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2017 1015 The Looking Glass@The Secret Affair | Canimal@Cosmopolitan | [RA] Hair@We Love Role-Play

The Hounfor

--- The Looking Glass@The Secret Affair (Oct 15th~)

TLG - Hounfor Gacha

TLG - Hounfor Cabinet
TLG - Hounfor Cards and Runes Prop
TLG - Hounfor Creepy Rose Pink
TLG - Hounfor Creepy Rose Purple
TLG - Hounfor Creepy Rose Teal
TLG - Hounfor Crystal Balls
TLG - Hounfor Desk
TLG - Hounfor Desk Clutter
TLG - Hounfor Fireplace
TLG - Hounfor Moon Shelf RARE
TLG - Hounfor Priestess Drape
TLG - Hounfor Rug
TLG - Hounfor Rug Rack
TLG - Hounfor Skeleton Chandelier
TLG - Hounfor Skull Chandelier
TLG - Hounfor Skulls Drape
TLG - Hounfor Standard Lamp
TLG - Hounfor Star Drape 1
TLG - Hounfor Star Drape 2
TLG - Hounfor Star Drape 3
TLG - Hounfor Star Drape 4
TLG - Hounfor Table
TLG - Hounfor Table Lamp
TLG - Hounfor Totem
TLG - Hounfor Voodoo Chair RARE
TLG - Hounfor Voodoo Doll Drape
TLG - Hounfor Voodoo Stool
TLG - Hounfor Voodoo Wall Hanging
TLG - Hounfor Witches Balls

--- [Canimal]@Cosmopolitan

[Canimal] - Noir Maitreya

--- We<3RP 

[RUNAWAY HAIR] [RA] Cindy Hair

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2017 0929 NAMINOKE@KinFes | [Canimal] Eden

Catnip Caturday

--- NAMINOKE@KinFes (Sep 29th 8AM SLT~)

*NAMINOKE*DayFlower - 露草 BLUE
*NAMINOKE*DayFlower - 露草 Lite-BLUE
*NAMINOKE*FairyLily - 玉簾 Yellow
*NAMINOKE*FairyLily - 玉簾 Pink
*NAMINOKE*FairyLily - 玉簾 White

--- [Canimal]@Mainstore/MP

[Canimal] Eden - Maitreya

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When in doubt be glamorous

When in doubt be glamorous


BASICS all four models

BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

HEAD:  .LeLutka.Head.Simone 2.6

EYES: .LeLutka.Eyes.Simone 3.0

SKIN:  ItGirls – Lelutka Skin Applier – Ava Tan

 POSES:  BellePoses – Gabi @ 4Mesh Event (NEW)

BACKDROP:  Pseudo– Modeling Agency Scene


Model  1

HAIR:  .:EMO-tions:. * CAROLINE * (busty) @ Cosmopolitan (NEW)

DRESS: *MSS* Audrey Coat Dress Black @ On9 (NEW)

SHOES:  Italiano Shoes Miley @ Cosmopolitan (NEW)


Model 2


DRESS:  [LAKSHMI]Alessa Dress(Maitreya)/Retro-CP 3 @ 4Mesh Event (NEW)

SHOES:  Essenz – Riga (Black) Slink


Model 3

HAIR:   MINA Hair – Lily

DRESS:   [Canimal] Mod@ Cosmopolitan (NEW)

BOOTS:  G&D Ankle Boots Akira Suede @ Cosmopolitan (NEW)


Model 4

TOP:  DE Designs – Kare Top – Maiteya – Black @ 4Mesh Event (NEW)


SKIRT:  UC_Jeans_skirt_all in 1_Maitreya @ 4Mesh Event (NEW)



2017 0914 [Canimal] Mod dress@Cosmopolitan


--- [Canimal]@Cosmopolitan

[Canimal] Mod dress - Maitreya

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2017 0911 [Canimal]@The Liaison Collaborative | Flores "Nuance" Pose Pack@Main Store

Sending me angles

--- [Canimal]@The Liaison Collaborative 

[Canimal] - Romance - Maitreya

--- FLORES Body & Soul

FLORES Body & Soul - Nuance Pose Pack - Precious

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2017 0831 [Canimal] Vicious@Cosmopolitan

In the air tonight
-- [Canimal]@Cosmopolitan

[Canimal] Vicious Corset & Dress - Maitreya
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2017 0829 [Canimal] Juicy@uber

Cat Cave

--- [Canimal]@uber

[Canimal] Juicy
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2017 0827 NAMINOKE PingPongPearl kingyo gacha@SaNaRae | [Canimal] Mars top&Skirt@uber



*N*PingPongPearl kingyo gacha

*N*PingPongPearl kingyo marble Rare
*N*PingPongPearl Kingyo swim#Black1
*N*PingPongPearl Kingyo swim#Black2
*N*PingPongPearl Kingyo swim#Black3
*N*PingPongPearl Kingyo swim#Red1
*N*PingPongPearl Kingyo swim#Red2
*N*PingPongPearl Kingyo swim#Red3
*N*PingPongPearl Kingyo swim#White1
*N*PingPongPearl Kingyo swim#White2
*N*PingPongPearl Kingyo swim#White3
*N*PingPongPearl kingyo waterweed Rare

--- [Canimal]@uber 

[Canimal] Mars top
[Canimal] Mars Skirt

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2017 0825 [Canimal] Flame Bodysuits@N21

The League of Extraordinary Felines

--- [Canimal]@N21

[Canimal] Flame Bodysuits

--- Insol@uber

Insol: "Lily Collection" Lipstick

--- Hand pose by~

Happy Dispatch [HD]multi bento pose HUD beta

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I saw somebody this morning posting a very true description of how it makes you feel when you have been betrayed by someone. This post isn’t going to be about that specifically but more about something they said within their post and that is that just because you treat people well, with respect and with...