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Soul Searching

The light is receding 
The days are growing dim 
Slowly we descend 
Into autumn's waiting arms 

Fear not the withering of age 
Fear not winter's deathly touch 
Somewhere deep below us a fire glows 
Waiting to emerge once again

Soul Searching


Skin & Lipstick: Miriam in India (Catwa Lona) by Glam Affair @ Kinky Event *New*
Hell's Blessing 4 & Exclusive (Tears & Tattoo) by VileCult @ The Epiphany *New*
AstraBody by Una @ Kinky Event *New*
Head Accessory - Vines [red] & Face Accessory - Leila [brown] by LODE
Hair: Autumn Breeze by Exile *New*
Boaz Staff by Plastik @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Demon Eyes by Izzie's @ Salem *New*
Pose: Ingrum 07 by Eternal Dream @ Genre *New*

Her Secondlife

 To some, Second Life is just a game like any other video game. But, regardless to how you view it, there is one truth that holds constant. There are real people with real feelings behind the avatars, so let's be kind to each other.

 7 Deadly s[K]ins created the lovely KATE in 2 versions. Each box contains Omega mesh head appliers based on the LAQ head, Gaia, in 5 skin tones. These great appliers apply the face & BODY all at once! Worn here with the Catwa Catya head and Maitreya body.

The eyes shown are Haunted in blue by Banana Banshee.This box includes a pair of scripted mesh eyes, an applier for Omega/Genesis eyes, system eyes in dark and white sclera options, and alpha layer.

.kosmetik created the lovely lipstick,aspen, for Catwa and Omega. This comes with 12 texture choices and is on exclusive at Has#tag- Autumn Oct 15-30

 Chop Zuey has some amazing gifts out for their VIPs and even one for everyone. The August Eclipse Set is hud managed with texture change hud and resizer. This gorgeous jewelry can be textured to go with any outfit. For everyone, there is the matching diadem, also resizeable and including a texture change hud. Thank you Belle!

Enigma Apparel designed the cute Danny outfit. This includes mesh top, mesh shorts, shoes, & hud. Compatible with Belleza, Maitreya & Slink. Another great exclusive at Has#tag- Autumn

#PrettyGirlRock designed the great braided, Cocoa Hair V which comes with a texture applier containing 12 different colors in 2 sizes. This also is an item at Has#tag- Autumn

Dark Passions created some great nails for Genre Oct 15-Nov 11.  Raven Of The Past includes 9 textures with appliers for Slink, Maitreya and Omega.

Emberotic's Fashion Design created the Girly tattoo as a gift at The Darkness Oct 5-31. It includes appliers for Belleza, eBody, Maitreya and Omega.

Something New is celebrating their 5th birthday! They have lots of great items out for us, such as this pose prop set called, Her Secondlife. There is the actual pose prop room with all the poses as well as separate pose props that you can use in your own setting. A version is available for men and women alike. Available at the main store with your group tag.


Oh the dead have awakened, wearing their finest burial clothing. This one must have been a queen of something, or maybe she just liked headdresses. In any case, she was pretty well dressed for her burial.

 .:Joplino:. created another great backdrop called, Creep it Real as an exclusive for Suicide Dollz Oct 15-27th.

7 Deadly s[K]ins has created a bunch of amazing drow skins from her previously released skins such as Pepper as shown above. She is an Omega applier based face&body skin and comes in three drow shades. She is also a prize in the VIP Halloween hunt happening now, or you can simply purchase her and some of the other drow skins at the main store. 

The hair I am wearing is CIR Lamebrain Hair by Mello. One of the items you can win via PoCkeTGaCha

Zombie Suicide created the Broken Bracelet Cross. This is non rigged mesh which includes a texture change hud with 6 cross options. An exclusive at Chamber of Darkness- Halloween Oct 11-Nov 1 . Also at the event are these great Vortex mesh eyes by Porcelan. These include an Omega applier as well. I have them on with the Omega System Kit - Eyes v.1.3.
VENGE created these great Web Lashes for Catwa. These are an exclusive at the UnderDog Event Oct 11-Nov 4.

