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PRISM @ Designer Showcase- Journey Jeans & Journey Jean Tops

The days of summer are waning, but the Designer of PRISM still brings the colors I love! Today I show the two exclusive designs at Designer Showcase called “Journey Jeans and Journey Jean Tops”. Stylish casual separates, these items are fitted for eBody, Curvy, Fine, Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya, Physique, and Venus Mesh Bodies, shown here with the Maitreya Mesh Body. They each come in four patterned “surfside Fade” jeans and four “seaside fade” solid tops, each sold separately so you can mix and match at your choosing. Demos are available also. Love the details on the prints of the jeans with pockets on the back, and the top keeps you warm for that evening stroll on the beach! PRISM and color- what a combination! This round of Designer Showcase will end on August 31st. Take good care- Xio

Jeans & Top in “Driftwood” Texture
Jeans & Top in “Sea Glass” Texture
Jeans in “Tropico” Texture & Top in “Coral” Texture
PRISM- Journey Jeans Back Details


Jeans & Top- Journey Jeans & Journey Jeans Top- PRISM @ Designer Showcase

Hair- Sassafras – Analog Dog

Necklace- Lorelei in Silver- Supernatural

Bracelets- Aqvila Bracelets- RealEvil Industries

Shoes- Shell Espadrilles- Slipper Originals

Open Air Concert..

hive are at Rewind 70s event, with a concert stage and barricade set.  The set includes, stage lights both scripted and un-scripted, strobe and light beam versions, a stage floor, and single modular piece to build your own, stage trusses, short, long and corner pieces.  The set also includes floor and trusses put together, for a quick set up.  The crowd barricades come in white and a pale yellow colour, with and without connectors.  

hive // rewind 70s . concert stage + barricade kit @ Rewind
hive // words is yours sign [non-blinking version]
Anna Erotica - Cobblestone_End
TA Rock Amp
TA Code Guitar (Stand)
TA Rock Guitar Stand
Wimey: The Bad Seeds Drum Set RARE (gacha)
Wimey: Rock It Out! Stool (Black) (gacha)
Wimey: Hazer (Click Toggle on/off) (gacha)
Wimey: Rock It Out! Guitar Black (gacha)
Wimey: Rock it Out! Speaker (gacha)
GCD - Vintage Microphone with Stand(mesh v2.1)
CONVAIR Plains Windmill
Two Moon Gardens - Mountain Retreat 


Enchantment theme is 'one thousand and one nights', which opened on August the 12th ... and DaD Design has an amazing build called 'The Secret Garden'.  The Secret Garden is a open air build, which has been inspired by Arab architecture.  There is a water way area in the middle of the build, and garden beds which can be moved, including a palm tree.   The gazebo area includes a wrought iron structure with beautiful soft curtains which frame the build - these can be changed, either transparent or stars and are able to be colour changed via the edit menu (instruction in the NC included).  The palm tree's have a menu, when touched to pick from the wind version, sound and resize.
The footprint measures 20 X 25.3 M and is 163 in land impact.  

DaD DESIGN "The Secret Garden" @ Enchantment
DaD - Blowing Curtains
The Looking Glass - The Lantern Tree Potted Plants (gacha) @ Enchantment 
Heart - Coco Palms-Groves-Mixed
Soy. Potted Cactus Opuntia [Ssize]
Soy. Potted Cactus Opuntia [Lsize]
The Loft & ARIA - Troubadour Potted Prickly Pear Cactus
{what next} Oasis Bloom - Prickly Pear Cactus Planter
{what next} Oasis Bloom - Tall Cactus Planter
~BAZAR~Morocco-Potted plant
~BAZAR~Morocco-Sofa ADULT
~BAZAR~Morocco-Fire table
~BAZAR~Morocco-Side table
Trompe Loeil - Oasis Glass Lantern Blue
(Milk Motion) Cactus w/ pot 1 (gacha)
Ariskea[Paradise] Plant Cactus (gacha)

DE.Boutique @ Designer Showcase- Mak Outfit & Isla Heels

So great to find stylish fashion at a great price and quality at Designer Showcase. DE.Boutique offers two exclusives for the August Round that compliment each other beautifully. Today I show the “Mak Outfit” and the “Isla Heels“. Both exclusives come in Fatpacks for a mere 198L each. The Mak Outfit consists of skirt and top and is fitted for Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink mesh Bodies, shown here with Maitreya. The Isla Heels are fitted for the same with a mega hud giving you 20 colors! The hud for the skirt and top has eight texture choices each, so I have multiple outfits within a click! All can be worn together or separately and that’s a plus in the fashion world today. Demos are also available. The August round of Designer Showcase will end on the 31st. Take good care- Xio






Skirt & Top- Mak Outfit- DE.Boutique @ Designer Showcase 

Shoes- Isla Heels- DE.Boutique @ Designer Showcase

Hair- Samadhi- Analog Dog

Bracelets- Sedora Bracelets- Kunglers

Necklace- Trinity Necklace- Swallow

Designer Showcase- square logo

Swan Princess…

Epiphany is open, and runs through till August 15th. unKindness has an amazing set available in gacha form, for those that love the whimsical and mystical.  However, in saying that, this cute set could be made into a more neutral theme as well.  It is all in the imagination and how the 'player' perceives the set.  The first thing that came to my mind, was the Swan Princess, a story my Mother read to me as a child ... so I re-created .... and it brought many of smiles.....  

