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Every Waking Hour

All my fears come into view
There must be an end soon
And every waking hour
Is part of the lie

Every Waking Hour


On Me:
Skin: Milu - Catwa Head Applier - Bad Girl ( Polar ) On Catwa Lona by Glam Affair *New*
Aenice Outfit & Aenice Boots by Wicca's Wardrobe @ 4 Mesh *New*
Hair, No.46'16 by (red)Mint *New*
After Dark Choker Zipped by [[RH]] Design House
Stella tattoo by Nanika @ On9 *New*
Pose w/ Cigarette: Cigarette 1 by MILA

August Group Gift: Junk Yard Signs - Fix It Jesus, No Signs & Chickuns by Death Row Designs *New*

CSC - Trash can for ash by Soy

post apoc camp crashed plane, food supplies, pallet, sitting crates 3 & food prep by Death Row Designs

Kiss of The Black Widow

“One way or another we’re taking your bank. All you have to do is decide the level of persuasion we need to apply.” 
― David Louden, Heroes of Hollywood Boulevard

Death Row Designs has released the first part of their Shadow Box subscription box!!  It is A-MAZING!  First the box will contain a series of items each month with both a "light" and "dark" version.  They are more than just mere recolors too!  For example, in this first set, the piano is gorgeous on the light version but the dark not only has darker re-textures but it looks like its rotting with cobwebs AND it plays by itself too.  Spoooooky!!!  As always, anything by Death Row Designs is quality so definitely take a look at this set plus subscribe to the other boxes too.  If you preordered all of the boxes you will get a special prize at the end so it it totally worth pre-ordering these boxes :P

Kiss of The Black Widow


On Me:
Skin: <Vamp> - Doll V2 (On Lelutka Simone) by Pink Fuel
Lulu Gacha Set: Dress Black RARE, Panties Black & Collar Black & Balloons by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations @ The Arcade *New*
Marili Hair by Letituier @ Sanarae *New*
Spider Gacha: Mouth Piercing, Collar & On Your Face by Naminoke @ The Fantasy Gacha *New*
Pose: Night Owl 1m by Foxcity

Shadow Box Series 01 LIGHT -  Velvet Couch - Light, China Cabinet, Clock Shelf, Coffee Table, Upright Piano, Piano Chair, Floor Lamp & Armchair by Death Row Designs (Shadow Box Month 1) *New*

Usher Rug by 22769

Covered Dead Body 2 by Boudoir

Danse Macabre - Chandelier by Remarkable Oblivion @ The Arcade *New*

2017 0902 DRD – Shadow Box – Series 01 – SEP 2017 – LIGHT | [The Forge] Chealsea Boots@Fameshed

Light ones

--- DRD - Shadow Box September 2017 ← Check out details and subscribe :)

DRD - Series 01 - Armchair - Light
DRD - Series 01 - China Cabinet - Light
DRD - Series 01 - Clock Shelf - Light
DRD - Series 01 - Coffee Table - Light
DRD - Series 01 - Floor Lamp - Light
DRD - Series 01 - Piano Chair - Light
DRD - Series 01 - Upright Piano - Light
DRD - Series 01 - Velvet Couch - Light

--- [The Forge]@Fameshed

[The Forge] Chealsea Boots, Red Leatherette

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2017 0902 DRD – Shadow Box – Series 01 – SEP 2017 – DARK

Unboxing Shadows
--- DRD - Shadow Box September 2017

The DRD Shadow Box is a monthly subscription box that combines the mystery of getting something new and unknown once a month, with a bonus reward for purchasing a full series. Every Shadow Box contains twelve items created by Death Row Designs. Every series is 6 months, or 6 Shadow Boxes. At the end of a series the bonus reward becomes available to anyone who has received or purchased every box in the series. Read more and subscribe here

DRD - Series 01 - Armchair - Dark
DRD - Series 01 - Clock Shelf - Dark
DRD - Series 01 - Coffee Table - Dark
DRD - Series 01 - Doll Cabinet - Dark
DRD - Series 01 - Floor Lamp - Dark
DRD - Series 01 - Piano Chair - Dark
DRD - Series 01 - Upright Piano - Dark
DRD - Series 01 - Velvet Couch - Dark
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Kill or Be Killed

