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[ContraptioN] Masks: Canine Spirit @ KAGAMI / Poseidon Asylum Patient Complete 1-6 @INDIE TEEPEE

Canine Spirit
[ContraptioN] Masks: Canine Spirit *default* mouth@KAGAMI
::GB::Katahaori (Signature) Shiro@Japonica Summer 

*::.who what.::* -sukashi BANGASA- 6.roku@KAGAMI

[ContraptioN] Masks: Canine Spirit  @ KAGAMI
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Kogitsu hair-fatpack(male)

1,[[RH]] YUUKAKU -Building- RARE
*::.who what.::* -Take akari- green {A}

*U-Design* Atsushi (Add Me!)@Japonica Summer 

[ContraptioN] Masks: The Burrower *default* mouth@KAGAMI
[ContraptioN] Masks: Canine Spirit *default* rez@KAGAMI
-Takaodou- The Curio Curiosity - Marmaid Mummy@KAGAMI
-Takaodou- The Curio Curiosity - Japanese Vintage Books@KAGAMI
Schadenfreude Hanami Medama-Dango (dark plate)@KAGAMI
-1-  b.v Kazaguruma@Japonica Summer 
-5-  b.v Kazaguruma@Japonica Summer 
-6-  b.v Kazaguruma@Japonica Summer 
-3-  b.v Kazaguruma@Japonica Summer 

[ContraptioN] Masks: Far East Fox *default 2* REZ
[ContraptioN] Masks: Truth Seeker *???* rez
[ContraptioN] Masks: Fujin *default* rez
[ContraptioN] Masks: Raijin *default* rez
[ContraptioN] Eastern Crow *default* rez

tomoto, kurogo black (L) RARE

Asylum Patient 4 @ INDIE TEEPEE

2017 0721 KAGAMI – Happy Dispatch, DUE, NAMINOKE, Violetta and MonkeyGirl

Foxy Souls


Happy Dispatch [HD]Arm adjustable Bento pose *KITUNE-F*
Happy Dispatch [HD]My friend ghost <LIMITED>FOX White
[DUE] Yozakura
violetta. -female KAGAMI yukata2017 white
NAMINOKE  *N*Japanese Funeral Set
MonkeyGirl [MG]Japanese style Nail No.2

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-00-Houou-@KAGAMI / *N*GodBird Tail Ou@KAGAMI


-00-Houou-Earrings B_L@KAGAMI
-00-Houou-Earrings B_R@KAGAMI
-00-Houou-Gag B@KAGAMI
-00-Houou-Hair accessory_L-B2@KAGAMI
-00-Houou-Hair accessory_R-B2@KAGAMI
-00-Houou-Haori B@KAGAMI
-00-houou-KimonoM B@KAGAMI

*N*GodBird Tail Ou@KAGAMI

11_{-Maru Kado-} Halo-Wa kagami White@KAGAMI


-Garden- by anc "in peace" Lily {poetpack}mesh 1Li

Is this what I am hoping for………..

Hair: VANGO – Evan at Men Only Monthly July – August 2017

Items from The Epiphany July – August 2017
AII THE UGLY AND BEAUTIFUL – {egosumaii} Enthralling Flames Gacha:
Mask – #4 Missing Eye L
Tongue – #3 Yokai Eyeball Tongue
Wheel – #13 Firey White Wanyudo
Sash – #5 Ittan Momen V2
Robe – #1 Rare Long Robe (Includes Texture HUD)

Tail: NAMINOKE – Godbird Tail, 3 sets worn here in picture (Hou , Ou and Hinotori) , at at Japanese Horror Event, Kagami Summer 2017.

Kimono : GABRIEL – ::GB::Koshikimono-summer Shiro (from the KataHaori Set Shiro. Each set includes Koshikimono, Sarashi and Katahaori. TMP/SLink/Signature) , at Japonica Summer 2017

Geta: GABRIEL – ::GB::Takageta (male) Black , at Japonica Summer 2017

Pose: DEL MAY – Backhander

2017 0719 KAGAMI – tomoto, {-Maru Kado-} and booN



tomoto, mini-kimonoF muji bk
tomoto, hoodie haoriF2 dandara RARE

{-Maru Kado-} Halo-Inori RARE
{-Maru Kado-} Halo-Chouchin Red

booN-kura Ken Toro
booN-kura Ruined Ken Toro
booN-kura Ruined Torii 1024

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Poseidon July Stuffs@We LOVE RP / booN-kura Ruined Torii @KAGAMI

Gashadokuro #3 Eyeball Tongue {egosumaii} @Epiphany
Izana-no-kami #5 {egosumaii}
#11 Firey Wanyudo {egosumaii}
#6 Firey Horns {egosumaii}
Izana-no-kami #7 {egosumaii}
+ Nobody Mask Alchemy + {aii}
Izana-no-kami #17 {egosumaii}
+Brown Japants MEDIUM + .boxed. {aii}
+HILU+NABIKI kimono(M)

