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Naughty Naughty

Such a naughty elf! I wonder what Santa was thinking in bringing this one along?

7 Deadly s[K]ins created the lovely skin, Clarity. This Omega applier based skin which applies to both Face&Body, comes in 2 different skin pack choices, one with pale skins and the other with darker/tanned skins. Each contains 7 different skin tones for your pleasure. There is also a shape available as well as lipsticks, each sold separately. Don't forget that the Advent Calendar is happening every day this month as well! A free skin each day for men and women.

SuaveShapes created the shape that I am wearing called, Kathy. This shape is based on the Catwa bento Lona head. Worn here with the Catwa Catya head. This shape is an exclusive at the Naughty List 2 event. December 9-31

 Liquid created the lovely Winter Eyes which include mesh eyes, Catwa and Lelutka appliers in 12 different colors. You can also pick them up as a fatpack. Another exclusive at the Naughty List 2
 ^v^Gothic Starrz ^v^  has a great bunch of items for us on sale exclusively at the Naughty List 2 . The Merry Fkin X-Mas Set  includes the Merry Fkin X-Mas Tree with flashing white lights and a slow rotating middle finger as a star, The Merry Fkin X-Mas Skull Wreath with twinkling white lights, Merry Fkin X-Mas Fireplace left plain so you can decorate as you like, Merry Fkin X-Mas Skelly Hand Sconces that hold candles already included, each has a bit of holly as decoration. They come separately and not linked to the fireplace btw. The Merry Fkin X-Mas Santa Skull and 3 different types of Garlands to use, bows, Skulls and Skulls with Bows. Also shown in their 10L item which is the picture on the wall.This entire set will be on sale for $250L!
 We have the oh so Naughty elf as well by Midnyte Creations for the Naughty List 2 . This outfit includes the red neck ribbon, resizeable hat, corset and thong in sizes for  Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink.

 .EscalateD. created the lovely Olivia hair. This hair which comes in 10 different color pack choices, also includes sparkling stars in different texture choices. Available in the pack are stars or no stars choices as well as with materials or not options. Another fantastic exclusive at Naughty List 2

 The poses used in this post are both items by Something Erotic.  Ho Ho Sexy Ho Pack includes 5 different pose balls for some seriously sexy poses and the Naked Wreath which covers up your naughty spots is the perfect prop with pose for that picture to tease and tempt your desire.

Goth Chic

Today I feel like going a bit Goth. I dyed my hair a deep red, and have some beautiful base makeup on, my skin looks amazing.

This lovely skin, Puck, is a creation by 7 Deadly s[K]ins for the eBento Event Nov 10-30. It is an Omega face & body applier and comes in 2 separate skin box choices. One with lights and the other with darks.There is also a shape available for purchase. This skin is based on the Altamura mesh head.
Also worn:
Catwa Catya head
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
!!Firelight!! designed the long hairstyle, Karya Gen2 for the Autumn Frost Fair Nov 18-Dec 6.  Each hair has a hud with 12 colors (except darks which has 18) in each of two effects: wispy/natural or rich/full. Color sets are: Black&White, Blonds, Browns, Darks, Essentials, FantasyColors, Pastels, Reds, and a fatpack is also available. There is also a color wheel so you can tint to your liking.
ALMA made this great Makeup called, Hela. This is a Catwa applier skin which includes the eyes and makeup. It is also available for Lelutka. There are 2 textures for the eyes and 4 textures for the eye shadows. This is an exclusive for Has#tag's Black on Black Nov 10-30
Cassandra Couture also has a great exclusive for Has#tag. The Renate dress comes in sizese for Belleza, Ebody, Slink, and Maitreya. A great red and black pattern to flatter your figure.
These great Netted nails by Midnyte Creations are a gift at Has#tag. They come with appliers for Maitreya, Omega version 1.7 and 1.9, and Slink.

The shoes I am wearing are the Strappy Wedges in Black w/Crosses by 1313 Mockingbird Lane. They come in sizes for Maitreya, Belleza, & Slink.

SamPoses designed this lovely pose called,Like A Lady. It is a pose stand with a single pose which is adjustable and comes with a hide/show script. Another item on sale at Has#tag
[LeLuck] is the creator of this great Guardian of Time Tattoo. This leg tattoo is Omega applier based. Another great item to be found at Has#tag


Why Be Normal?

 Got myself a cup of coffee and brought along a great book to read, but never got around to the book because of the 84 fantastic shops here at Has#tag's Black on Black Event Nov 15-30. There are great exclusives and even gifts at every booth to enjoy.