Back against the wall so
It's kill or be killed!
No other choice than "blood's gonna spill"
Back against the wall so
Forget and forgive!
But after all this I never will
~New Years Day

Kill or Be Killed


On Me:
Punk Chick Gacha: Anarchy Neons, Mowhawk Brunette, Misfit's Attire Outfit RARE, Ripped Stockings RARE, Punk Choker, Chained Hook, Safteypins, Workboots & Punk Rat Guy/ Girl by Curemore @ Rewind *New*
Thereafter - Omega Makeup Applier 6 by Tableau Vivant @ Thereafter *New*
Anak's Blade by Fetch @ Thereafter *New*
Pose w/ Bat: Harley 12 by Poseidon

Sewer Shelter: Sewer, Couch, Canvas Seat, Table & Bucket Seat by Death Row Designs @ Thereafter *New*

As We Approach The End

As we approach the end
Spinning my head
Stealing my breath
You claim what is mine
An unequal fight
All I have is my pride

Monday - Woke up, went to work, went out with the girls afterwards for drinks, came home and slept
Tuesday - Same as Monday except came home a little earlier from work and made meatloaf and string beans for dinner
Wednesday - Was awoken at 3:17am by explosions and scream. Upon inspection of the outdoors it looks like we are at all out war with someone.
5:00am rounded up to a school bus but then attacked by bullets and what looks like insane men/women.  Those of us alive get on the bus and plow our way out through the crowd and violence
7:44am - Arrive at what looks like a military border stop.  We are pulled out from our vehicle and thrown into what looks like a prison cell.  I still have no idea what is happening.

Time is indiscernible - I hear explosions, screams and more gunshots.  A fire breaks out.  Is the world ending? . . .

As We Approach The End


On Me:
Bena Outfit: Scarf, Dress & Belt by Miss Chelsea *Coming Soon to Thereafter*
Hair: Tumbleweeds by Besom
Fishnet Tights by Wicca's Wardrobe 
Pose: Kazi G. Sit 4 by La Baguette

Last Refuge - Dirty Mattress & Supply Shelf - Decor by Zerkalo *Coming Soon to Thereafter*

Southern Shelties 8. Sleeping Shelties by Jian

GG - Shark Axe by Death Row Designs


“Sometimes you have to do something ugly so that something beautiful can grow.” 
― Cedric Nye, Jango's Anthem



On Me:
Hair: Elena - Bloody Naturals by Alice Project
Loretta Tee by Fetch @ Rewind *New*
Sidd Kilt by Narcisse @ Rewind *New*
Stellar Glasses by ERSCH @ The Coven *New*
Lunar Septum Gold by Sweet Lies @ The Coven *New*
Sabbath Collar by The Forge @ Rewind *New*
Hack Bat, Black Rare by The Forge
Dirt & Blood by The White Crow
Pose: The Dahlia Series Four by An Lar Poses

Chester Helmet - July Group Gift by Death Row Designs *New*
Stick XL - Apocalypse RARE by BAMSE
Midsummer Memories GACHA / Ultra Rare2 by AMI:HAI @ Okinawa Summer Festival *New*

Hunger For The Pine

Realization grew on me
As quickly as it takes your hand
To warm the cool side of the pillow
I’m there for you, be there for me
I’ll hum the song the soldiers sing
As they march outside our window
Hunger of the pine

She sits atop her hardened leather "throne" looking out at her crew.  A hodgepodge of the broken, weary, lonely as well as the strong, angry and vengeful.  They all gather to her for leadership in this god forsaken world where "The End" has truly arrived and a new beginning must occur.  She has become their leader, their savior and, to even a select few, their mother and confidant.  They all follow her to the end and fight for a new future  . . .

