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No One Can Extinguish Your Light.

No One Can Extinguish Your Light.


Bookcases: Apple Fall Mercantile Bookshelf - Double w/ Doors
Stool: MudHoney Layla Stool - Blue

Build: {iD} KaufhauS
Window Frames: {iD} DecO WindoW  (No MessagE)
Plant: {iD} LeaF (6 Republic GIFT )
Sofa: ~BAZAR~Berlin-sofa
Painting: ~BAZAR~Berlin-painting
Plant: ~BAZAR~Berlin-potted tree
Plant: ~BAZAR~Berlin-Plant 1
Plant: ~BAZAR~Berlin-Plant 2
Cabinet: ~BAZAR~Berlin-cabinet
Book Table: ~BAZAR~Berlin-book table
License Plate: KraftWork Heathrow, 1970 LHR Print
Tile Wall: [Kres] Lembranca De Lisboa - Painel Azuleijo 
Lemons: [Kres] Lembranca De Lisboa - Laranjas 
Guitar: [Kres] Lembranca De Lisboa - Guitarra
Plates: [Kres] Lembranca De Lisboa - Pratos
Tray: [Kres] Lembranca De Lisboa - Sardinha Assada
Jug: !gO! from Krakow - Clay jug
Picture: !gO! from Krakow - Picture folk motive 3
Picture: !gO! from Krakow - Picture folk motive 3
Plates: !gO! from Krakow - Plates
Pot: !gO! from Krakow - Clay pot
Bag: !gO! from Krakow - Bag
Tray: !gO! from Krakow - Polish sour soup Zurek
Pillows: !gO! from Krakow -  Pillows
Books: BALACLAVA!! Downes Shelf 
Pillow: !gO! from Krakow -  Pillow
Stool: Mori.  faux fur stool . wolf
Pitcher: *AF* Kitchen Pitcher with Lavendar
Luggage: not so bad . PARIS .  baggage
Rug: MudHoney Calla Rug

Curtains: The Loft - Hudson Curtains

❤ I Love You Always Forever ❤

She is using:

[Head] LeLutka Bento Head CHLOE
[Shape] -Pear Shapes- Kristen (Bento)
[Skin] *YS&YS* Sey&Mey 
[Event]→ Powder Pack March
[Hair] rezology Butterfly 188
[Eyes] {S0NG} :: Nash // Honey Eye
[Event]→ Kawaii Project
[Brows & Lips] ::Modish:: Bonnie 
[Event]→ Powder Pack March
[Eyeliner] SlackGirl LeluLiners
[Event]→ Powder Pack March
[Body] Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
[Outfit] [sYs] CAGE bodysuit 
[Event]→ Kinky
[Shoes] fri. - Aloy Booties 
[Event]→ Uber
[Head Flowers] -SECRETS- Star Set
[Event]→ The Crossroads 
[Background items] KraftWork Suspended Cabinet 
[Details] Group gift coming April 14th!

❤ Pear 

❤ Detachable Penis ❤

She is using:

[Head] CATWA HEAD Catya
[Shape] -Pear Shapes- Jessica (Bento)
[Skin] Go&See * Barbara <3 
[Event]→ Skin Fair 2
[Hair] Sintiklia - Hair Alina + Banks Pack 2
[Event]→ Designer Drive
[Eyes] Go&See * Garden * Catwa Eyes
[Event]→ Skin Fair 2
[Body] Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
[Outfit] Una Myriam Skirtop
[Event]→ Tres Chic
[Shoes] fri. - Casey.Plats 
[Event]→ Uber
[Hair Accessories] ERSCH - Arrows Gacha 
[Event]→ Secret Affair
[Birdcage] ERSCH - Caged
[Choker] -SECRETS- Selene 
[Event]→WCF7 Exclusive
[Stone Table] KraftWork Concrete Picnic Table (Group Gift)

❤ Pear 

The Soap Shop

The Soap Shop

KraftWork The Soap Collection gacha at Cosmopolitan:

3 KraftWork The Soap Collection Bag of Soaps, 2 KraftWork The Soap Collection Display v1 (3LI), 1 KraftWork The Soap Collection Shop Scale RARE v1, 1 KraftWork The Soap Collection Shop Scale RARE v2, 4 KraftWork The Soap Collection Wooden Table, 9 KraftWork The Soap Collection Sea Salt Bottles, 7 KraftWork The Soap Collection Soap Stand, 5 KraftWork The Soap Collection Chalk Board, 6 KraftWork The Soap Collection Rosemary Soap v1, 6 KraftWork The Soap Collection Rosemary Soap v2, 10 KraftWork The Soap Collection Slippery Soap

