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2017 1017 Panic of Pumpkins – 1mm, Occult, Soul Mate, Fallen Arms & Tsuru’s Artifacts | We Love Role-Play – Air & Mkbcult Weapons

Kyoto Halloween Night

--- Panic of Pumpkin

!1mm***   kimono2017 hanako whitered
[Soul Mates] Japanese Koto - Tsukimi
+ Occult +Boo!Boo!Boo! Ghost 1-3
[FA] Rough - Buddy Jaco'lantern
Tsuru's ArtifactsKyoto Machiya - Abandoned

--- We<3RP 

MKbcult Weapons [Melee] Red Blade Katana [Dual Wield]V.2

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2017 1016 Blueberry Mili Cardigans & Boots@Main Store | [MonkeyGirl Haunted tree Deco@Panic of Pumpkin


--- Blueberry New Release@Main Store

Blueberry - Mili - Cardigan Set - Maitreya
Blueberry - Mili - Boots&Stockings - Maitreya

--- MonkeyGirl@Panic of Pumpkin

[MG]Haunted tree Deco Yellow
[MG]Haunted tree Deco Black
[MG]Haunted tree Deco Gold
[MG]Tree Deco ball

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2017 1015 6DOO Wolf Bento Mesh Head & Happy Dispatch Wolf-AO Add-on@Panic of Pumpkin

Blue Moon
--- 6DOO & Happy Dispatch@Panic of Pumpkin

*6DOO* bento wolf head
- *6DOO* bento wolf head
- *6DOO* bento wolf head teeth
- *6DOO* bento wolf head tongue

 [HD]WOLF AO (ADD-ON for [HD] bento Facial expression HUD)


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2017 1014 .AiShA. & Poseidon Poses@The Dark Style Fair 5 | Luas@Panic of Pumpkin | DRD Bloodcroft Castle

Mi Corazon

--- .AiShA.@The Darkstyle Fair 5

.AiShA. Dia De Los Muertos HatDecadence

--- Poseidon Poses@The Darkstyle Fair 5

La Catrina Bento Pose set - La Catrina 9

--- Luas@Panic of Pumpkin

Luas Nightmare Outfit - 

Luas Nightmare Corset Maitreya
Luas Nightmare Harness Maitreya

Luas Nightmare Skirt Maitreya

--- DRD@Mainstore open!

-DRD- Bloodcroft Castle gacha -

1 - DRD - Bloodcroft Castle - RARE
14 - DRD - Bloodcroft Castle - Settee - Violet
15 - DRD - Bloodcroft Castle - Wall Torch
18 - DRD - Bloodcroft Castle - Coffin - Two
23 - DRD - Bloodcroft Castle - Crypt Candles - One ~ Four
24 - DRD - Bloodcroft Castle - Chandelier
25 - DRD - Bloodcroft Castle - Chandalabra
31 - DRD - Bloodcroft Castle - Long Banner - Red
32 - DRD - Bloodcroft Castle - Long Banner - Violet

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2017 1012 Panic of Pumpkin – Sakka, Silvery K & Frangipani Garden

Welcome back

--- Panic of Pumpkin (starts Oct 12 8AM SLT)

- Sakka
Ss-vintage maid uniform(Slink) - gray stripe

*:..Silvery K..:*
*:..Silvery K..:*Tea set tray(Square rose)Panic of Pumpkin Hunt
This item is a 24 hours limited Hunt prize during -
October 25th 8:00am - 7:59am(PDT)
10月26日 0:00am - 23:59 (Japan time)
After the hunt this item will be available at the event for 50L$

*Frangipani Garden*
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe Gacha
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe #01_Ghost Maid (Bunting)
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe #02_Ghost Maid (Spoon)
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe #03_Ghost Maid (Order)
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe #04_Ghost Maid (Ketchap)
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe #05_Ghost Maid (Teapot)
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe #06_Ghost Maid (Candle)
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe #07_MoeMoeOmurice (Omlette with Rice)
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe #08_MangaNiku (Meat on Born)
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe #09_Sweets Box
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe #10_PrinParfait
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe #11_Tea (Purple)
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe #12_Tea (Yellow)

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2017 1011 NAMINOKE Pumpkin Bunny Head@Panic of Pumpkin | Poseidon Poses Silent Heals Bento Pose set@The Nightmare Event


--- NAMINOKE@Panic of Pumpkin in Okinawa 2017 (Oct 12th 8AM SLT~)

--- Poseidon Poses@The Nightmare Event

sILENT hEALS Bento Pose Set /w Wheel Chair prop - Wheelchair4

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2016 1003 NAMINOKE HalloweenHat Gacha@Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa

The Hatter

--- 波野家 NAMINOKE@Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa

*N*HalloweenHat Trump Blk

--- W-ZERO@Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa

-00-Familiar Kitty's Dress_BLK
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2016 0930 Happy Dispatch & MonkeyGirl for Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa

When September ends

--- Happy DispatchSalemMonkeyGirl@Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa (details) Oct 1st - 31st

[MG]Halloween Wire Pumpkin carriage  (Black, Gold, Silver)
[MG]Halloween Partition (Black, Brown, White)
[HD]PUMPKIN soft CUSHION-Patchwork-CouplePG
[HD]Bone & Pumpkin candlestand

--- Avatar

tram F603 hair
Insol: Skin Mia, ST03 'Peach' (Tres Chic)
{S0NG} :: Juniel~ Lavi Eye
Maitreya Mesh Body  V3.5
Addams  // Jennifer V-Neck // Maitreya
Addams  // Marisa Doble Lace Short // Maitreya

--- Scene

Scarlet Creative - The Arcade: Venice Palazzo Vinci Prefab (The Arcade)

(fd) Cats

2016 0929 W-ZERO -00-Familiar Kitty- Dress and Accessories for Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa

Familiar Cats

--- W-ZERO@Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa (details) Oct 1st - 31st

-00-Familiar Kitty's necklace
-00-Familiar Kitty's Dress_RE (Black, Blue, Purple, Red, White)
-00-Familiar Kitty's Drawers_sh

Also included -
- 00-Familiar Kitty's Ear- (white and black)
-00-Familiar Kitty's tail_ (white and black)

--- There will be hunt prizes@the event (Prize changes daily)

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