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2017 0721 KAGAMI – Happy Dispatch, DUE, NAMINOKE, Violetta and MonkeyGirl

Foxy Souls


Happy Dispatch [HD]Arm adjustable Bento pose *KITUNE-F*
Happy Dispatch [HD]My friend ghost <LIMITED>FOX White
[DUE] Yozakura
violetta. -female KAGAMI yukata2017 white
NAMINOKE  *N*Japanese Funeral Set
MonkeyGirl [MG]Japanese style Nail No.2

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Everyday Is A Holiday With You

Met him on Sunday, loved him by Tuesday afternoon
Woke up on Friday, changed my whole life to make some room

Better days and getaways cause everyday is a holiday with you

You've gotta let me know, gotta know for sure
Don't leave me out in the cold, gotta know for sure

He loves me . . . He loves me not . . . Not yet . . .He likes me . . .  Maybe . . . I kinda like him too

Everyday Is A Holiday With You


On Me:
Skin: Melissa in Amber (On Catwa Lona) by Enfer Sombre *New*
HitchHiker Hair by Tableau Vivant @ Collabor88 *New*
Miko Outfit by Altair @ Japonica *New*
Kimono pose (2015)-DELUXE- by Happy Dispatch

On Dark:
Katahaori Set by Gabriel @ Japonica *New*

Miller's House [w/o mill] by Soul Mates by Japonica *New*
Clothes Line Laundry Day, Clothes Basket, Washtub by Chez Moi @ Ultra *New*
Kingyo Lantern (MG Gold) Exclusive, Kingyo Lantern (New Years Red) Exclusive, Kingyo Lantern (White) Exclusive, Lantern Festival Zodiac Dog, Lantern Festival Zodiac Rooster by Melon Bunny @ The Epiphany *New*
Chicken Collection Wanderer by Jian

2017 0715 [The Forge] Beth@KUSTOM9 | Okinawa Summer Festival mix

Beach House

--- [The Forge]@KUSTOM9

[The Forge] Beth Bodysuit (Maitreya)
[The Forge] Beth Skirt (Maitreya)

--- Okinawa Summer Festival

[NANI] Kimi.Hair
Frangipani Garden *FG* Hibiscus Hair Flower <Red>
*katat0nik* (bluegreen) Summer Drink RARE
[HDxMGBeach side bar
no signal - - - Summer Dream gacha
++Twilight++ 3.Sink + Sake Okinawa style restaurant

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2017 0710 [White~Widow – Face Tattoo] Bird@On9 | ERSCH@We Love Role-Play


--- [White~Widow]@On9

[White~Widow - Face Tattoo] Bird (CATWA, Genesis, Lelutka, Omega)

--- ERSCH@We<3RP

ERSCH - Reign Set  (Comb, Earrings)

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2017 0709 [HDxMG]Beach side bar, BTTBxFKCN havet bag & wallet@Okinawa Summer Festival | [The Forge] Harper Outfit@The Seasons Story


--- [The Forge]@The Seasons Story (Juky 10th~)

[The Forge] Harper Set
[The Forge] Harper Sunhat.
[The Forge] Harper Cateye Sunglasses.
[The Forge] Harper Top
[The Forge] Harper Bottoms

--- Okinawa Summer Festival

Happy Dispatch x MonkeyGirl - Beach side bar
[HDxMG]Beach side bar A + B
[HDxMG]Palm Tunnel
[HDxMG]Palm Tree
[HDxMG]Palm lTree /w light(fat bonus)
[HDxMG]Surfboards display -pastel
[HDxMG]Surfboards display -vivid
[HDxMG]Tiki Toach
[HDxMG]Palms A + B

BTTBxFKCN havet bag 
BTTBxFKCN havet wallet

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2017 0704 Astralia – Tropical pool@Summerfest | [White~Widow] Wonder – Blue@POSESION

Astralia - Tropical pool + [White~Widow] Wonder - Blue

--- Astralia@SummerFest 2017

Astralia - Tropical pool (Sky)

--- [White~Widow]@POSESION

[White~Widow] Wonder Tattoo - Blue (Exclusive color)

--- Insol@Crystal Heart)

Insol: Liv skin (Lelutka)

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2017 0615 Happy Dispatch [HD]Arm adjustable Bento pose F-01@eBento


--- Happy Dispatch@eBento

[HD]Arm adjustable Bento pose F-01 (10 Bento Poses /w Mirrors for Maitreya)

--- Avatar

+elua+ Sleepy Eddy_Gi_Ombre Basic
Insol: Mara skin (KUSTOM9)
Insol: Sweet&Bright brows
IKON Hope Eyes - Sky
Maitreya Mesh Body/Hands - Lara
Addams // Leda Hoodie Sleeveless // Maitreya

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2017 0609 Astralia@The Arcade


--- Astralia@The Arcade

Pink Dreams Gacha & Blown by wind Gacha

Astralia - Pink Dreams Room Curtain
Astralia - Pink Dreams Trampoline
Astralia - Cute Bubbles background (RARE)

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2017 0531 [White~Widow] Rite Tattoo + DRD Garden Party

Party Rock

--- [White~Widow]@Tropical Summer 2017 (June 2nd)

[White~Widow] Rite - Black (Black, Henna, White)

--- Avatar

Tableau Vivant \ Teri hair (messy updo) - Blonds
Insol: Yolo Skin
IKON Hope Eyes - Sky
Slink Physique Mesh Body Hourglass/Hands - Dynamic

{vincue} Mely+Top - Down [Slink Hourglass] (N21)
{vincue} Mely+Undie [Hourglass] (N21)

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2017 0531 Astralia – Pink Dreams gacha@The Arcade June round

Astralia-PhotoContest-Pink Dreams

--- Astralia@The Arcade (June 1st)

- Astralia - Pink Dreams gacha
Astralia - Pink Dreams dinghy (Animated)
Astralia - Pink Dreams dock
Astralia - Pink Dreams dock railing
Astralia - Pink dreams outdoor curtain
Astralia - Pink Dreams boat table
Astralia - Pink Dreams Beach Cot (animated)
Astralia - Pink Dreams Inflatable mouth
Astralia - Pink Dreams Trampoline
Astralia - Pink Dreams beach towel (animated)
Astralia - Pink Dreams WallArt
Astralia - Pink Dreams Boat with Bedroom RARE

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