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2017 0915 The Looking Glass – The Chosen One Gacha@The Secret Affair

The Chosen One

--- The Looking Glass@The Secret Affair (Sep 15th~)

TLG - "The Chosen One" Gacha

TLG - "The Chosen One" Cages 1 and 2 RARE
TLG - "The Chosen One" Rotunda RARE
TLG - "The Chosen One" Side Table
TLG - "The Chosen One" Cage the Demon
TLG - "The Chosen One" ?Wine?
TLG - "The Chosen One" Garden Casket
TLG - "The Chosen One" Fountain
TLG - "The Chosen One" Candle Pillar
TLG - "The Chosen One" Candle Pillar with Rosary
TLG - "The Chosen One" Velvet Rope Pack
TLG - "The Chosen One" Tree Right
TLG - "The Chosen One" Tree Left
TLG - "The Chosen One" Staircase
TLG - "The Chosen One" Drapes
TLG - "The Chosen One" Light Projector

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2017 0914 [Canimal] Mod dress@Cosmopolitan


--- [Canimal]@Cosmopolitan

[Canimal] Mod dress - Maitreya

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2017 0905 {egosumaii} Extra Bento Arms + {aii} Hungry Oni Omega Tattoo@KAGAMI

The Other World

--- {aii}@KAGAMI (~Sep 9th)

{egosumaii} Extra Bento Arms Bento animated
+ Extra Arms Lower (uses hind leg bones) + {aii}
+ Extra Arms Upper (uses wing bones) + {aii}
+ Extra Arms Upper + Magic Orbs (uses wing bones) + {aii}
+ Upper arms Shawl (add-on) + {egosumaii}
+ Wine Goblet (drinking animation V2) + {egosumaii}

{aii} Hungry Oni Omega Tattoo

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2017 0901 aii – Fierce Dragon Brothers@The Arcade & Nightfall Eyes Group Gift

Double Dragon

--- {aii}

+ RARE Fierce Dragon Brothers (comes w hud) + {egosumaii}@The Arcade bento animated
+ Dragon's Lantern + {egosumaii}@The Arcade
+ Nightfall Eye (+glow) + {aii}  (Group Gift)
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2017 0825 [Canimal] Flame Bodysuits@N21

The League of Extraordinary Felines

--- [Canimal]@N21

[Canimal] Flame Bodysuits

--- Insol@uber

Insol: "Lily Collection" Lipstick

--- Hand pose by~

Happy Dispatch [HD]multi bento pose HUD beta

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2017 0823 Astralia – Alohomora Rings@N21 | Insol "Silky Lipstick" (CATWA)@KUSTOM9

Astralia - Alohomora Ring

--- Astralia@N21

Astralia - Alohomora Rings (Maitreya Bento)

--- Insol@KUSTOM9

Insol: "Silky Lipstick" (CATWA)

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2017 0814 Enchantment – Luas, [RunAway Hair] & DaD DESIGN

The Secret Garden

--- Enchantment

- [RA] Sherazade Hair
Luas Fahima Top Maitreya
Luas Fahima Skirt Maitreya
DaD DESIGN "The Secret Garden"
Little Branch LB_BeachPalm*Animated* (outside the garden)

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2017 0813!dm deviousMind@The Fantasy Gacha Carnival | Mkbcult Weapons Death Flamed Daggers


--- The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

!dm deviousMind "Eir" Gacha
!dM Eir - HOURGLASS armorSleeve (left) **BRONZE**
!dM Eir - HOURGLASS armorSleeve (right) **BRONZE**
!dM Eir - HOURGLASS chains **BRONZE**
!dM Eir - HOURGLASS armorPanties **BRONZE**

--- MKbcult Weapons 

[Melee] Death Flamed Daggers [ Dual Wield Dagger]

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2017 0813 KAGAMI – Game begins

KAGAMI - Play the game

--- KAGAMI Game started! (blog)

 from KAGAMI Mall -

Air_Emaki  gold 
[CX] Bakemono Eyeshadow Set - Tintable ( CATWA )
[CX] Bakemono Face Set ( CATWA )
S O U E N' Hana kazari
tomotomini-kimonoF muji wh
{-Maru Kado-} Halo-Wa kagami White
MonkeyGirl [MG]Japanese style Nail No.2

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2017 0810 Happy Dispatch Heart Bento Pose@eBento | TattooMania T-20@Main store

Shape of My Heart

--- Happy Dispatch@eBento

[HD]Arm adjustable Bento pose *HEART-F*

--- TattooMania@Main Store

TattooMania T-20

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