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Bauble Bound

Bound Box is back and this time it’s full of Holiday naughtiness too! Now, I can be a little Bah Humbug about the holidays – specially in the last couple of weeks of the run up to the big event as the stress of the time of the year starts to get to me but...

Bauble Bound

Bound Box is back and this time it’s full of Holiday naughtiness too! Now, I can be a little Bah Humbug about the holidays – specially in the last couple of weeks of the run up to the big event as the stress of the time of the year starts to get to me but...

2017 1212 [Canimal]@The Liaison Collaborative | We Love Role-Play – Noctis

--- [Canimal]@The Liaison Collaborative

[Canimal] Winter - Maitreya

--- We<3RP

[noctis] Locust Grove Dining set

[noctis] Black Hollyhocks in vase
[noctis] blue willow place setting (to rezz)
[noctis] Brass and walnut candelsticks
[noctis] Locust Grove kitchen chair/floral
[noctis] Locust Grove kitchen chair/walnut
[noctis] Locust Grove kitchen table/cloth/texturechange
[noctis] Locust Grove soup toureen
[noctis] Locust Grove stacked plates
[noctis] Locust Grove stacked plates on holder

[noctis] Locust Grove vase w hydrangea

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A Steamin’ Prowl.

If at first an idea isn’t absurd, there’s no hope for it.

– Albert Einstein

Guten tag my fellow readers, decided to spring some random German on you for no reason. XD I do apologize for being so quiet after my birthday. It is getting very hard to stay awake with the sun not always showing.. I hope to be able to afford one of those daylight lamps, see if that can help me stay up.

Anywho enough about me, let’s talk about this fuzzy dress! It’s so flufffffyeeeee! I actually really like that when you have the fatpack HUD you can change the dress color separately from the fuzz. I did a combo of pink and green and it was so cute.I also did another one that made me feel like the cookie monster. XD Ugh this and the cardigan are going to be my favorite fluffy clothing I own. Then I found some hidden rares from the last round of FGC that I wanted to blog but didn’t get around to! Tell me this doesn’t just go together like a dream. The leather texture on these boots really helped pull the look together I think.

By the way, remind me that trying to take pictures of a wagging tail is hard. XD Especially timing with rezzing other things, I totally forgot how hard it was to time tail movement. lol Thanks again to EverWinter, you were the only sim I knew that had a run down ferris wheel. I don’t know why I wanted to be on top of a ferris wheel but I think it’s pretty epic. lol Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

Follow the key to know which clothes/items fit which body if specified and always demo. ♥

[a] = Akreuka

[b] = Belleza Sizes

[be] = Bento

[c] = Catwa

[l] = Lelutka

[f] = Fiore

[m] = Maitreya Lara

[s] = Slink Physique

[sh] = Slink Hourglass

[ss] = Standard Sizing

[o] = Omega

[ll] = Linden Labs System Body

[tmp] = The Mesh Project

[u] = Unrigged

[v] = Vista Bento Hands

[vm] = Vista MaleBento Hands

head – CATWA Hanako

skin-  ItGirls – Mary [c]

hair –  [monso] – Sinbi

eye applier – -SU!-  Astrid

body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara


eyeshadow – S.E DECEMBER GIFT [c][gg]

lipstick – S.E DECEMBER GIFT [c][gg]

lighting – LUMIPro

piercing – -SU!- Piercing Set [be]

mask – Dahlia –  Hamelin – Kitty Mask – RARE

necklace – ERSCH – MonStar Gacha Necklace (common)

cane – Dahlia – Hamelin – RARE

hands – ~Nerido~ Amanda Gloves (commons) [m]

ears – #6 NEKO’NEKO {aii} [be]

tail – #1 RARE NEKO’NEKO Fluffy Tail + Bow {aii} [be]


dress – [Cynful] Zipporah [b][m][s][sh] @ Collabor88

boots – [MODA] VANESSA [b][m][s][sh] @ Winter Trend

pose – Pavé de Perv Kitty PAW! [be]

animare was used.

2017 1211 *LuLu* Frida@The Secret Affair


--- *LuLu*@The Secret Affair

*LuLu* Frida_Onyx
*LuLu* Frida_Headpiece_Onyx
*LuLu* Frida_catsuit_Onyx
*LuLu* Frida_Corset_PaintedDark
*LuLu* Frida_Skirt_Onyx

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All I Want For Christmas

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"I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don't care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true oh
All I want for Christmas is you"          ~ Mariah Carey

All links, full credits, and additional styling information are provided beneath the write-up and picture/s.

Click to view the full-size image on Flickr.

Current & Upcoming Events:

In case you are in a giving mood - you are sure to find the perfect gift for that special someone (or for yourself) at Anam Cara Designs! Lots of high quality animations and awesome texture change menus abound.

Styling & Credits:

Photographer & Model: Michaela Vixen (VampBait69)
Styling & Set Design: Michaela Vixen (VampBait69)
Location: Vixen Creative Studios - Winter/Christmas Set

Fashion, Avatar & Beauty:

Minidress: Carrie's Lingerie - Holiday Jules Snow Sky (Marketplace | Inworld Store)
Sold By: Carrie Bridger

Necklace & Earrings: Included with the Carrie's Lingerie - Holiday Jules Snow Sky

Sold By: Carrie Bridger (Marketplace | Inworld Store)

Mesh Body & Hands: Maitreya Lara by Onyx Leshelle v4.1 (Inworld Store)

Mesh Head: CATWA - Jessica v4.10 (Marketplace | Inworld Store)
Sold By: Catwa Clip

Skin Applier: Pink Fuel - Morgana (Marketplace | Inworld Store)
Sold By: Mochi Milena