CURELESS[+] Yokai Chronicles / Gashadokuro / BONE@Epiphany

S O U E N' Hana kazari R @KAGAMI
S O U E N' HanaTama pie@KAGAMI
S O U E N' HanaTamaMask@KAGAMI

~Tableau Vivant~ Low hair - (Gents) - L - Winter

booN-kura Ruined Torii 1024@KAGAMI
booN-kura Ruined komakitsune left@KAGAMI
booN-kura Ruined komakitsune right@KAGAMI
booN-kura Ruined Ken Toro@KAGAMI

#5 Ittan Momen {egosumaii}@Epiphany
-Garden- by anc "silence" spider lily {DARK PACK}B 1Li mesh


Poseidon July Stuffs@We <3 RP
Swingers 18 rev


#243 copy




Hair:  /Wasabi Pills/  Tsukiko Mesh Hair –*NEW!!** ❥ Kagami!



{vincue} & [CX] – Airie+Corset [Maitreya] RARE*NEW!!** ❥   Crystal Heart Festival

{vincue} & [CX] – Airie+Skirt [Maitreya] RARE*NEW!!** ❥  Crystal Heart Festival

{vincue} & [CX] – Airie+Undie [Maitreya] RARE*NEW!!** ❥  Crystal Heart Festival

{vincue} & [CX] – Airie+Collar – ColorNameHere [Maitreya]*NEW!!** ❥  Crystal Heart Festival

{vincue} & [CX] – Airie+Armleg – ColorNameHere [Maitreya]*NEW!!** ❥  Crystal Heart Festival

Heels: #EMPIRE – Angelonia *NEW!!**  C88


Wings: {vincue}& [CX] – Airie+Wings – Gold [Back] RARE *NEW!!** ❥  Crystal Heart



2017 0717 W-ZERO -00- Houou kimono gacha & NAMINOKE GodBird Tail@KAGAMI

Phoenix in Blue


--- W-ZERO

 -00-Houou- gacha
-00-Houou-Hair accessory_L-A2
-00-Houou-Hair accessory_R-A2
-00-Houou-Earrings A_L
-00-Houou-Earrings A_R
-00-Houou-Gag A
-00-Houou-Haori A
-00-HououF-KimonoF A
-00-Houou-Fan A


*N*GodBird Tail Hou
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Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?

Why does my heart feel so bad?
Why does my soul feel so bad?

Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?


Tea Ceremony Gacha: RARE Backdrop, White Folding Screen, Hanging Scroll, Side Table, Bamboo Mat, Porcelain Teacups, Harmony Balls (Exclusive), Footstool, Ming Chair 1 & Ming Chair 2 by DYNASTY @ The Epiphany *New*

Hanging Lanterns on String (blossom) by What Next

On Me:
Skin: Carmilla in Exotic (On Lelutka Simone) by Glam Affair
Dress: Mei Cheongsam by The Annex @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Tsukiko Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills @ Kagami *New*
Kitsune Cubs: Spirit Hold & Albino (sit) RARE by DarkendStare @ The Epiphany *New*
Pose: The Julia Series Four (m) by An Lar Poses *New*

Do not play with me………..

Hair: DURA – Boy & Girl 79 at The Mens Department July 2017

3rd Eye Make-up: [CERBERUS XING] – Original Hand-Drawn Appliers and mesh accessories from [CX] Bakemono Make-up Set, available soon at Japanese Horror Event, Kagami Summer 2017. (Event Mall opens on 17th July 2017. )
(Please note that these appliers are currently for Catwa Bento Female Heads ONLY, and only certain parts usable on Male Catwa. Kindly check for possible update in the future, or take the risk to buy now. )

Mask: SOUEN – Hana Tama Mask at Japanese Horror Event, Kagami Summer 2017. (Event Mall opens on 17th July 2017.

Piercing (under mouth): SOUEN – Hana Tama Pie at Japanese Horror Event, Kagami Summer 2017. (Event Mall opens on 17th July 2017.

Hair Pin: *katat0nik* (spooky hair stick) Cloud Dragon (from Cloud Draon Gacha) at mainstore

Dragon: *katat0nik* (spooky) Cloud Dragon (from Cloud Draon Gacha) at mainstore

Collar: STOCKHOLM & LIMA – Tentacle Collar Male at mainstore

Obi: NAMINOKE – *N*Decoration OBI BlackLily, *N*Decoration Obi Spider Lily Red, and *N*Decoration OBI SpiderLily White (3 Obi used in this image) at Japonica Summer 2017 event

Kimono: HILU – Futokorode (B) at Japonica Summer 2017 event