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2017 1018 Happy Dispatch@eBento | Insol Sale!


--- Happy Dispatch@eBento

[HD]Arm adjustable Bento pose kawaii-F

[HD]Arm adjustable Bento pose kawaii-F

---Insol Sale Oct17-20

(Showing Valery skin on CATWA Tala)

Now all Insol skins with 40 and 50% discount. All body appliers for free.

--- Mon Chéri

*MC* Seduce Me / Bra / Maitreya Lara
*MC* Seduce Me / Panty / Maitreya Lara

--- We<3RP 

[RA] Cindy fringe (add me, edit me)
[RA] Cindy Hair

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Attitude is a little thing that make a big difference

Attitude is a little thing that make a big difference

Cherry house –Kitchenette @The Seasons Story (NEW)

1.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Kitchenette-Cooking bench –RARE

3.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Wall cupboard A

4.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Wok & shovel

5.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Cup stand

6.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Cupboard

7.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Spice Rack

8.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Kitchenette-Hand sink

9.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Wall cupboard B

10.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Table

11.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Chopping rack

12.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Pumpkin

13.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Wall cabinet

Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Bottle & Bowl GIFT


cinphul // tiandi [collection] @ Cosmopolitan (NEW)

cinphul // tiandi [table]

cinphul // tiandi [cong]

cinphul // tiandi [bi]

cinphul // tiandi [stand]

cinphul // tiandi [xia]


Serenity Style-Inspired Space Set- (Previous Deco(c)rate)

Serenity Style- Inspired Space Desk

Serenity Style- Inspired Space Chair

Serenity Style- Inspired Space PC Screen

Serenity Style- Inspired Space Keyboard

Serenity Style- Inspired Space Mouse

Serenity Style- Inspired Space Picture Frame 1

Serenity Style- Inspired Space Picture Frame 2

Serenity Style- Inspired Space Picture Frame 3


SHEET.-(A) Amonia Decor & Events.


dust bunny . making cookies

dust bunny breakfast skillet


Apple Fall

Apple Fall Paris Apartment (fin)

Apple Fall Key Lamp (Nickel)

Apple Fall Key Table (Washed Light)

Apple Fall Handbag & Scarf

Apple Fall Natural Apples

Apple Fall Au Pain – Sourbread Baguette

Apple Fall Milk Urn w/ Wild Geraniums

Apple Fall Plantation Dining Table (Rustic)

Apple Fall Plantation Dining Chair (Cream)

Apple Fall Natural Weave Circular Rug – Grey


Fancy Decor: Outdoor Rug II


Essenz – Romania (Deco 2) (Group Gift)


:HAIKEI: Forever Yours_Gacha / {2}



[Ds] The Elegance Bed v1.0a [C/M/NT]

[Ds] HUD: Autumn Maroons  PKG  for the Elegance Bed v1.1

Fancy Decor
The Vordun: Book of Hours ca. 1450
The Vordun: Breviary ca. 1300
The Vordun: Book of Hours ca. 1460

Fancy Decor: Wendla Dresser (wine)

:HAIKEI: pompom circle cushion / ivory
Victorian/Oriental Rug - Wine/Gold
[Px] Golden Female Torso Mannequin
[Px] Studded Cushion (Gold)
BALACLAVA!! Polaroids Wall Hanging (Gold)
floorplan. bow chair / gold
*:..Silvery K..:*Glitter Curtain(Gold)

…You know just how to make my heart beat faster…

I am wearing:
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara 4.1. (by Onyx LeShelle)
Head:.LeLutka.Head.Chloe 3.0 w/new hud animations (by JadenArt) NEW
Applier Skin: Glam Affair - Pia Asia for Lelutka Head (by Aida Ewing) NEW@Kustom9 - Sept/Octo Ed.
Hair: DOUX - Astra Hairstyle [reds] (by Dami1710) NEW
Dress: {le fil casse} Dyana Dress w/hud colors  (by Jalinda  ) NEW@The Project Se7en 
Ring: :::ChicChica::: Lilo #11 RARE (by Lilo Denimore) NEW@LootBox - Sept/Octo Ed.

