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Let’s do this……..

Hair: .SHI – Gavri’ela Hair at Uber September – October 2017

NEW Mesh Head: leLUTKA – Andrea, Male Bento Mesh Head at mainstore

Mesh Head Skin Applier: CLEF DE PEAU – Gaston, [LeLutka] Appliers for leLutka Andrea at mainstore

Mesh Body: BELLEZA – Male Mesh Body Jake at mainstore

Mesh Body Skin Applier: CLEF DE PEAU – Belleza Mesh Body Applier at mainstore

Ears: MANDALA – Steking Ears Season 5 at mainstore

Nose Ring: [ MONS ] – Dreamer Septum Ring (Style 4 Black) at mainstore

Nose Piercing: |CERBERUSXING| – |CX| Vermin , available in gold, silver or black, now at mainstore

Choker: MOSSU – Lust Choker (Includes Color changing HUD) at mainstore

Fur: SABOTAGE & VIVE NINE – Cruella Ribbed Fur (Rare) from Material Girl Gacha via Pocket Gacha September – October 2017 ( )

Ace Of All Men



Mask- 11**UbS** Real Gas Mask Gacha (Man) Rare @ The Nightmare Event New Coming Soon

Eyes- NOX. Arachnophobia Hunt Gift [Nightmare] @  The Nightmare Event New Coming Soon

Face- OLQINU : antic amulet <single [dead]> (Gacha) @ Caderu 2017 Halloween Event

Ears- ^^Swallow^^ Gauged Ear @ ^^Swallow^^

Shroud- .Shi : Hesed Neck Warmer {Mystic} @ Shi.

Body Tattoo-  TAOX – Viking Helvegen @ MOM

Pants- :::Breath:::Bsarroutan (A) @ HME

Gloves- 7.::GB::fingers less knit gloves / Black  @ PocketGacha

Claws-  [CX] Salient Talons @ Project 7 New

Cards- Dead Dollz – Spinning Cards (Gacha)


Special Thanks To…

**UrbanStreet**  [CX]   TAOX  MOM   :::Breath:::   HME   GABRIEL






Head Wings- .Shi Hair : Odette / Semi-Rigged (Wing Accessory Only) @ Shi.

Hair- .Shi Hair : Binah / Unisex . Mono @ Shi.

Blindfold- Obscure Fetish Blindfold BLACK @ Obscure

Scarf-  Bauhaus Movement – Cypriss’s Apocalypse Scarf/Belt @ Bauhaus Movement

Mask- CURELESS [+] Procedure Mask / Vinyl White+Black (v.2)  @ CURELESS

Shirt- DUFAUX – backpack shirt @ MOM

Pants- [Gild] Around rope pants_red @ MOM

Boots- Yasum*Generator Boots @ HME

Gloves- 7.::GB::fingers less knit gloves / Black @ Pocketgacha

Bracelets- -SECRETS- Motorcycle Chain Bracelet @HME

Body Tattoo- DAPPA – Gloria Tattoo @ MOM


Special Thanks To….


the color of forgotten love

the color of forgotten love

“I remember awakening one morning and finding everything smeared with the color of forgotten love.”
~ Charles Bukowski


Beata Hair ~ opale ~ new in Mainstore

CoCO Jacket ~ LFE ~ new in Mainstore

Jane Boyfriend Jeans ~ Aphorism ~ now at FaMESHed

neck wrap ~ paper arrow

Simone Mesh Head ~ Lelutka

Agnes Applier ~ Glam Affair

pose ~ Lily’s Poses


Weeping Honey Tree ~ The Little Branch ~ now at ULTRA

Low Hill (included with Weeping Honey Tree) ~ The Little Branch ~ now at ULTRA

The Summer is Gone Set ~ THOR ~ now at PocketGacha
The Old Shed (SUPER RARE)
The DIY Bed (RARE)
The Old Rug
The Broken Fender
Travel Memories (1-3)
The Old Books
The Vintage Radio
The Vintage Nightstand
The Fish Bowl
The Coffee Cup
The Flying Leaves
The Broken Bicycle
The Stacked Blankets

Slater Ashtray ~ THOR

Not Too Shabby Flats ~ Nutmeg

Itchy Grass ~ alirium

Autumn Shades

Autumn Shades

Hello everyone,  I’m sure you’ve noticed my lack of words lately,  really it’s just that I have nothing to say,   days are rolling by, another weekend is approaching and each day feels like it’s over in the blink of an eye lol.

Tonight I get to show you the gorgeous set by Thor thats available at PocketGacha,  this event is genius lol and I love that alot of designers offer the chance to buy full set if like me your unlucky with Gacha lol.