Dark Passions created some great nails for Genre Oct 15-Nov 11.  Raven Of The Past includes 9 textures with appliers for Slink, Maitreya and Omega.

The Little Bat created the lovely Lydia Necklace for Chamber of Darkness- Halloween. This unrigged mesh, resize scripted necklace includes an 8 color hud.

Also at Chamber of Darkness- Halloween are the Dark Cutie & spiders shoes by Stelloane for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink, flat feet. They also include an Omega applier to put blood on your feet as well as a texture change hud for the ribbons. There is also the Eternal Life Tattoo by W:6 which include Omega huds for face and body, as well as appliers for Lelutka, Catwa, Maitreya, Slink and Belleza. With system layers in choices of white, red and black.

W:6 also created the Wing harness. This great harness comes with a texture change menu for wings, straps and ring. Made to fit Belleza, Slink and Maitreya. Beauty of Darkness also has this great Halloween Cat Bodysuit exclusive. It includes system layers, and a big multi applier. Both can be found at Chamber of Darkness- Halloween
Fashiowl Poses created the great poses used in this post.  Zombie is a 5 pack of poses exclusively for Limit8 Opened Oct 18


Climbed up high where the air is thinner and got a bit dizzy. I was lucky that there was a building up there that I could lean up against for a bit until my head cleared. Some might wonder why we like to go up so high and I know my answer is the VIEW. You can see clear across the valley from up here. Such a great sense of freedom, even if the air gets a bit chilly.

 7 Deadly s[K]ins designed this lovely skin named, Serika. This Omega applier skin is based on the Laqroki mesh heads, but can be worn with any that are use Omega. It includes 6 skin tones and there are two different boxes to choose from with different versions of the skin. Also available is a shape with eyebrow shaper.  I am wearing the skin in the pineapple tone.
Also worn:
Maitreya Lara Body4.1
Catwa Catya head
 I also have on the Catwa Catya shape by
I got these great Green Eyes by Azdesign as a VIP gift at Limit8's Birthday Round ends Oct 13. They include system, mesh, Catwa and Lelutka applier.
 Sn@tch has another fantastic new hair out for us this week. Milla is available in your choice of 5 different color packs or you can purchase as a fatpack.

 Facepalm Clothing Company designed the cute Punky dress with 2 individual hud options or it can be purchased as a fatpack which comes with both and a bonus hud. This comes in standard fitmesh sizes and is also compatible with Maitreya, eBody, Tonic, Slink, Belleza and TMP.
 .:Joplino:. has a great new pose set out as an exclusive for Suicide Dollz Oct 1-13.  Against the Wall consists of 5 poses + mirrors.

 VENGE has a couple of great items out for us as well. The  Gothic Soot Shadow for Catwa & Omega comes in 5 color choices, includes system layers and is an exclusive at the Makeover Room Oct 1-26. And the Acid Trip Catwa Lashes are an exclusive at Suicide Dollz and come with 4 vibrant color choices. 
Indulge Temptation brings us the lovely Samhain Set which is an exclusive, with 6 different hud options available for purchase, at Designer Circle until October 14.
Dark Passions created the amazing Celtic Couture nails in your choice of Silver or Gold celtic design packs, for Genre’s Celtic Theme Sept 15 – October 11, 2017. This includes appliers for Slink, Maitreya and Omega with 10 fantastic color choices.

Hilly Haalan had these great Vegas Heels in 2 styles on sale this week for Hello Tuesday. They are compatible with SLink,TMP, Maitreya, NCore, and Eve feet.

The pictures were taken in the Windlight | Vertigo | setting

Days Go By

Kitja –  Tanja Jumper & Jeans @ Uber

Hair – Truth – Taja (Selection)
Head – Catwa – Catya Bento Mesh Head
Body – Belleza – Freya Mesh Body
Skin – Itgirls – Milan (Tan – Catwa Applier)
Brows – Mila – Attractive Eyebrows
Eye Color Applier – Euphoric – Euphoria
Lipstick – Itgirls – Drama Lips (Catwa)
Sweater – Kitja – Tanja Jumper (Navy) @ Uber      *NEW*
Jeans – Kitja – Tanja Jeans (Faded) @ Uber     *NEW*
Hands – Vista – Vista Bento Prohands Female
Polish – DP – Koffin Nails (Celtic Couture) @ Genre    *NEW*
Shoes – Noir – Nicki Sneakers

Poses – Foxcity – On Point  Volume 1 & 2 @ Sanarae    *NEW*

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The Promenade

Early in the morning, I enjoy some quiet time by myself, sometimes. Sitting out by the water, listening to the waves and sea birds while the sun gently brushes over my skin in it's climb to the sky.

