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Blue Christmas

I'll have a blue christmas without you
I'll be so blue just thinking about you
Decorations of red on a green christmas tree
Won't be the same dear, if you're not here with me

And when those blue snowflakes start falling
That's when those blue memories start calling
You'll be doin' all right, with your christmas of white
But I'll have a blue, blue blue blue christmas

               ~~ Elvis Presley


Hair - .EscalateD.
Nooria (Duo)
Xmas Calendar - Gift 02
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Eyeshadow/Lipstick - ALMA
Angel of Winter
Lelutka/Catwa, Huds w/6 Colors
Swank !!

Nails - IP Nails
Touch of Frost
Maitreya, Slink, Vista, Omega, Hud w/6 Colors
Swank !!

Jewelry - Zuri Rayna
Sugarplum - Angel's White Gold
Necklace, Earrings
Swank !!

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Swank - December
THEME:  Winter Wonderland of Angels
Facebook Swank Events / Facebook Swank Group / Flickr
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Eyes - MUSA
Omega, System
We <3 Role-Play from December 4th through 31st !!

Sparkles - Persefona - InWorld
Sparkles Photo Set 16

Skin/Applier/Lips - Lara Hurley
Cerise (Lelutka)

.LeLutka. Chloe Bento Head & Rigged Eyes
Maitreya Lara body/Bento hands/feet

Hairbase - E. Vary - Lian (Omega)

Lighting - LUMIPro 2017

A Happier Time.

Even in winter an isolated patch of snow has a special quality.

– Andy Goldsworthy

Alright time to get into gear with the Winter cozy photos! And what better way to start than showing off this dress/fur combo of Cynfuls, accenting with the matching necklace of course. And and I bought new deer! I got me some moving, blinking and laying down deers! The family was split up but I brought them back together. Don’t worry I wont be taking ALL snowy pictures, I’ll still try and throw some random themes out there as more events open up. I will however be slowing down on how much I shop in SL. So I do apologize in advance if you start seeing some repeat decor and such. I am on a huge budget and unfortunately SL didn’t make the cut, besides premium. If you are a blogger you SOOO need premium, I’m just saying. The extra group space really comes in handy, as well as a permanent place to rez of your own.

Now, these heels are unrigged which means get ready for some good ol fashion resizing! And moving about, no feet are required because the socks are meshed with it. Which actually went perfect with Blueberry’s leggings. Reason why is because her leggings have the option of to wear her leggings with boots. So it makes your leg a bit skinnier and it made it to where I didn’t have to resize so much. 😀 and it actually went really well with the cute kitties. X3

By the way, I wanted to mention the piercing on my lip because your not going to see it on the ad. The actual piercings come with bento head sizes, but with my head being newer it doesn’t have a size. But I really want a bento lip piercing, so I played with every size that was included… I think about 7 or 8 and saw one went on my lip. 😮 Shoot after it went in a good part in the middle, I decided to keep it right there. X3 I actually really like it, weird and unique lol. Just wanted to share that, wishing you happy shopping. ♥

Follow the key to know which clothes/items fit which body if specified and always demo. ♥

[a] = Akreuka

[b] = Belleza Sizes

[be] = Bento

[c] = Catwa

[l] = Lelutka

[f] = Fiore

[m] = Maitreya Lara

[s] = Slink Physique

[sh] = Slink Hourglass

[ss] = Standard Sizing

[o] = Omega

[ll] = Linden Labs System Body

[tmp] = The Mesh Project

[u] = Urigged

[v] = Vista Bento Hands

[vm] = Vista MaleBento Hands

head – CATWA Hanako

skin-  ItGirls – Mary [c]

hair –  [LCKY] Elena

hairbase – E. Vary Gina

eye applier – Kuriko-koibito (common) [c] ((no rares!))

body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

eyebrows – O ` Mrida (ModernFrida) [c][o]

eyelashes – Wednesday[+] ~ Everyday Eyelashes ~ [c]

blush – #adored – beach bunny – powder pack july [c]


freckles (face) – my own creation. yes srsly.