Serenity Style- The Painter Place Skybox RARE at Shiny Shabby

Serenity Style– All for love suitcase WHITE EDITION

10 Fancy Decor: Candle Box at at The Arcade March 2017

Ariskea[La Patisserie] Gift Boxes White

Ariskea[Miu] Vintage Box

1. DYNASTY – The Care Package – Tissue Box

Soy. Reed Screen [Sudare] Light

Apple Fall Victorian Radiator

Concept} 06. Home. Lamp and Concept} 09. Home. Rug (4 textures) at Shiny Shabby

[MALO] Candy Jar – Citrus and [MALO] Candy Jar – Blue Hawaiian

Belle Epoque { Vintage Clock } gift at The Liaison Collaborative

♒           ♒           ♒

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❤ Baths ❤

She is using:

[Head] LeLutka Bento Head-CHLOE
[Shape] -Pear Shapes- Kristen (Bento)
[Skin] Lumae : Aurora LeLutka - T3 Shell
[Event]→  Skin Fair Part 1 
[Hair] Exile:: Not Today Naturals
[Event]→ c88
[Eyes] AMITOMO. Eye Collection #14
[Lashes] .:Mai Bilavio:. Feline Collection 3 
[Eyeliner] Izzie's - LeLutka Eyeliner 
[Body] Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
[Outfit] [AB] Clubbing Dress
[Event]→ Anybody
[Shoes] **RE** Jassy Boots 
[Event]→ WCF7
[Headpiece & Neclace] ERSCH - Paradise Gacha
[Event]→ TLC
[Septum Ring] Ama. : Spring Septum 
[Background items]
By KraftWork The Soap Collection Display 
[Event]→ Cosmopolitan Opens March 13th

❤ Pear 

❤ Tennis Court ❤

She is wearing:

[Head] CATWA HEAD Catya
[Shape] -Pear Shapes- Jessica (Bento)
[Skin] Insol: Valery 
[Event]→ Tres Chic
[Hair] no.match_ ~ NO_LESS ~ 
[Event]→ WCF7 March 1st
[Eyes] AMITOMO. Eye Collection #16
[Lashes] [okkbye] Chunky Lashes 
[Event]→ Powder Pack (January Edition)
[Lipstick] .ARISE. Gina Lips
[Event]→ WCF7 March 1st
[Body] Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
[Lingere & Chain] [Cynful] Coax Lingere & Bellychain
[Event]→ WCF7 March 1st
[Skirt] .:cheeky:. Nymph - spike Skirt!
[Event]→ WCF7 March 1st
[Shoes] -KC- PAULA BOOTS / 
[Event]→ WCF7 March 1st
[Doggie] *[Black Bantam] Shar Pei Puppy Male Tan
[Rings] Pink Acid Ring Stacks Set - Gold
[Nose Ring] :Z.S: Love Nose Ring 
[Event]→ WCF7 March 1st
[Neclace] *PetroFF* Drop Necklace 
[Event]→ WCF7 March 1st
[Wall Art] KraftWork Suspended Art
[Floor Decor] Quasi - Caged - Submission 
[Event]→ Kinky

❤ Pear 

Love, kisses, Valentine wishes♥


Galland Homes – Victorian Outbuilding at Draftsman

The following decor is available at Lost & Found until December 1st: 

*i { DH } Gacha! Very Valentine :

i { DH } Gacha! Very Valentine Puppy House, i { DH } Gacha! Very Valentine Wooden Heart,i { DH } Gacha! Very Valentine Dressing Screen,  i { DH } Gacha! Very Valentine Card Collection, i { DH } Gacha! Very Valentine Little Table, i { DH } Gacha! Very Valentine Heart Mirror, i { DH } Gacha! Very Valentine Candy Cart RARE, i { DH } Gacha! Very Valentine Heart Prop RARE,

[Merak] – Recycled Desk and [Merak] – Notepad Desk clutter

Ant Hill – Send Ur Love Gacha:

{AH} The Way To My Heart [Gift.Box_Tacos] RARE, {AH} Love’s On The Way Stamps [Double Sheets], {AH} Love Stack [Red], {AH} The Way To My Heart [Gift.Box_Pizza] RARE, {AH} Love’s On The Way Stamps [Single Sheet], {AH} Love Stack [Blue], {AH} Old Love Letters, {AH} The Way To My Heart [Gift.Box_Donuts] RARE, {AH} Love Stack [Yellow], {AH} Send Ur Love Mail Truck. ULTRARARE, {AH} You Have Mail [Mailbox], {AH} XoXo Delivery Boxes

Boomerang – Kaleiscope Spinning Top RARE and Boomerang Valentine Spinning Top RARE

KraftWork – Kiss me, Baby Gacha:

#06 – KraftWork Kiss me, Baby – I am Loved Chair, #03 – KraftWork Kiss me, Baby – All Love Print, #04 – KraftWork Kiss me, Baby – Solitary Valentines Print, #05 – KraftWork Kiss Me, Baby – Kiss me, Baby Mail Box, #02 – KraftWork Kiss me, Baby – Organic Love Neon Sign Light, #01 – KraftWork Kiss me, Baby – Kissing Booth (RARE)

Yokai – Kokeshi GACHA :

10.Yokai – Kokeshi – Manami (scarlet), 5.Yokai – Kokeshi – Hikaru (peach), 7.Yokai – Kokeshi – Hikaru (sky)

💛               💛               💛

hive // vintage garland heart cut-outs [long stand] at N21

Trees, flowers and grass are from The Little Branch:

Little Branch – SpringBrize.v3 pink, Little Branch – CherryTree.V2{4Seasons} and Little Branh – WildGrass*1Li{Green}, Little Branch – Bouton d’or Pink{Rounded-Field}

 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Victorian Garden Lamp

💛               💛               💛

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There’s snowplace like home

There's snowplace like home

Galland Homes – Classic Side Board (Holiday) at Lost & Found only a few hours left!

after the event it will available in the mainstore

package includes Mesh Holiday Ornamental by Galland Homes and Holiday Candle by Galland Homes

KraftWork – Marfa Diary Table at Lost & Found

Myrrine -Baubles in cage at Lost & Found

i { DH } Gacha! Thankful Memories Rocking Chair RARE at Lost & Found

From Fancy Decor at The Arcade

01 Fancy Decor: Panel Sofa RARE, 02 Fancy Decor: Suede Ottoman, 04 Fancy Decor: Throw Pillow, 11 Fancy Decor: Panel Rug, 05 Fancy Decor: Worlidge End Table, 12 Fancy Decor: Worlidge Table Lamp, 08 Fancy Decor: Panel Mirror, 09 Fancy Decor: Worlidge Box (white), 10 Fancy Decor: Worlidge Box (black), 03 Fancy Decor: Worlidge Coffee Table, 06 Fancy Decor: Ceramic Jars, 07 Fancy Decor: Brass & Statuette

 From hive // home for the holidays gacha at The Arcade:

hive // cinnamon stick candle, hive // holly’s hat boxes [festive], hive // holly’s hat boxes [neutral], hive // hanging lights, hive // wall planter, hive // holiday quilt rack [chevron], hive // wooden christmas tree [white], hive // wooden christmas tree [striped], hive // wooden christmas tree [green], hive // snowman pail

Dreamscapes Art Gallery -*Merry* Gift Boxes and *Merry* Stoolfrom *Merry* Stool Set – Home for the Holidays Hunt gift from December 5th – December 30th

ChiMia – Adelaide Typewriter at The Crossroads

Serenity Style- My Old Piano Deco for the #unitedandkind non profit event.  All proceeds accrued from the fundraiser will be equally split amongst the following four organizations: Color of Change, Planned Parenthood, Naseeha and The Trevor Project.

Fancy Decor: So Fancy Throw Pillow

Fancy Decor: Clasp Boxes

Fancy Decor: Studded Tray

13.aisling. Boxes

Kalopsia – Star Pillow (Red)

GW – Living Room Set Posh – Rug

Loft & Aria – Backyard Theatre [Arcade] – Pillow Stack A

tarte. tealight centerpiece

Heart Homes – silver luxury rug

Heart Homes – “Luxury Regency” Christmas tree DECO ONLY 1.0 at On9

Building: Diamandis – Modern Luxury (With Kitchen) at U L T R A

⛄       ⛄       ⛄      ⛄      ⛄

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