 Rock Your Rack by Models Giving Back  will open at 12am on September 30th and there are sure a LOT of fantastic items that will be waiting for you. Not only exclusives, but a hunt, music, and fantastic sales, all to help raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. One of the many fantastic exclusives at the event is the Laura Doddle Outfit by Emerald Couture. This great outfit which includes dress and pumps compatible with Slink and Maitreya, is available in Blue(as shown), gray, aqua, brown, pink and purple.

Image Essentials created this lovely pose prop named, Promenade. This includes single poses for men/women as well as couple poses. A beautiful item for photography near the water or even looking out over a canyon. This is exclusively found at 4Mesh Sept 12-Oct 11.

 7 Deadly s[K]ins created a fantastic new skin for us. Rood comes in two versions, freckled or plain. Each box containing an Omega applier based skin modeled after the Akeruka Bento mesh heads. It includes 7 skin tones, ( I have dew), and applies both the face & body at the same time.
Also worn:
Akeruka Kumiko Bento Head NEW GEN Vers. 2.6 (GROUP GIFT for limited time)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Vista Animations Bento Prohands V2

Banana Banshee has some more fantastic eyes for us. The Arora Eyes come in 10 colors, each in 5 tones : dark, lively, medium, pastel and light.(Shown are eyes from the medium pack) You can purchase each color separately or in a pack. These include mesh eyes and also an applier for Omega/Genesis.

Lamb. designed this lovely long hairstyle named, Light, as an exclusive for Luxebox September 2017. This includes two hair versions in two sizes and many hair texture huds. 

Dark Passions created the amazing Celtic Couture nails in your choice of Silver or Gold celtic design packs, for Genre’s Celtic Theme Sept 15 – October 11, 2017. This includes appliers for Slink, Maitreya and Omega with 10 fantastic color choices.

The Autumn Of Her Life

 So many years she has been my best friend and my loyal companion. Never judging me, simply loving me unconditionally. We began so much younger, life looked brand new then. As we ventured out on our latest journey, jumping through ponds, chasing unsuspecting cats and squirrels, even just lounging about in silent conversation. Those conversations continue, but she's older now. Her joints don't work like they used to, her movements have slowed down, gray hair now covers her muzzle and her eyesight isn't as good as it was before. But, her love never falters and mine will not either. I will remain here with her, never faltering in my love as her body grows old and her time to move on has come, for she has taught me how to love as well. 

 7 Deadly s[K]ins created a fantastic new skin for us. Rood comes in two versions, freckled or plain. Each box containing an Omega applier based skin modeled after the AK Bento mesh heads. It includes 7 skin tones, ( I have on freckled apricot), and applies both the face & body at the same time.
Also worn:
Catwa Catya head
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Vista Animations Bento Prohands V2

 VENGE created some more amazing Catwa Lashes! These Nightmare lashes are an exclusive at Suicide Dollz Sept 17-29. They include 5 fantastic color choices to match up with your favorite looks.

Banana Banshee created the mystical eyes called, Magic. The vibrant eyes are available in 6 single colors + 1 fatpack and a $12L birthday treat! Exclusively at  Twe12ve’s Birthday Round Sept 12-30

BLAXIUM has created some lovely Salma Bento Piercings as an exclusive for the Elite event Oct 8-21. These are made to fit Catwa and Lelutka bento heads and come with a 10 texture hud for the metals as well as the stones.

Sn@tch has another great Fish 4 This round for us. The Fish For This Fall Grab Bag includes 20 different bags to fish four, including tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, hair, makeup, and dresses. One of those items is the Deadly Matte Lipstick in Fall Bronze and Taupe. It includes system tattoo layers and an Omega applier. 