-My Little Set-

:Cheeky Pea:Charlie Bed PG&Adult (by Isla Gealach) NEW@Uber - Oct Ed.
:Cheeky Pea: Charlie Ottoman PG&Adult (by Isla Gealach) NEW@Uber - Oct Ed.
:Cheeky Pea:Charlie Shelves (by Isla Gealach)NEW@Uber - Oct Ed.
:Cheeky Pea:Charlie Frames (by Isla Gealach)NEW@Uber - Oct Ed.
:Cheeky Pea:Charlie Boxes (by Isla Gealach) NEW@Uber - Oct Ed.
:Cheeky Pea:Charlie Plant Vase (by Isla Gealach) NEW@Uber - Oct Ed.
:Cheeky Pea:Book Decor Dollarbie (by Isla Gealach) NEW@Uber - Oct Ed.
:Cheeky Pea:Charlie Bluebird (by Isla Gealach) NEW@Uber - Oct Ed.
:Cheeky Pea:Charlie Lightbox (by Isla Gealach) NEW@Uber - Oct Ed.
uK - Victorian Book Stand Her Studies RARE (by Poe Rozenberg) NEW@LootBox - Sept/Octo Ed.
[ zerkalo ] Organic Wall Ornaments - Love Birds - Light (by AnaisTerpellie)  NEW@LootBox - Sept/Octo Ed.
:HAIKEI: Take Me Away_Gacha / {3} (byqo0op) NEW@Kustom9 - Sept/Octo Ed.
O.M.E.N - I Heart Roo (by DamascusVera) NEW@ForMax 
dust bunny . welcome mat . hello (by lxlNoel)  NEW@Group Gift
dust bunny . olivia armoire . brown (by lxlNoel) NEW@Collabor'88 - Sept Ed.
dust bunny . olive branch heart (by lxlNoel) NEW@ForMax 
Scarlet Creative Maxwell Table and Tray (by Charlotte Bartlett) NEW@ForMax 
Mikunch Retro bicycle (cute cream)(rez) 5 (by lllMiku) NEW@Sanarae - Sept/Octo Ed.
The Loft & Aria - Zoete  Book Pile (by Yelo Uriza) NEW@Collabor'88 - Sept Ed.
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life - Guitar - RARE (by AnaisTerpellie) NEW@The Gacha Guardians - Octo Ed.
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life - Recordplayer - Red (by AnaisTerpellie) NEW@The Gacha Guardians - Octo Ed.
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life - Record Player Stand (by AnaisTerpellie) NEW@The Gacha Guardians - Octo Ed.
TLC Autumn Sunflower Field with Birds (by TLCHomeCollection) NEW@Cosmopolitan
Myrrlne - NORBERT II GACHA books in basket (by Myrrlne) NEW@Cosmopolitan
..::THOR::.. Book of FairyTales (by Andraus Thor)
..::THOR::.. Ashtray (by Andraus Thor)
junk. winter love garden chair. cushion.(by Tab Tatham)
Apple Fall Milton Curtains (by warehousefifteendesigns)
malone. jade rug (texture change) (by jademorrowmalone)

Kaleidoscope Attic …

Zen Creations have some beautiful, well affordable items, and are continually bringing out new releases to suit all decor styles.  Kaleidoscope was released a little while ago, and its a beautiful set, gorgeous colour pallet, in a shabby style.  Please see vendor images, for full details, and colours.  The set consists of chair with hanging blanket, this chair contains a series of adult animations, including cuddles and kisses, and single sits.  Also, the stool contains 3 single sits.  There is also an Armoire with open, closed door options, hanging plank table, stained glass windows, round lanterns, cylinder lantern, pillow piles, framed art, and floor rug.

Then, there is the Zen Creations 'Vintage Decor Set' which teamed beautifully with the Kaleidoscope set.  Again, in a shabby chic style, of all muted tones (not bright, but blends beautifully together with Kaleidoscope).  The set contains a chair with 12 solo animations, a table, wooden mannequin, pillows of various types, easel with art, canvas board, candles, oil lantern with working flame, pitcher, and a floor rug. 

Zen Creations - Kaleidoscope Set (Adult & PG Menu) 
Bad Seed - Meche Cozy Cottage Rug 1 (gacha)
*LODE* Decor - Passiflora Vase [light] (gacha)
Apple Fall Heart String
Apple Fall Canvas Tote
Apple Fall Leather Moccasins
JIAN Countryside Collies :: Family Rug (gacha)
dust bunny . storybook living . lavender tin (gacha)
Knick Knacks - 2 lace curtain 1 - Straight
Serenity Style-Arya Wooden Forest Friends -Fox1 (gacha) @ Lootbox
Serenity Style-Arya Wooden Forest Friends -Owl (gacha) @ Lootbox
*Mon Cheri* Last Summer Days / Flower Arrangement #6 (gacha)
*MC* Last Summer Days / Wild Flowers Pink #4 (gacha)
*MC* Last Summer Days / Flowers in a bottle #17 (gacha)
Amala - Antique Jug of Flowers - White (gacha)
LISP - Grandma Posy Flowers Decor
hive // holly's hat boxes [neutral] (gacha)
Sway's [Darret] Stone Fireplace
Sway's [Darret] Fire Poker
:HAIKEI: Take Me Away_Gacha / RARE (gacha) @ Kustom 9
:HAIKEI: a faint glow gacha {5} (gacha)
3D Trees - Eucalyptus (Australia)


