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Fooooood. ♥

The Cookish Fair just opened yesterday and it is a food inspired event, it ends on the 28th of November. Yup that’s right it only lasts 11 days. 😮 Such a short time to look at all them food items but worth the trip. ♥ Make sure you shop til you drop with all the goodies at this event. 😀


The sun goes down
Hides her face beneath that hill 
But she will rise again 
As she did
so she will 
Mighty fires light up the sky



On Me:
Skin: Pris VAMP Skin Applier LELUTKA (On May) by YS&YS @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Dress: Lilly by UnaWe <3 Role-Play *New*
Hair: Wispers in the wind by Tableau Vivant @ Collabor88 *New*
Filigren Horns [Small Fili] by PlastikWe <3 Role-Play *New*
Wulf Hammer by The ForgeWe <3 Role-Play *New*
Hamelin - Collar - Light Gold - .15 by Dahlia @ The Fantasy Gacha *New*
Galina tattoo by Nanika @ On9 *New*
Pose: Vorpal 2 by Poseidon

Niflheim Ruins by Mushilu @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Wildfell Spring - PG by Kres @ We <3 Role-Play *New

Forget Gacha Set: wing leaf B [blue], Swallow [naturalblack], Swallow [nightblue] & Swallow [skyblue] by Anc

2017 1006 We Love Role-Play – [The Forge], LYBRA & Mushilu


--- We<3RP

[The Forge] [EZ] Wulf Hammer
- LYBRA . Corintia Dress White (maitreya)
- Mushilu Niflheim Ruins

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Sweet Teas & Flying Machines

“As machines become more and more efficient and perfect, so it will become clear that imperfection is the greatness of man.” 
– Ernst Fischer

Sweet Teas & Flying Machines


On Me:
Skin: Megan Tone 08 (Catwa Lona) by Amara Beauty @ The Dark Style Fair *New*
Catrina Coat & Dress by Wicca's Wardrobe @ The Dark Style Fair *New*
Blair Boots & Socks by Reign @ N21 *New*
Hair: Elizabeth by Doe @ N21 *New*
Dia De Los Muertos Hat by Aisha @ The Dark Style Fair *New*
Rose Glasses by Random Matter @ N21 *New*
Madison Choker & Earrings by Dahlia @ Tres Chic *New*
Lina Necklace by ERSCH @ Shiny Shabby *New*
Pose: Thirsty 6 by Foxcity @ Tres Chic *New*

Tea Time Delights Gacha: Tea Pot Blue China, Rainy Days Tea Cup, Candle White Chocolate RARE, Choco Orange Stacked, Cup Stack Blueberries,  Candle Lemon Strawberry RARE, Ribbed Dragonfly Teacup by Unkindness

Madoka Picture Desolate Girl by Mushilu @ Tres Chic *New*

Ary Bedroom - Gears by Fetch

Destiny of The Sword

What am I supposed to do
If I want to talk about peace and understanding
But you only understand the language of the sword
What if I want to make you understand that the path you chose leads to downfall
But you only understand the language of the sword
What if I want to tell you to leave me and my beloved ones in peace
But you only understand the language of the sword

I let the blade do the talking...
So my tongue shall become iron
And my words the mighty roar of war
Revealing my divine anger´s arrow shall strike

Destiny of The Sword


Outfit: Knight Set Female by Noble Creations @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Samurai Set for Water Horse by Jinx @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Pose: Pose Set 1: Cute Photo Short by Mythril Animations

Riding Horse (Warmblood) by Water Horse

Neocrypt Tomb by Mushilu @ We <3 Role-Play *New*


This dance excites Satyrs
And Dryads
It incites the return to the living
This was written above the fires

This is a remake of a very old blog image I did when I was a look of the day blogger.  I wanted to make this darker but since the original was all pink and pastel I stuck with that same vibe.  Here is the original: Unicorn



On Me:
Amalthea - [V1] - Special Edition (On Lelutka May) by Soul
Hair, No.45'16 by (red)Mint
Amalthea Regalia Gacha: Bodysuit RARE, Diadem, Greaves, Sleeves & Spaulders by Sweet Thing @ The Arcade *New*
Amalthea Tail (Bento) 1.1 by Sweet Thing
All in One Butterflies by Persefona
Pose: The Oriana Series by An Lar Poses