The collection includes - Birdhouse 1 and 2, Cloudies Blue - Gold - Pink - Teal and Violet, Miss Moon Gold and Silver, Tree Pink and Silver, House RARE, Chandelier which is the exclusive item, and the side table (not featured) as a gift.  

I teamed this set with some of the beautiful items available from {anc} ... it all melded so beautifully ...

uK - Victorian Dreamscapes Gacha  @ Epiphany
{anc} NO LIMITS // flock of flying doves. [sugar white] (gacha) (unlinked an resized)
box)10 {anc} miniature/H. swan {milk} (gacha)  (unlinked and resized)
{anc} crystal cluster {IRON / gold}(S) FIELD 
{anc} happyendpark.pennant garlands  (gacha)

Chop Zuey @ The Aloha Fair- The Kaia Ocean Set With Diadem

If you have not had the time to visit the summer event of the year- The Aloha Fair, you are missing some great exclusive designs! Today I show “The Kaia Ocean Set With Diadem” from Chop Zuey Couture Jewelers. This whimsical water set comes with diadem, necklace, earrings, and ten bangles! There are also two pre- configured bangle bunches to wear. This set is so very lustrous and perfectly detailed with pearls from the sea, shells, mixed gems and sea horses all set in beautiful rose gold metals. Resizers are built into each piece for perfect fit. Be the queen of the ocean or have a special night on the town- either way The Kaia Ocean Set will please you. The Aloha Fair will end on August 11th. take good care- Xio







Jewelry- The Kaia Ocean Set With Diadem- Chop Zuey @ The Aloha Fair  

Hair- Paradox- Stealthic

Mermaid Outfit- Ligie Mermaid- Gaeline Fashion-

Kaia Ocean Set with Diadem

style 480

Head : Slink Visage Head Pack - Becky
Hair:(r)M Hair, No.39'16
Dress:Kaithleen's Silky Latex Set
Footwear: * Stelloane Delicious Babe overknee boots

Something in red !

Hello, my sweet sl fashionistas !!!

Hope your holidays are going well, my home island in rl is soooo full atm, feeling like I hardly can breathe 😛 Okie we all have realized that SL is full of events and lovely talented designers.  I  wish I had the time to blog and promote more, but my time, especially in summer time, is limited and I do feel bad when I can not cope with all of you….. so I am sorry about that !!! So here is one more blog post featuring mostly items from Kustom9 – L8 events. Enjoy  ❤


What I wear :

  • FOXY – Rival Hair, comes with hairstyle Hud
  • PUMPKIN– Denim skirt in black
  • LUXE  Selma poses comes with curvy version too
  • ZENITH – Piggy Macsron | Gacha

All can be found at Kustom9 July round until 10th of August New

  • SAFIRA – Mavis top -red | Limited Quantity
  • TOUCHIC– Megan Necklace | Limited Quantity

All can be found until 13th of August at  Limit8 New

  • THE OAK – Reese Bag | July Group gift  | comes with a color hug  @ main store  New
  • BAUHAUS MOVEMENT –  Coco Bracelet available @ Uber New
  • NANIKA – Tricia tattoo Rare, white available @ Sanarae New
  • STUDIO EXPOSURE– Pool party eyeshadow and lipstick for catwa available @ main store
Click to view slideshow.


Chop Zuey @ The Aloha Fair- The Besos Collection In Silver

The awesome Designer of Chop Zuey is one of the sponsors of The Aloha Fair for 2017 and they have two exclusive designs you must add to your wardrobe. Today I show “The Besos Collection In Silver”. This ensemble consists of necklace, two sets of earrings, and four bracelets. This bold collection is created from combinations of black, rose, and gray pearl cabochonne, and the results are stunning. Resizers are built into each piece allowing perfect fit and as much glam as you would like. Perfect for a dance on a cruise or at home! The Aloha Fair ends on August 11th. Take good care- Xio

Besos Collection with beige earrings and bracelet A
Besos Collection- Black earrings with bracelet B
Besos Collection- Black earrings and bracelet C
Besos Collection- Black earrings with bracelet D
Wear more than one together!



Jewelry- The Besos Collection In Silver- Chop Zuey @ The Aloha Fair

Hat- Lexie Hat- DIRAM

Hair- Morita- Doux

Dress- Aretha- Ricielli @ Cosmopolitan Events

Besos Collection -Slv-Blk

Chop Zuey @ The Aloha Fair- Free Gift- The Maui Maui Set

So I understand The Aloha Fair opened on yesterday, 28July. This may be the event of the summer season, with designers such as Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry sponsoring. This evening I am on vacation at my beach home and wearing the FREE Gift offered by Chop Zuey. This is called the “Maui Maui Set” and is beautiful to show. The set consists of Necklace, two Bracelets, and Earrings in mixed gems, stones, and beach glass. With so many pretty colors in this set it is easy to compliment anything in your wardrobe. resizers are built into all the pieces individually so you can go big or small, your choice. Chop Zuey invites you to 15 days of best summer sales with The Aloha Event ending on August 11th. The Maui Maui Set is found at the Event along with two exclusive designs I shall show later. Take good care- Xio



Jewelry Set- Maui Maui- Chop Zuey @ The Aloha Fair

Hair- Paradox- Stealthic

Rings- Lovey Bento Rings- Slipper Originals

Maui Maui Set