The Liaison Collaborative opens each month of the 7th at 3pm SLT, till the 30th with a new these each month.  This month the theme is Literal-ly Inspired and below, are some of the creators that have taken part in this current round....

Narcise has the beautiful 'Anais Chemise', a dreamy, formal gown, low cut front and back with gorgeous bow band wrapped above waist.  There are some gorgeous colours to oogle over, including a sheer hud choice, in various opacity.  There are 18 colours, and each segment of the dress can be colour changed - top, skirt, bow, and edging.  This gown is suitable for the Maitreya, Lara and the Slink, Hourglass mesh bodies.

On A Lark are part of The Liaison Collaborative this round, with a beautiful 'Thistle Ring Set'.  I have enclosed the vendor image below for close up detail.  The set is beautiful, so delicate with the most intricate details, I adore this set and a great range of colours in the hud. 

Colivati Beauty have the 'Gigi Lipstick Collection', for the Catwa and LeLutka mesh heads.  A pallet of delightful colours - 5 all up, which can be brightened or muted via the mesh head hud (under lipstick). 

Ama have the 'Minerva Necklace Set', which consists of two pieces, a choker and the rose chain that can be worn with each other, or alone.  

Zerkalo have created the 'Weathered Desk' in both PG and Adult versions.  Adult contains 14 single sits, and 10 couple adult animations and the PG contains 14 single sits.  The texturing is amazing, with the old world style, worn and antique ...a truly gorgeous piece to have as decor or to use for animations ....

I have included the 'Bitterwood Lamp' from Raindale as it was perfect for my scene, and was also featured in an earlier image 'here'.

Knick Knacks have a gacha of the 'La Chaise' Chairs - a collection of 8 chairs, with the rare being a matching bride and groom pair.  

ILAYA has created various sets of books - 'novels', and 'shabby novels' are featured and you can see the 'encyclopedia' versions in a previous post 'here'....

...and an lar [poses] have 'The Bronte Series' available at The Liaison Collaborative - a series of 5 poses, all beautiful, and graceful, with mirror poses.....

I'm also wearing a fairly new release by Truth Hair, called 'Sugar' this is the other fringe version available in the style hud - so unique and gorgeous!!!

TRUTH / Lady
#Colivati Beauty. Gigi Lipstick Collection [Catwa] @ The Liaison Collaborative
IKON Charm Eyes - Brown
amara beauty - Antonia 02 CATWA applier
*On A Lark* Thistle Gem Stone Ring @ The Liaison Collaborative
-Narcise- Anais Chemise - ML Fatpack @ The Liaison Collaborative
Ama. : Minerva Necklace Set : Rose @ The Liaison Collaborative
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1

[ zerkalo ] Weathered Desk - PG @ The Liaison Collaborative
::KKs:: La Chaise 7 (gacha) @ The Liaison Collaborative
[ILAYA] novels book pile 2 @ The Liaison Collaborative
[ILAYA] novels book pile 1 @ The Liaison Collaborative
[ILAYA] shabby novels book pile 1 @ The Liaison Collaborative
Serenity Style- Norah Imagination - Best Sellers (gacha) @ The Liaison Collaborative
[Black Tulip] Reading Set - An Open Book (gacha) @ The Liaison Collaborative
JIAN :: Raccoon Static (Look L)
Apple Fall Design a Planter 
=EliBaily= Ivy
:HAIKEI: Take Me Away_Gacha / RARE (gacha) @ Kustom9

an lar [poses] The Bronte Series (#3) @ The Liaison Collaborative


You can find the gorgeous 'Maldives' shoes by Essenz at The Trunk Show.  These gorgeous shoes, are fine detailed, and the string strands wind up past the knee with little bows.  Available for the Belleza Freya, and Isis, Maitreya, and Slink Hourglass ... and in a gorgeous array of colours - 18 all up with gold and silver accessory options and  2 sole options, black and tan.

