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2017 0907 We Love Role-Play – Moon Elixir, VIBES & LR Weapons

House in the woods

--- We<3RP 

Moon Elixir - Fenris Dress & Body Chain - Maitreya
Moon Elixir - Fenris - Maitreya - Dress
Moon Elixir - Fenris - Maitreya - Body Chain
Moon Elixir - Fenris - Maitreya - Thigh Chain

VIBES - Fairy Stump House Set &  Stump Table Set
VIBES - Fairy Stump House Gray (human Size)
VIBES - Fairy Stump house Lights
VIBES - Stump stool
VIBES - Stump Table
VIBES - Stump table's Candle

LR Weapons !LR BOW - Mb Bow - Sheath

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Spring Time Camping…

Aphrodite released this amazing 'Big Family Fun' camping set last month, and it will now be available in-world.   You can see all the close up details 'here' on their flickr stream. The tent has 4 sleeping rooms, and a main living area, it is large to cater for a group of friends, or large family. The windows and doors, open, and there are so many added components such as sleeping bags for both adults and kids, fun activity rugs, chairs, and cooking items, campfires, luggage, plenty of food, lanterns, and a whole lot more.  The sleeping bags are colour changeable via touch menu.  There is much detail to this set, and amazing realistic textures to all components, and is highly interactive ... for some fabulous fun for all.

DaD Deign is at We <3 Role Play with the exclusive, 'Suspension Wooden Bridge', and has a LI of 24.  This bridge can be resized via the edit menu, though land impact will change in doing so.   It has beautiful textures of rustic old worn wood,and looks amazing in a variety of settings .....

Aphrodite "Big Family Fun" Camping Set 
DaD DESIGN "Suspension Wooden Bridge" @ We <3 RP
Two Moon Gardens - PARADISE Garden 
HPMD* Shrub - ygreen*
Skye River Bank Building (river rocks only)
Landscaping by Felix - 1 Prim Flower Bush Scene 
Mesh Plants - Grass and Rock
.:Bee designs:. Heartland Campfire Gacha Stump Seat 2 (gacha)
.:Bee designs:. Heartland Campfire Gacha Log Bench (gacha)
.:Bee designs:. Heartland Campfire Gacha Stump Seat 1 (gacha)
.:Bee designs:. Heartland Campfire Gacha Pine trees  (gacha)
[[RH]] KOKE -Moss- (A)
[ keke ] butterflies dancing - blue
JIAN :: White Tail Deer - Female Adult (Static)
3D Trees - Eucalyptus (Australia)
Heart - Wild Flowers - Quenn Ann's Lace 
Apt B // Old side of London - Jeep RARE (gacha)


Most people I know love the Fall season, or as we call it on this side of the pond, Autumn.  It’s the colours and change of the weather mainly for me but also the significance that the season is about  the beginning of the end and the promise of the start of new things once...

Annamae’s Abode

hive are at the Arcade which has just opened, with an amazing gacha set to collect called 'Annamae's Abode'.  The rare is amazing, a gorgeous home, cottage style,  Ample open space living downstairs with a beautifully created staircase that leads to an upstairs loft area which would make the perfect bedroom.  There is a generous veranda area, which is perfect to add the rest of the components to this set - including , Swing Bench, Swing Bench Broken, Coffee Table, End Table, Here for Tea, Oh My Stars, and Porch Light Rusted and Porch Light White.  I adore the realistic textures and appearance of all the items, they are so amazing ... I hope to bring a close up of the other components sometime soon.

DaD Design is at Fameshed, which will soon open and runs through till the 27th of September,  with the exclusive 'Wooden Fencing System'. Full instructions included to use this system to build a huge variety of fence styles.  Please see vendor image below for all the various components which come with this set, and the colours this system holds.

hive // annamae's abode (gacha set) @ Arcade 
hive // for sale sign (gacha)
DaD DESIGN "Wooden Fencing System" @ Fameshed
Skye - Enchanted Woods v2 
Skye Spring Flower  
HPMD* Dirt Road/curve
Heart - Wildflowers - lily of the Nile - White 
~*Sweet Revolutions*~ 4 Season Long Grass 
Botanical - Beach Boardwalk Straight (no ground)
{what next} Summer Garden Hanging Planters
{what next} Summer Garden Planter

Your mistakes don’t define you

Your mistakes don't define you



BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

HEAD:  .LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.0

EYES:  .LeLutka.Eyes.Simone 3.0

SKIN:  ItGirls – Lelutka Skin Applier – Ava Tan

HAIR:  enVOGUE HAIR – Ramona v1 Right (NEW)

LEGGINGS:  Scandalize. Caitli. @ Cosmopolitan (NEW)




Raindale – Eastmont shed @ Shiny Shabby (NEW)


CHEZ MOI – Kombi Bed Malibu (Adult) @ Cosmopolitan (NEW)


CHEZ MOI – Porch Swing @ Limit8 (NEW)