Cicle Arches by Mushilu @ We <3 Role-Play *New*

Fairy Stump House Set Gray & Stump Table Set by VIBES @ We <3 Role-Play *New*

Forest Does by Fawny

Don't grow up (pond) RARE by Astralia

Would You…


Ruins:  Mushilu – Cicle Arches ( We❤ RP ,  September 4 -28)
Hair: Tableau Vivant Mainshop  \ Cinderella
Head: CATWA HEAD Catya
Applier: Glam Affair – Mira – Catwa Mesh Head Applier – Asia (The Arcade Gacha Event, September 1-30 2017)
Eyes: MICHAN – Arisu Eyes HUD [Catwa] ( The Artist’s Palette, September 8-28,)
Outfit: UNA – Daynerys Dress Aqua  ( We❤ RP ,  September 4 -28)
Dragon: + River Dragon + {egosumaii}  (The Arcade Gacha Event, September 1-30 2017)
Magic Wave: Persefona Mainstore Magic Wave 12 (smoke)
Feathers: Persefona Mainstore Floating Feathers 15 (white)
Tattoo: Omega~ Windy tattoo, Turquoise +FGInc.[WEAR] ( Imaginarium Event, Free Group Gift,September 1-30)
Lipstic: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Fabia Lipsticks – Catwa  (see mainshop)



Pertho is a bottomless source 
of fun and games 
Where warriors sit 
cheerful in the beer-hall

Be prepared . . . the next round of Lootbox is coming . . . September 20th at 10pm.  
What is Lootbox?  So imagine instead of winning just a regular rare you get an additional 1-2 items or secret rares that are exclusive to the event in one package.  Yea thats what it pretty much is!  Fun stuff right?



On Me:
Skin Set - Caledonia (On Catwa Catya) by Stargazer Creations @ Genre *New*
Hair: Lakia by Elua for Pocketgacha *New*
Sigrun Gacha Outfit: Vest, Socks, Corset & Bond by Una *Coming Soon to Lootbox* NEW
Arrowhead Earrings by Bubble @ The fantasy Collective *New*
Celtic Dragon Brooch by The Half Moon Market @ Genre *New*
Pose w/ Weapons: Shield Maiden 04 by Eternal Dream

Krimilda Set: table Fur, Salad bowl, horn, clothes line Blue RARE, stool Brown, Cross Brown RARE & Stool by Mushilu *Coming Soon to Lootbox* NEW

Barrel Keg, Candelabra & Ale Tankard by Madpea @ We <3 Role-Play *New*

Cairn (sandstone) & Stone Marker (sandstone) by LORE @ Genre *New*

Adult Play :p


Pose: SamPoses  -Secure In Your Arms
on Her:
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Nagi   ( Imaginarium Event, Free Group Gift,September 1-30)
Head: CATWA HEAD Catya
Applier: -Glam Affair –   – BETH – Catwa Mesh Head Applier – Asia
Makeup: ~Shiny Stuffs~ Mei CATWA   (anyBody, Round 1, September 4-15)
Collar: aisling. New Mainstore   // VoluptasVirtualis – Sana – Silver  [MainstoreGifts] (FREE)
Corset: UNA: Dyana  Kinky Monthly Event, August 28 – September 20)
Bands: :ESSENCE:#SUBMISSIVE Red (anyBody, Round 1, September 4-15)
On Him:
Hair: lock&tuft – moroko (Previous FLF Item)
Head: Genesis_Head_Ethan_3.3 Bento   (Previous Arcade Item, Visit Mainstore)
Applier: HUD_Genesis_Lab_Skin_ETHAN_05   (Previous Arcade Item, Visit Mainstore)
Stuffed Toy: {YD} Giraffe baby – Gift  ( Imaginarium Event, Free Group Gift,September 1-30)
Mushilu – Stuffed Penis  1 yellow   Kinky Monthly Event, August 28 – September 20)
Mushilu – Stuffed Penis 2 Gray  Kinky Monthly Event, August 28 – September 20)


Murder My Heart

“In all love affairs there comes a moment when desire demands possession.” 
-Yiddish Folk Saying

Murder My Heart

Trust & love backdrop by Isuka @ Fetish Fair *New*

On Me:
Elise Red Leather Outfit: Whip, Stockings, Panties, Mask & Dress by Mushilu @ The Fetish Fair *New*
Jenessa Hair by Vallani @ The Chapter Four *New*
Shiny Pearl Chibi Wings by Epic @ The Chapter Four: Hidden Chapter *New*
Gajug Kalla by AsteroidBox @ ROMP *New*
Pose: Stairs (Standing) 1m by Foxcity