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2017 1120 Remnant – CURELESS & Kres | The Fantasy Gacha Carnival – !go, Kres & Poseidon Poses


--- Remnant Dark Days

[Kres] The Last Outpost

--- The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

- !gO! 2067
!gO! 2067 helmet with hair - blonde RARE2
!gO! 2067 cape RARE2
!gO! 2067 romper - slink hourglass RARE1

[Kres] World's End Warning Signs
[Kres] World's End Warning Signs - 1 RARE
[Kres] World's End Warning Signs - 2 RARE
[Kres] World's End Warning Signs - 4
[Kres] World's End Warning Signs - 6
[Kres] World's End Warning Signs - 7
[Kres] World's End Warning Signs - 8

CUREMORE / Lost Paradise
CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / TreeHanging Snake (Green)
CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / Crawling HeadUp Snake (Green)
CUREMORE / Lost Paradise /Crawling Snake (Green)
CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / Rolled Snake (Green)

Poseidon Poses Post Apox the Movie Poses
7 Barbie Q

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2017 1120 Remnant – The Forge, DRD and Contraption | The Forge@Whimsical

One Punch

--- [The Forge]

[The Forge] Arkanoid Gasmask@Remnant Dark Days
The Forge] Jessica@Whimsical

--- Remnant Dark Days

DRD - Abandoned Truck
[ContraptioN] Junker's Hand *???*

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2017 1119 NAMINOKE Sushi Chair@The Cookish Fair | The Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Sweet Kajira, Yokai & OLQINU


--- NAMINOKE@The Cookish Fair


--- The Fantasy Gacha Carniva

*Sweet Kajira* *SK* A n d r o m e d a  PLASTIC PINK , Maitreya
Yokai - Purple Rain - Jellyfish RARE
OLQINU : cyber survivor <future fruit [transformation]> 7
OLQINU : cyber survivor <future fruit [evolution]> 8
OLQINU : cyber survivor <future fruit [awakening]> 9

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2017 1119 Enchantment – Noble Creations, Boomerang & Dreamcatcher

Mirror, Mirror

--- Enchantment

[NC] - Mirror Mirror Dress - Maitreya - Black
+Dreamcatcher+ Crown of fate
[Boomerang]/[Grunt]Evil Mirror

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Powder Pack for Catwa, November 2017



The Power Pack Store is here.

Powder Packs are a subscription item for both Lelutka and Catwa which costs 1500 each every month.

The dates to PreOrder a Catwa Powder Pack is the 1st – 16th of each month, with delivery on the 17th
The dates to PreOrder a Lelutka Powder Pack is the 18th – the end of each month, with delivery on the 1st of the following month.

My Style Credits at the start of the video

Bittersweet Shift Dress – Winter White found here.



N-core ALYSSA “Lace Edition” (Black&White)

Kardashian Hair Special Edition

2017 1117 {vincue} & Momento – Buwie+Set@KUSTOM9 | ANE Decor – Cheeky Hamsters Set@Candy Fair


--- {vincue} & Momento@KUSTOM9

{vincue} & Momento - Buwie+Set

{vincue} & Momento - Buwie+Jacket - RARE [Hourglass]
{vincue} & Momento - Buwie+Boots [Hourglass]

--- ANE@Candy Fair

A N E Decor - Cheeky hamsters Set

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2017 1116 Remnant. Dark Days Event: Luas & MadPea

REMNANT Dark Event -  Luas & Mad Pea

--- REMNANT (Nov 17th~)

Luas Evil inside Me gacha

Luas Evil Inside Me Mask RARE
Luas Evil Inside Me Collar Black
Luas Evil Inside Me Dress RARE
Luas Evil Inside Me Bracelet L Black
Luas Evil Inside Me Bracelet R Black
Luas Evil Inside Me Purse Red

MadPea Captain Burbridge's Gacha

MadPea Captain Burbridge's Booty - Barrel of Rum
MadPea Captain Burbridge's Booty - Barrel Table
MadPea Captain Burbridge's Booty - Cannon
MadPea Captain Burbridge's Booty - Gibbet
MadPea Captain Burbridge's Booty - Gold Bars
MadPea Captain Burbridge's Booty - Headcrusher
MadPea Captain Burbridge's Booty - Jolly Roger
MadPea Captain Burbridge's Booty - Map Marker 1
MadPea Captain Burbridge's Booty - Map Marker 2
MadPea Captain Burbridge's Booty - Map Marker 3
MadPea Captain Burbridge's Booty - Map Marker 4
MadPea Captain Burbridge's Booty - Pile of Cannon Balls
MadPea Captain Burbridge's Booty - Pirate Hat
MadPea Captain Burbridge's Booty - Ship's Wheel
MadPea Captain Burbridge's Booty - Treasure Map
MadPea Captain Burbridge's Booty - Wooden stool

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Luxe Box in SL November 2017




What I’m wearing at the start of this video:

I.M. Collection Yoko Blogger Burgundy found here.

N-core ALYSSA “Lace Edition” Black Boots

[whatever] FUR COLLAR

Hair from Mina


What I’m wearing At the end of the Video

SEUL – Linked Skirt and Top

EMPIRE – Kerria Black

Lamb. WaitDark Brown


LuxeBox is a subscription box sent out monthly.

Pay L$1,500 to join the Luxe Box group in-world every month.

The group opens on the 1st of the month and you have until the 14th at 11:59PM SLT to join.

You must join and remain in the group to receive your Luxe Box.

The following are the designers

Besom specializes in hair.

Empire specializes in shoes.

Blueberry specializes in clothing.

Ison specializes in clothing, accessories and shoes.

Jian specializes in pet companions and home & garden decor.

Moon specializes in hair.

NX-Nardcotix specializes in clothing and shoes.

Le Fil Casse specializes in clothing.

Paper Arrow Co. specializes in clothing.

​Rowne specializes in clothing, accessories.

Scarlet Creative specializes in Home and Garden decor.

Tarte. specializes in Home and Garden decor.

To find out more visit the Luxebox website here.

2017 1115 [The Forge] Mary Dress@Rewind


--- [The Forge]@Rewind

[The Forge] Mary Dress, Cream - Maitreya

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2017 1115 {NANTRA} Fame Monster Bento Poses@ULTRA | {vincue}@The Epiphany

Bad Romance

--- {NANTRA}@ULTRA (Nov 15th 12PM SLT~)

{NANTRA} Fame Monster Bento Pose Set - 6M

--- {vincue}@The Epiphany (Last Day!)

{vincue} Bidie+Eyepatch - Noir [Unrigged]
{vincue} Bidie+Top [Maitreya]
{vincue} Bidie+Skirt [Maitreya]

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