earmuffs – Bowtique – Jeweled Ribbon Earmuffs

glasses – MINIMAL – CMORE Glasses *4* (common)

piercing – -SU!- Piercing Set [be]

mug – .Olive. the BunTEA Mug [be]

necklace – [Cynful] Candela’s [b][m][s][sh] @ C88 [Dec. 6th]

dress/vest – [Cynful] Candela’s Fur [b][m][s][sh] @ C88

leggings – Blueberry – Cake Leggings [b][m][s][sh]

heels/socks – Blah. (Sweet Gelato Pumps) [u] @ The Candy Fair [Dec. 1st]

poses – FOXCITY. Fixated [be] @ Limit8 [Dec. 13th]

animare was used.

JIAN Fallow Deer Buck & Doe

JIAN Fallow Deer Fawn @ Uber [Dec. 23rd]

Soy. Mini Igloo Lantern

[ keke ] blown away rowan arch

+Half-Deer+ Lighted Pathway

Skye Snow Formations

Sage Snow Piles

Dejavu Snow Terrain Plane

Botanical – Douglas Fir

MyBOXiD – Barrel basement @ Cosmopolitan Room [Dec. 3rd]

Waiting For The Greatest Love Story

They said I was nothing but a troublemaker never up to no good
You were the perfect all american girl wouldn't touch me even if you could
But you was sneaking out your window every night, riding shotgun in my car
We go to the river and find us a spot and probably went a little too far
Just a little too far

Cause I was gonna be your forever
You were gonna be my wife
We didn't know any better
Didn't have a clue about life
But I was what you wanted, you were what I needed
And we could meet in between
We were gonna be the greatest love story this town had ever seen

So you went off to college and I got a job
I was working that 9 to 5
Dreaming of the days when you were in my arms, I have never felt so alive
I spent my days working, spent my nights drinkin', howling at the moon
Screaming for the days when you were coming back
No it couldn't come too soon
Couldn't come too soon

When I was gonna be your forever
You were gonna be my wife
But you went off to find better and I was learning all about life
But I was what you wanted and you were what I needed
And we could meet in between
We were gonna be the greatest love story this town had ever seen

So you came back after a long four years
Your college boyfriend didn't work out
So we went out for a couple of drinks to find out who we are now
Sure, we changed but way deep down you had the same old feelings for me
I went to the store and I bought you a ring and I got down on one knee
Got down on one knee
And I said

I am gonna be your forever
So baby will you be my wife
Now that we know a little better, we could have a real nice life
Cause I'm what you wanted, you're what I need
So let's meet in between
We are gonna be the greatest love story this town has ever seen

We are gonna be the greatest love story this world has ever seen
So baby say yes to me

                         ~~ Greatest Love Story, LANco


Hair - :::Sn@tch:::
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Bento Rings - Slipper Originals
Exclusive @ Autumn Frost Fair 2017 until December 6th !!
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100% Original Mesh Designs

Eyes/Mesh Nails/Dress - Sassitude 
Eye Applier (Catwa) - Daydreams
Stilleto Nails (Mesh) & Couture Hud Applier
Adelle - Multi Fits
♥ ♥ ♥
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Hairbase - E. Vary - Lian (Omega)

Head/Skin Applier - DeeTaleZ
Helma (Catwa)

Shape - [Elle et Lui]
ULTRA until December 8th !!

Head/Eyes/Body - Catwa Catya Bento Head/Rigged Eyes
Maitreya Lara Body/Hands-Bento/Feet

Liz 03
Modified w/Avimote
 ♥ ♥
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Lighting - LUMIPro 2017


LOOK 1295

♥SKIN:   itGirls - Xion Catwa Applier - Tan Face
♥SHAPE:  itGirls  XION
♥HEAD: CATWA HEAD Catya Toothless v3.0
♥HAIR :  /Wasabi Pills/ Yoshiko Mesh Hair
♥OUTFIT:  Dazi Red Gown MAITREYA @Autumn Frost Exclusive
HAIR BASE:SIIX SIIX // Safari Hairbase // Brown
RINGS: Slipper - Autumn Bento Rings (Wear Me) (unpacked) @Autumn Frost Exclusive
E. Vary HUD Beauty Moles  [Omega
=Mirage= Sectional Sofa - Autumn Chill Adult @Autumn Frost Exclusive