 Sn@tch has a beautiful long hair style, Carson as one of their newest releases. This comes in 2 sizes and has 5 texture pack choices to choose from.

Dark Passions created the amazing Celtic Couture nails in your choice of Silver or Gold celtic design packs, for Genre's Celtic Theme Sept 15 - October 11, 2017. This includes appliers for Slink, Maitreya and Omega with 10 fantastic color choices.

Sn@tch has some great shoes on special this week for Sn@tch-n-Grab. The Omara Oxford Booties are unrigged and resizeable. They include a texture hud containing 18 colors, black heels and trim.

Sn@tch has another great new release. The Horror Doll Crop Tops are sheer system top with 14 appliques just in the right spot, and also include an Omega applier.

Another item from Sn@tch's Fish For This Fall Grab Bag is the Passionata Necklace (Pewter). This is resizeable and looks great with the new tops.

Also a new release is the Monster Corset Minis by Sn@tch. These rigged mesh minis include a texture change hud containing 24 patterns and come in 7 fitmesh sizes. Mix and match these up with the new tops for some fantastic styles.

And another wonderful item from the Sn@tch Fish 4 This Fall Grab Bags is the Dope Socks & Fishnets (Khaki). This includes 2 textures, in system layers and Omega applier.

Thank you Joplino for creating this amazing pose prop which brought back some wonderful memories for me. This prop comes with 5 different poses and is named Trust in Paws. It is an exclusive at Suicide Dollz Sept 17-29..

-In loving memory of Diva and all those loving pets who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge-

The Drinking Loving Dancers

Let us drink, let's make love,
Let us dance the whole night.
We shall sleep when we are dead,
And we won't put up a fight.
~Corvus Corax

Just a few more days left of Imaginarium.  You do not want to miss this amazing set from Moon Sha.  Its a grape making set and it is so great for those historical and fantasy sims as well as photos too.  There are red and green grapes to pick from.  The barrels have animations for grape stomping and the cart also has animations too!  Genres theme this round is "The Celts".  You do not want to miss these amazing creations.  I am featuring this awesome hut by Anachron that has a fire in the middle, a lovely dress by The Annex (fits Maitreya & Slink bodies), a necklace with the worlds tree by Zanzibar and a brand new skin by Stargazer Creations.  Enjoy this image!

The Drinking Loving Dancers


On Me:
Skin Set - Caledonia (On Lelutka May) by Stargazer Creations @ Genre *New*
Hair: Tether by Exile @ eBento *New*
Bonnie Dress by The Annex @ Genre *New*
Beatha Necklace {brown} by ZcZ @ Genre *New*
Pose: Miss NYC 20 by LiLiths Poses

Grapes Gacha Set:  Handcart - Grapes & Wine - Purple, Grape Stopming - Purple, Little Wine Barrels, Crate Must & Grapes - Green, Grapes & Cubes - Purple,  Grapes & Cubes - Green, Hanging Grapes - Purple, Hanging Grapes - Purple & Vineyard Table by Moon_Sha @ Imaginarium *New*

Iron Age Celtic Roundhouse - Plaster by Anachron @ Genre *New*

Look No. 510: RoCkEt QuEeN

Hello again my lovelies!

I decided to bring you another anyBODY event (closes September 30th) exclusive from Vague. I also have Carol G. Tattoo Wear's exclusive at Shiny Shabby (closes October 15th), G&D's exclusive at On9 (closes September 28th), Dark Passions-Koffin Nails' exclusive at Genre and a new store release from [west end].

I hope you like what I have to show you. Until next time...happy shopping!


