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2017 1117 {vincue} & Momento – Buwie+Set@KUSTOM9 | ANE Decor – Cheeky Hamsters Set@Candy Fair


--- {vincue} & Momento@KUSTOM9

{vincue} & Momento - Buwie+Set

{vincue} & Momento - Buwie+Jacket - RARE [Hourglass]
{vincue} & Momento - Buwie+Boots [Hourglass]

--- ANE@Candy Fair

A N E Decor - Cheeky hamsters Set

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2017 1115 {NANTRA} Fame Monster Bento Poses@ULTRA | {vincue}@The Epiphany

Bad Romance

--- {NANTRA}@ULTRA (Nov 15th 12PM SLT~)

{NANTRA} Fame Monster Bento Pose Set - 6M

--- {vincue}@The Epiphany (Last Day!)

{vincue} Bidie+Eyepatch - Noir [Unrigged]
{vincue} Bidie+Top [Maitreya]
{vincue} Bidie+Skirt [Maitreya]

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2017 1022 {vincue} Bidie Gacha@The Epiphany


--- {vincue}@The Epiphany

{vincue} Bidie Gacha

{vincue} Bidie+Halo [Exclusive]
{vincue} Bidie+Eyepatch - Blush [Unrigged]
{vincue} Bidie+Top [Maitreya]
{vincue} Bidie+Skirt [Maitreya]
{vincue} Bidie+Pearls [Maitreya]
{vincue} Bidie+Sparkle
{vincue} Bidie+Sparkle - MoreStars!~

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2017 1018 Happy Dispatch@eBento | Insol Sale!


--- Happy Dispatch@eBento

[HD]Arm adjustable Bento pose kawaii-F

[HD]Arm adjustable Bento pose kawaii-F

---Insol Sale Oct17-20

(Showing Valery skin on CATWA Tala)

Now all Insol skins with 40 and 50% discount. All body appliers for free.

--- Mon Chéri

*MC* Seduce Me / Bra / Maitreya Lara
*MC* Seduce Me / Panty / Maitreya Lara

--- We<3RP 

[RA] Cindy fringe (add me, edit me)
[RA] Cindy Hair

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2017 1010 {vincue} Fallie Dress@The Seasons Story


--- {vincue}@The Seasons Story

{vincue} Fallie+Dress - Hourglass (Maitreya, Slink Physique & Hourglass)

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2017 0820 [Canimal]@Tres Chic | Astralia x Momento@KUSTOM9 | E.V.E@Thereafter

Notice me Senpai (outer space)

--- [Canimal]@Tres Chic

[Canimal] Kiss - Maitreya

--- Astralia x Momento@KUSTOM9

AstraliaxMomento . notice me senpai gacha

Astralia x Momento . notice me senpai / ULTRA RARE #2 DECORA
Astralia x Momento . notice me senpai / ULTRA RARE #2 HEELS

--- E.V.E@Thereafter

E.V.E  5-Pointed Stars Ring

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2017 0810 Astralia – Flowers within bodysuit@Collabor88

Flowers within

--- Astralia@Collabor88

Astralia - Flowers within bodysuit
Astralia - Flowers whitin bodysuit (Maitreya)
Astralia - Flowers whitin legwarmers (Maitreya)
Astralia - Flowers whitin [ADD] body flowers (Maitreya)
Astralia - Flowers whitin [ADD] Legs flowers (Maitreya)

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2017 0806 Astralia – Natsumi hand bracelet@Prismagica

--- Astralia@Prismagica

Astralia - Natsumi hand bracelet (Maitreya, Color change by HUD)

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WOW, honored is how I feel to be included in an article about…

WOW, honored is how I feel to be included in an article about kawaii fashion in virtual worlds by Cajsa Lilliehook

Thank you Wagner James New World Notes & Cajsa Lilliehook for including me in your article! I loved what you had to say about my art and style!

2017 0623 Astralia – Hearts Chainsaw


--- Astralia

Astralia - Hearts Chainsaw 99L$ Sale for a week from June 23

--- Avatar

Tableau Vivant \ Summer Hairplay - Chinook -  V+P (The Arcade)
Insol: Mara skin (KUSTOM9)
Insol: Sweet&Bright brows
IKON Hope Eyes - Sky
Maitreya Mesh Body/Hands/Feet - Lara

Astralia - Lulu Bodysuit Maitreya

Astralia - Lulu Leg Add on Maitreya

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