 This gorgeous skin is Soya by 7 Deadly s{K}ins. This Omega based skin modeled after the Laqroki bento mesh head. It comes in 2 separate skin boxes, light/pale and tanned/dark with 7 skin tones each. The appliers not only apply to the face but the body too! There is also a great shape available I have on the almond tone in these pictures, a great medium tan.

 Banana Banshee has some great new eyes out for us. Entertainer includes mesh eyes with hud, as well as appliers for Omega, Genesis, Lelutka (right and left eyes change separately), and Catwa eyes. There are 6 tones available plus a fatpack exclusive for Twe12ve Nov 12-30. One of the colors is only $12L so be sure to look for it.
Midnyte Creations designed the great Goth Lips which come in 6 black textures for Omega and Catwa. This is one of the great exclusives at Has#tag's Black on Black Event

Indulge Temptation made some great jewelry for us, including the  Nyala Choker shown above. This unrigged choker comes in your choice of 6 different color packs each containing 51+8 Gem options and 10 metal options.
Another jewelry item by Indulge Temptation is the Laureline Bracelets. Also in 6 color pack choices, each containing 51+8 Gem and 10 metal options.

And to wrap up this great jewelry designed by Indulge Temptation are the Magic Crystal Earrings. These also come in 6 great texture pack choices with 8 crystal color versions and 10 metal.

The pose shown is a creation by Crystal Poses, It includes the single pose, coffee cup and book. Another item on sale at Has#tag's Black on Black Event

!!Firelight!! created this great hair called, Frija. She is part of Firelight's Gen2 Collection. Each hair has a hud with 12 colors (except darks which has 18) in each of two effects: wispy/natural or rich/full. Color sets are: Black&White, Blonds, Browns, Darks, Essentials, FantasyColors, Pastels, Reds, and a fatpack is also available. There is also a color wheel so you can tint to your liking.
More fantastic items from Midnyte Creations is the Normal is Boring Tank,  which includes a hud with 7 textures and 2 options for the back; Laced and solid. Wicked Boots for Maitreya, Slink, with 10 texture hud, Flannel hip Shirt for Maitreya & Slink with an 8 texture hud,  Normal is Boring Shadows applier for Catwa with 9 textures, Normal is Boring Tights for Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, with a 16 texture hud, and Rose Laced Bento Nails mesh nails for Maitreya and Slink, All are on sale at Has#tag's Black on Black Event

Jerky Turkey or Turkey Jerky?

Turkey Day is just around the corner! That day when families gather, feasts are eaten, weight is gained, more feasts are eaten. And while the sports fans veg on the couch for the football game, the rest of us visit and catch up on each other's news. It's also the day the turkeys fear the most. The day that more turkey is eaten then any other day. They should be honored, we remember them! But no, this jerky little turkey behind me, is holding his own protest and others are beginning to jump on the band wagon. He keeps it up and I'll make him into some turkey jerky! 

7 Deadly s[K]ins created the lovely Britney skin. This is an Omega FACE&BODY applier modeled on the LAQ Nyx bento head. It comes in two different skin packs, one contains 7 pale skins and the other 7 dark skins. I am wearing Almond from box 2 in this post. There is also a great shape available. This beauty will make her debut at Ultra on November 15th. 
 Mesh body parts worn:
Maitreya Lara Body 4.1
Catwa Catya head and Mesh eyes
Zombie Suicide - Angelina Shape for Catwa bento

This cute mini dress by Get Frocked comes in sizes to fit Belleza, Slink, Maitreya, standard fitmesh, and eBody. A wonderful dress for those casual days and only $1L as a prize in the Jerky Turkey Hunt Nov 3-30. Also prizes in the hunt at the Anything But Me Turkey decor by Off the Wall, which includes a petite version, and the Thankful for love ladder by Personal effects

Added to the style are these great Kara Boots in Iced Coffee tone by BREATHE. They fit Belleza, Maitreya, & Slink

Some more fantastic prizes in the Jerky Turkey Hunt include the Qutau Browns rigged mesh hair by !!Firelight!!. It includes texture hud and color wheel. And the Laurel Necklace by Indulge Temptation is  100% unrigged resizable mesh necklace, materials enabled, HUD driven, with 10 metal options texture hud.

