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Butterflies: My One And Only Love !!!

*** Featuring HEC - Gold-Brown Mini Dress (GDFL-100) by hectic1***
*** Exclusive@The Grab Event ***
[e] Felicity
LYBRA . Soft Stockings (Maitreya)
[VO.Z] Flower Dew Bento Nails - Maitreya
^^Swallow^^ Maitreya Aphrodite Bento Rings
Viena:::Addicted Tattoo::
Le Poppycok*Doll Dizzy*Dollface (stool)
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
IKON Triumph Eyes
Glam Affair
MINIMAL - Instragram Background*3*-Black-
"This sexy multi-sheer, multi-glow, mini dress with the catchy belt and choker is designed for Standard & Mesh SL bodies,  Belleza (Venus, Isis, Freya), Ebody,
 Maitreya and Slink Physique (Original, Hourglass).
 Multiple sheer and glow levels, full-bright on/off, 
you can even hide or show the skirt with the press of a button. 
The dress is worn as one piece and the included 'HEC HUD' offers some interesting options!

Don’t Let This Feeling Fade

The higher you build walls around your heart, the harder you fall when someone tears them down.

Don't Let This Feeling Fade


On Me:
Skin: Luna Skin in Tone 05 by Birth Skins @ Shiny Shabby *New*
Bertie Gacha Hair Common 2 by Limerence @ The Imaginarium *New*
Flaky Gacha Set: Skeeves, Dress Rare 01 & StarFlower Wreath 1 GOI by Ersch @ Imaginarium *New*
Lisa Gacha: Neclace 1, 2 & 3 RARE, Earring Gold & Bracelet by Nanika @ The Chapter Four *New*
Maripose Tattoo Gold by Fallen Gods @ Imaginarium *New*
Pose: *La Paix* Light by Le Poppycock

Wooden Christmas Tree by Chez Moi @ The Cosmopolitan Room *New*
Winter Pool w/Patio by Unkindness @ FaMeshed *New*
Starlite Boxes by Unkindness
Snow Armchair 2 by Moon_Sha
Snowman 2 by Milk Motion @ The Arcade *New*

2017 1204 Blueberry Bree Dress & Boots@Main Store | The Looking Glass – Our Festive Joy@The Secret Affair

Our Festive Joy

--- Blueberry@Main Store

Blueberry - Bree Dress & Boots
Blueberry - Bree - Off Shoulder Dress - Maitreya (Ombre)
Blueberry - Bree - Laced Up Boots - Maitreya (Ombre)

--- The Looking Glass@The Secret Affair (Dec 5th~)

TLG - Our Festive Joy 
TLG - Our Festive Joy Christmas Tree
TLG - Our Festive Joy Cuddle Rug
TLG - Our Festive Joy Decorating Stool
TLG - Our Festive Joy Fireplace
TLG - Our Festive Joy Gifts 1
TLG - Our Festive Joy Gifts 2
TLG - Our Festive Joy Ladder Shelf
TLG - Our Festive Joy Mantle Decor
TLG - Our Festive Joy Mistletoe Kisses
TLG - Our Festive Joy Music Box
TLG - Our Festive Joy Short Garland
TLG - Our Festive Joy Short Garland 1
TLG - Our Festive Joy Twinkle Garland

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2017 1203 DRD – Shadow Box – Series 01 – DEC 2017 – DARK + [White~Widow] Eathlings Tattoo for POE10 Hunt

Night on Earth

--- DRD - Shadow Box December 2017

DRD - Series 01 - Bedside Chair Empty - Dark
DRD - Series 01 - Bedside Chair Full - Dark
DRD - Series 01 - Canopy Bed - Dark
DRD - Series 01 - Chest - Dark
DRD - Series 01 - Drapes - Dark
DRD - Series 01 - Side Table A - Dark
DRD - Series 01 - Side Table B - Dark
DRD - Series 01 - Wing Chair - Dark

--- [White~Widow]@Peace on Earth Hunt

[White~Widow] Earthlings  - POE10

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Fragile Song


Trees: Little Branch by Cari McKeenan (@The Liaison Collaborative)

Sweater: Neve Cafe Sweater by cold Logic (@The Liaison Collaborative)

Pose: Le Poppycock Fragile Song by Olivia Lalonde (@The Liaison Collaborative)

Location: Studland Bay

2017 1129 [White~Widow] Scarface Tattoo@Kinky

[White~Widow] Scarface Tattoo

--- [White~Widow]@Kinky

[White~Widow] Scarface Tattoo - White

--- Blueberry@Collabor88

Blueberry - Star - Back Tied Top - Hourglass

--- DRD@Tannenbaum Holiday Market

-DRD- My Miserable Holiday Set
DRD - My Miserable Holiday - Carpet
DRD - My Miserable Holiday - Chair
DRD - My Miserable Holiday - Table
DRD - My Miserable Holiday - Tree
DRD - My Miserable Holiday - Wood Basket
DRD - My Miserable Holiday - Wood Stove

