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Japonica Event July 1st – July 23rdBOILDEGG WA HEADPHONE PINKRED…

Japonica Event July 1st - July 23rd


BOILDEGG :03:WA HUKIMODOSHI SNAKE GOLD (@ Japonica) (movable part script - works when typing!)

RARE BOILDEGG :01: HUKIMODOSHI GOGOU (@ Japonica) (movable part script - works when typing!)

-15-  b.v Yatai (red) RARE by bitter vanilla (@ Japonica)

-9-  b.v Chochin stand by bitter vanilla (stripes) (@ Japonica)

-13-  b.v Denshoku by bitter vanilla (@ Japonica)

-6-  b.v Kazaguruma by bitter vanilla (@ Japonica)

-4-  b.v Kazaguruma by bitter vanilla (@ Japonica)

-8-  b.v Sudare by bitter vanilla (@ Japonica)

CUREMORE / Scar Tissue

  • CUREMORE / Patient Bandages / Wings RARE
  • CUREMORE / Patient Cage / Bodysuit RARE
  • CUREMORE / Patient Cage / Crinoline
  • CUREMORE / Big Cat Scratch / OMEGA APPLIER
  • CUREMORE / Scar Tissue / 20 Pull Reward (OMEGA APPLIER)

Particles - **CC** - Dreamy Dandelions - **CC** - Mother Nature - **CC** - Good Witch

Other Worn:

PEACHES. - Koni Glasses//Red - Gold

CURELESS [+] Moonlight Jewels

[La Baguette] Claw rings ~ Gold (@ the Dressing Room)

pr!tty - Anna - {Rootless}

*LODE* Head Accessory - Phlox Wreath [white]

*{( konpeitou )}* my sister - 10 bell (non-rig)


CURELESS[+] Morphine / For Catwa Catya (v.1)

[KiiKO] Lips applier for Catya *01


You only have to look at the Medusa straight on to see her. And she's not deadly. She's beautiful and she's laughing.
~Helene Cixous

I am Medusa, Queen of the Gorgons!!!  You shall not pass unless you look before me into my eyes and mine alone . . .



Garden Nook - Fountain & Flower Bucket by Death Row Designs @ Shiny Shabby *New*

Skin: Moana in Polar (On Catwa Lona) by Glam Affair @ Lootbox *New*
Hair: Heart of Glass (Bento moving hair) by Exile @ eBento *New*
Medusa Dress & Belt by Una @ Tres Chic *New*
Black Slimy Snake by Noble Creations 
Clou Bracelet by Avenge @ Shiny Shabby *New*
Medusa Crown Exclusive & Leg Snake by Storybook
Collyrium Tears by Cureless
Body Scales by Cynefin
Pedestal w/ Pose by oOo Studio @ N21 *New*

Eternal Flame

flamer 1BODY:
Head-  CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)
Skin- Glam Affair – Rina – Catwa Mesh Head Applier – America (Aida Ewing) @ C88
Hair- .Olive. the Delilah Hair (naminaeko)
Nails- ~GD~ Doll Boutin Vol. I (Baddie Claws) – Maitreya Bento Hands (kea.amarula)
Eyeshadow- CURELESS[+] Lilith’s Night Out / Makeup Set (v.1) (Kaorinette) @ COSMETIC FAIR!
Tears- CURELESS [+] Dragon Eyes & Tears (Kaorinette) @  [+] New Location!