LOOK 1294 Autumn Frost

LOOK 1294

♥SKIN:   itGirls - Xion Catwa Applier - Tan Face
♥SHAPE:  itGirls  XION
♥HEAD: CATWA HEAD Catya Toothless v3.0
♥HAIR : !!Firelight!!   FH2 - Busty Rigged Mesh Hair - Fatpack - Karya Gen2@Autumn Frost Exclusive
PANTS -- zOOm - Jeans V2 - Maitreya Lara@Autumn Frost Exclusive
HAIR BASE:SIIX SIIX // Safari Hairbase // Brown
E. Vary HUD Beauty Moles  [Omega]
♥GLASSES: ChiMIa/Specs:: Jamie Glasses
[TheRock] Fountain PG anims. v.F1 @Autumn Frost Exclusive

Not Just Any Animal Print

Nelly Furtado said, "I'm into cotton underwear. I don't need cheetah print leather to make me feel sexy." Animal print might not be needed to feel sexy, but there's just something about it. I've had a secret love affair with animal print my whole life, and when I see a gorgeous dress with exquisite animal print texturing, you'd better believe I want it! This is Sheba by I.M. Collection which can be found at FAD, for an equally exquisite price. Take your pick from four different colors or grab all of them.

My necklace is by !It!, a beauty named Jane's, with hud options to make it ohh, pretty much any color you'd prefer. This is a short necklace; note - I moved it down since I had such a wonderful scarf piece and open area with which to frame it.

The painting behind me is by BluPrintz, called The Wonder. It is part of a three painting set in the Staggered Stories collection. I really like it, and the more I gaze, the more I like it. Any of the artwork sets will make a wonderful addition to your living space. You'll find them for 50% at Genre.

Happy shopping!


Sheba (Orange)
Multi Fits
Exclusive @ FAD
150L per color; Fatpack (1 dress free) 450L
♥ ♥ ♥
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Necklace !It! (Indulge Temptation)
Jane's Necklace
@ Designer Circle until Nov 18th !!
Precious Bond Earrings
Previous Store Release
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Bento Palm Ring - Slipper Originals
Maitreya, Slink w/Hud
♥ ♥ ♥
More Store Info:
100% Original Mesh Designs

Painting - BluPrintz
Staggered Stories - The Wonder
50% off @ Genre

Hair - TRUTH - Makena
October VIP Group Gift

Hairbase - E. Vary - Lian (Omega)

.LeLutka. Chloe Bento Head & Rigged Eyes
Head Applier/Skin - Glam Affair (Chloe)
Maitreya Lara body/Bento hands/feet

Satine 03

Lighting - LUMIPro 2017

I Smell A Rat

I took my pet rat for a walk, and where better to go than a graveyard*. You can find your own prize rats by Sn@tch at Birthright by Pulse Games. Birthright is an interactive game with lots and lots of ghoulishly great prizes. My Vamp hair is also by Sn@tch, love-love-love it! My gown and skin/eye appliers are by Whymsical Marketplace named Lady Death. This can be found at the L'Elite Event; the set is quite fun and creepily sexy. I'm also wearing the Arachne ELITE set of jewelry by Zuri Jewelry. This is an older release, but I have no doubt it's still available 'cause it's too-too cool not to be - an extreme personal favorite.

It's almost Halloween!

*Honorable mention to CHEZ MOI FURNITURES for the Salem Witches Square. This is an older, previous release. I used pieces of it in my background. Here's your TAXI to go grab your own awesome builds!


Gown/Skin/Eyes - Whymsical Marketplace
Lady Death
Multi Fits/Appliers
Exclusive @ L'Elite Event October 10-30 !!
♥ ♥ ♥

Hair - :::Sn@tch:::
BIRTHRIGHT Prize Rat Black (SN@TCH-#6 of 6)
 ♥ ♥
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Jewelry - Zuri Rayna InWorld
Arachne Goddness ELITE
Previous Release
♥ ♥ ♥
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Hairbase - E. Vary - Mari (Omega)

.LeLutka. Chloe Bento Head & Rigged Eyes
Maitreya Lara body/Bento hands/feet

Zombie 4L

Lighting - LUMIPro 2017

He Caught Her Red Handed

Why no, darling, there's been no one else here.
I've spent the whole evening alone.
These flowers?
Behind my back?
I have no idea where they came from.
They just appeared.
It was really weird.