Porch Swing Rosewood (Adult) CHEZ MOI

Bucket Vintage Flowers CHEZ MOI

Swing Porch Base CHEZ MOI


LB_OakTree.v2{4Seasons}*Animated_7LI @ Limit8 (NEW)


HPMD* WildGrasses – a

HPMD* Dirt Road/curve – light brown


Apple Fall Juniper Hedge – Seasonal


[we’re CLOSED] shrub large green

Impossible is just an opinion

Impossible is just an opinion

Happy Sunday everyone, not much to say today,  it’s been a busy yet good day but I wanted to get this post out now to let you know about the gorgeous cottage by Raindale is was part of this month’s Builder’s Box.   I have dressed the scene with the Knot Country set by Serenity Style which you can find at The Liaison Collaborative and the gorgeous trees are new by The Little Branch and can be found at 0n9.

Have a good evening everyone ♥

Raindale – Avenden cottage (Builder’s Box)


Serenity Style– Knot Country Set @ The Liaison Collaborative (NEW)

Serenity Style- Knot Barn

Serenity Style- Knot Countty Wheel

Serenity Style- Knot Fence


Cheeky Pea

:CP: Asher’s Hayride Fruit Press

:CP: Asher’s Hayride Single Bale Décor

:CP: Asher’s Hayride Bale Sofa (PG)

:CP: Asher’s Hayride Light Pot

:CP: Asher’s Hayride Bale Single (PG)


LB_CanadianRedMaple{4Seasons}*Animated @ On9 (NEW)


LB_Bouton d’or Lavender{Field}


HPMD* WildGrasses – a


*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]


The Domineaux Effect Privacy Fence A (Maple)



Keep on Dreaming

Keep on Dreaming

Good Morning everyone, I have something special to show you today, the gorgeous new house by Galland Homes which has just been released.   It has a land impact of 244Li and is 35M by 35M.   The shutters have a texture changing option with a choice of 5 textures to chose from.   You can also paint the interior walls, instructions are included and it has many beautiful rooms to choose from and have fun decorating with.    I will be showing you the interior in another post for now I wanted to show you the front which I am sure you will all agree is breathtaking.

I have dressed the scene with a few more goodies, the gorgeous Magnolia Trees in both pink and blue and available at this weeks Hello Tuesday event at 50% off normal price, such a bargain for such pretty trees.   The Laundry set is by Chez Moi and available at Ultra and the cute puppy power set is by Zen Creations.

Have a good Monday everyone ♥


Savannah by Galland Homes (NEW)


LB_MagnoliaTree{Animated}*Pink & Blue @ Hello Tuesday (NEW)



Clothes Line Laundry Day (Adult) CHEZ MOI

Laundry Day Washtub CHEZ MOI

Clothes Basket Laundry Day CHEZ MOI


HPMD* WildGrasses – a


*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]


 [what next}  ‘Spring Bloom’ Tulip Planter (lght + drk pink)

{what next} White Fence  – no posts


Raindale – Rare ~ Forestholm swing


hive // vintage garden hose cart


Zen Creations – Pillow Puppy Power Pack

Puppy Power Dog House

puppy pillow power

Puppy Power Sign

Puppy Power Rug

Puppy Power Puppy

Puppy Power Water Dish

Puppy Power Pillows 1

Puppy Power Pillows 2

Puppy Power Pillow 3

Puppy Power Pillow 4

Puppy Power Pillow 5

Puppy Power Pillow 6

Puppy Power Pillow 7

Puppy Power Pillow 8


If you stumble make it part of the dance

If you stumble make it part of the dance

My final post showing you all things from The Home Show, it closes in just 2 days but still enough time to go grab your goodies before it’s too late.   Today’s post is the gorgeous house by Vicious Decay, I have dressed the scene with items by MadPea also at The Home show and also Apple Fall and Little Branch.

Enjoy and have a great day everyone ♥

Vicious Decay – Mesh House ‘Zelos Lux’ @ The Home Show (ends 29th July)


MadPea @ The Home Show (ends 29th July)

MadPea Pyramid Topiary Plain

MadPea Poodle Topiary Plain

MadPea Fountain Topiary Plain

MadPea Bonsai Pyramid Topiary Plain


Apple Fall Whitehall Pathway (Straight, Long)

Apple Fall Stone Artichoke – Lichen

Apple Fall Kent Wall Set


HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass08 -greens- a





2017 0725 NAMINOKE Indian pipe@Mysterious Forest | [Canimal] Gaia@uber


--- NAMINOKE@Mysterious Forest

NAMINOKE *N*Indian pipe (Accessories & Rez plants)

--- [Canimal]@uber 

[Canimal] Gaia - Maitreya

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All things to all people

So, I admit it…I had a teeny, tiny meltdown last night. A perfect storm of feeling a little under the weather for a couple of days, rl stress, sl stress, a splash of disappointment in a couple of situations combined with tiredness and frustration with myself I took a nosedive into feeling sorry for myself...