M I L A  exclusive for The Trunk Show, beautiful make up for the bride-to-be, and also the most precious eye-diamonds.  Please see vendor image below for the full details of the set.  This set is available for both Catwa, and LeLutka mesh head wearers. I have soften the lip colour, via the catwa hud, the colours are pure and very striking ... the eye-shadow has gorgeous 'wings' and shimmer, available in some gorgeous shades.

[elikatira] have a precious, stunning upstyle available at The Trunk Show, available in all the usual colours and can be re-sized via edit menu.  Perfect for brides on their special day, or for any special occasion .... 

Glitz have the 'Belize Babydoll' set, which is available in a variety of colours and for the Maitreya, and Slink mesh bodies. 

MudHoney have a beautiful set available, I hope to feature this sometime soon as a full set.  I have featured the draped chair as It fits so perfectly into my scene.  The draped chair, comes with a colour hud which contains the choice of 6 wood colours, - this can be seen in the vendor image below..

Calm, have a choice of two 'Bridal Screens' at The Trunk Show .... firstly, the 'Something Blue' which is featured in this scene with beautiful blue fabric, and white wood details.  The other available, is in soft pink florals.... adorable.

Lastly, Zerkalo have a beautiful set available at The Trunk Show, which consists of a locket and key, and also a beautiful heart mobile ....

Essenz - Maldives (All colors) Maitreya @ The Trunk Show
[e] Noelia Hair - Essentials @ The Trunk Show
. MILA . Perfect Bride Makeup (Catwa & Lelutka) @ The Trunk Show
[Glitzz] Belize Babydoll - White - Maitreya @ The Trunk Show
Cae :: Madison Set
Glam Affair - Barbara Skin ASIA gacha)
IKON Charm Eyes - Apex
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara

Calm. Something Blue Bridal Screen @ The Trunk Show
MudHoney Lila Chair w/ Drape - White @ The Trunk Show
[ zerkalo ] My Heart @The Trunk Show
PILOT - Ruffle Ottoman Decor [white]
The Loft - Soft & Subtle [Arcade] - Curtain (gacha)
The Loft - Soft & Subtle [Arcade] - Retro Telephone (gacha)
Ariskea[Blush] Magnolia Leaf
+Half-Deer+ Birbies - Bunnikeet
Mikunch Flower pot (rose) (gacha)
Dead Dollz - THoB - Mermaid Style (gacha)
:HAIKEI: Belong To You / GACHA / RARE (gacha)

**Emination - Exhumed Pose**

It is a risk to love…

TRUTH Hair have the new group gift out called "Elie' ... Elie is available in group notices, within the TRUTH Hair VIP group, or in-world at the store.   You can become a member of the VIP group easily, via searching groups and joining, or looking up my profile and joining via the group that way.  It is a gorgeous hair, available in many glorious colours with the new huds, and also a variety of styles, using the style hud.  The style can be worn with and without hair clips, and I cannot believe how real those 'bobby clips' look ... adore them!!  Please see below vendor images for ways in which this hair can be styled...

...and I have also featured the gorgeous 'Farm Fresh' set by Zen Creations.  I haven't featured all the set, so please see the vendor image below, the shelving unit is missing from my image.   The complete set consists of door table, chair with pillow (pillow can be removed for posing), door corner shelf with potted plants, flowers and love sign, watering cans, floor pitcher of flowers, wooden toolbox, single tupips (in hand in image), wire basket, scissors, candle, rug and curtains.  It's a sweet set, and would look amazing in a variety of decor styles, but in particular 'country' ....

I'm wearing the beautiful jewel set called 'Derova' by Dahlia, please see the vendor image below for closer detail ... its beautiful.

CATWA HEAD Catya v1.16
Glam Affair - Sarah Applier ( Catwa  ) America 
Dahlia - Derova - Necklace and Earrings
IKON Charm Eyes - Apex
KITJA - Ginger Shorts BLACK @ Kustom9
KITJA - Ginger Top PINK @ Kustom 9
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara 

:HAIKEI: Belong To You / GACHA / RARE (gacha) @ Kustom9

LePoppycock *Comfort Zone* A  @ Collabor88

The Value of Time

Everyone’s time has value but one thing I’ve noticed is how much others don’t always value the time of other people. Like the debate on designers making items for different bodies. I think I’m going to talk about that in more detail at some point in the future but it is one example of people...