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2017 1123 Enchantment – Lulu & Dahlia | We Love Role-Play – YS&YS


--- Enchantment

*LuLu* Ravenna_Crow
Dahlia - Grimhilde Mirror - DARK SET

--- We<3RP 

*YS&YS*  PRIS Skin for Lelutka  - Drow
*YS&YS* Pris Eyes applier for Lelutka Bento Head

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2017 1110 The Fantasy Gacha Carnival – {aii}, #hashbang! & OLQINU


--- The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

{aii} -  Fumetsu no GACHA

+ Maitreya Body Stardust + {aii}
+ Crimson Lantern Sakkat + {egosumaii}
+ Fumetsu no Kiseru + {egosum}
+ Lace Bow (size 2) + {egosumaii}
+ Painters Tail + {egosumaii}
+ Paper Birds + {aii}
+ RARE Fumetsu no Kimono + {egosumaii}

- #hashbang! -Gacha-CyberMasks

#hashbang! - Cyber Visor Glasses - Black/Teal

OLQINU cyber survivor gacha

OLQINU : cyber survivor <neon sign [satellite]> 16
OLQINU : cyber survivor <neon sign [foundation]> 17
OLQINU : cyber survivor <decadent street> [39LI] 20 RARE

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2017 1110 Enchantment – W-ZERO, The Looking Glass & striped mocha

Snow's Retreat

--- Enchantment "Snow White" Round (Starts Nov 11th)

-00-SnowWhite-blue dress & sleeves

- striped mocha
striped mocha - gold sprinkled apple

The Looking Glass

TLG- Snow's Retreat Gacha -

TLG - Snow's Retreat  Apple Crate Sofa
TLG - Snow's Retreat Apple Candles
TLG - Snow's Retreat Apple Clock
TLG - Snow's Retreat Apple Crate Shelves large
TLG - Snow's Retreat Apple Crate Shelves small
TLG - Snow's Retreat Apple Photo Frame
TLG - Snow's Retreat Coffee Table
TLG - Snow's Retreat Couples Apple Crate Seat
TLG - Snow's Retreat Dwarf Bookshelf
TLG - Snow's Retreat Mirror Mirror
TLG - Snow's Retreat Picture Frame
TLG - Snow's Retreat Potpourri Jars
TLG - Snow's Retreat Sideboard
TLG - Snow's Retreat Snow Apples
TLG - Snow's Retreat Stool 1
TLG - Snow's Retreat Stool 2
TLG - Snow's Retreat Table Lamp
TLG - Snow's Retreat Vase

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I’ve got Something you need to see

I've got Something you need to see


Head:  CATWA BENTO HEAD Catya 3.0

Hair: [RA] Rachel Hair – Fatpack **NEW!!** ❥ Fameshed




Dress: [Cynful] Angelina’s Leather Dress**SOON!!** ❥ C88 (Start November 8th)

[Cynful] Angelina’s Chest Harness**SOON!!** ❥ C88 (Start November 8th)

[Cynful] Angelina’s Left Leg Harness**SOON!!** ❥ C88 (Start November 8th)

Heels: [BREATHE]-Melena Heels – Fatpack  **NEW!!** ❥  Fameshed/Group Gift


MudHoney Sanderson Console – Black

MudHoney Gold Ray Bowl

MudHoney Pillar Tea Lights

MudHoney Pumpkin Owl

MudHoney Leaf Print – 1-6

MudHoney Briley Chair – Black **NEW!!** ❥  Fameshed

MudHoney Sanderson Pillow – Diamond

MudHoney Pumpkin – White

MudHoney Pumpkin – BW Stripe

uK – Toboggan Shelf Set 2 (3) **NEW!!** ❥ C88 (End November 6th)

uK – Autumn Books and Deco **NEW!!** ❥ C88 (End November 6th)

uK – Autumn Golden Eggs Nested **NEW!!** ❥ C88 (End November 6th)

uK – Autumn Glass Vase **NEW!!** ❥ C88 (End November 6th)

Sway’s [Ten] Stack of Books

Le Poppycock *Book Lovers* Booklover’s Dream (Cat)

Le Poppycock *Book Lovers* Naked Truth (Cat)

Izzie’s – Sculpted Rug black

{what next} Pothos Plant (stand)

{what next} Pothos Plant (trailing)

MadPea BingeWatchers Curtains

+Half-Deer+ Faux Window – Dawn and Dusk (Mid Blinds)