Dress- [CX] Fengyue ( Clear )(kamayari) @ K9
Boots- r2 A/D/E shun boots[sheer]Maitreya (rei2 Aya)
Dragon- CUREMORE / Shinjuku Rioters / Dragon Spirit / ULTRARARE (Kaorinette)
Hair Sticks- [CX] Ume Hairpin (FATPACK) (kamayari)
Piercing- [CX] Bitten 2017 Update (Bento) (kamayari)
Flame- **CC** – Eternal Flaming Palms (RARE) (Orange) (r. hand) (colemarie.soleil)



Let me satisfy……………

Hair: TABLEAU VIVANT – Coromuel (from Summer Hairplay Gacha) at The Arcade June 2017

Nose Ring: [ MONS ] – Dreamer Septum Ring (Style 4 Black) at mainstore

Wings: CLAVv. – Dragon Wings (Rare from Dragon Warrior Gacha) at The Arcade June 2017

Shawl: CURELESS [+] – Cheshire’s Shawl (White, from Red Queen’s Realm Gacha) at mainstore

Top: [ RIDI-LUDI-FOOL ] – Juban (Men) Type D Black at mainstore

Skirt/Kimono: GABRIEL – ::GB:: Koshi Kimono Kuro(Black) at mainstore

Tattoo: SPEAKEASY – Sleepless Tattoo at Somber Event June – July 2017

Pose: DEL MAY – Daggers Male at mainstore

Scene items:

Hanging decorative downsprout – [[RH]] DESIGN HOUSE – 10.Kusarotoi- rain chain (from Yuukaku Gacha) at The Arcade June 2017

Confetti: ART NAMED CAPERING – a.n.c Confetti (Shiny Shabby Colors, animation blowing) at mainstore

Hut: 8f8 – No Place Of Ours (Autumnal) from Subscription of Deco(C)rate November 2016

AsteroidBox. Simple Scarification @ BODYFYSimple Scarification…

AsteroidBox. Simple Scarification @ BODYFY

Simple Scarification comes in fresh & healed cut and works with OMEGA appliers! NOW @ BODYFY!

CURELESS [+] Bakeneko @ Lootbox 

Bakeneko gacha set includes kitty/luna geta, nekotabi stockings, obake familiar, shapeshifter robes - sleeves - & tales (with customization HUD)! This set includes 2 secret rares! Find this whole set beginning June 20th @ the Lootbox Event!

Particles by Cole’s Corner: **CC** - Valkyrie Gold & **CC** - Eternal Flame Burning Orb Halo

Other Worn:

Tableau Vivant  Starry Night Windy - Ombre

Magika Neko Ears

+Half-Deer+ Aventine Horns - Wicked

CURELESS [+] Red Queen’s Realm / Queen’s Pasties & Undies / BLACK

Long Hard Road Out of Hell

Mary, Mary
To be this young im oh so scared
I wanna live, I wanna love
But its a long hard road, out of hell

You never said forever, could ever hurt like this

Long Hard Road Out of Hell


Skin: Gen2 F - Gyouko - [SE Amaretto] - Complete Package (On Lelutka Simone) by Soul @ Applique *New*
Hair: Lust For Life (Bento Hair) by Exile @ Collabor88 *New*
Jacinda Jumpsuit by Fetch @ Somber *New*
Body Blood & Wounds by Izzie's
Collyrium Tears by Cureless
Beast Teeth by Lelutka
Pose w/ Gun: Gun Poses by Imitation

Dead Body - Scarlet by Madpea
Mesh Blood & Crime scene covered dead body 2 by Mesh Fantasy
MM2 hanging dolls 1 by Death Row Designs
Bloodstained Rug by Paper Moon
Ghosts from Illuminati Pose Set by Nantra
%local v1 by anxiety

Lumipro 2017 HUD used for this image

Follow the light

cutter 1BODY:
Head-  CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)
Skin- CURELESS [+] d.Stramonium Skin (Kaorinette)
Hair- tram G0511 hair / HUD A (moca Loup)
Body- Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara (Onyx LeShelle)
Nails- ~GD~ J Star’s Rhinestoned(Dolly Claws) – Maitreya Bento Hands (kea.amarula)
Heart- CUREMORE / Heart (Kaorinette)
Cuts- CUREMORE / Big Cat Scratch (Kaorinette)
Drool- Dirty Secrets ~ Bento Drool HUD v1.0  (ross.myhre)

Panties & Bra- ALTAIR* vixen set .fatpack. (thanako)
Shoes- Phedora ~ katrina heels (22 colors ) (celena.galli)
Wings- CURELESS [+] Devilkin Wings FATPACK (v.1) (Kaorinette)
Glitter- **CC** – Ruby Summer Solstice Aura (colemarie.soleil)
Clamps- Ama. : Crystal Clamps (Amadeo Dubratt)
cutter 2

I hate you.