Midnyte Creations designed the lovely Cream De Le Cream Lips with Omega and Catwa appliers. Includes 6 lip colors with and without lip liner. And the Turkey Nails by SlackGirl for Tuty, Tonic, Eve, Vista, Maitreya, and Slink bento hands, are also prizes in the Jerky Turkey Hunt

The poses used in this post are from Image Essentials' Anna Set. Set includes 5 poses with mirrors

Happily Ever After

I am so worn out from last nights events that I decided it was about time to seek some spiritual refreshment in a peaceful environment. Off to the woods I ventured, deep within were one could almost pierce the veil and see beyond to the fairy realm.

 The skin that I am wearing with the ohhh so adorable freckles is Raquel, freckled version in apricot, by 7 Deadly s{K}ins. She is a Lelutka based skin that includes a Lelutka mesh head applier modeled after the Lelutka Simone head (worn here with the Stella head), in 6 skin tones. This is also available in a separate box containing the same tones in plain version. Also available for purchase is the fantastic shape to go with it!

 * Inkheart * is participating in The Hard Catch Hunt July 16-August 31and has set out the alluring Astral eyes as a gift. These come in two tones, sky and wood. They include 4 sizes, system and mesh eyes.

AppleTini created the dazzling Fairy Dust Nails for Fable2 Aug 5-26th. These come with a 5 texture applier for Maitreya, Slink, Omega, Belleza, and Vista hands.

Also at Fable2 is another exclusive, by Facepalm Clothing Company called, Marjory. This gorgeous full length dress comes with a texture hud containing 7 fabric choices. It is compatible with standard and mesh avatars with 5  mesh sizes as well as Maitreya, Slink and Venus. 

Sn@tch has a new hair out called, Imogen. This is available in your choice of 6 color packs for a fantastic look that will go with many different styles.

Midnyte Creations designed this amazing The Last Light Full Scene. This is a fantasy wood with sparkling lights shining down and a gazebo in the middle containing 10 poses for singles and 9 couples. This is a PG item. Also, the gazebo can also be purchased separately if one so wishes. The full build can be found at their store in world. Another exclusive to be found at Fable2

Like a Fairytale.

I didn't dare move, silent as could be while the hummingbird came so close I could feel the air from the rapid flapping of wings. He looked right at me and I looked back, before he dashed away in search of flowers. It was a magical night, the scrying pool had been active and I felt safe and warm within the gaze of the dragon guardian's statue.
 ENIIPose created the beautiful Humming bird pose and prop, it includes the pose call and also the hummingbird for some very magical pictures. You can find this over at Fable2 Aug 5-25th

Day 9 of the Harvest Days Advent Calendar at 7 Deadly s{K}ins, brings us the beautiful Noellia skin for Lelutka mesh heads. This gorgeous skin has bright red lipstick on an apricot skin tone with 5 brow options. Also included in the box is the plain option without the bright lipstick. And a men's gift as well! All other body appliers can of course be purchased right at the main store as well. This is a FREE gift for the VIPs and you can join the group now for only $100L and reap the rewards. If you missed the day this skin was available, no worries, all the past skins remain available for only $99L throughout the month.

 .EscalateD.  created the amazing hair, Yasmin. Chubby thick braids gathered on top of the head and also flowing down, available in several color pack choices and exclusive at Fable2 .

Blaxium created a gorgeous bindi that any Goddess worshipper would love. The Morgana Bindi comes with 4 bindi styles, each with a 3 color change hud for the stones. Also in the picture is the Imperfect Eye makeup for Catwa and Lelutka by Zombie Suicide. 5 color options each come with lighter and darker options. Both of these can be found exclusively at Fable2

 Banana Banshee created the fantastic In Time mesh eyes and appliers for Omega, Catwa, Lelutka, and Genesis. They are an exclusive at the Chapter 4 which ends Sept 1. These include mesh eyes with hud and 12 different colors to enjoy. Mix and match them up for an exotic look. Also has a dark sclera option.
Appletini designed some cute Unicorn nail appliers for Fable2.  Each set contains 5 Original and creative patterns with manicure n pedicure applier huds. These are available for Belleza, Maitreya, Omega, Slink, & Vista bento hands.

 {Get Frocked} designed this beautiful Mairead Mini Layer Dress. With dragon scales painted into the fabric and a belt gathered about the waist, this strapless dress will be a hit anywhere you go. It is also available in 7 other colors, and exclusively on sale at Fable2

That Chick created the beautiful Dragon Guardian Statue as an exclusive at Fable2

Also by That Chick is the amazing Scrying Pool w/Effects which is a 10L gift,  and the gacha item, Crystal Patch which can be won in several amazing colors. Both of these are also on sale at Fable2

Midnyte Creations has some great items as well over at Fable2, including these cute Racoons on log for the garden.