Enjoy and have a great evening ♥

..::THOR::.. The Summer Is Gone @ PocketGacha Event (NEW)

..::THOR::.. The Old Shed SUPER RARE

..::THOR::.. The DIY Bed – RARE

..::THOR::.. 2- The Vintage Nightstand

..::THOR::.. 3- The Vintage Radio

..::THOR::.. 4- The Stacked Blankets

..::THOR::.. 5- The Jar of Fireflies

..::THOR::.. 7- The Fish Bowl

..::THOR::.. 8- The Broken Bicycle- ground version

..::THOR::.. 8- The Broken Bicycle- wall version

..::THOR::.. 9- The Flying Leaves

..::THOR::.. 10- The Old Books

..::THOR::..11-The Travel Memories

..::THOR::..11-The Travel Memories 2

..::THOR::.. 12- The Broken Fender (wall)

..::THOR::.. 12- The Broken Fender (floor)

..::THOR::.. 13- The Old Rug


Enchanted Woods V2 from Studio Skye [2.20]

Beneath It All



Hair- lock&tuft – joseph@ N21

Jacket- 1.::GB::Black leather Bomber RARE @Pocketgacha

Necklace-(luc) Vintage Coin Necklace @ MOM

Eyes-  Az… Demon Vampire (R) & Az… Demon Sky Eyes (L) @ …Azdesing – Eyes Store…

Body Tattoo-{ Speakeasy } Bitter Truth Tattoo @ HME

Backdrop- [ isuka ] inbetween backdrop @ Shiny Shabby


Special Thanks To

Lock&Tuft  GABRIEL  (luc)  Speakeasy  HME  

Kokoro{<3}Peaches – Drooly Tongue GIFT @ Main StoreOther…

Kokoro{<3}Peaches - Drooly Tongue GIFT @ Main Store

Other Worn:

:Moon Amore: Guller Bodysuit/ Maitreya  (Nude) @ kustom9

+elua+ Lexie_Black/Brown RARE @ Pocketgacha

*LODE* Head Accessory - Eden [white] RARE

{vincue} & [CX] - Airie+Wings - Gold [Head] RARE & [Back]

AZOURY - Belissende - Ladybug (Below the eye) & (Mouth)

*N*(GIRL) - Sakura Petal  White


:: MOMOCHUU :: Crystal Moon Tattoo Blusher - White

Kiiko Lips

Wednesday[+] Everyday Lashes

MIKA. Diamond Freckles

Sim Decor:

06 MI Tanjore Floral Decor @ Pocketgacha

Cool At School

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Corinna Lingerie ~ Dead Dollz ~ now at Frou Frou

Lakia Hair ~ elua ~ now at PocketGacha

Diana Bento Rings ~ *elise* ~ now at 4Mesh

Simone Mesh Head ~ Lelutka

Agnes Applier ~ Glam Affair

Tattoo ~ Bolson

Pose ~ Lily’s Poses

Love Bed NYC ~ BUENO ~ now at The Arcade


english major

english major

“I honor English majors. It’s a dumb thing to major in. It leads nowhere.
It’s good to be dumb – it allows us to love something for no reason.
That’s the best kind of love.”
~ Natalie Goldberg


Blaze Cardigan ~ Dead Dollz ~ now at The Liaison Collaborative

Biblio Glasses ~ Fetch ~ now at The Liaison Collaborative

Book Lovers Pose ~ Poppycock ~ now at The Liaison Collaborative

Lakia Hair ~ elua ~ now at PocketGacha

Mimi Shorts ~ Just Because

Over-Knee Socks ~ Belzebubble ~ now at 4Mesh

Diana Bento Rings ~ *elise* ~ now at 4Mesh

Tattoo ~ Bolson

Simone Mesh Head ~ Lelutka

Agnes Applier ~ Glam Affair

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body ~ Maitreya


La Chaise (#6) ~ Knick Knacks ~ now at The Liaison Collaborative

Lace Curtain ~ Knick Knacks

Weathered Desk ~ zerkalo ~ now at The Liaison Collaborative

Camera Lamp ~ zerkalo

The Bard’s Folio  ~ zerkalo

Book Pile ~ Apple Fall

Cup of Coffee ~ THOR

Wood Letters Holder ~ THOR

kPad II ~ kunst

Journal ~ PILOT

Brushes Jug ~ THOR

Tamsin’s Pencils Pot ~ Kalopsia

pencils and pens ~ keke (gift)

Double Bookcase ~ 8f8

Vintage Bruxelle Rug ~ N4RS

build ~ Hudson Lighthouse ~ Trompe Loeil ~ now at FaMESHed

Meowix the Cat ~ THOR (not for sale)