Hair - Alli&Ali Designs
Reds & Browns Sale
99Ls Per Color/Pack until November 23rd !!
♥ ♥ ♥
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Outfit - LUXE Paris Fashion House
Jumpsuit, Neck Corset, Bracelets
Exclusive @ Swank !!

Lips - P O E M A
Lorna Lane (Lelutka)
Exclusive @ Swank !!

Furniture/Decor - Outside the Box!
Collins Manor Fireplace
Rug Also Available
Exclusive @ Swank !!

♥ ♥ ♥
Swank - October
THEME:  Goth
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Girl Next Door
5 Poses + Mirrors, 300Ls
Exclusive @ Designer Showcase until October 31st !!
♥ ♥ ♥
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Hairbase - E. Vary - Yei (Omega)

Eyes - :::Sn@tch:::
Unrigged Mesh, System & Omega
30 Colors!!
  ♥ ♥
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Eyelashes - A R T E - Lashes - Mixed Styles [LeLutka]

.LeLutka. Chloe Bento Head & Rigged Eyes
Head Applier/Skin - Glam Affair (Ayama) @ Collabor88
Maitreya Lara body/Bento hands/feet

Flower_Rose Bouquet_Red

Lighting - LUMIPro 2017

Baby We Were Born To Roll

I traded my roller skates in for heels! It's rather of passage of life, is it not? As I child, I skated. As a woman, well...I'm happy to strut my stuff atop gorgeous heels like this. These are Nicolette Heels by Desmonia. The texture change options are many with lots of mix-and-match part changes, so the pair is extremely color versatile. That lended well for my plans with this particular texture of Desmonia's Renee Draped Back Dress! Many, many solid color selections on the hud and a few patterns as well, but this one is definitely my fave. The back is out on this one, ladies, with "rear cleavage." ;) The fit is fabulous.

The pose is one of a collection by NANTRA called Born to Roll. I also recently blogged another selection from the set HERE. As you can see, they're great on skates too!

Dress/Heels - -Desmonia- 
Renee Draped Back
Nicolette Heels - Direct to MP HERE
Multi Fits & Fatpack Extensive Huds
♥ ♥ ♥
More Store Info:

Pose - {NANTRA}
Born to Roll 1
6 Poses + Mirrors
The Liaison Collaborative until October 30th !!
♥ ♥ ♥
More Store Information:

Hair - TRUTH - Lisette

Hairbase - E. Vary - Lian (Omega)

.LeLutka. Chloe Bento Head & Rigged Eyes
Head Applier/Skin - Glam Affair (Ayama) @ Collabor88
Maitreya Lara body/Bento hands/feet

Backdrop - [ isuka ] - confliction#limited 
Previous Exclusive
Find other backdrops on MP HERE

Lighting - LUMIPro 2017

❤ Street Style ❤ Thxxx Elven . Thxxx Slackgirl & Thxxx Anybody !!!

Skin : E.Vary Nancy Skin T-8 for [Catwa]
Make Up : NOX. Onyx Liner 
Hair Base : Just Magnetized. Basic Hairbase - set 14 for CATWA
Hair : F.I.O.F.O (New!!)(Fi*Fridays) Autumn Hair Ombre 
Jacket : .:Villena:. Windbreaker Jacket - Vintage
Top : [.G.] (New!!)(Fi*Fridays) xXx Tank_ANTI-SOCIAL
Pants : !EE. (New!!) Highwaist pants v1 with HUD
Shoes : :::SG::: (New!!)(Anybody) Caliope Shoes
Earrings : LUXE. Bar Hoops Gold
Necklace : LUXE. Trio Necklace Gold
Piercing : LUXE. Choi Lip Ring Gold