M Y  •  S T Y L E  •  C R E D I T S


Vague | Dishonor Dress | ANYBODY Exclusive

Fitted mesh compatible with Slink Hourglass/Physique and Maitreya Lara mesh bodies only • Comes packed with a color HUD that offers 3 ultra-clear and 9 semi-clear colors (I'm wearing one of the semi-clear colors in this post)

Important VAGUE store information
Inworld Store | Marketplace | Facebook | Flickr

Owner/Designer | Allure Enchanted

anyBODY Facebook Page
anyBODY Flickr Group
Flair For Events Blog


Carol G. Tattoo Wear | Athena Tattoo - Black | SHINY SHABBY Exclusive

An applier only tattoo for Belleza, Slink, Maitreya Lara, TMP and Omega-compatible mesh bodies • 3 ink colors available: red, black and white • Each color comes with 4 shades: 35%, 50%, 75% and 100%

Important CAROL G. TATTOO WEAR store information
Inworld Store | Marketplace | Facebook | Flickr | Store Blog

Owner/Designer | Carolina Gaelyth


Truth Hair | Athena - Reds | NEW Group Gift

Where To Get
Inworld Store

Owner/Designer | Truth Hawks


Nanika | Irene Set - Gold | SHINY SHABBY Exclusive

Owner/Designer | Sdevas


G&D | Chloe - Organge | On9 Exclusive

100% original mesh and textures designed to fit Slink, Belleza and Maitreya Lara mesh high feet • Comes packed with an 18-color HUD • 4 special edition colors also available (sold separately)

Important G&D store information
Inworld Store | Marketplace | Facebook | Flickr | Twitter

Owner/Designer | Diamanda Allen

B O D Y    U S E D

Maitreya | Mesh Body Lara v4.1

Where To Buy
Inworld Store

Owner/Designer | Onyx Leshelle

N A I L / T O E    A P P L I E R S    U S E D

Dark Passions-Koffin Nails | Celtic Couture - Gold Edition | GENRE Exclusive

Important DARK PASSIONS-KOFFIN NAILS store information
Inworld Store | Marketplace | Facebook | Flickr | Plurk | Store Blog

Owner/Designer | Bcreative Wilde

B E N T O    H E A D    U S E D

Akeruka | Lulu Bento Head  NEW GEN Vers. 2.6

Where To Buy
Inworld Store | Marketplace

Owner/Designer | KaoZ Koba

S H A P E    U S E D

[west end] | Dany Shape for Akeruka Lulu Bento Head | NEW Store Release

Comes packed with one copy/mod/no transfer shape and an eyebrow shape

Where To Buy
Inworld Store | Marketplace

Other important [WEST END] store information
Facebook | Flickr

E Y E S    U S E D

Ikon | Spectral Eyes - Dew

Where To Buy
Inworld Store

Owner/Designer | Ikon Innovia

S K I N    A P P L I E R    U S E D

Lara Hurley | Abby - Rose Pale

Where To Buy
Inworld Store

Owner/Designer | LaraHurley Rookstown

O T H E R  •  C R E D I T S

B A C K D R O P    U S E D

Isuka | Inbetween Backdrop | SHINY SHABBY Exclusive

Owner/Designer | Prince Diker

P O S E ( S )    U  S E D

Label Motion | Kate - Pose 6

Where To Buy
Inworld Store

Owner/Designer | Anne Dakun

L I G H T I N G    U S E D

LUMIPro 2017 v3

Where To Buy
Inworld Store

Creator | Stefan Buscaylet

Honey n Spice

Remember my name . . . 

When there's nothing left of you, you'll remember what to do....Release me. And the face in the mirror, will start to disappear, and the ancient shape, will start to reveal. I know you know me. Do you know who speaks through your voice, who tells you to make that choice, the one who makes you dream, the current in the stream. Oh I know you know me. I know you know me. But I'll sing to you, until you get through. I'll sing to you, until you get through. 

Honey n Spice


On Me:
Skin: Candice 12 in Brownie (On Lelutka May) by The Skinnery
Eden Lingerie by Moon Amore @ Frou Frou *New*
Casey Hair by Limerence @ Hairology *New*
Gems Eyepatch by Avenge @ Limit8 *New*
Nani Bangle, Bento Ring & Necklace by Meva @ Cosmopolitan Room *New*
Baltair v2 Tattoo by Endless Pain Tattoos @ Genre *New*
Pose: Hella Cute Vol2-5 by Foxcity @ On9 *New*

Honey Do Honey Pot by Unkindness