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Fruity Fun

#taketomiWEST - Priyanka *NEW* @Ultra
#taketomiWEST - Esha *NEW* @Driver
*Both hairs include multistyle HUD

Head: CATWA Lona
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Sara Skin - Dolce
Body Shine: (Enfer Sombre*) Ecchi shine tattoo 
Pose Prop: FOXCITYFruity

Sugar Rush

Head: CATWA Lona
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Melissa skin - Amber tone *NEW* Cutie Loot
Eyeshadow: [Pink Fuel] Sugar Rush Eyeshadow *NEW* Cutie Loot
Hair: Mello. Sugar Bunny *NEW* Cutie Loot
Dress/Accessories/Lollipops: Una - Magical Candy *NEW* Cutie Loot
Hat: [The Forge] Icecream Splat.
Body Shine: (Enfer Sombre*) Ecchi shine tattoo 

I Had A Dream Last Night

I had a dream last night 
'Cause it looked just like a dream 
I had a dream last night 
But it looked unlike a dream
~Butthole Surfers

So all of these items can now be found in their respective shops for sale and some previous Cutie Loot items can be found as gifts in some stores as well.  Both of Unas and .Oppa's items are in their shop right now.  They are super cute, especially the Pusheens!!!

I Had A Dream Last Night


Skin: Melissa in Amber (On Catwa Lona) by Enfer Sombre *New*
Sugar Rush Dress & Lollipops Accessories by Una  *New*
Ellie Hair by Vallani  *New*
Donut Bangles Set by Noodles  *New*
Pusheen Sweet Collection: Pusheen w/ Cup, Pusheen Cup-Hat & Pusheen Girl by .Oppa *New*
Astrid Eyes by Suicidal Unborn
Pose: Beach Bunny 7m by Foxcity @ On9 *New*

Simple Clouds by +Half-Deer+
Lollipop Patch by Aisha
Lollipop Jar by What Next

Everyday Is A Holiday With You

Met him on Sunday, loved him by Tuesday afternoon
Woke up on Friday, changed my whole life to make some room

Better days and getaways cause everyday is a holiday with you

You've gotta let me know, gotta know for sure
Don't leave me out in the cold, gotta know for sure

He loves me . . . He loves me not . . . Not yet . . .He likes me . . .  Maybe . . . I kinda like him too

Everyday Is A Holiday With You


On Me:
Skin: Melissa in Amber (On Catwa Lona) by Enfer Sombre *New*
HitchHiker Hair by Tableau Vivant @ Collabor88 *New*
Miko Outfit by Altair @ Japonica *New*
Kimono pose (2015)-DELUXE- by Happy Dispatch

On Dark:
Katahaori Set by Gabriel @ Japonica *New*

Miller's House [w/o mill] by Soul Mates by Japonica *New*
Clothes Line Laundry Day, Clothes Basket, Washtub by Chez Moi @ Ultra *New*
Kingyo Lantern (MG Gold) Exclusive, Kingyo Lantern (New Years Red) Exclusive, Kingyo Lantern (White) Exclusive, Lantern Festival Zodiac Dog, Lantern Festival Zodiac Rooster by Melon Bunny @ The Epiphany *New*
Chicken Collection Wanderer by Jian

Blues @ Hair Fair 2017

Blues. Oakley
Blues. Olivia
Blues. Ordinary

Girl 1:
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Gabrielle Skin *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
Lipstick: (Enfer Sombre*)Catwa Lipstick applier - Gabrielle *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
Lolipop: :::ChicChica::: Kade #6

Girl 2:
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Sara Skin
Collar: .tsg. Magical Wand Collar - Large Pendant - Pink *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival

Girl 3:
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Sakura Skin
Drink: Hazy. I'm Sweet Gacha. Chocolate RARE

Dress (All): Hazy. Neko Sailor *NEW* @SaNaRae

Elikatira @ Hair Fair 2017

[e] Terryn *NEW*
[e] Clara *NEW*
[e] Thea *NEW*

Skins: (Enfer Sombre*) Sara / Sakura
Romper: The Secret Store - Clara Fitted Romper *NEW* @Collabor88
Glasses: .tsg. Trendy Summer Sunnies - Daisy [Yellow-Gold]
Drink: Hazy. I'm Sweet Gacha. Greentea

Return to Air

Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.     
~Nathaniel Hawthorne

Return to Air


On Me:
Skin: Mei in Porcelain (On Catwa Lona) by Enfer Sombre
Tuko Hair by Tableau Vivant @ Hair Fair 2017 *New*
Kimono: Naoko by Belle Epoque @ Japonica *New*
Milly Necklace by ERSCH @ The Project Se7en *New*
Pose: AoiHana-004 by j'adore @ Japonica *New*

Open Air Spa Hotel Set: Open air spa hotel-wall lamp, Bamboo curtain-B, Sofa, tea table, Stone lights, Lightboxes & Hotel house-RARE by Cherry House @ Japonica *New*

Souliers de KC No.02[Oboko] by Kyoko Couture @ Japonica *New*

A little piece of heaven

*Enfer Sombre - Gabrielle Lipstick colors

Head: CATWA Lona
Shape: ).MYSTERIKA.( Sarita Shape (CATWA Lona)
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Gabrielle Skin *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival 
Hair: taketomi - Chibiusa @Crystal Heart Festival 

Bindi: :Moon Amore: Dark Moon Bindi (Silver) FREE @Crystal Heart Festival 
Dress/Cape/Necklace/Bracelets: :Moon Amore: Dark Moon Queen @Crystal Heart Festival 
Nails: :Moon Amore: Senshi Nails @Crystal Heart Festival 
Wand: Violent Seduction - Cosmos Wand (Cosmos) @Crystal Heart Festival 
Heart: *Tentacio* Magic Deer. Magic heart @Crystal Heart Festival 

Unicorn: +Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story - Watchful

Kawaii Overload #4

Head: CATWA Lona
Shape: ).MYSTERIKA.( Sarita Shape (CATWA Lona)
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Gabrielle Skin *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival 
Eyes: .tsg. Lumenis Eyes - Ice Blue
Kisses makeup: LEPUNK Kisses for Catwa BAG Group Gift
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Melli hair V.I.P. Groupgift

Headband: .tsg. Lunar Kitty Headband - Pink *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
Collar: .tsg. Magical Key Collar - Large Pendant - Pink *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
Bracelet: .tsg. Unicute Charm Bracelet - Rainbow
Nails: :Moon Amore: Senshi Nails *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
Top: Sweet Thing. Sailor Suit - Chibi Top (Maitreya)

Bunnies: +Half-Deer+ Moon Bunny Companions (Fairy/Rose) *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival

Wasabi Pills @ Hair Fair 2017

Wasabi Pills brings 3 exclusive hairstyles for Hair Fair 2017. The short hair shown in the middle called "Camille" comes in two versions. All Hair Fair sales donate to charity (Wigs for kids)!
/Wasabi Pills/ Elle Mesh Hair *NEW*
/Wasabi Pills/ Camille Mesh Hair *NEW*
/Wasabi Pills/ Sienna Mesh Hair *NEW*

Girl 1:
Skin:(Enfer Sombre*) Sakura Skin
Dress: AMITOMO / ordinary life GACHA / XS / 5

Girl 2:
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Catwa Skin applier - Peach - Lydia gacha
Glasses: {Imeka} Heart Sunglass *NEW* @Cutie Loot June
Dress: AMITOMO /  Girl Like Me GACHA / XS - 4

Girl 3:
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Sara Skin
Dress: DAMI 'day in early spring' GACHA xs #1