Hair: Argrace -  Sasa(Marketplace | Inworld Store)
Sold By: rika Oyen

Shape: Custom

Buildings & Structures:

Structure:  Bee Designs - Winter Shop Christmas (Marketplace | Inworld Store)
Sold By: Bee Caudron

Furniture & Decor:

From the Anam Cara Designs - Vintage Christmas Decor Set:
Sold By: Stormm Firecaster (Marketplace | Inworld Store)
  • {ACD} Vintage Christmas Tree
  • {ACD} Stack of Presents
  • {ACD} Vintage Tree Skirt

From the Anam Cara Designs - Heidi The Horny Unicorn Adult Set:
Sold By: Stormm Firecaster (Marketplace | Inworld Store)
  • {ACD} Heidi The Horny Unicorn Adult
  • {ACD} Cloudy Sky Rug Decor
  • {ACD} Princess Castle Stuffy Decor
  • {ACD} Princess Carriage Stuffy Decor
  • {ACD} Princess Crown Stuffy Decor

From the Anam Cara Designs - Humpy, Humpy Hippo Set Adult:
Sold By: Stormm Firecaster (Marketplace | Inworld Store)
  • {ACD} Humpy, Humpy Hippo Pillow Adult

From the Anam Cara Designs - Pretty Princess Set (Children):
Sold By: Stormm Firecaster (Marketplace | Inworld Store)
  • {ACD} Squishles The Dino
  • {ACD} Mrs. Cuddles
  • {ACD} Princess Sophi
  • {ACD} Princess Prissy & Macaron Pile Linked
  • {ACD} Prince Petitfour
  • {ACD} Pretty Princess Table
  • {ACD} Macaron Snack Pile
  • {ACD} Rose Tea Set
  • {ACD} Diet Macarons

Landscaping & Garden:


Background Texture:



From the  Anam Cara Designs - Heidi The Horny Unicorn Adult


Annyka's Soft Lavender Day

Photography Accessories:

Lighting: LUMIPro HUD Version 2017 v3 by Stefan Buscaylet (Marketplace | Inworld Store)

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Original Article:

So I was TOTALLY inspired by Minty Minx’s how I dress in real…

So I was TOTALLY inspired by Minty Minx’s how I dress in real life. She came out with this video about 5 months ago and I am just now finding time to actually do this. I thought this is such a fun cool way to get to know me a bit more in RL.

So I am OBSESSED with Rip N Dip brand. Every design Ryan has created, I have purchased XD. Normally, you can find me on the weekends, wearing a rip n dip shirt with black leggings, and or a jacket/cardigan. I tend to usually wear all black but my jacket/cardigans I wear are SUPER bright and colorful! 

I wear Ray-Ban prescription glasses (black). I normally wear half shin high black boots, but sometimes I rock my iron maiden vans, hello kitty vans, sperrys, or black wedges. 

I have a full sleeve, half back, neck, and foot tattoo.

I have wavy/curly hair/ My dad is Japanese and my mom is American/ I speak intermediate Japanese/ I LOVE kpop, in particular BTS/ I work full time as a sales analyst and have a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing with a understudy of International Business/ I am engaged in RL

2017 1204 Blueberry Bree Dress & Boots@Main Store | The Looking Glass – Our Festive Joy@The Secret Affair

Our Festive Joy

--- Blueberry@Main Store

Blueberry - Bree Dress & Boots
Blueberry - Bree - Off Shoulder Dress - Maitreya (Ombre)
Blueberry - Bree - Laced Up Boots - Maitreya (Ombre)

--- The Looking Glass@The Secret Affair (Dec 5th~)

TLG - Our Festive Joy 
TLG - Our Festive Joy Christmas Tree
TLG - Our Festive Joy Cuddle Rug
TLG - Our Festive Joy Decorating Stool
TLG - Our Festive Joy Fireplace
TLG - Our Festive Joy Gifts 1
TLG - Our Festive Joy Gifts 2
TLG - Our Festive Joy Ladder Shelf
TLG - Our Festive Joy Mantle Decor
TLG - Our Festive Joy Mistletoe Kisses
TLG - Our Festive Joy Music Box
TLG - Our Festive Joy Short Garland
TLG - Our Festive Joy Short Garland 1
TLG - Our Festive Joy Twinkle Garland

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2017 1204 We Love Role-Play – W-ZERO, Poseidon Poses & Mushilu

Northern Wind

--- We<3RP (Dec 4th 1PM SLT~)

W-ZERO -00- Juliet Dress_blue
- Mushilu WinterCastle Kit
Poseidon Poses Flight 6 Bento

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White Christmas

Head: CATWA Catya
Shape: ).MYSTERIKA.( Marina Shape (CATWA Catya)
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Yumi skin - Porcelain *NEW* @Sanarae
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Kami~ Black Eye *NEW* @Uber
Nails: (Enfer Sombre*) Snow nails RECENT RELEASE
Hair: Wasabi // May Mesh Hair *NEW* @Uber
Dress: UC_innocence_dress *NEW* @Uber
Headjewel: Kibitz - Melody head jewel - gold

.peaches. The Luckiest *NEW* @Uber
.peaches. The Luckiest - Peace Decor
.peaches. The Luckiest - Fireplace
.peaches. The Luckiest - Fire (Burnt)
.peaches. The Luckiest - Wood Basket
.peaches. The Luckiest - Fireplace Screen
[ keke ] hygge sofa . white . sits 3 prs *NEW* @Uber
[ keke ] glitter chandelier . silver . 4LI . 3m *NEW* @Uber

*:..Silvery K..:*Christmas tree(Mesh_C)White
[ keke ] winter ornaments in metal box RARE
[ keke ] winter metal box snow
[ keke ] winter ornaments in tin form