Pose : FOXCITY. Masked-7m (Fatpack exclusive) @ Cosmopolitan

Background : anxiety %local v2

All of the things :

Body & Feet : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Skin : CURELESS[+] Morphine / For Catwa Catya (v.1) (UPDATE!)
Head : CATWA Catya
Eyes : CATWA Mesh Eyes 
Eye Applier : Go&See * Pond * Catwa Eyes @ Anybody (opens 7th June)
Eyeshadow Applier : Veechi Ambrosia Shadow [Catwa] @ Uber
Eyebrows : Just Magnetized - Perfect Eyebrows - set 05 for CATWA
Lipstick : ::SG:: Smerred lips  OMEGA @ Bodyfy (opens 8th June)
Piercings : ~LF~ Addiction -Catwa/Lelutka Bento Bodyfy (opens 8th June)
Ears:  BentBox Sylvan Ears (& Applier from Cureless YAY!)
Hair : TRUTH VIP - May *Kare*
Tattoo : DAPPA - Monster Tattoo. The Signature Event
Collar : [CX] Hell's Harbinger (Holographic)
Rings : [La Baguette] Claw rings ~ Red @ The Dressing Room
Ribbons : ::Axix:: Heaven Silks Red @ We <3 RP
Noo Noo Cover *cough* : Solange! - Thong Panty Mesh (Modesty Pad)
Shoes : Glamistry - ANTHURIUM Heels [PF1028]

Playing Koi

He won't make love to me now
Not now, I've set the fee
He said it's too much in pound
I guess I'm stuck with me

He told me I was so small
I told him "Water me
I promise I can grow tall
When making love is free
~FKA Twigs

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is still going on!  Check out Mushilu's amazing gacha set there.  It is to die for <3  This skin is also super neat.  It is by Cureless and it has appliers for Omega and Catwa heads.  I found it looked best in Catwa Catya but experiment!!!

Playing Koi


d.Stramonium Skin (v.3) (On Catwa Catya) by Cureless @ The Kawaii Project *New*
Chen Gacha Set: Short Dress, Crown & Ornaments RARE by Mushilu @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival *New*
Dahlia Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills @ Uber *New*
Dragon Eyes & Dragon Tears by Cureless *New*
Claw Nails by #Empire
Karok Nailpolish by Plastik
Pose: Nomimo G.Sit 10 by La Baguette @ Sanarae *New*

Silent conversations - Koi Platinum Ogon, Koi Tancho Sanke, Koi Asagi &  Koi Ochiba by 8f8

Poppies by Little Branch

Metal Heart

I wish I wasn't flesh and blood
I would not be scared
Of bullets built with me in mind
For then i could be saved

My sweet lord take care of me for i think i'm done
Kiss my mother on her cheek and lay my burden down

Metal Heart


On Me:
Skin: Morphine (On Lelutka Cate) by Cureless
Selenopolis Gacha Set: Maschinenmensch Arms RARE, Claw RARE, Ultima Dress RARE, La Lune, Roboria Helmet & Roboria Boots by Curemore @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival *New*
Asema Collar by Wicca's Wardrobe *Coming Soon to Kinky Event*
Martian Toys: Venus Gun Yellow by Tentacio
Pose: Abduction 5 by ininiti

I'm planet / fish school by Anc

Stars Fireflies Light Path M01 FB Vanilla by E.V.E Studio

Planetarium Hologram (Sol) RARE, Hologram (Saturn) COMMON, Hologram (Neptune) COMMON &  Hologram (Earth) COMMON by Isil