **SOON!!** ❥ Arcade 1Sept.


Lockers:[Bad Unicorn] Lockers ‘Fight Night’  **NEW!!** ❥

Punching: [Bad Unicorn] Punching Bag ‘Fight Night’ **NEW!!** ❥

Bench: [Bad Unicorn] Bench Press ‘Fight Night’ **NEW!!** ❥

Mate: Astralia – Fame workout mat

Mats: Astralia – Fame pile of mats

Pose: <K&S> Casual poses. Pack 5 

Pose: [La Baguette] Rosie poses 1 to 10 / with mirrored (BENTO)**NEW!!** ❥


Fight Night

“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses—behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.” 
– Muhammad Ali

Fight Night


On Me:
Skin: Isabella in Tone 09 (On Lelutka Simone) by Amara Beauty @ Cosmetics Fair *New*
Top: Sedated by Storybook @ Rewind *New*
Reba Pants by Miss Chelsea @ N21 *New*
My Hair - Wheein by Monso @ Uber *New*
Pose: Boxing 04 by Purple Poses
Gloves (Part of Bad Unicorns Fight Night Set. See Below)

Fight Night Gacha Set: Red Fight Night Boxing Gloves, Boxing Ring 'Fight Night' RARE, Treadmill, Drinks Bottle, Iron 'Fight Night' Dumbbell, Punching Bag, Speed Bag & Lockers by Bad Unicorn *New*

Play Hard Set: Sign, Round Cards, Stool Stack, End Bell & The Old Bag by Unkindness

Industrial hanging lights by Death Row Designs

Gymnasium RARE by NOMAD

Training Day

Tʀᴀɪɴɪɴɢ  Dᴀʏ

The best way to beat stress is a good ole fashion workout! Taking my frustration out in the ring is what helps me find myself in a better place mentally so I can face another day with a positive outlook. That's why the "Fight Night" collaboration with Animosity and Bad Unicorn, paired with this workout fit from PBM is PERFECT for me because I get to do what I love in real life on Secondlife as well because let's face it, even SL can become quite challenging sometimes!

Armani Torelli

Tank: PBM - [Cut Tank]
Pants: PBM - [Running Tights]
Shoes: [VALE KOER] - Deadstock Trainers
Du-rag: REVEAL. - Du-rag Headscarf
Water bottle + Boxing Gloves: [Bad Unicorn] - 'Fight Night' Gacha
Poses: Animosity - Tyson Pose Pack - #3
Animosity - Steve Pose Pack - #1 (Slightly Modified)

Other Notable Items

Scene: anxiety - Heathen2
Gym Setup: [Bad Unicorn] - 'Fight Night' Gacha


Head – Catwa – Daniel Skin – Modulus – Giles Skin (6 tones, beard and eyebrows options) @ Mesh Body Addicts Hair – Modulus – Tate [Brown] Watch – No Edition – Dweeler Watch @ The Mens Dept Bracelet – No Edition – Fortune Bracelet @ The Mens Dept Tattoo –  Fe Style – Novik …

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My Fallen Dove

In my primal love
Don't try to cover me from what I'm feeling
In my primal love
Don't be afraid
In my primal love
I see where all the burning fire's hidden
In my primal love
I see your flame
~FKA x inc.

My Fallen Dove


On Me:
Victoria 2in1 Bodysuit by Narcisse @ Uber *New*
Hair: No.39'16 by (red)Mint
Sunflower Headpiece by Avenge @ Shiny Shabby *New*
Pose: Closure by Imitation for Flash Shot July 2017 *New*

Alexandria Hanging Table by Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan Room *New*
Blues Rum Bar by Bad Unicorn for Deco(c)rate July Edition *New*
DracaenaTrees by Little Branch for Deco(c)rate July Edition *New*
Duck Family by Jian
Valiano String Lights by Trompei Loeil


Head – Catwa – Daniel Body – Signature – Gianni Skin – Stray Dog – Jude Hair – Tableau Vivant – Barbercut – Sideparted @ The Epiphany Hairbase – Modulus – Andre Hairbase Tattoo – Body Mod – Forben Tattoo @ Lost and Found Decor Onsu – Cucumber House Onsu – “Bone Apple Tea” Table …

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BODY SKIN  | .:Mai Bilavio:.- Asanti Skin Spf35 – NEW! @ MarketPlace MESH HEAD | CATWA – Tala – NEW! HAIR  | Unorthodox – Sierra  MAKEUP  | Tres Beau – Essential Lipstick #3 OUTFIT TOP |  ….S…. – Slayer Top  – NEW@Tres Chic  TOP |  ….S…. – Slayer Choker- NEW@Tres Chic  BOTTOM |  ….S…. – Slayer Panty – NEW@Tres Chic  […]

2017 0721 Poseidon poses – Jet Set Skating@Indie Teepee

Jet Set

--- Poseidon Poses@Indie Teepee

Poseidon Jet Set Skating  pose sets

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