Hunger For The Pine


On Me:
Skin: Catwa - Ella - T6 Tawny / Apoc by Lumae @ Indie Teepee *New*
Raimy Shirt & Bikini [V2] by  R3volt
Vendetta Hairstyle by Beusy @ N21 *New*
The Weekend Edit - Chill Scarf [M] #1 RARE by Flowey
Hope Earrings by AsteroidBox @ The Kawaii Project *New*
Scars: My Body Top & Bottom OCCULT RARE by AsteroidBox
Festival Bracelet by InDTP/ Harter Fall (Indie Teepee Merchandise) *New*
The Sickening Eyes by The Skinnery
Pose: Mens - The Journey-3 by Foxcity

Siren's Psalm . Wall Art by Calm @ Indie Teepee *New*

InDTP Alt Rocks Neon Sign by InDTP/ Harter Fall (Indie Teepee Merchandise) *New*

The Trashy Executive Chair - ADULT by Death Row Designs @ The Men's Dept. *New*

Alien Posters by Ninety

Come join us at Indie Teepee today for some awesome events!  Visit any of the links below to see what is happening today at Indie Teepee.

Learn More About Indie Teepee from any of the links below:

The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

Send a heartbeat to 
The void that cries through you 
Relive the pictures that have come to pass 
For now we stand alone 
The world is lost and blown 
And we are flesh and blood disintegrate 
With no more to hate
~The Smashing Pumpkins

Indie Teepee Is Opening Soon!!

Dates: July 21st through August 6th!!

Indie Teepee 2017 will feature:
-- Almost-daily DJ sets and live performances
-- Art installations by Bryn Oh, Nodnol Jameson and CyanideSlushy
-- Thematic theatre performances by Guerrilla Burlesque
-- Creative Forum
-- Shopping
-- Fashion show
-- Machinima
-- Speed dating
-- And more to come...

Check out my blog post HERE for more info and links.

First event is July 21st form noon to 4pm SLT!

The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning


On Me:
Bone Injector, Torn Tank, Wasteland Leggings, Dirty Combat Boots by Death Row Designs *Coming Soon to Indie Teepee*
Hair: 8179 by Pink Hustler
Smith Glasses by Minimal @ N21 *New*
Pose: Back Shot 02L by Body Language

Broken Boy by NOMAD *Coming Soon to Indie Teepee*

Wasteland Backpack - HERS - Green & post apoc camp firebarrel by Death Row Designs

Steam Crusher - Rust by BAMSE

Junkers Shack by Kres *Coming Soon to Indie Teepee*

We’re kicking off the festival with the DJs from AAi playing from noon to 4PM SLT on the ARID Stage (Stage 1)!

AAi – An Alternative Indie Club opened its tube to visitors in Spring 2009 and hasn’t closed since. We have one special and unique DJ per day in UK/Euro hours, each with their own ideas on indie and lovely little digressions into other genres. It’s a friendly club with plenty going on in chat, and as well as having a Secret Garden it has a few other secrets to discover. Featured DJs at Indie Teepee are Thom, Iain, Kess and Chris.

Join us for the start of this amazing festival of art, music, and fun!

Learn More About Indie Teepee from any of the links below:





“There are two kinds of strengths: the strength to lead, and the strength to follow; the strength to control, and the strength yield. There are two kinds of power: the power to strip away another’s soul bare, and the power to stand naked.” 
– Yaldah Tovah

More Bound Box goodies for you all!  I hope you all are super excited about this box.  It is really amazing!  Check out the Pale Girl website for more info on how to purchase as well as the shopping guide: BOUND BOX INFO



On Me:
Bound Box Items: *NEW*
Depraved Harness Set w. HUD by Mon Cheri
Heels: Memphis by Essenz

Skin: Gyouko - [SE Espresso] (On Lelutka Simone) by Soul *Coming Soon to The Secret Affair*
A Flying Butterfly Tattoo by Nanika @ The Liaison Collaborative *New*
Hair & Base: Imani by Homage @ Hair Fair 2017 *New*
Pose: Moaka G. Sit 8 by La Baguette (Modified slightly using Animare)

The Trashy Executive Chair, Rug, Table - Full & Table - Empty by Death Row Designs @ The Men's Dept. *New*
Candles by Aisling
Capturado Plug Set by Artisian Fantasy
Love Bondage - Paddle by Abrasive